2023 TRACK

6/3-4/2023--PORTLAND TRACK FESTIVAL --Liberty HS
Running with the older groups stretched the Laneses to fine 1500m PRs.
11-12G-1500m--Caitlin Lanese 5:08.64; 11-12B-1500m--Quenton Lanese 4:17.71*

Club Records--Boys 6U Javelin--Jameson Stevick 46-6; Boys 11-12  800m--Quenton Lanese 2:11.18
New "Top 12" marks: 100m:  7-8B--Moses Meyer 16.86; Greyson Lee 17.28;  9-10B--Evan Pitman 14.14; 11-12B--Cameron Briscoe 13.89;  17-18B--Laeli Samuelu 12.18
400m:  6UB--Jameson Stevick 98.74; 9-10B--Evan Pitman 71.72;  7-8G--Esther Ninnis 85.94; 13-14G--Addie Pitman 65.84
800m:  11-12B--see above; 7-8G--Evelyn Atchison 4:23.30; 9-10G--Norelle Price 3:05.39; 11-12G--Caitlin Lanese 2:37.31
1600m:  7-8B--Jackson Fugitt 7:55.82; 11-12B--James Leavitt 5:09.94; 13-14B--Jack McDurmon 5:04.28;15-16B-- Wesley            Stevick 5:24.68; 13-14G--Ruby Henry 5:57.00
3000m:  13-14B--Jack McDurmon 10:38.85
LJ:  6UB--Leland Hoy 7-8; Jameson Stevick 7-1;  7-8B--Greyson Lee 9-11
HJ:  11-12G--Bryn Kirkpatrick 4-2
Shot:  6UB--Kendrick Skuza 8-9; Rowan Moon 7-4;  7-8B--Greyson Lee 17-4.5;  11-12B--Cameron Briscoe 30-5; 7-8G--Evelyn Atchison 12-11; Haunalei Ninnis 11-2.25
Jav:  6UB--see above; 9-10B--Tanner Gilmore 60-11; 11-12B--Kasen Gilmore 69-9; 7-8G--Evelyn Atchison 23-10 

Caitlin Lanese knocked a huge 17 seconds off her PR and broke a 13 year old BPS 11-12yo age group mile record in the process on her way to a nice win in this evening meet. Quenton Lanese likewise posted  a win and club record as he ran the fastest known world time for his age group. James Leavitt ran a fine race for the silver in his first race of the season.
11-12 G: Mile--1. Caitlin Lanese 5:34.00; 11-12B: Mile--1. Quenton Lanese 4:35.65; 2. James Leavitt 5:14.08

5/13/2023--LANESES ROMP IN OREGON--Tigard,OR
Caitlin Lanese took a full minute off her 3000m PR while earning the 11-12 silver. Quenton Lanese took the gold as he ran 3000m an impressive 15 sec under the National Record he set at last year's National meet.
Quenton--9:16.58 (club record)

5/6/2023--CAITLIN PR'S AT RB- WITH TOP12 MARK--Rainier Beach HS
Caitlin Lanese 1500m 5:28.35(2)

Allen Jones earned more hardware as he earned 5th in the 400m and 4th in the 200m in the 75-79 division.
200m 33.28; 400m 1:23.13

Three races, three thirds, but great times for both. Caitlin ran a huge PR in the mile behind two 8th graders, her first under 6:00. Quenton likewise followed two 8th graders in the mile, then tried the 400m, zipping to a 3-second PR, only a half-second off the club record.
Caitlin:  Mile 5:51.07 (3)
Quenton: 400m 60.87 (3); Mile 4:43.82

QUENTON TAKES HOME PNA HARDWARE--Quenton Lanese was awarded plaques for both Top Male Track and Top Male XC athlete of 2022 at the annual PNA awards banquet

Scott Copeland notched M65 club bests in the heat--50m 8.11; 100m 15.24; 200m 31.77

6th grader Quenton Lanese PR'd by 4 seconds in the full mile as he ran in the High School division of this classic Indoor meet. His time of 4:41.50 would have been an 11yo world record but for an Australian runner's effort earlier in the week.

01/14/2023--LANESE DAZZLES WITH WORLD RECORD 2-MILE--Seattle, Nathan Hale HS
Quenton Lanese hit the new year in full stride at the Club Northwest  Winter Grand Prix 2-Mile race on the Nathan Hale HS track, posting an amazing 9:52.3, a PR by over 30 seconds and more than 2 seconds under the known existing world record for 11 year-olds.
Quenton Lanese ran away from a field of mixed-age athletes in the 2-mile, lowering his club record in the process.
11-12 Boys--2 Mile--Quenton Lanese 10:23.35

Quenton Lanese


Quenton Lanese again led the way with his fastest 3K time earning him a fine 4th place finish out of a massive field of 382 11-12 boys. He bested his Regional time by 13 seconds. Norelle Price, running in her first National meet, knocked a huge 20 seconds off her previous best 2K time as she crossed the line 58th of 189 7-8 girl runners.  Caitlin Lanese ran another competitive race as she also finished in the top 3rd of 350 11-12 girls.
8U Girls--58. Norelle Price 8:41
11-12 Girls--112. Caitlin Price 12:02
11-12 Boys--4. Quenton Lanese 9:46

Thirteen BPS athletes gave their all on this cold and sunny morn at Chambers Bay. Earning the right to run at Texas Nationals were Quenton Lanese with yet another winning effort, Norelle Price with a fine 7th place  run, and Caitlin Lanese with another nice 14th place finish. Most improved compared to their Association times were Ruby Henry for the girls and Quenton Lanese and Wendell Stevick for the boys
8U Boys--46. Wendell Stevick 10:17 (-23)
8U Girls--7. Norelle Price 9:09
9-10 Boys--49. Paxton Price 13:42
9-10 Girls--41. Ginger Stevick 13:55
11-12 Boys--1. Quenton Lanese 9:59 (-24); 59. Carter Christensen 12:01 (-5); 63. Wick Nash 12:03; 83.Demetri Barksdale   12:46 (-0); 94. Henry Schumacher 13:17; 105. Ayman Al-Sidawi 13:58 ---Team 10th
11-12 Girls--14. Caitlin Lanese 11:55
13-14 Boys 64. Wesley Stevick 15:15
13-14 Girls--46. Ruby Henry 16:27 (-22)

11/12/2022--ASSOCIATION JO YIELDS STRONG BPS SHOWING--Magnuson Park, Seattle
Eighteen valiant Barron Park athletes ran admirably on this beautiful fall morning, fifteen earning an opportunity to run at the Regional JO meet next week, either by finishing in the top 35 individuals or top five teams. The three athletes who did not qualify, Petra Stevick, Gemma Stevick, and Azalea Barksdale each ran a fine race and finished only two or three places short of qualifying. Quenton Lanese ran away with the gold in the 11-12 boys' race as the team earned a fine 4th place finish of the 12 teams entered. Top placement for the girls went to Norelle Price with her steady 5th place finish in the 7-8 girls' race.
7-8 G 2000m--5. Norelle Price 9:01; 38. Petra Stevick 12:33
7-8 B 2000m-- 24. Wendell Stevick 10:40
9-10 G 3000m-- 27. Ginger Stevick 13:53
9-10 B 3000m--28. Micah Henry 13:17; 29. Paxton Price 13:18
11-12 G 3000-- 7. Caitlin Lanese 11:47; 38. Gemma Stevick 14:04
11-12 B 3000m-- 1. Quenton Lanese 10:23; 20. Wick Nash 11:58; 25. Carter Christensen 12:06; 47. Demetri Barksdale  
          12:46; 52. Henry Schumacher 13:02; 58. Ayman Al-Sidawi 13:21; 77. Ethan Latimer 14:04 --- TEAM 4th--
13-14 G 4000m-- 20. Ruby Henry 16:49; 37. Azalea Barksdale 18:06
13-14 B 4000m-- 35. Wesley Stevick 15:14 

10/30/2022--QUENTON RUNS WITH BIG BOYS AT STUMPTOWN--Western Oregon Univ
Quenton Lanese ran his fastest 3k XC race and finished 4th overall as 583 youth boys put it on the line. His time of 9:39.7 was only 8 seconds off his National 3000m record on the track in August

Dry conditions were a boon as 96 runners competed a week later than originally scheduled due to recent poor air quality and they made the most of it. Quenton Lanese notched a course record in leading the boys and Caitlin Lanese earned the girls' medal just ahead of Ruby Henry, both more than a minute faster than last year. Barron Park won the team titles for both girls and boys. Most improved girls over 2021 were Abigail Christensen, Ellie Hilden,  and Lanese. Most improved boys were Wendell Stevick, Carter Christensen, and Wesley Stevick.
BOYS(BPS)--1. Quenton Lanese 8:13*; 4. Wesley Stevick 8:49; 6. Carter Christensen 9:44; 11. Nat Howell 10:33; 12. Theodore Ruder 10:36; 15. Paxton Price 10:47; 18: Micah Henry 11:00; 21. Elijah Ninnis 11:21; 25. Gus Black 11:33; 33. Wendell Stevick 12:43; 39. Finn Weinnig 13:47; 40. Andrew Ewing 13:55; 41. Jameson Stevick 14:39; Josiah Koehn 14:40; 47. Evan Allan 15:04; 57. Anthony Miller 18:17
Most Improved Boys: Wendell -2:27; Carter -1:01; Wesley -35; Micah Henry -12; Quenton -12
BOYS' TEAM SCORES: Barron Park 26; Jefferson 45; Reeves 58; Lakes 119
GIRLS(BPS)--1. Caitlin Lanese 9:43; 2. Ruby Henry 9:46; 5. Gemma Stevick 10:45; 6. Norelle Price 10:50; 7. Annaliese Jones 10:54; 10. Ginger Stevick 11:52; 11. Augusta Green 12:04; 13. Sophia Christensen 12:22; 14. Abigail Christensen 12:39; 16. Gloria Koehn 13:06; 18: Haunalei Ninnis 13:34; 19: Ellie Hilden 14:26; 21. Petra Stevick 14:43; 22. Gretl Stevick 14:44; 23. Esther Ninnis 14:54; 24: Evelyn Atchison 14:58; 25. Elly Sharp 15:12; 26. Matea Stevick 15:26; 31. Sophie Allan 16:07; 34. Alice Banks 16:27; 35. Lauren Allan 16:30; 36: Lucy Ewing 17:21; DNF Sybi Creed
Most Improved Girls: Abigail -1:39; Ruby -1:27; Caitlin -1:04; Sophie Allan -1:01; Sophia Christensen -58; Lauren Allan -50; Gemma Stevick -26; Petra Stevick -24
GIRLS TEAM SCORES: Barron Park 15; Lakes 48 

About 240 youth runners finished the Annual 1.0 Mile Run on this gorgeous evening. New course records were notched by Ginger Stevick (3rd Gr--6:52), Ruby Henry (8th Gr--6:04), Quenton Lanese running for WMS (6th Gr--4:57 and the Boys' race winner), and by Jefferson's Jae Walz (8th Gr--5:14). WMS won both Team titles with Barron Park scoring 8th for the boys and 2nd for the girls. Caitlin Lanese, running for WMS, won the Girls' race. Results are available at runoly.com and at athletic.net.
Top Boys and Girls:

Quenton ran to a virtual finish line tie in this huge Nike Portland Middle School 3k and Caitlin ran a fine 16th in the women's race. Caitlin ran an impressive1:48 faster than last year and Quenton lopped off a massive 49 seconds from last years 2nd place effort
Girls 3000m--Caitlin Lanese 16. 12:43.1
Boys 3000m--Quenton Lanese 2. 9:45.6

09/21/2022--RAMROCK 1.5 MILE YIELDS STRONG SHOWING--St. Martins Univ, Lacey
Fine efforts were turned in by Barron Park runners, both as club athletes and as middle school competitors. Running for WMS, Quenton Lanese won the boys race, with Wesley Stevick earning 3rd. For the girls, Ruby Henry ran a strong 2nd and Norelle Price a fine 9th for BPS, with Caitlin Lanese and Gemma Stevick taking 3rd and 6th respectively for WMS
GIRLS 1.5k--Ruby Henry 9:54; Caitlin Lanese 10:09; Gemma Stevick 10:43; Norelle Price 10:52; Ginger Stevick 11:21; Abigail Christensen 13:04; Aldona Flynn 13:26
BOYS 1.5k--Quenton Lanese 8:35; Wesley Stevick 8:51; Carter Christensen 9:47; Chris Carpenter 10:05; Calvin Cheatham 10:41; Micah Henry 10:43; Daniel Frazier 11:31; Wendell Stevick 14:56 

Good early season efforts by Barron Park athletes entertained.
2000m Youth Women--5. Caitlin Lanese 8:09; 19. Gemma Stevick 9:08
2000m Youth Men--3. Wesley Stevick 7:09
5000m Open--3. Quenton Lanese 17:07; 7. Richie Frazier 17:53


Allen Jones set four Barron Park Masters records with four All-American quality runs in the 75-79 age group.
50m 8.32(3); 100m 15.83(3); 200m 33.16(2); 400mm 92.79(#)

Twenty-five athletes put their marks on the CBPIP books, led by Clara Rigg, who notched all-time 10G records in the Shot Put, HJ, and point total.

Autumn Stevick again topped the women scorers and Jack Olson led the men on a beautiful warm afternoon.
                100m/LJ/SP/HJ/400m//Hur/DT/PV/Jav/1500m = Pts
Autumn   15.78/3.29/7.83/1.20/75.6//20.79/20.16/1.22/23.13/7:31.5 = 2434
Sunny      16.99/3.43/8.43/1.25/1:41.4//x/x/x/x/x = 1187
Cassidy     24.72/3.02/7.76/1.20/2:17.9//x/21.90/x/x/x = 1118
Gemma   18.48/2.70/4.49/1.00/87.9//22.07/7.40/0.87/8.05/6:39.3 = 1067
Ginger    18.97/2.39/3.03/0.85/90.9//18.71/4.60/0.75/5.86/6:39.1 = 875
Jenny     x/2.69/5.61/1.15/88.0//45.87/13.30/x/x/x = 745
Petra      26.44/1.57/1.08/0.75/2:20.7//23.60/1.80/n/3.00/9:39.4 = 73
Matea     32.53/1.15/x/x/2:45.7//33.65/x/x/2.25/x = 0
Gretl       x/x/x/x/2:24.9//29.68/x/x/2.85/x = 0
Gilda      42.17/1.21/0.79/x/3:50.4//46.03/0.80/x/2.85/x = 0
Jack       12.34/5.29/12.10/1.60/59.9//19.19(42)/34.30/2.31/54.67/7:06.9 = 4300
Casey     12.94/5.56/11.41/1.65/61.9//20.41(42)/36.30/2.31/42.30/8:37.6 = 3986
Soren     13.06/4.98/8.20/1.65/62.5//20.37(39)/17.80/1.40/27.96/5:09.6 = 3423
Joseph    32.41/3.73/8.00/1.55/66.0//25.12(36)/22.10/2.31/30.30/7:31.5 = 2287
Wesley    14.64/3.59/7.15/1.25/68.6//22.51(33)/16.70/0.87/20.80/5:09.8 = 2142
Jay          13.91/4.26/8.05/x/x//x/x/x/x/x = 943
Jesse       24.04/2.08/5.84/1.05/3:13.1//x/14.80/1.03/21.06/x = 698
Jeff         x/x/x/x/x//x/21.80/x/31.22/x = 622
Owen     x/x/x/x/x//19.37(39)/24.30/x/x/x =352
Drew     30.99/1.59/5.15/n/3:13.1//x/9.60/x/11.10/x = 321
Jameson22.64/1.71/2.44/0.70/1:51.8//21.91/3.40/n/6.84/8:38.3 = 262
Wendel   22.64/1.74/2.29/0.70/1:50.7//31.19(24)/2.40/n/6.15/7:31.3 = 58
Bennett   x/x/x/x/x//x/x/x/0.99/x = 0

With brilliant race strategy and execution, Quenton Lanese earned top honors in both the 3000m and 1500m. His 3000m time bested the previous National Meet record by over 7 seconds. Caitlin Lanese posted her best time ever in the 3000m and Ashlen Gruginski was just off her PR in a fine 800m effort.
11-12 Girls--Caitlin Lanese --3000m 24. 12:24.39
11-12 Boys--Quenton Lanese--1500m 1. 4:31.47; 3000m 1. 9:31.17 (National record)
13-14 Girls--Ashlen Gruginski--800m 25. 2:28.72

Quenton Lanese continued his JO dominance, running away with both the 1500m and 3000m races. Sister Caitlin took 6th in the 3000m and Ashlen Gruginski PR'd in the 800m for 5th.
11-12 G--Caitlin Lanese --3000m 12:28.19 (6)
11-12 B--Quenton Lanese--1500m 442.87 (1); 3000m 10:11.78 (1)
13-14 G--Ashlen Gruginski 800m 2:27.93 (5)

7/01/2022--JAY 9TH AT WORLD DECATHLON--Tampere, Finland

World Masters Decathlon—Tampere, Finland

Jay Ruuska—

M55–9th place finish 5143 age-graded pts (club record,All-American standard)

Hurdles—18.27 (M55 club record)

new top 12 marks, club records:


100m—6UG—Keeton Huber 21.24

9-10B—Ethan Ashazahur 15.05

200m—11-12G—Annaliese Jones 29.32

800m—7-8G—Lia Hollister 3:41.5

??? —Makayla Lesane 2:32.1

1600m—11-12B—Carter Christensen 6:06.4

13-14G—Ruby Henry 6:15.1

13-14B—Wesley Stevick 5:33.2; Malachi Cardona 5:34.4

??? —Makayla Lesane 5:33.8

Hur—15-16B(110m)—Blake Kirkpatrick 18.83

SP— 7-8G—Evelyn Atchison 10-9

7-8B—Greyson Lee 17-7

9-10G—Peyton Imsland—19-4.5

DT—9-10G—Peyton Imsland—35-8 (club record)

15-16G—Reagan Humphries 59-9

Jav—7-8G—Noel Jovanovic 42-9

7-8B—Greyson Lee 40-10

HJ—7-8G—Noel Jovanovic 2-10

LJ—7-8G—Teigan Radasa 8-10

7-8B—Greyson Lee 9-2

M35—Eddie Lee (37) 17-2.5  (club record)

06/24-25/2022--ASSOCIATION JO MEET SITE OF FINE EFFORTS--Mt Tahoma, Tacoma
Day 1--Quenton strolled to the 1500m gold. Gemma and Ginger PR with top 12 1500m times, Gemma qualifying in 6th. Blake PRs in fine top 12 100m. Anneliese qualifies for 100m finals
100m--11-12G--Anneliese Jones 14.35
             5-16B--Blake Kirkoatririck 11.75
1500m--9-10G--Ginger Stevick 6:24.73
            11-12G--Gemma Stevick 6:17.68 (6)
             11-12B--Quenton Lanese 5:02.09 (1)
             13-14G--Ashlen Gruginski 5:09.31 (2)
             13-14B--Wesley Stevick  5:14.70
DAY 2--Caitlin earns silver in 3000m dogfight, Quenton breezes in for 3000m gold. Anneliese takes 8th in 100m finals. Brynn qualifies in LJ in 7th
3000m--11-12G--Caitlin Lanese 12:31.01 (2)
             11-12B--Quenton Lanese 10:47.57 (1)
100m--11-12G--Anneliese Jones 14.29 (8)
LJ----11-12G--Brynn Kirkpatrick 10-6 (7)

New top 12 marks, club records:

100m—7-8B—Connor Templeton  16.27

13-14G—Ashlyn Hufana  13.64; Adelyn Pitman 13.71

200M—6UB—Jameson Stevick 51.66

13-14G—Adelyn Pitman 28.75

400m—6UG—Kamden Hively   1:59.47

7-8G— Ariana Beagle   1:17.58—-???

11-12G—Anneliese Jones   70.34

13-14G—Ashlen Gruginski   68.17

800m—13-14G—Ashlen Gruginski   2:31.78

1500m—13-14G— Ruby Henry 5:52.5

Shot —-7-8G— Evelyn Atchison 11-6

9-20G— Peyton Imsland 18-4.5

Javelin—6UG— Keeton Huber 13-0

7-8G— Noel Jovanovic 41-2; Sophia Christensen 25-2

6UB— Jameson Stevick 27-7 (club record)

9-10B— Tanner Gilmore 66-1

11-12B—Kasen Gilmore   79-2 (club record)

LJ—13-14G—Ashlyn Hufana   14-10 PR

06/19/2022--KASEN MEDALS AT CHRISTAL--Bethel HS, Spanaway
11-12B--Kasen Gilmore 200m 33.61; 400m 79.95; Jav 67-3*(2) (club record)

new top 12 marks:

AC #3

100m—9-10B—Evan Pitman 14.73

11-12G—Anneliese Jones 14.06

15-16B—Blake Kirkpatrick 11.85

17-18B—Marques McDonald 11.80

200m—9-10B–-Evan Pitman 31.05 

15-16B—Blake Kirkpatrick 24.61

800m—11-12B—Quenton Lanese 2:16.3 (club record)

1600m—9-10B—Micah Henry 6:31.3

13-14G—Ruby Henry 6:25.9

LJ—- 15-16B—Blake Kirkpatrick 18-0

Jav—6UB—- Jameson Stevick 24-2

7-8G—Brynlee Johnson 32-7

9-10B—Owen Bryan 52-3

11-12B—Xzavier Shotwell 72-6 (club record)

Shot—9-10G—Peyton Imsland 18-1

Disc--9-10G--Peyton Imsland 30-10


Jav—11-12B—Kasen Gilmore 67-3

"Middle School Mile"--Quenton Lanese 4:47.73 (club record); 1500m en route (offiicial) 4:29.68 (club record)

06/09/2022--AC#2 OHS--Pouring rain--new top 12 marks

100m—15-16B—Blake Kirkpatrick 12.19

200m—15-16B—Blake Kirkpatrick  25.65

400m—6UB—Jameson Stevick 1:51.54

800m—7-8G—Lia Hollister  3:50.11

1500m—7-8G—Norelle Price 6:40.89

Jav—6UB—Jameson Stevick 23-10

11-12B—Kasen Gilmore 66-2; Xzavier Shotwell 63-11


New top 12 BPS marks-2022 AC#1. Two club records by Quenton Lanese:

Long Jump—6UB—Gus Rambo 6-4

Shot Put—7-8G—Brynlee Johnson 15-6.5

9-10G—Peyton Imsland 16-11.5

Javelin—7-8G—Norelle Price 40-2

7-8B—Connor Templeton 47-8; Sheppard Pender 35-7

9-10B—Tanner Gilmore 55-5; William Gallington 52-3; Owen Bryan 51-5

11-12B—Xzavier Shotwell 62-10

100m—6UB—Jameson Stevick 21.09

7-8G—Brynlee Johnson 17.02; Norelle Price 17.43

7-8B—Connor Templeton 16.36; Reign Villani 16.74

9-10B—Evan Pitman 14.88; Lane Stedman 15.25

11-12G—Annaliese Jones 14.40

11-12B—Luke Conway 13.51

13-14G—Addie Pitman 13.75

13-14B—Tyler Briscoe 12.81

200m—7-8B—Connor Templeton 35.74

9-10B—Evan Pitman 31.60; Lane Stedman 32.26

11-12G—Annaliese Jones 30.52

11-12B—Luke Connor—28.51

400m—7-8G—Brynlee Johnson 85.49

13-14G—Addie Pitman 67.34

800m—6UG—Gretl Stevick 4:26.81

6UB—Jameson Stevick 4:05.18

        11-12B--Quenton Lanese 2:17.85 (club record)

1600m—7-8G—Lia Hollister 7:44.9

9-10B—Micah Henry 6:35.0

11-12B—Quenton Lanese 4:53.2 (club record)

13-14B—Wesley Stevick 5:33.6; Malachi Cardona 5:33.9

05/28/2022---QUENTON LOWERS RECORD IN EUGENE--New Hayward Field
11-12B--Quenton Lanese 1500m  4:38.50

The Lanese twins took on the 3000m twilight challenge and ran well against the next age group. Quenton's 2nd place finish set another BPS record.
11-12G--Caitlin Lanese 3000m  12:29.69
11-12B--Quenton Lanese  3000m  9:41.26

5/06/2022--QUENTON ROMPS IN OREGON--Sherwood,OR
Quenton turned in two more PR/Club record runs in this evening meet.
11-12B--Quenton Lanese--800m 2:!9.15; 1500m 4:39.79

Caitlin won a thrilling come-from-behind 1500m with a big PR effort and Quenton ran away from the field in his 1500m with a huge PR/club record time.
11-12G--1500m Caitin Lanese 5:51.45
11-12B--1500m Quenton Lanese 4:41.57

11-12 G--Caitlin Lanese 12:52
11-12 B--Quenton Lanese 10:27


Quenton Lanese again cruised to a decisive 20+ second victory in the 9-10B race despite having been tripped with a resultant impressive tumble early in the race. After the fall he literally ran away from the field on a wild weather day which included several delays due to a major front. The next highest BPS finish was turned in by Ginger Stevick with a fine 36th in the 7-8G event and she also came closest to her Regionals time on what proved to be quite a slow course through the wet bluegrass hills of Bourbon County Park. Caitlin Lanese, with an early fall, and Gemma Stevick both ran well in their 9-10G race finishing  72nd and 113th respectively in the mud and wind with a large field of 280 runners. Wesley Stevick completed the long day in a survival mode with the cold front established and a massive field of 423 13-14B entrants.
8&UG--36. Ginger Stevick 9:19
9-10G--72. Caitlin Lanese 13:54; 113. Gemma Stevick 14:25
9-10B-- 1. Quenton Lanese 11:12
13-14B-- 283. Wesley Stevick 18:17 

With the best of Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho as witnesses, 13 participating Barron Park athletes turned in exceptional efforts on the same course they ran a week earlier. Leading the highlight reel was Quenton Lanese with a winning 9-10B effort by a full minute, marking him as a National contender. He rode his relaxed efficient stride to a 19 second improvement over his Association effort. Leading the girls was Caitlin Lanese with a fine 9th place finish in the 9-10G race, trimming 35 seconds off her prior effort. The third medalist was Ginger Stevick, taking 15 seconds off last week's superb effort to finish 15th. Just missing the top 30 medals was Gemma Stevick with a fine 31st 9-10G finish. Most improved from last week were Lauren Dietrich and Sophia Christensen for the girls with monumental bests by 2:30 and 1:56 respectively and Ethan Latimer, Wesley Stevick and Carter Christensen for the boys, faster by 1:25, 1:22, and 1:03. 
8&U Girls--2k-- 15. Ginger Stevick 9:15 (-15); 37. Ava Lanese 10:10 (-36); 40. Lia Hollister 10:26 (-28); 46. Sophia Christensen 11:00 (-1:56)
9-10 Girls--3k-- 9. Caitlin Lanese 12:26 (-35); 31. Gemma Stevick 13:08 (-21)
13-14 Girls--4k-- 56. Lauren Dietrich 17:57 (-2:30)
9-10 Boys--3k-- 1. Quenton Lanese 10:07 (-19); 50. John Christensen 13:33 (-26); 55. Ethan Latimer 13:44 (-1:25)
11-12 Boys--3k-- 57. Carter Christensen 11:51 (-1:03)
13-14 zBoys--4k-- 45. Jude Furubotten 15:06 (-52); 57. Wesley Stevick 15:32 (-1:22)

Twenty BPS athletes demonstrated grit in tough conditions, led by Quenton Lanese's convincing win in the 9-10 boys' race. Also earning top 15 medals were Ginger Stevick, Caitlin Lanese, Gemma Stevick, and Silas Furubotten.
8&U Girls 2k: 7. Ginger Stevick 9:30; 24. Ava Lanese 10:46; 28. Lia Hollister 10:54; 35. Sophia Christensen 12:56
9-10 Girls 3k: 5. Caitlin Lanese 13:01; 11. Gemma Stevick 13:29
11-12 girls 3k:  17. Ruby Henry 13:06
13-14 girls 4k:  30. Lauren Dietrich 20:27; 39. Mia Koong 22:05
8&U boys 2k:  26. Drew Prentice 10:48
9-10 boys 3k:  1. Quenton Lanese 10:26; 12. Silas Furubotten 12:54; 19. Micah Henry 13:19; 32. John Christensen 14:09;                        41. Calvin Cheatheam 14:51; 44. Ethan Latimer 15:09; TEAM 3RD 80Pts
11-12 boys 3k:  29. Carter Christensen 12:54; 63. Evan Joliff 15:13
13-14 Boys 4k:  23. Jude Furubotten 15:58;   37. Wesley Stevick 16:54 
Despite one of the rainiest/standing water days in the history of this 11th Annual event, 54 gutsy runners managed to finish rive with fortitude, led by Quenton Lanese, who glided to the win in one of the best times ever run on this course. Caitlin Lanese led the girls with a decisive victory in this classic 1.5 mile course. Most improved of those who ran the course last year in fine weather were Evan Allan (-6:32!!) for the boys and Petra Stevick (-1:29) for the girls.
b = bps; h = Holy Family; u = unattached
GIRLS--1. Caitlin Lanese (b5) 10:47; 2. Gemma Stevick (b5) 11:11; 3. Ruby Henry (b7) 11:13; 4. Ginger Stevick (b3) 11:47; 5. Brynn Kirkpatrick (b5) 12:52; 6. Ivet Castillo (h3) 13:02; 7. Ava Lanese (b1) 13:12; 8. Sophia Christensen (b2) 13:20; 9. Seren Christensen (b5) 13:33; 10. Addie Hughes (b5) 13.55; 11. Lia Hollister (b2) 14:03; 12. Abby Christensen (b3) 14:18; 13. Tovah Christensen (b7) 14:29; 14. Petra Stevick (b1) 15:07; 15. Autumn Robinson (b8) 15:28; 16. Lauren Allan (b7) 15:40; 17. Ellie Hilden (b3) 15:56; 18. Molly Robinson (h3) 18:29; 19. Ariana Beagle (h2) 18:34; 20. Sophie Allan (b4) 17:08  
Improved from 2020:  Petra Stevick (-1;29), Ava Lanese (-1:13), Ginger Stevick (-47),  Caitlin Lanese (-29), Gemma Stevick (-15), Sophie Allan (-2)
BOYS--1. Quenton Lanese (b5) 8:25; 2. Wesley Stevick (b7) 9:24; 3. Blake Kirkpatrick (u8) 9:45; 4. Carter Christensen (b6) 10:45; 5. Silas Furubotten (b5) 10:51; 6. Cooper Malloy (h4) 11:08; 7. Ryan Parris (h7) 11:09; 8. Micah Henry (b4) 11:12; 9. Micah Tilly (h?) 11:18; 10. Brandon Hughes (b6) 11:20; 11. Evan Allan (b6) 11:24; 12. Evan Bassett (b8) 11:29; 13. Calvin Cheatheam (b5) 11:33; 14. John Christensen (b4) 11:45; 15. Ethan Latimer (b5) 11:57; 16. Evan Joliff (b7) 11:57; 17. Ben Furubotten (b7) 12:48; 18. Sawyer Hatfield (b4) 12:55; 19. Iain Gregory (h3) 13:07; 20. Jonothan Reffner (h1) 13:16; 21. Zeke Aarts (b5) 13:24; 22. Anson Hatfield (b2) 13:25; 23. Finn Weinig (b5) 13:36; 24. Cody Frederickson (h2) 14:05; 25. Miles Lewis (h3) 14:25; 26. Jameson Stevick (bP) 15:08; 27. Wendell Stevick (bK) 15:10; 28. Levi Bassett (b7) 15:37; 29. Tim Goen (h8) 16:02; 30. Sean Robinson (h1) 16:05; 31. Owen Cheatheam (b1) 16:09; 32. Wyatt Rougeant (h1) 16:20; 33. Jacob Slosson (h1) 16:47; 34. Zander Aarts (b6) 16:55 
Improved from 2020: Evan Allan (-6:32!!), Ben Furubotten (-1:22), Quenton Lanese (-1:06), Zeke Aarts (-54), Blake Kirkpatrick (-39), Levi Bassett (-25), Wesley Stevick (-15), Carter Christensen (-13), Silas Furubotten (-6)

Caitlin and Quenton Lanese led the BPS girls and boys to individual and team victories in a mammoth field of youth runners on a beautiful fall afternoon. Quenton ran a course record and was joined in scoring by Wesley Stevick in 2nd and Carter Christensen in 5th. Joining Caitlin in BPS girls' scoring were Ruby Henry in 2nd and Gemma Stevick in 6th. Most improved over the race 4 weeks ago were Ava Lanese (-2:49) and Petra Stevick (-1:56) for the girls and Anthony Miller (-1:12) for the boys. 
B=BPS; G=Griffin MS; E=Evergreen Christian; H=Holy Family; u=unattached
GIRLS:  1. Caitlin Lanese(B5) 6:40(-28); 2. Ruby Henry(B7) 6:53; 3. Ashlynn O'Hara(G7) 7:00; 4. Kendyl Gritton(G6) 7:02; 5. Frances Staudt(E7) 7:09; 6. Gemma Stevick(B5) 7:15(-3); 7. Ginger Stevick(B3) 7:20(-31); 8. Audrey Leffert(G7) 7:22; 9. Norelle Price(B2) 7:28(-24); 10. Seren Christensen(B6) 7:36(-27); 11. Iris Johnson-Hurst(G7) 7:39; 12. Tovah Christensen(B7) 7:53(-24); 13. Nora Settle(G7) 8:02; 14. Juniper Hanson(G7) 8:04; 15. Lauren Allan(B7) 8:13; 16. Natalie Sondgroth(E6) 8:18; 17. Maisie Wilber(B4) 8:22; 18. Ellie Hilden(B3) 8:23; 19. Abygail O'Brien(G8) 8:26; 20. Abby Christensen(B3) 8:30(+15); 21. Sophia Christensen(B2) 8:30; 22. Autumn Robinson(B8) 8:39(+4); 23. Emma Huckabee(G7) 8:40; 24. Lia Hollister(B2) 8:47(-40); 25. Ava Lanese(B1) 8:47(-2:49); 26. Zoe Aarts(B8) 9:10; 27. Sophie Allan(B4) 9:12; 28. Livia Jensen(G7) 9:30; 29. Petra Stevick(B1) 9:32(-1:56); 30. Ivet Castillo(H3) 9:43; 31. Molly Robinson(H3) 10:04; 32. Ariana Beagle(H2) 10:13; 33. Laney Noble(G7) 11:14; 34. Rose Lewis(HK) 11:56; 35. Clara Kessler(B1) 14:09

BOYS: 1. Quenton Lanese(B5) 5:03(-24); 2. Wesley Stevick(B7) 5:53(-2); 3. Luke Overbay(E7) 6:04; 4. Logan Oestreich(G7) 6:14; 5. Carter Christensen(B6) 6:25(-9); 6. Bartosz Himmel(E6) 6:27; 7. Ryan Parris(H7) 6:33; 8. Micah Henry(B4) 6:39; 9. Finnegan Losee(G8) 6:47; 10. Evan Bassett(B8) 6:51(+14); 11. Cooper Malloy(H4) 6:52; 12. Burton Sharpes(G6) 6:58; 13. Calvin Cheatheam(B5) 6:58; 14. John Christensen(B4) 7:02; 15.Ethan Latimer(B5) 7:03(-14); 16. Judah Beck(E5) 7:08; 17. Larson Bergford(E5) 7:12; 18. Nixon Lee(u) 7:17; 19. Quinn Sebring(G6) 7:26; 20. Grayson Hovde(u) 7:27; 21. Isaac Zwteful(G6) 7:30; 22. Drew Prentice(u) 7:37; 23. Lucas Doran(G7) 7:44; 24. ??? 7:52; 25.Zeke Aarts(B5) 7:53; 26. Josiah Reffner(H3) 7:57; 27. Ian Gregory(H3) 8:00; 28. Anson Hatfield(B2) 8:04; 29. Aiden Herrington-Moxon(E7) 8:07; 30. Sawyer Hatfield(B4) 8:09; 3!. Finn Weinnig(B5) 8:11(+2); 32. Beckham Marchant(G6) 8:12; 33. Miles Lewis(H5) 8:20; 34. Jack Kessler(B6) 8:23; 35. Caleb Cook(G6) 8:24; 36. Santiago Felix(B1) 8:35; 37. Levi Bassett(B7) 8:37; 38. Zackary Tribble(G7) 8:39; 39. Jonathan Blood(G6) 8:43; 40. Gavin Doran(G7) 8:43; 41. Jason Blood(G6) 8:47; 42. Ziren Bidwell(G7) 8:51; 43. Wendell Stevick(BK) 8:54; 44. Evan Allan(B6) 9:13; 45. Zander Aarts(B6) 9:20; 46. Sean Robinson(H1) 9:32; 47. Owen Cheatheam(B1) 9:43; 48. Wyatt Rougeanx(H1) 9:47; 49. Justus Reffner(H5) 10:00; 50. Karsten Tomlin(G7) 10:28; 51. Anthony Miller(B3) 10:29(-1:12); 52. Jameson Stevick(BP) 10:30; 53. Brandon McCord(G7)10:53; 54. Jacob Slosson(H1) 11:30; 55. Jonathan Reffner(H1) 11:31; 56. Jesse Aubrey(G6) 13:42; 57. Cody Frederickson(H2) 14:02; 58. Jacob Aubrey(G6) 15:29 

Quenton and Caitlin Lanese, 5th graders, finished 1st and 26th respectively in the 1.5 mile youth race held in conjunction with the John Payne/Curtis Invite. Quenton's margin of victory over the 8th grade and under field was a giant 8 seconds.
Caitlin--10:38.8 (26)
Quenton--8:06.7 (1)

9/24/2021--LANESES GO BIG IN OREGON--Portland
Caitlin and Quenton had great 3k races in mammoth fields consisting of 5th to 8th graders,earning medals in the process. The 5th graders were competitive with the older kids, Caitlin finishing 48th of 137 girls and Quenton 2nd of 205 boys behind an 8th grader.  Caitlin--14:31.7; Quenton--10:34.9

  1. BOYS—1. Quenton Lanese 5:27; 2. Wesley Stevick 5:55; 3. Billy Jones (O) 6:24; 4. Kristar Ashby (O) 6:27; 5. Torence Boning (O) 6:31; 6. Carter Christensen 6:34; 7. Brandon 6:35; 8.Evan Basset 6:37; 9.silas Furubotten 6:39; 10. Kasen Gilmore 6:58; 11. Koa Johnson (o) 7:06; 12.. Tanner Gilmore 7:11; 13. Ethan 7:17; 14. Logan 7:22; 15. Michael Priest (o) 7:22; 16.Paxton Price 7:21; 17. Derek 7:54; 18. Finn 8:09; 19. Ben Furubotten 8:16; 20. Lennox Crabtree 9:17; 21. Anthony Miller 11:41                                                                                          
  2. GIRLS—1. Megan Shen 6:31; 2. Caitlin Lanese 7:08; 3. Gemma Stevick 7:18; 4. Ginger Stevick 7:51; 5. Norelle Price 7:52; 6. Claire 7:57; 7. Brynn Kirkpatrick 7;58; 8. Saren Christensen 8:03; 9. Ruby Perlot 8:05; 10. Abigail Christensen 8:15; 11. Tovah Christensen 8:17; 12. Madisyn Garrison (O) 8:22; 13. Autumn Robinson 8:35; 14. Lucy Matthews (O) 9:04; 15. Addie 9:24; 16.  Leah 9:27; 17. Petra Stevick 11:28; 18. Quinn Furubotten 11:35; 19. Ava Lanese 11:36; 20. Liliana Saunders (O) 11:52


10/03/2021--WILLIAM HAS BUSY RECORD DAY--Milwaukie, OR
William Won (now M60-64), competing as a BPS masters athlete, completed the track and field season with these fine marks (despite the opening event being the 400m).

400M: 69.04--M60 Club record
100m: 14.69
200m: 30.80
LJ:  13' 1.25"
TJ: 28' 3.75"
Shot: 23' 0"

Thirty-five athletes contributed at least one event and sixteen did as many events as possible in another sun-drenched event which yielded lots of fellowship and even some good athletic marks. Several club records resulted (#).
Athletes (100m/LJ/SP/HJ/400m//Hur/DT/PV/JT/1500m==total points


Twenty-five athletes worked hard and were rewarded with hot dogs and ice cream. Clara Rigg led the girls and Wesley Stevick the boys. Marks which cracked the historical top list or age-group all-time bests were:
Gretl Stevick--3G 50y(15.1) and pts/H+W(15.98)
Clara Rigg--9G SP(27-6); top list SP, 400m(1:26)
Lauren Allan--12G--top list HJ(3-10)
Jameson Stevick--4B SP(7-3), LJ(5-6), 400m(2:02); top list pts/age(37.78)
Nathan Boyd--9B--top list pts/age(32.96)
Eli Horton--10B--top list HJ(3-6), LJ(11-2)
Wesley Stevick--12B--top list 50y(7.5), SP(31-1), 400m(1:15), Pt Total(4172)

Scott Copeland broke the club 200m record among other fine efforts in the heat.
Scott (60-64M)--50m 7.48 (2). 100m 14.11 (2), 200m 29.17 (2) club record, Jav 30.46m(99-11)(2) 

7/28-31/2021--ASHLEN SOLID AT NATIONALS--Jacksonville, FL
Ashlen Gruginski represented Barron Park well at USATF JO Nationals with two fine personal bests and impressive top half finishes in massive fields. Both 800m and 1500m marks moved her up the top 12 lists.
Ashlen (13-14G)--800m 2:34.34; 1500m 5:17.51

Nine more Club records resulted from fine efforts on a hot sunny day
** = club record

M65-69 Taylor Hanes---Hammer  21.64mn(71-0)** 2nd; Weight  10.74m (35-3) 1st; Shot 8.31m (27-3.5) 4th; Discus 29.92m (98-2)** 4th

 M60-64 William Won--Discus  28.16m (92-5) 3rd; Shot 7.98m (26-2) 2nd; LJ 4.15m (13-7) 1st; TJ 8.69m (28-6)** 1st; Standing LJ 2.35m (7-8.5) 1st

50m 7.38** 3rd; 100m 13.98 4th; 200m  29.98 4th; 400m 1:09.56** 2nd

 M50-54 Jay Ruuska---PV  2.13m (7-0) 1st; 200m 27.71 2nd; Javelin 26.51m (87-0) 2nd

 M70-74 Allen Jones---Standing LJ 2.01m (6-7) 1st; 50m 8.18** 1st; 100m 15.15** 2nd; 200m 31.80** 2nd

 M60-64 Scott Copeland---50m 7.47 4th; 100m 13.86 3rd; 200m  29.37** 3rd

Four stalwart masters athletes earned a load of medals competing for Barron Park and filled in some club record slots in the process. # = club record
Scott Copeland (M60-64)
100m 14.19 (-0.9)  4th; 200m  29.98 (-1.7) 3rd; Javelin 31.49m  1st 
Jay Ruuska (M50-54)
100m Hurdles 18.09 (-1.5) 1st; High Jump  1.40m 1st; Pole Vault 2.35m 2nd; Long Jump 4.75m (1.5) 1st
 William Won (M55-59)
Javelin 26.37m    2nd;  200m 30.60 (-1.8)  3rd; 100m Hurdles 21.57# (-1.5)  2nd; LJ 4.19m (1.5)  1st; TJ 8.54m (-1.7) 1st
Taylor Hanes (M65-69)
Shot Put 8.34m# 1st; Discus 28.85m# 3rd; Hammer 20.10m# 1st; Javelin 20.93m# 3rd; Weight 8.11m 2nd

7/17/2021--ASHLEN OUTSTANDING AT NIKE MEET--Kent-Meridian HS (French Field)
Ashlen Gruginski continued her fine season with three golds and a bronze, including a nice top 12 effort in the 800m
Ashen (13-14)--400m 68.93(PR, 3rd); 800m 2:38.14(PR,1st,top 12); 1500m 5:30.41(1st); Jav 46-5 (1st)

6/25/2021--ALL-COMERS #5--OHS
The final AC meet ended under an appropriately gorgeous scarlet sky with more club marks:
200m--Evan Pitman (7-8) 32.48 (club record)
3000m--Quenton Lanese (9-10) 10:57.2 (club record)
Javelin--Amy Broek (13-14) 61-9
Shot--Scott Copeland (M60-5k) 27-11.5 (club record)

Quenton earned gold in both the 1500m and 800m, the former in outstanding club record time and Caitlin won the 1500m and took silver in the 800m.
Caitlin Lanese (9-10)--800m 3:11.07 (2); 1500m 6:12.43 (1)
Quenton Lanese (9-10)--800m 2:38.20 (1); 1500m 4:58.30 (1) club record

6/17/2021--ALL-COMERS #4--OHS
More fine efforts on a warm evening. Top 12 and club records:
100m--Quenton Lanese(9-10) 15.20; Blake Kirkpatrick(13-14) 12.37
200m--Quenton Lanese 32.59; Blake Kirkpatrick 25.85
400m--Evan Pitman(7-8) 77.43
800m--Toby Wilson(7-8) 3:47.17
1500m--Gretl Stevick(3-4) 9:19.6 (club record); Norelle Price (7-8) 7:10.4; Ashlen Gruginski(13-14) 5:17.7;
           Megan Lanese(W35) 5:33.6(club record)
Javelin--Josiah Koehn(6U) 21-9; Dominic Boyd(6U) 21-5; Norelle Price (7-8) 31-4; Tanner Gilmore(7-8) 48-0

6/10/2021--ALL-COMERS MEET #3--OHS
Strong work by a plethora of BPS athletes. New top 12 marks and club records:
100m--Blake Kirkpatrick(13-14) 12.67
200m--Quenton Lanese(9-10) 32.64
800m--Ginger Stevick(7-8) 3:33.26; Gemma Swidecki(7-8) 3:55.00; Quenton Lanese(9-10) 2:29.86 (club record);
           Megan Lanese(W35) 2:41.91 (club record)
1600m--Gretl Stevick(3) 9:39.6 (club record); Ginger Stevick(7-8) 7:33.7; Gemma Swidecki(7-8) 7:35.5;
           Caitlin Lanese(9-10) 6:28.4; Reese Swidecki(9-10) 7:26.3; Milo Schultz(7-8) 7:26.0; Charlie Schultz(11-12) 6:17.8
3000m--Jesse Stevick(M35) 9:53.3 (club record)
Jav--Josiah Koehn(6U) 17-8; Tanner Gilmore(7-8) 45-0
Shot--Peyton Imsland(7-8) 15-6  
HJ----Kathryn Cockrell(7-8) 2-10; Jordyn Jefferson(7-8) 2-10

1500m--Caitlin(9-10) 6:07.09 (PR, top 12); Quenton(9-10) 5:01.04**(PR, club record)

6/03/2021--ALL-COMERS MEET #2--OHS  ***REVISED***
More fine efforts on a beautiful evening. New top 12 marks, club records:
100m--Addy Pitman(11-12)--14.50; Evan Pitman (7-8) 15.47**(club record)
200m--Evan Pitman 33.35; Blake Kirkpatrick(13-14) 26.69
400m--Quenton Lanese(9-10) 70.56
800m--Quenton Lanese 2:36.41; Ashlen Gruginski(13-14) 2:42.89
1500m--Ashlen Gruginski 5:21.7; Caitlin Lanese(9-10) 6:14.3 (???-issues with timing); Ginger Stevick(7-8) 7:32.9(???)
             Megan Lanese W35 5:52.5**(club record)
Javelin--Kasen Gilmore(9-10) 65-7; Reese Swidecki(9-10) 41-2
Discus--Carli Cockrell(13-14) 74-5
--complete BPS results at athletic.net, originals at runoly.com

05/27/2021--BACK ON THE TRACK--AC MEET #1--OHS
A veritable mob scene on a threatening rainy evening--'a good time was had by all'--
Two club record: Quentin Lanese, 9-10B 1600m--5:28.1; Gretl Stevick 3G 1600m 10:05.1
Multiple top 12 marks: Evan Pitman-8B-100m 16.83; 200m 35.21; 400m 80.4; Addy Pitman 11G-200m 31.15;
Wesley Stevick 13B 1600m 5:46.9; Ashlen Gruginski 13G 1600m 5:46.4; Caitlin Lanese 9G 1600m 6:39.6;
Gemma Stevick 10G 1600m 7:12.5; Ginger Stevick 7G 1600m 7:49.6; Emily Sisco 10G Jav 41-11;
Nathan Boyd 9B Jav 52-3; Alexandra Broome 13G 1600m 6:38.1; Azalea Barksdale 12G 1600m 7:02.1;
Gloria Koehn 9G 1600m 7:52.5
Full Barron Park results on athletic.net: 

Petra 7-4*; Esther 67-10; Malachi600 68-4n; Eden 83-6; Clara 77-7; Jeff 95-3; Scott 95-11; Jack 168-7

01/10/2021--JAVELIN FELLOWSHIP #20--OHSAux
TB--Wendell 25-9; Ginger 35-9
Jav--Gretl 5-9; Gemma 32-4; Wesley 67-6; Soren 89-0*; Jeff 93-9; Jesse 109-3; Jack 178-3


Tennis ball--Gretl 7-11; Wendell 27-11; Ginger 35-8
Javelin--Gemma32-2; Wesley 61-6; Jeff 100-2; Scott 93-6; Jesse 114-2; Jack 166-7

Petra 6-7n;Dom Boyd 14-5; Wendell 17-10*; Gemma 33-2; Wesley 66-6; Eden 78-4; Jeff 94-3; Joseph 103-3; Jesse 120-0; Andrew Boyd 146-5; Jack 185-10*


Blessed with sunny dry conditions 42 runners ended their XC season with great efforts, led by Alexandra Broome and Quinton Lanese. Showing most improved times over the preview race were Gemma Stevick for the girls and Jack Staudt for the guys.
Girls--1. Alexandra Broome 10:44; 2. Caitlin Lanese 11:26; 3. Gemma Stevick 11:26; 4. Lauren Aufort 11:52; 5. Margot Chancellor 12:07; 6. Brynn Kirkpatrick 12:27; 7. Ginger Stevick 12:34; 8. Norelle Price 12:36; 9. Quinn Furubotten 12:38; 
10. Ava Lanese 14:25; 11. Lauren Allan 15:25; 12. Petra Stevick 16:36; 13. Sophie Allan 17:10; 14. Olive-James Leben 17:40; 15. Frances Staudt 17:59; 16. Kenidee Huber 19:38; 17. Zoe Aarts 18:48; 18. Grace Bassett 19:22
Most Improved--Gemma -61; Caitlin -51; Ginger -50; Norelle -49; Quinn -47; Brynn -40; Sophie -34; Alexandra -29; Lauren Au -21; Ava -17
Guys--1. Quinton Lanese 9:31; 2. Wesley Stevick 9:39; 3. Jude Furubotten 9:56; 4. Blake Kirkpatrick 10:24; 5. Carter Christensen 10:32; 6. Silas Furubotten 10:57; 7. Tyler Aufort 11:05; 8. Evan Bassett 11:13; 9. Henry Schumacher 11:25; 10. John Christensen 11:30; 11. Zach Hilton 11:48; 12. Atticus Moreno 12:24; 13. Paxton Price 12:29; 14. Ben Furubotten 14:10; 15. Zeke Aarts 14:18; 16. Malachi Hilton 14:18; 17. Tal Ungren 15:13; 18. Jack Staudt 15:45; 19. Zander Aarts 15:58; 20. Levi Bassett 16:02; 21. Ridley Wagner 17:43; 22. Evan Allan 17:56; 23. Ezra Moreno 17:59; 24. Anthony Miller 18:12;  
 Most Improved-Jack -65; John -54; Evan B -42; Carter -41; Silas-29; Tyler -23; Henry -18; Blake -12; Paxton -9; Wesley -8; Jude -6; Quinton -2 

A preview of next week's Bruce Newman Invite course
Girls--1. Alexandra B 11:13; 2. Lauren Au 12:13; 3. Caitlin L 12:17; 4. Gemma S 12:27; 5. Brynne K 13:07;  6. Ginger S 13:24; 7. Norelle P 13:25; 8. Quinn F 13;25; 9. Ava L 14:42*; 10. Lauren Al 14:57; 11. Petra S 16:01*; 12.Kenidee H 17:23*; 13. Sophie Al 17:44
Guys--1. Quinton L 9:33; 2. Wesley S 9:47; 3. Jude F 10:02; 4. Blake K 10:36; 5. Carter C 11:06; 6. Silas F 11:26; 7. Tyler Au 11:28; 8. Henry S 11:43; 9. Evan B 11:55; 10. John C 12:24; 11. Paxton P 12:38; 12. Ben F 13:56; 13. Levi B 14:06; 14. Jack S 16:50; 15. Evan Al 17:51; 16. Lennox C 17:53  

10/16/2020--YOUTH RACE SERIES #4---1.0 MILE--LBA
Girls--Alexandra B 7:15; 2. Margot C 7:55; 3. Lauren Au 7:59; 4. Gemma S 8:03; 5. Caitlin L 8:05; 6. Norelle P 8:49; 
    7. Ginger S 8:51; 8. Brynne K 8:53; 9. Tovah C 9:05; 10. Seren C 9:15; 11. Zoe A 10.27; 12. Quinn F 10:31; 
    13. Ava L 10:47; 14. Lauren Al 11:15; 15.Sophie A 12:07; 16. Petra S 12:30; 17. Olive-James L 14:05; 
    18. Violet M 16:00
  Most Improved--Lauren Au -1:01; Caitlin L -22; Seren C -20 Ava L -20; Margot C -13; Brynne K -10; Alexandra B -5

Boys--Blake K 6:32; 2. Wesley S 6:33; 3. Quinton L 6:42; 4. Jude F 6:47; 5. Carter C 7:13; 6. SIlas F 7:31;
    7. Tyler Au 7:33; 8. Liam C 7:52; 9. Atticus M 8:00; 10.Zach H 8:02; 11. John C 8:03; 12. Henry S 8:07; 
    13. Paxton P 8:24; 14. Drew Pr 9:02; 15. Zeke A 9:18; 16. Zander A 10:44; 17. Malachi H 10:46; 18. Jack  11:46;
    19. Ezra M 11:57; 20. Evan Al 12:02; 21. Lennox C 12:03; 22. Anthony Miller 13:37; 23. Norris C 13:53; 
    24. Ridley W 14:12
  Most Improved--Norris C -41; Evan -34; Blake -29; Tyler -20; Carter -14; Jude -11; Zach -11; Wesley -8; John C -8;   

9/25/2020--YOUTH RACE SERIES #2---1.0 MILE--LBA
Girls--1. Alexandra B 7:22; 2. Gemma S 8:02; 3. Margot C 8:08; 4. Caitlin L 8:27; 5. Ginger S 8:30; 6. Tovah C 9:00;                7. Lauren Au 9:00; 8. Brynn K 9:03; 9. Seren C 9:35; 10. Lauren Al 10:50; 11. Quinn F 11:03; 12. Ava L 11:07;
    13. Petra S 11:40; 14. Olive-James L 11:42; 15. Sophie A 11:43; 16. Grace B 13:26; 17. Jordan D 19:00
  Most improved: Petra S -1:33; Lauren Al -54; Ginger S -26; Gemma S -8 
Boys--1. Wesley S 6:41; 2. Quenton L 6:42; 3. Jude F 6:58; 4. Blake K 7:01; 5. Carter C 7:27; 6. Silas F 7:36; 
    7. Tyler Au 7:53; 8. Liam C 7:56; 9. Evan B 8:00; 10. John C 8:11; 11. Zach H 8:13; 12. Paxton P 8:39; 
    13. Ben F 9:00; 14. Lennox C 9:07; 15. Levi B 9:15; 16. Malachi H 9:33; 17. Ezra M 11:36; 18. Anthony M 11:49;
    19. Evan Al 12:36; 20. Norris C 13:12
 Most Improved: Malachi H -2:27; Carter C -47; Jude F -32; Blake K -25; Zach H -24; John C -10

9/18/2020--YOUTH  RACE SERIES #1--1.0 MILE--LBA
Girls--1. Alexandra B 7:20; 2. Gemma S 8:10; 3. Norelle P 8:37; 4. Ginger S 8:56; 5. Lauren Au 9:16; 6. Quinn F 9:16;
       7, Lauren Al 11:50; 8. Petra S 13:13; 9. Annamaria C 13:29 
Boys--1. Wesley Stevick 6:41; 2. Jude F 7:20; 3. Blake K 7:26; 4. Silas F 7:40; 5. Tyler Au 7:54; 6. Liam C 7:57; 
      7.Carter C 8:14; 8. John C 8:21; 9. Paxton P 8:25; 10. Zach H 8:37; 11. Ben F 9:05; 12. Malachi H 12:00; 
     13. Evan Al 12:46  


Gretl 4-3; Gemma 30-8; Wesley 58-7; Malachi 71-9**; Esther 69-4; James 72-10*; Eden 85-6; Clara 79-2; Katy 85-1; Jeff 97-11; Scott 93-6; Jesse 118-3; Jack 183-5*

Gretl 3-1; Gemma 31-3; Drew 47-10; Wesley 67-4; Esther 68-5;Ethan 70-0; Soren (800g) 81-7; Eden 85-10*:
Jeff 98-0; Jesse 122-0; Jack 169-4

 Gemma 37-6*; Wesley 64-9; Emma (600g) 59-5n; Esther 60-3; Eden 80-10*; Clara 79-4; Katy 94-1s; Jesse 119-8; 
  Jack 176-2
400m--Jack 59.0; Jesse 60.8; Wesley 77.2; Joseph 77.6; Carol 91.8; Gemma 1:42.6; Ginger 1:51.0; Petra 2:14.6; Wendell 2:27.7; Gretl 3:34.8; Matea 4:36.0

      Javelin--Gretl 5-0; Gemma 26-0; Drew 50-0; Wesley 68-10*; Malachi 68-1; Eden 75-2; Jack 165-2

Sun, fellowship and Toby Trail Mix blended with athletics for a fine Sunday afternoon/evening followed by pizza. Cassidy led the women in total points and Jack the guys. Twenty-four did at least one event with 12 doing all ten. Multiple BPS records were established or broken (marked by "#" below.). Jack put his name on six BPS all-time lists (*).
Scoring: 100m/LJ/SP/HJ/400m//Hur/DT/PV/JT/1500m--Pts
Cassidy  14.94/3.95/8.90/1.26/2:39.4//21.37/21.14/2.20#/30.00/8:46.3 = 2844pts
Autumn  14.92/3.23/8.02/1.31/75.6//22.11/19.03/2.20#/26.00/8:46.3 = 2790#
Carol      17.91/2.81/5.59/0.96/82.5//22.95/15.20#/NH/12.05/6:07.8#=1517#
Jenny      X/2.91/5.61/1.16/81.6//X/9.40/X/14.44/X = 981
Gemma   19.35/2.51/3.49/0.91/1:44.4//21.17/8.10/NH/8.16/7:29.4 = 753
Ginger    20.89/1.98/2.07/x/1:48.4//24.09/3.69/x/3.45/x = 92
Petra      28.88/1.40/1.10/X/3:00.8//44.53/2.12/X/1.71/X = 0
Matea     40.88/0.29/0.27/X/X//X/X/X/X/X  = 0
Gretl      41.19/X/0.48/X/4:02.9//X/1.27/X/X/X = 0
Jack       12.19*/5.35/12.03*/1.75*/61.5//18.60*/31.45*/2.35/52.19/dnf = 4428pts*
Jesse      13.22/4.84#/8.71/1.50#/56.7#//19.55#/21.28/2.45/39.23/4:40.2 = 4128#
Joey       12.61/5.21/8.48/1.70/59.7//18.28/30.74/2.45/29.85/5:57.7 = 4092
Joe         13.85/4.28/8.05/1.55/62.5//21.51/29.81/2.45/28.47/5:17.7 = 3379#
Casey      12.57#/4.80/11.84#/1.70#/1:48.8//X/27.28/X/37.18/N = 2845
Jay          13.70/4.80/8>300/1.41/64.5//18.39/23.86/2.05/18.05/7:18.0 = 2829
Soren      13.88/4.30/7.30/1.55/68.2//24.48/14.86/1.33/28.65/5:56.6 = 2456
Jeff        14.85/3.79/9.74/1.26/84.8//26.97/22.09/1.48/27.34/7:17.7 = 1745
Scott      14.46/X/8.42/X/X//21.06/25.19/X/28.25/X = 1465
Wesley   15.69/3.39/7.03/1.11/74.3//23.87/13.03/NH/17.12/5:42.8 = 1449
Drew      22.16/2.10/5.66/0.96/X//X/11.71/X/15.63/X = 516
Craig       13.14/X/x/x/x//x/x/x/x/x = 444
Allan       15.76/x/x/x/x//x/x/x/x/x = 109
Wendell  29.60/1.36/1.28/x/3:00.8//36.7/2.95/x/3.82/x = 0
Jameson  28.75/1.24/0.83/x/2:34.8/37.73/2.10/x/1.68/x = 0

Jav--Gretl 3-5; Gemma 31-1; Thomas Goodfellow (800g) 44-4; Drew 48-6; Wesley 59-5*; Esther 64-0; Malachi 63-11; 
      Eden 74-10; Katy 89-4s; Jeff 99-6; Scott 92-5; Jesse 130-0; Jack 176-7

Jav--Gemma 32-7; Wesley 59-3; Drew 53-2; Malachi 69-3*; Eden 76-3; Katy 80-7; Jeff 100-8; Scott 95-2; Jesse 129-6;
       Jack O 178-3
200m--Jack O 26.86; Scott 31.19; Wesley 36.27; Gemma 47.04; Drew 51.29; Ginger 51.40; Wendell 74.38; Petra 74.60;
          Gretl 97.67; zmatea Stevick 99.42
3200m--Jesse 10:33.5; Joseph 11:48.4#; Jenny 12:47.7#; Wesley 13.09.6#; Gemma 16:07.1#

Nineteen stalwarts performed admirably on the Komachin track. Leading scorer for the girls was Clara Rigg; Clara  had an amazing day with 8G all-time records in three categories.  The boys were led by Blake Kirkpatrick, who landed all five events on the all-time list. His point total was #11 all-time. Wesley Stevick leapt, ran, and threw onto 5 all-time lists. Those with list-busting efforts were:
6G--Norelle Price--Pts/Age 33.00; Ginger Stevick Pts/Age 33.98
8G--Clara Rigg--Best 8G all-time: HJ 3-6, SP 22-7, Point total 3616
11B--Wesley Stevick--50y 7.8, SP 25-8, LJ 10-8, 400m 77, Points 4102
12B--Blake Kirkpatrick--50y 7.0, SP 30-4, LJ 12-4, HJ 4-6, 400m 77, Points 4684

8/23/2020--JAVELIN/800M FELLOWSHIP #11--OHS
Jav--Gretl 5-3; Gemma 31-6; Wesley 53-3; Eden 78-11*; Clara 87-1; Katy Wolgamot (600g) 81-2; Jeff Olsen 101-5;
    Scott 98-11; Jesse 118-5; Jack O 169-4; Braden Matthews (800g) 99-11*
800m--Jesse 2:10.8; Joseph 2:39.9; Wesley 2:46.2; Kenny 2:55.4; Carol 3:05.9; Gemma 3:38.9; Ginger 3:59.9;
    Wendell 5:14.9; Petra 5:14.9

LJ--Gemma 8-4*; Wesley 11-5*; Jesse 14-11#
1500m--Gemma 7:30.6; Wesley 5:48.7; Jesse 4:26.9#
Javelin--Gemma 30-7; Wesley 53-8; Jesse 127-1; Jeff 97-2;  Scott 100-1; Jack O 168-10
Discus--Gemma(700g) 27-0*;Wesley (1k) 46-7*; Jesse 80-10; Jeff (1.5k) 84-5; Scott (1k) 82-8; Drew (1k) 34-5;
     Jack O (1.616) 84-5
200m--Gemma 49.16; Wesley 34.37; Jesse 26.87; 
100m--Gemma 20.27; Wesley 17.50; Jack 13.01; Jeff 15.04; 
SP--Gemma (6#) 12-1; Wesley (6#) 22-3*; Jesse (16#) 27-5; Jeff (6k) 32-7; Jack (12#) 39-1; Scott (5k) 25-11
Pentathlon (LJ/Jav/200m/DT/1500m)--Gemma 609; Wesley 773*; Jesse 2558# (All-American Masters) 

8/14/2020--JAVELIN/100M/5000M FELLOWSHIP #10--OHS
Javelin--Gemma 33-10;Wesley 53-8;Malachi 62-6; Amy 53-2; Esther 62-1; Eden 68-10; Ethan 68-1; Jeff 102-6; Scott 99-6; 
    Jesse 126-1; Jack 166-11; Ben Barzyk (800g) 62-6n
100m--Amiel Pickler 13.68; Adam Doster13.84; Jack Olsen 13.87; Adam Bui 14.15; Luca Myers 14.31; 
     Scott Copeland  15.22; Ben Barzyk 16.15; Jeff Olsen 16.27; Wesley Stevick 16.84; Gemma S 20.44; Ginger S 22.39;
     Wendell S 32.05; Gretl S 44.54
5000m--Ethan Coleman 15:06.8; Jenny Stevick 20:36.5#; Ben Barzyk 21:55.2; Wesley Stevick 22:45.6#;
     Brady Elliott 23:49.7

8/08/2020--JAVELIN/1500M FELLOWSHIP #9--OHS
Javelin--Gretl 4-2; Ginger Stevick (300g TJ) 11-5n; Gemma 34-3*; Wesley 50-8; Malachi 60-5; Jenny Stevick (600g) 51-5n; 
    Amy 62-1; James 62-4; Eden 75-2*; Clara 89-1s; Ethan Coleman (800g) 76-4n; Jack Van Nuys (800g) 78-10; 
    Conner Griffith (800g) 67-4n; Jeff 107-8*; Scott 99-9; Jesse 128-0; Jack O 175-7
1500m--Ethan 4:11.4; Joseph Stevick 5:05.4; Jack V 5:16.7; Wesley 5:39.7*; Jesse 5:39.7; Carol Stevick 6:21.1; 
Gemma 7:11.9; Ginger 7:44.9*; Petra Stevick 10:23.0; Wendell Stevick 11:18.8*

Masters Outdoor Pentathlon (LJ/Jav/200m/Disc/1500m)
Gemma Stevick--7-4*/31-6/45.11/18-8/6:57.0* = 648pts
Wesley Stevick--10-4/45-6/33.40*/41-2/5:40.6* = 430pts
Jesse Stevick--15-0/113-11/27.13/85-10/4:38.7 = 2413pts#

8/01/2020--JAVELIN/200M FELLOWSHIP #8--OHS
Javelin--Gretl Stevick (TJ3000) 5-7n; Gemma 33-3*, Wesley 56-5; Drew (600g) 53-6; Chloe 55-2*; Eden 63-11; Clara 85-2; James 64-2; Jeff 98-1; Scott 98-0; Jesse 124-3; Jack 184-9
200m--Jack 26.0; Scott 29.8; Wesley 33.4; Gemma 44.4; Ginger 48.4; Drew 50.3; Gretl 1:47.7

7/26/2020--JAVELIN/800M FELLOWSHIP #7--OHS
Javelin--Gemma: 30-9; Wesley 55-5; James Mackison (800g) 68-4n; Eden 75-4*; Clara 86-9s; Jeff (800g) 100-9*; Scott 105-3; Jesse 130-9*#; Jack 177-9

800m--Jesse 2:09.7; Wesley 2:55.9; Carol Stevick 3:16.0; Jack 3:27.8; Gemma 3:45.6; Jeff 3:46.8; Ginger 4:11.3; Petra 5:43.6; Gretl 9:25.4

7/19/2020--JAVELIN/400M FELLOWSHIP #6--OHS
Javelin--Gemma: 31-10*; Wesley 55-5; Malachi 68-10*; Nancy Anderson (600g) 50-10n; Chloe Geiger (600g) 52-7n; 
        Esther 56-7; Eden 73-3*; Clara 83-7; Jeff (800g) 96-0; Scott 101-5; Jesse 123-4; Will 133-0; Jack 173-9

400m--Will Anderson 50.15; Wesley 79.12; Gemma 1:43.20; Ginger Stevick 2:09.16; Wendell Stevick 2:12.04; 
        Petra Stevick 2:17.43; Drew 2:40.29; Matea Stevick 3:22.43; Gretl Stevick 3:44.41 

7/05/20202--JAVELIN/1600M EVENT #5--OHS
With PRs(*) and club records (#), twenty throwers took advantage of a fine Sunday afternoon.
Gemma Stevick (300TJ)--29-6*
Wendell Stevick (300TJ)--7-6
Jameson Stevick(300TJ)---6-9
Wesley Stevick (450FJ)--58-8*
Malachi Vuong (450FJ)--64-9*
Esther Vuong (600g)--72-10*
Clara Mackison (600g)--77-3
Amy Olson (600g)--79-2*
Soren Olson (600g)--96-1*
Eden Vuong (600g)--71-11
Cassidy Stevick (600g)--92-7
Ken Anderson (800g)--73-2*
Jeff Olson (800g)--96-4*
Ian Ellis (800g)--114-8
Scott Copeland (600g)--107-0*
Jesse Stevick (800g)--124-7#
Bennet Olson (800g)--103-11
Casey Stevick (800g)--144-6#
Will Anderson (800g)--136-5
Jack Olson (800g)--178-4*#
1600m---Will 5:28.4; Wesley 5:56.7; Jenny Stevick 5:58.4; Soren 6:19.9; Carol Stevick 7:04.9; Bennett 7:34.2;
           Gemma 7:44.7; Jack 8:34.4; Jeff 8:35.8

Gemma Stevick (300TJ)--25-4
Wesley Stevick (450FJ)--56-10*
Malachi Vuong (450FJ)--60-10*
Esther Vuong (600g)--50-2*
Duke Vuong (700g)--59-10*
Soren Olson (600g)--81-9
Eden Vuong (600g)--71-0
Ken Anderson (700g)--79-5*
Jeff Olson (700g)--93-7
Scott Copeland (600g)--100-7
Jesse Stevick (800g)--118-7
Will Anderson (800g)--125-0
Jack Olson (800g)--169-7

A warm mellow Friday evening saw twelve throwers tossing the spear.'
Gemma Stevick (300TJ)--27-4*
Wesley Stevick (450FJ)--47-5
Drew Stevick (500g)--52-0*
Eden Vuong (600g)--72-0
Clara Mackison (600g)--78-8
Soren Olson (600g)--87-0
Jeff Olson (700g)--95-0*
Scott Copeland (600g)--98-5
Jesse Stevick (800g)--119-6#
Jack Olson (800g)--177-4#
Cassidy Ermshar (600g)--86-4
Will Anderson (800g)--125-11

The spears flew again in this Sunday afternoon version, with eight throwers answering the call.
Gemma Stevick (300TJ)--26-3*
Wesley Stevick (450FJ)--48-0
Drew Stevick (500g)--45-9
Clara Mackison (600g)--77-4
Jeff Olson (700g)--91-8
Scott Copeland (600)--100-4
Jesse Stevick (800)--106-8
Jack Olson (800)--184-9 (800g/old rules)

Like a phoenix out of the ashes, nine intrepid throwers emerged from the COVID-induced wreckage of the 2020 T&F season to dazzle onlookers and supply hope for the future of the sport. Age-appropriate implements were used.
Will Anderson (800)--126-9
Cole Batstone (800)--139-2
Scott Copeland (600)--95-3
Cassidy Ermshar (600)--81-4
Jack Olson (800)--172-9
Jeff Olson (700)--85-6
Gemma Stevick (400TJ)--23-3
Jesse Stevick (800)--114-6 (M35 club record)
Wesley Stevick (450FJ)--50-8


Despite a wind chill in the low teens, Quenton Lanese focused on the opportunity at hand and flew to a huge 15-second win in the 7-8 Boys race to become the first Barron Park XC runner to claim an individual National title. Henry Schumacher  had a solid time in the same race, as did Caitlin Lanese and Gemma Stevick in the girls' 2k race.
7-8G 2000m-- 78. Caitlin Lanese 9:39; 100. Gemma Stevick 10:12
7-8B 2000m-- 1. Quenton Lanese 7:26.97; 105. Henry Schumacher 9:21

Quenton Lanese booked his National berth with another massive win by 21 seconds to highlight what was overall a brilliant effort by Striders. Caitlin Lanese ran a solid race to qualify for the second year. Gemma Stevick earned her first National slot with another determined effort on this cold morning as did Henry Schumacher with his fastest 2k time ever. Adam Butterfield admirably ran his fastest 3k time in a loaded field of 9-10 boys and Danny Pree improved his Association time by a massive 1:44 in his 5k effort.
7-8G 2k--14. Caitlin Lanese 9:34;  26. Gemma Stevick 9:54
7-8B 2k--1. Quenton Lanese 7:49;  27. Henry Schumacher 9:19 
9-10B 3k--59. Adam Butterfield 12:49
15-18B 5k--44. Danny Pree 22:01

Six BPS runners qualified for Regionals as all ten entries raced beautifully, led by Quenton Lanese with a stunning 43 sec win and a 30 sec course record. Most improved over last years' times were Adam Butterfield (-0:47), Caitlin Lanese (-0:46), Quenton (-0.44), and Wesley Stevick (-0:35). Henry Schumacher ran an impressive 12 sec improvement over this year's RC Stampede race on the same course and Will Schumacher was 24 sec to the better. Running fine inaugural 3000m runs with great pace and style were Corbin Leland and Jude Furubotten. Gemma Stevick had a great medal run in her first JO run. Danny Pree extended his high school season with a solid effort on a very tough 5k course. Enormous fields made qualifying a challenge, particularly for first year runners in their age group such as Wesley and Jude, who, despite competitive times in the front 40% were not able to qualify. Top 35 qualify--medals to top 15.
7-8G (42 entries)--10. Caitlin Lanese 9:33; 15. Gemma Stevick 9:40 
7-8B--(71 entries)1. Quenton Lanese 7:27**; 24. Henry Schumacher 9:30
9-10B-(83 entries)-21. Adam Butterfield 12:59; 57. Will Schumacher 15:00; 60. Corbin Leland 15:06
11-12B--(111 entries)43. Wesley Stevick 12:36; 46. Jude Furubotten 12:43
15-18B--(31 entries) 28. Danny Pree 23:45

10/26/2019--FINE STRIDER RACES AT RAIN CITY STAMPEDE--Woodland Park, Seattle
Four BPS athletes competed well in their huge cohort races, Quenton Lanese leading with a 7-8B win, tying the meet record despite having to stop and ask directions.
7-8G 2000m--7. Caitlin Lanese 9:37
7-8B 2000m--1. Quenton Lanese 1. 7:57; 18. Henry Schumacher 9:42
9-10B 3000m--48. Will Schumacher 15:24

Amazingly fine conditions graced this memorial race, which Bruce would have loved, Maddie Ingram ran away with the girls' race and Quenton Lanese did the same for the boys. Barron Park won both team titles.  Most improved for the girls over 2018 times were Ginger Stevick (-2:58), Gemma Stevick (-2:12), and Aubrey Finley (-0:15). For the boys  Levi Bassett (-2:57), Evan Bassett (-2:36), Henry Schumacher (-2:22), Will Schumacher (-0:50), Liam Christensen (-0:17), and Wesley Stevick (-0:13) were improved over 2018.
All males
Place Time  Pace Last name First name ID Club
1 9:12.7 6:08.4 Lanese Quenton 167 BPS
2 9:26.7 6:17.8 McKewen  Zeke 305 NW Christian
3 9:45.5 6:30.3 Stevick Wesley 137 BPS
4 10:24.2 6:56.1 Furubotten Jude 163 BPS
5 10:42.1 7:08.0 McDurmon Jack 407 Unattached
6 10:42.3 7:08.2 Cortez Ryan 308 NW Christian
7 10:42.5 7:08.3 Kim          Sean 307 NW Christian
8 10:43.1 7:08.7 Statema Carter 310 NW Christian
9 11:22.2 7:34.8 Nebergal Andrew 306 NW Christian
10 11:32.7 7:41.8 Parris Ryan 201 Holy Family
11 11:36.0 7:44.0 Chrstensen Liam 136 BPS
12 11:37.5 7:45.0 Schumacher Will 164 BPS
13 11:44.0 7:49.3 Hoffert Colin 313 NW Christian
14 11:44.5 7:49.6 Schumacher Henry 169 BPS
15 11:46.3 7:50.9 Harley Brendan 311 NW Christian
16 11:51.0 7:54.0 Butterfield Adam 171 BPS
17 11:55.6 7:57.0 Parris Ben         203 Holy Family
18 11:55.7 7:57.1 Leland Corbin 159 BPS
19 11:56.5 7:57.6 Bassett Evan         162 BPS
20 12:13.8 8:09.2 Kirkpatrick Blake 141 BPS
21 12:25.2 8:16.8 Thulin-Cuzzi Kylan 178 BPS
22 12:34.6 8:23.0 Harley Kaden 309 NW Christian
23 13:05.0 8:43.3 Furubotten  Silas 155 BPS
24 13:07.2 8:44.8 Price Paxton 158 BPS
25 13:18.1 8:52.0 Wettstein Gavin 173 BPS
26 13:19.5 8:53.0 Hodgkin Tanner 179 BPS
27 13:40.6 9:07.0 Bassett Levi         153 BPS
28 13:43.7 9:09.1 Furubotten Ben 156 BPS
29 13:46.1 9:10.7 Kimani Austin 202 Holy Family
30 13:50.2 9:13.5 Hodgkin Clark 180 BPS
31 14:07.2 9:24.8 Ingram Benji 406 Unattached
32 14:18.1 9:32.0 Ungren Tal         161 BPS
33 14:35.7 9:43.8 Horton Eli         154 BPS
34 14:42.1 9:48.0 Annis Samuel 139 BPS
35 14:45.2 9:50.1 Isaacson Eli         151 BPS
36 15:10.3 10:06.9 Aarts Zeke        148 BPS
37 15:12.6 10:08.3 Aarts Zander 157 BPS
38 17:07.0 11:24.6 Goen Timmy 204 Holy Family
39 19:48.0 13:12.0 Stevick Wendell 170 BPS
40 22:34.0 15:02.6 Annis Jacob 138 BPS
41 22:45.4 15:10.2 Koehn Josiah 175 BPS
Team Scoring:  BPS 8; NWCA 13; HF 52

All females
Place   Time Pace     Last name First name  ID Club
1 9:23.2 6:15.4 Ingram Maddie 301 NW Christian
2 10:23.7 6:55.8 Mackison Clara 106 BPS
3 11:35.7 7:43.8 Warriner Chloe 302 NW Christian
4 11:37.7 7:45.1 Arslanian Escher 187 BPS
5 12:10.1 8:06.7 Lanese Caitlin 107 BPS
6 12:14.7 8:09.8 Stevick Gemma 101 BPS
7 12:31.2 8:20.8 Chancellor Margot 123 BPS
8 13:20.5 8:53.6 Bermensolo Hailey 304 NW Christian
9 13:27.0 8:58.0 Finley Aubrey 134 BPS
10 13:28.2 8:58.8 Johnson Sadie 124 BPS
11 13:32.6 9:01.7 Christensen Tovah 113 BPS
12 13:42.8 9:08.6 Collins Anna 303 NW Christian
13 13:48.6 9:12.3 Ball      Lilianna 209 Holy Family
14 13:54.1 9:16.0 Stevick Ginger 119 BPS
15 14:24.5 9:36.3 Price Norelle 102 BPS
16 15:00.2 10:00.1 Furubotten Quinn 144 BPS
17 15:14.3 10:09.6 Zizz        Addie 109 BPS
18 15:25.5 10:17.0 Wettstein Alaina 184 BPS
19 15:25.7 10:17.1 Allan Lauren 122 BPS
20 17:00.2 11:20.1 Arslanian Isabel 188 BPS
21 17:08.7 11:25.8 Allan Sophie 110 BPS
22 17:23.7 11:35.8 Ball       Abigail 210 Holy Family
23 17:24.2 11:36.1 McNiesh Quintina 208 Holy Family
24 18:02.5 12:01.7 Zizz        Avery 133 BPS
25 18:03.9 12:02.6 Aarts Zoe         166 BPS
26 20:10.5 13:27.0 Isaacson Isabel 127 BPS
27 23:26.7 15:37.8 Stevick Petra 115 BPS
28         DNF                      Zizz        Lani          105   BPS
Team Scores:  BPS 11; NWCA 12; HF 58

10/5/2019--FWTC AUTUMN CLASSIC--Five Mile Lake Park, Federal Way
Four intrepid Striders ventured into this competitive meet and presented themselves well.
7-8G 1600m--4. Caitlin Lanese 7:55
7-8B 1600m--14. Henry Schumacher 7:48
9-10B 3000m--34. Will Schumacher 15:40
11-12G 3000m--29. Margot Chancellor 15:14

9/25/2019--OLY ONE-MILER #2--LBA PARK
Gold medal efforts by NW Christian's Maddie Ingram for the girls and by Barron Park's Lucas Robbins for the guys helped their respective teams to victory on this perfect fall evening.
Times & Places with comparison times to One-Miler #1:
Girls: 1. Maddie Ingram (N7) 5:43(-03); 2. Sidney Kosa (U6) 5:47; 3. Clara Mackison (B7) 6:20; 4. Joy Cushman (E5) 6:40; 5.Alexandra Broome (U5) 6:54(-31); 6. Chloe Warriner (N8) 7:10(-54); 7. Frances Staudt (E5) 7:16; 8. Hailey Bermensolo (N6) 7:42(+10); 9. Sadie Johnson (B7) 7:45; 10. Caitlin Lanese (B3) 7:47(+05); 11. Rebecca Brown (U4) 7:58; 12. Aubrey Finley (B6) 8:02(-01);  13. Gemma Stevick (B3) 8:06(+23); 14. Seren Christensen (B4) 8:22; 15. Avery Zizz (B7) 8:28(-1:31); 16. Tovah Christensen (B5) 8:34(+14); 17. Addie Zizz (B7) 8:54; 18. Norelle Price (BK) 9:04(+15); 19. Lauren Allan (B5) 9:04(+10); 20. Quinn Furubotten (B1) 9:06(+18); 21. Zosia Brodak (B6) 9:10(+42); 22. Zoe Aarts (B7) 9:11(-48); 23.Quintina McNiesh (U3) 9:18; 24. Alaina Wettstein (B6) 9:47; 25. Gloria Koehn (B2) 9:49; 26. Sophie Allan (B2) 9:55(+06); 27. Ginger Stevick (BK) 10:16(+1:20); 28. Ava Lanese (BP) 10:36; 29. Lani Zizz (B2) 10:43(--1:13); 30. Isabel Isaacson (B1) 11:04; 31. Grace Bassett (B2) 13:36(+06); 32. Petra Stevick (BP) 15:05(+1:34)
Team Winner--NW Christian 12
Guys:  1. Lucas Robbins (B8) 5:37; 2. Zeke McKewen (N8) 5:57(-06); 3. Wesley Stevick (B5) 6:12(+10); 4. Jude Furubotten (B6) 6:25(-01); 5. Sean Kim (N7) 6:30(-30); 6. Ryan Cortez (N6) 6:35(-11); 7. Andrew Nebergal (N8) 6:40(-21); 8. Hunter Cormac (E8) 6:41; 9. Jack Barnes (U4) 6:43; 10. Carter Statema (N8) 6:45(-17); 11. Luka Chandos (E8) 6:52; 12. Blake Kirkpatrick (B6) 6:53(-39); 13. Ryan Parris (H5) 7:01(+01); 14. Corbin Leland (B5) 7:05(-08); 15. Kaden Harley (N8) 7:07(-03); 16. Liam Christensen (B8) 7:08(-26); 17.Zander Hamilton (B4) 7:26(-01);  18. Silas Furubotten (B3) 7:27(+09); 19. Ben Parris (H5) 7:30(-04); 20. Colin Hoffert (N8) 7:30(-24); 21. Brendan Harley (N5) 7:34((+01); 22. Peter Robbins (B4) 7:35; 23. Henry Schumacher (B3) 7:46(+04); 24. Ben Furubotten (B5) 7:49(-59); 25. Paxton Price (B1) 7:53(-21); 26. Evan Bassett (B6) 7:56(+21); 27. Lathan Seaunier (H3) 8:05; 28. Gavin Wettstein (B4) 8:26; 29. Nicholas Larrain (N5) 8:37(+38); 30. Flynn Bermensolo (N2) 8:39; 31. Eli Horton (B3) 8:41(-25); 32. Austin Kimani (H5) 8:45(-24); 33. Samuel Annis (B1) 8:46(-1:08); 34. Tal Ungren (B6) 8:56(+37)l 35. Levi Bassett (B3) 9:01; 36. Zeke Aarts (B3) 9:25(+43); 37. Zander Aarts (B4) 9:39(+12); 38. Eli Isaacson (B5) 10:14; 39. Elijah Gashel (B4) 10:17; 40. Timmy Goen (H4) 10:25(-15); 41. Jacob Annis (BK) 12:59(+3:00); 42. Wendell Stevick (BP) 13:01; 
Team Winner--Barron Park 8
Girls: Avery Zizz, Lani Zizz,Zoe Aarts;  Boys: Samuel Annis, Blake Kirkpatrick, Liam Christensen, Eli Horton,Paxton Price

9/21/2019--FORT STEILACOOM INVITE & SPECIAL RACES--Ft. Steilacoom Park
Four Striders ran the 2k Youth race at this massive meet and all were impressive, largely against older runners. Quentin Lanese led the way with a fine overall 5th place finish. Jesse and Autumn Stevick ran well in the Open 5k. Times and places:
Youth 2k--Girls--Caitlin Lanese 9:12(43); Gemma Stevick 9:37(54)
                 Boys--Quenton Lanese 6:50(5); Wesley Stevick 7:21(15)
Open 5k--Women--Autumn Stevick 22:23(6); Men--Jesse Stevick 17:31(8)

9/10/2019--OLY ONE-MILER #1--LBA PARK
Northwest Christian Academy was awarded the girls' team title and Barron Park the boys' in this inaugural youth race of the season. Maddie Ingram was the overall winner in course-record time and Quenton Lanese was the boys' medalist. 
Girls:1. Maddie Ingram (N7) 5:46; 2. Margot Chancellor (B6) 7:13; 3. Alexandra Broome (U5) 7:25; 4. Hailey Bermensolo (N6) 7:32; 5. Caitlin Lanese (B3) 7:42; 6. Gemma Stevick (B3) 7:43; 7. Rene Perlot (B6) 7:50; 8. Aubrey Finley (B6) 8:03; 9. Chloe Warner (N8) 8:04; 10. Tovah Christensen (B5) 8:20; 11. Zosia Brodak (B6) 8:28; 12. Ellie Bills (B9) 8:43; 13. Madeline Bills (B7) 8:43;  14. Cayden Rowswell (B3) 8:48; 15. Quinn Furubotten (B1) 8:48; 16. Norelle Price (B1) 8:49; 17. Lauren Allan (B5) 8:54; 18. Ginger Stevick (Bk) 8:56; 19. Marta Hamilton (B2) 9:06; 20. Sophie Allan (B2) 9:49; 21. Anna Collins (N6) 9:57; 22. Avery Zizz (B7) 9:59; 23. Zoe Aarts (B7) 9:59; 24. Zoe Smitherman (B7) 10:40; 25. Rebecca Perlot (B4) 11:23; 26. Scarlett Brodak (BK) 11:24; 27. Ruby Perlot (B2) 11:31; 28. Lani Zizz (B2) 11:56; 29. Elsie Hamilton (BP) 11:57; 30. Grace Bassett (B2) 13:30; 31. Sophia Smitherman (BK) 14:29; 32. Petra Stevick (BP) 14:31 
TEAM--Barron Park 11;  Northwest Christian Acad 12 
Boys: 1. Quenton Lanese (B3) 5:47; 2. Wesley Stevick (B5) 6:02; 3. Zeke McKewen (N8) 6:03; 4. Jude Furubotten (B6) 6:26; 5. Adam Butterfield (B5) 6:39; 6. Ryan Cortez (N6) 6:46; 7. Sean Kim (N7) 7:00; 8. Ryan Parris (H5) 7:00; 9. Andrew Nebergall (N8) 7:01; 10. Carter Statema (N8) 7:02; 11. Calvin Husby (U4) 7:10; 12. Kaden Harley (N8) 7:10; 13. Corbin Leland (B5) 7:13; 14. Silas Furubotten (B3) 7:18; 15. Caleb Husby (U7) 7:19; 16. Will Schumacher (B5) 7:24; 17. Zander Hamilton (B4) 7:27; 18. Blake Kirkpatrick (B6) 7:32; 19. Brendan Harley (N5) 7:33; 20. Liam Christensen (B7) 7:34; 21. ??Ben Parris (H5) 7:34; 22. Evan Bassett (B6) 7:35; 23. Henry Schumacher (B3) 7:42; 24. Colin Hoffert (N8) 7:54; 25. Nicholas Larrain (N5) 7:59; 26. Jonathan Bills (B2) 8:00; 27. Ben Brodak (B3) 8:06; 28. Derek Aldrich (U4) 8:13; 29. Paxton Price (B2) 8:14; 30. Tal Ungren (B6) 8:19; 31. Zeke Aarts (B3) 8:42; 32. Daniel Frazier (B6) 8:43; 33. Ben Furubotten (B5) 8:48; 34. Titus Bills (B1) 8:54; 35. Eli Horton (B3) 9:06; 36. Turner Gore (B4) 9:09; 37. Austin Kimani (H5) 9:09; 38. Zander Aarts (B4) 9:27; 39. Micah Bills (B4) 9:54; 40. Samuel Annis (B1) 9:54; 41. Jacob Annis (BK) 9:59; 42. Timmy Goen (H4) 10:40; 43. James Smitherman (B2) 11:57
TEAM--Barron Park 7; NCA 16; Holy Family 65


Autumn had the top point total for females and Joey for the guys. Jay was an inspiring Master athlete presence. Casey managed to toss both the shot and discus for M30 Barron Park club records.Twenty athletes participated at some level. Many sub-maximal marks reflected a focus on helping the kids. Marks and scores:
Autumn   21.3/1.51/7.96/H/1:58.1//20.1/19.87/PV/25.34/8:32.2==1348
Cassidy   14.9/2.29/8.86/H/1:52.5//x/x/PV/x/x==894
Jenny    64.0/2.26/6.05/H/2:30.8//x/x/P/12.30/x==430
Erin      36.0/2.26/6.14/H/x//x/x/P/x/x==289
Gemma  21.3/2.04/2.93/0.82/1:52.5//25.8/3.39/P/4.75/8:32.2==140
Carol    x/x/x/H/x//x/x/P/x/8:42.1==3
Ginger   25.8/0.55/1.40/H/1:58.1//x/2.23/x/x/x==0
Petra    37.9/1.01/x/H/x//x/x/P/0.70/13.14==0
Gretl   64.0/x/x/H/x//x/x/P/x/x==0

Joey    12.6/5.40/8.71/H/62.2//16.9/27.33/P/30.77/7:02.0==3098
Casey   x/2.75/11.62/H/78.5//16.9/36.61/P/42.90/n==2327
Jay     13.4/4.35/8.50/H/67.0//19.3/23.13/P/20.83/7:29.8--2105
Joseph  15.9/3.68/7.81/H/62.9//22.7/26.00/P/32.06/13:13.0==1770
Jesse   16.3/3.50/8.04/H/81.7//24.5/26.20/P/33.55/11:59.4==1347
Ben    15.6/2.68/5.54/H/72.1//22.9/12.97/P/19.54/15:02.1==892
Drew  20.5/2.17/6.17/H/2:30.8//x/13.67/P/16.34/x==528
Wesley  16.3/3.10/5.84/H/81.7//25.7/9.97/P/12.35/x==398
Wendell  33.0/0.72/0.65/H/2:30.8//48.1/1.25/P/1.05/11:59.4==0
Lennox  22.7/0.49/2.07/H/2:18.5//29.5/4.72/P/9.89/10:30.3==0
Norris  36.0/1.07/0.86/H/2:52.5//61.1/2.63/P/4.97/15:02.0==0
Jameson  44.9x/x/x/H/x//x/1.05/P/0.93/n==0

Twenty-one athletes competed in this almost-annual event and produced some excellent marks. Top point-scorers were Clara Rigg for the girls and Wesley Stevick for the boys. Norelle Price and Clara both contributed age group best marks and Eli Horton, Wesley, and Tal Ungren all added marks to the top 50 lists. New additions:
Age-best: 7G HJ Clara Rigg 3-2; 7G SP Clara Rigg 19-6; 5G 400m Norelle Price 1:53 (tie)
Top 50: pts/age Clara Rigg 37.00; Eli Horton 33.84
HJ Wesley Stevick 3-8; Tal Ungren 3-6

In one of the best BPS National meet efforts, 8U Quenton Lanese rose to the occasion and earned a podium appearance in both the 800m with a 6th place medal and in the 1500m with a 5th. In the Wednesday 800 prelim he qualified for the Saturday finals just off his club record. The Sunday 1500m final was a thing of beauty as he ran evenly to a huge 7 second PR/club record. Clara Mackison was some off her best in the javelin to cap a great first season in her age group and Jaxon O'Neill had one of his best efforts in the shot put to end a fine season.
8UB--Quenton Lanese 800m 2:42.92q/2:45.62 (6); 1500m 5:26.61*** (5)
9-10B--Jaxon O'Neill SP 21-10
13-14G--Clara Mackison Jav 85-6

DAY ONE--Clara Mackison took 7th in the 13-14 Pentathlon with SP AND LJ PRs, the latter a fine top 12 mark.
DAY TWO--Michael Cary earned the Pentathlon 5th place medal with PRs in the hurdles and HJ, the latter a BPS top 12 mark. Jaxon O'Neill took 8th place in the 9-10B LJ just a whisker off his best.
DAY THREE--Three Striders qualify for Nationals led by Quenton Lanese with an impressive 7-8B 1500m, winning by 21 sec while lowering his own club record by 8 seconds. Clara Mackison flung the javelin a huge PR to earn the silver medal in the 13-14G division for BPS #3 all-time and Jaxon O'Neill put the shot a dramatic PR in the 9-10B event to take the bronze medal while climbing the all-time BPS list to #4. Henry Schumacher ran a gallant 1500m in a fast-paced race, Cohen Christin had a tough jumps meet to cap off a great season which included an Assoc HJ gold, and Eden Vuong continued to improve her javelin form.
DAY FOUR--Quenton Lanese added another gold with a resounding 800m win, this time by 11 seconds! Clara Mackison ran a fine 800m race short of qualifying. Jonathan Holcombe had a great series of jumps in the 13-14 LJ, including the #3 all-time BPS mark, to earn 6th place only three inches from Nationals despite being seeded 12th.
7-8B--Henry Schumacher 1500m 6:51.67; TJav 28-0
         Quenton Lanese 1500m 5:33.08***(1); 800m 2:46.53 (1)
9-10B--Jaxon O'Neill LJ 11-11 (8); SP 24-1.75**(3) 
          Cohen Christin LJ 10-8; HJ 3-3.25 (6)
11-12B--Michael Cary Pent: 15.31*/23-3/4-7**/11-10/5:31.96 = 1756 (5)
13-14G--Clara Mackison 19.01/27-10*/4-3/14-0**/ 2:42.67 = 2144 (7); Jav 95-4**(2); 800m 2:33.42
            Eden Vuong Jav 65-2 
13-14B--Jonathan Holcombe LJ 17-9** (6)

Scott Copeland established a new M60 50m record in All-American time, sprinted well and tossed the jav a hundie+.
M60--50m 7.55***; 100m 14.06; 200m 29.56;  Jav 31.17m

6/27/2019--ALL-COMERS #5--Olympia HS
Fine efforts included 7-8G SP club record by Natalie Jarmin and 7-8B 1600m club record by Quenton Lanese, as well as multiple top 12 marks (see Marks of Note).

DAYS 1,2--After an opening day hiccup, BPS athletes shone on Saturday with seven qualifying for Regionals, two with gold medals: Quenton Lanese in the 1500m in club record time and Cohen Christin in the HJ. Clara Mackison PRd by 10 feet in earning the bronze in the javelin and ran a huge nice 400m PR as well, just missing qualifying. Eden Vuong likewise tossed the spear a huge best in a qualifying effort. Carli Cockrell in the discus had a nice qualifying PR as did Henry Schumacher in the 1500m, lopping a huge 20 sec off his previous best. Jaxon O'Neill took the bronze medal in the shot, also in PR distance. Lucas Robbins had a fine 400m PR in a gutsy inaugural JO effort. DAY 3, Sunday: FIne efforts continued with Jonathan Holcombe, Cohen Christin, and Jaxon O'Neill all qualifying for Regionals in the LJ, the latter two with PR leaps. Clara Mackison ran a nice 5-second 800m PR to add another Regional event. Quenton Lanese won his 800m by an enormous 14 seconds, chalking up another club record in the process. Henry Schumacher ran a great PR and BPS top5 800m and qualified for the turbojav as well. Carli Cockrell also tossed the shot a PR, short of qualifying. In all eight athletes qualified for Regionals in a total of 13 events.
7-8B--Henry Schumacher 1500m 6:45.21* (7); 800m 3:22.62*; TJav 33-7 (4)
         Quenton Lanese 1500m 5:42.31* (1)--club record; 800m 2:42.31* (1)
9-10B--Cohen Christin HJ 3-7.25 (1): LJ 11-7.5* (5); TJav 35-0
            Jaxon O'Neill SP 20-10.75* (3); LJ 12-0.5*(4) 
11-12G--Carli Cockrell DT 41-10.5* (7); SP 20-3*
13-14G--Clara Mackison 400m 64.95*; HJ 4-1.25; Jav 90-2* (3); 800m 2:31.57* (7)
             Eden Vuong Jav 72-6* (5)
13-14B--Jonathan Holcombe LJ 16-2.5 (7)
15-16B--Lucas Robbins 400m 58.12*

6/20/2019--ALL-COMERS #4--OHS
More fine efforts, top 12marks--see Marks of Note--full BPS results on athletic.net .  Full pdf results at runoly.com

6yo Evan Pitman churned to sprint wins and BPS club records in the process.

6/13/2019--ALL-COMERS #3--OHS
More top 12 marks, two club records (see Marks of Note). See BPS results at athletic.net. Full pdf results at runoly.com

Fifty-two Barron Park athletes jumped over and over on a hot evening. In the setting of marginal recprd-keeping over the years, Quenton Lanese broke four 7-8B jump records on Jumps 1,2,4,and 5. On Jump #2 Addy Pitman set a new record for 9-10G at 21-10 and Kennedy Imsland  notched an all-time 13-14G  best of 25-10. Jonathan Holcombe leapt to a 13-14B all-time best of 23-5, Tal Ungren an all-time 11-12B best of 19-6, and Adeline Rice an all-time 11-12G best of 18-1 on jump #1.Top total  scores: 13-14G: Kennedy 168; 13-14B: Jonathan 292; 11-12G: Sawyer 186; 11-12B: Wesley 172:,9-10G:,Addy 158; 9-10B: Levar 131; 8UG: Clara 66.5; 8UB:Quenton 101.

Clara Mackison, Wesley Stevick, and Michael Cary all completed their Pentathlons and qualified to move on to the Regional meet.Cary medalled with a fine 3rd place in his division, Mackison PRd in all five events, including the #$ all-time BPS point total and top 12 marks in the HJ, hurdles, and 800m and Stevick PRd in the shot and LJ. 
11-12B--Michael Cary--15.77*,25-1*,4-3*.12-11*,5:31.47* = 1821pts*
    --Wesley Stevick--19.67,19-5*,3-3.25, 10-5*,5:44.98 = 1013pts*
13-14G--Clara Mackison 18.16*,25-6*,4-5,13-6*,2:36.80* = 2265*

6/06/2019--ALL-COMERS #2--OHS
  Multiple new top 12 marks--see"Marks of Note"; full pdf results on runoly.com; full BPS results on athetic.net

--see "Marks of Note"

See :Marks of Note" for top 12 /club records and athletic .net for scoring performances

5/30/2019--ALL-COMERS #1--OHS
   Huge attendance--see athletic.net for BPS marks, "Marks of Note" for new top12 marks and club records

12/08/2018--QUENTIN LANESE MEDALS AT JO NATIONALS--Rancho San Rafael Park, Reno NV
Quentin Lanese and twin sister Caitlin, in the first year of their age group, had outstanding 2k races at the high elevation of Reno. On a cold muddy course Quentin earned a top 25 medal with an amazing 19th place finish while Caitlin had her best race of the season while beating her seed position.
7-8G--2000m-- 108. Caitlin Lanese 10:41
7-8B--2000m-- 19. Quentin Lanese 8:34

Huge efforts by Caitlin and Quentin Lanese and Brenden Cole yielded top 30 finishes which qualified them for Reno. Quenton was the top finisher with an impressive 5th for the 7yo. Most improved times compared to Association were run by Adam Butterfield (-1:10), Jaxon O'Neil (-0:22), Clara Mackison (-0:21), Quenton (-0:17) and Henry Schumacher (-0:14).
7-8G--30. Caitlin Lanese 10:09Q
7-8B--5. Quentin Lanese 7:54Q; 24. Brenden Cole 8:50Q; 32. Jaxon O'Neill 9:09; 39. Henry Schumacher 9:43
9-10B--41. Adam Butterfield 12:37; 63. Wesley Stevick 13:18
11-12G--51. Clara Mackison 12:37
11-12B--94. Dylan Borden 13:06 

Quentin Lanese led the 12 BPS competitors with his impressive 2nd place finish in the 7-8B 2k race. All 12 athletes ran excellent races. Most improved on this course were Will Schumacher (-1:29), Clara Mackison (-1:14), Wesley Stevick (-0:42), and Henry Schumacher (-0:22).
7-8G 2000m-- 17. Caitlin Lanese 10:19Q
7-8B 2000m-- 2. Quentin Lanese 8:11Q; 6. Brenden Cole 8:49Q; 15. Jaxon O'Neill 9:31Q; 21. Henry Schumacher 9:57Q
9-10G 3000m-- 36.Clare Lanese 15:08
9-10B 3000m-- 20. Wesley Stevick 13:11Q; 29. Adam Butterfield 13:47Q; 39. Ryan Dura 14:24; 45. Will Schumacher 14:50 
11-12G 3000m-- 19. Clara Mackison 12:58Q
11-12B 3000m-- 28. Dylan Borden 12:34Q

Thirty-Four hearty souls slogged over the wet 1.5 mile traditional Bruce Newman Memorial course on this drizzly Halloween afternoon, posting some fine efforts in the process. Clara Mackison ran to her third consecutive win for the girls  and Judson Foor was the boys' champion. Most improved over their 2017 times were Eliza Mackison for the girls (-48s) and Wesley Stevick for the boys (-49s)











































































































































































Clara Mackison led the girls' contingent and Lucas Robbins the boys on a beautiful fall afternoon. Most improved times compared to 10/3 were Troy Bromund, Sam Eichler, and Jonah Goethe for the boys and Seren Christensen, Lani Zizz, and Aubrey Finley for the girls.



1 06:30.6 Mackison Clara 6 BPS

2 08:02.6 Johnson Sadie 6 BPS

3 08:40.2 Lanese Caitlin 2 BPS

4 08:44.7 Finley Aubrey 5 BPS

5 08:45.0 Rowswell Cayden BPS

6 08:48.2 Kamerath Audrey 6 BPS

7 08:49.2 Lanese Clare 3 BPS

8 08:53.7 Zizz Addie 7 BPS

9 08:55.7 Christensen Tovah 3 BPS

10 09:06.6 Christensen Seren 2 BPS

11 09:14.7 Zizz  Avery 5 BPS

12 09:22.6 Stevick Gemma 2 BPS

13 09:58.1 Bailey Lydia 6 BPS

14 10:01.2 Perlot Rene 5 BPS

15 10:06.7 Chrstnson Abigail 0 BPS

16 10:11.1 Brodak Zosia 5 BPS

17 10:14.5 O'Neill Kelsey 4 BPS

18 10:22.2 Ranney Caroline 1 BPS

19 10:37.8 Mackison Eliza 3 BPS

20 10:38.0 Eichler Ruby 4 BPS

21 12:08.2 Zizz Lani 2 BPS

22 14:38.5 Bassett Grace 1 BPS

23 14:41.5 Stevick Ginger 0 BPS

24 14:41.8 Price Norelle 0 BPS

25 16:09.6 Isaacson Isabel 1 BPS

26 19:32.4 Stevick Petra 0 BPS



1 06:22.1 Robbins Lucas 8 BPS

2 06:24.8 Foor        Judson 8 BPS

3 06:31.0 Borden Dylan 6 BPS

4 06:34.8 Grothe Jonah 8 BPS

5 06:40.8 Stevick Wesley 4 BPS

6 07:04.3 Lanese Quenton 2 BPS

7 07:05.8 Eichler Sam 7 BPS

8 07:07.8 Butterfield Adam 3 BPS

9 07:21.3 Cole Brenden 2 BPS

10 07:28.6 O'Neill Jaxon 2 BPS

11 07:29.1 KirkpatrickBlake 5 BPS

12 07:29.3 Burnham John 8 BPS

13 07:30.1 Robbins Peter 3 BPS

14 07:59.3 Christensen Liam 6 BPS

15 07:59.8 Hunter Cormac 7 Evergreen

16 08:07.5 Ungren Tal 4 BPS

17 08:07.6 Hamilton Zander 2 BPS

18 08:12.3 Bordak Ben 2 BPS

19 08:19.8 Dura Ryan 3 BPS

20 08:23.0 Moreno Atticus 3 BPS

21 08:31.5 Cooper Jonathan 6 BPS

22 08:32.3 Schumacher Will 3 BPS

23 08:34.6 Trendel Vangeli 3 BPS

24 08:42.7 Bassett Evan 5 BPS

25 08:46.6 Duerr Chas 3 BPS

26 08:49.7 Frazier Daniel 2 Unattached

27 08:53.2 Schumacher Henry 2 BPS

28 08:57.8 Sldomrdge Andrew 6 BPS

29 09:01.0 Kesler Jack 2 BPS

30 09:02.7 Pernell Zack 1 BPS

31 09:05.3 Blake Jasper 6 BPS

32 09:21.2 Raso Isaac 2 BPS

33 09:22.3 Finley William 0 BPS

34 09:22.5 EstergardJaiden 6 BPS

35 10:18.7 Price Paxton 1 BPS

36 10:29.0 Bassett Levi 3 BPS

37 10:42.2 Prentice Drew 0 Unattached

38 10:52.6 Isaacson Eli 3 BPS

39 11:09.2 Bromund Troy 2 BPS

40 11:20.8 Crabtree Lennox 1 BPS

41 11:56.0 Ridings Wolf 5 BPS

42 12:22.3 Ranney Eli 3 BPS

43 18:00.7 Crabtree Norris 0 BPS

44 18:53.7 Prentice Theo 0 Unattached

10/13/2018--HENRY, ADAM AND WILL LOOK GOOD AT CASCADE--Bellevue, Wilburton Park
The guys ran their first out-of-town race and competed well. Adam Butterfield finished highest with an excellent 15th place.
7-8B--2000m--20. Henry Schumacher 11:45
9-10B--3000m--15. Adam Butterfield 12:48; 46. Will Schumscher 15:11

10/3/2018--LBA YOUTH 1.0 MILE--LBA PARK
65 Barron Park athletes raced the LBA course, for many their first race ever. Clara Mackison led the girls in 4th overall and Lucas Robbins led the Barron Park guys in 3rd. Quentin Vanese and Wesley Stevick set 2nd and 4th grade records 


  1. Asher Ingram (C-8) 5:49
  2. Marco Guzman (S-8) 5:55
  3. Lucas Robbins (B-8) 5:58
  4. Jayden Iverson (C-8) 6:16
  5. Zack McEwen (C-7) 6:16
  6. Wesley Stevick (B-4) 6:19
  7. Judson Foor (B-8) 6:20
  8. Daniel Alvarez (S-8) 6:32
  9. Dylan Borden (B-6) 6:39
  10. Xavier Mahoney (S-8) 6:47
  11. Nathan Gomez (S-8) 6:48
  12. Quenton Lanese (B-2) 6:51
  13. Adam Butterfield (B-3) 6:57
  14. Brenden Cole (B-2) 6:58
  15. Peter Robbins (B-3) 7:26
  16. Andrew Nebergall (C-7) 7:31
  17. Kaden Harley (C-7) 7:33
  18. Carter Statema (C-7) 7:35
  19. Ryan Duura (B-3) 7:36
  20. Blake Kirkpatrick (B-5) 7:42
  21. Jaxon O’Neill (B-2) 7:44
  22. Liam Christensen (B-6) 8:11
  23. Tal Ungren (B-4) 8:12
  24. Jonah Grothe (B-8) 8:13
  25. Evan Bassett (B-5) 8:26
  26. Jaiden Estergard (B-6) 8:30
  27. Lazarus McEwen (U-?) 8:32
  28. Shawn Wayas (S-8) 8:35
  29. Atticus Moreno (B-3) 8:39
  30. Will Schumacher (B-3) 8:39
  31. Chas Duerr (B-3) 8:39
  32. Zach Pernell (B-1) 8:39
  33. William Finley (B-K) 8:47
  34. John Burnham (B-8) 8:50
  35. Sam Eichler (B-7) 8:51
  36. Andrew Seldomridge(B-6)9:03
  37. Jasper Blake (B-6) 9:04
  38. Taylor Neilson (B-7) 9:10
  39. Henry Schumacher (B-2) 9:19 
  40. Zander Hamilton (B-2) 9:22
  41. Vangeli Trendel (B-3) 9:37
  42. Paxton Price (B-1) 9:48
  43. Lennox Crabtree (B-1) 9:53
  44. Levi Bassett (B-3) 9:57
  45. Wolf Ridings (B-5) 10:25
  46. Jack Kesler (B-2) 10:43
  47. Eli Ranney (B-3) 11:38
  48. Troy Bromund (B-2) 13:26
  49. Michael Angelly (B-3) 13:30
  50. Ezra Moreno (B-2) 13:32
  51. Norris Crabtree (B-P) 14:23


  1.   Maddie Ingram (C-6) 6:17
  2. Josie Ryder (C-8) 6:29
  3. Clara Mackison (B-6) 6:38
  4. Rachel Carlson (C-8) 6:53
  5. Makena Graves (B-6) 6:58
  6. Natalie Summers (C-8) 7:04
  7. Sadie Johnson (B-6) 7:45
  8. Sitka Hecht (U-8) 7:46
  9. Henley Bermenselo (C-5) 8:01
  10. Claire Lanese (B-3) 8:26
  11. Caitlin Lanese (B-2) 8:34
  12. Addie Zizz (B-7) 8:48
  13. Evelyn Penrod (B-7) 8:52
  14. Audrey Kamerath (B-6) 8:57
  15. Tovah Christensen (B-3)8:57
  16. Cayden Rowswell (B-3) 9:04
  17. Gemma Stevick (B-2) 9:12
  18. Anna Collins (C-5) 9:18
  19. Aubrey Finley (B-5) 9:30
  20. Kelsey O’Neill (B-4) 9:40
  21. Lydia Bailey (B-6) 9:41
  22. Abigail Christensen (B-K) 9:44
  23. Zosia Brodak (B-5) 9:44
  24. Avery Zizz (B-5) 9:53
  25. Ruby Eichler (B-4) 10:04
  26. Eliza Mackison (B-3) 10:04
  27. Caroline Ranney (B-1) 11:00
  28. Seren Christensen (B-1) 11:34
  29. Ginger Stevick B-P) 11:40
  30. Marta Hailton (B-1)  11:42
  31. Grace Bassett (B-1) 13:22
  32. Lani Zizz (B-2) 13:27
  33. Violet Moreno (B-K) 14:13


Fellowship prevailed once again in this classic end-of-summer endeavor. Sixteen "athletes" participated in at least one event of the ten with only five attempting all 10, including Gemma Stevick and Wesley Stevick, the youth high-scorers for girls and boys respectively, . For high point total, Autumn Stevick earned the women's title and Casey Stevick the men's.
Results: (100/LJ/SP/HJ/400//100H(30)/DT/PV*/JT/1500)
Jenny Stevick--20.3/3.14/5.39/1.06/83.8///27.0/12.07/X/12.68/8:31.7 = 913
Gemma Stevick--22.6/1.97/2.33/2-4/1:57.3//25.0*/4.10/0.76/5.27/8:31.7 = 110
Cassidy Armshar--15.0/3.60/9.20/1.06/1:57.3//20.1/X/1.06/X/X = 1588
Ginger Stevick--28.6/0.50/1.32/1-10/2:14.3//37.5/1.56/X/2.47/X = 0
Autumn Stevick--28.5/3.44/8.07/X/74.4//19.8/31.48/X/25.02/6:39.7 = 2287
Meagan Stevick -- X/X/X/X/X//X/X/X/8.30/X = 86
Joey --          12.5/5.31/9.24/1.07/60.9//15.0/26.60/1.83/32.38/5:44.5 = 3879
Casey Stevick--12.6/5.10/11.11/1.07/60.4//16.0/33.35/1.83/41.29/6:22.4 = 3940
Drew Stevick--19.5/2.48/6.40/X/2:04.6//X/19.73/X/16.54/X = 670
Wesley Stevick--17.8/2.77/5.12/1.01/83.1//26.4/10.57/0.76/16.48/6:22.2 = 741
Taylor Armshar--13.7/4.12/6.88/X/70.4//18.5/X/1.06/X/X = 1431
Wendell Stevick--45.0/0.60/0.74/X/X//X/X/X/1.06/X = 0
Jesse Stevick -- 43.7/3.66/8.29/1.07/60.4//25.0/21.98/1.83/34.10/5:13.8 = 2358
Vic Carpenter -- X/X/7.78/X/63.3//41.6/22.48/X/31.32.X = 1294
Rob -- X/X/5.85/X/X//X/X/X/X/X = 240
Jameson Stevick--73.2/X

BPS marks--SP: Autumn 26-5.5; Casey 36-5.25; Drew 21-0 100m: Casey 12.6; Drew 19.5; LJ: Drew 8-1.5 ; DT: Casey 109-4; Drew 64-8; JT: Jesse 111-10; Drew 54-3; 400m: Drew 2:04.6
Wesley TJav 54-0

Thirty-four athletes took on this annual challenge and succeeded in making it an entertaining success. The overall scoring leaders were Clara Mackison for the girls and Blake Kirkpatrick for the boys. Eighteen new all-time top 60 marks were notched:
50y--Blake Kirkpatrick 7.5
SP--Liam Christensen 28-11; Tyler Aufort 27-5; Clara Mackison 26-0; Nathan Pham 25-3
LJ--Clara Mackison 11-2; Blake Kirkpatrick 10-9
HJ--Clara Mackison 4-2; Blake Kirkpatrick 3-10; Liam Christensen 3-6
400m--Clara Mackison 77; Wesley Stevick 80; Eden Vuong 84; Ryan Dura 84; Liam Christensen 86
Points--Clara Mackison 4232; Blake Kirkpatrick 4035 
P/H+W--Blake Kirkpatrick 31.03

Hana Moll tied the club PV record with a PR good for 12th place in a humid National meet. Sister Amanda, co-holder of the record finished just back in 17th.
13-14G--Amanda Moll--PV 8-2.5
             Hana Moll--PV 8-8.25

DAY 1--Olivia Kee and Selly Beyene both posted three PRs/season bests in their Pentathlons and Mikaya Kee notched  personal bests in all four of her heptathlon first day events, showing poise in her first big meet ever.
Jack Van Nuys ran a huge PR to win the steeplechase going away, earning gold and the right to a National berth.Clara Mackison had a great Pentathlon with solid PRs in the hurdles and shot which propelled her to a fine 4th place finish in a large field of talented girls, posting a strong top 12 point total in the process.. Wesley Stevick also put together a PR shot and point total in a solid Triathlon effort. Mikayla Kee finished up her first Heptathlon with a rugged 800m effort.
James Sondgroth turned his first meet vault clearance into a gold medal and a share of the club record, showing poise in winning a jump-off. James also PRd in the HJ, just off qualifying, tied for 6th. Amanda and Hana Moll likewise demonstrated fine vault form in qualifying for vault Nationals with 2nd and 5th finishes respectively. Hana also required a jump-off to claim her Nationals slot and Amanda upped her club record. Both also ran their fastest times thus far in a strong field of hurdlers. Natalie Sondgroth had a huge shot put PR to earn the bronze medal, a National qualification, as well as the club record. She and sister Megan also gained valuable big meet LJ experience. Cole Borden made his Bend journey a success with a solid PR in the HJ, showing his best form yet. Clara Mackison showed the effects of her fine Day 2 Pentathlon in the 1500m and tossed the javelin a National caliber distance in warm-ups, but just missed finals with her actual prelim tosses. Gemma Stevick motored through the 1500m for her second-best time ever and was very cute in the process.
Amanda and Hana Moll continued their fine meet with PR hurdle times but didn't reach the needed top five. Selly Beyene realized the elevation with a tough 3000m effort.
7-8G--Gemma Stevick 1500m7:56.86
       Megan Sondgroth LJ 7-9
       Natalie Sondgroth  LJ 8-6; SP 13-6.75*(3)
9-10B--Triathlon (SP/HJ/400m)  Wesley Stevick--17-6.25*/3-3.25/76.87 = 321pts*
11-1G--Pentathlon (80H/SP/HJ/LJ/800m)
    Clara Mackison--15.23*/24-3*/4-1.25/11-5/2:48.19 = 2074pts* (4); 1500m 5:44.38; Jav 61-0
11-12B  Cole Borden  HJ 4-1.25*
13-14G--Pentathlon (100H/SP/HJ/LJ/800m)
   Olivia Kee--Pent (20.99*/19-5.25*/4-3.25/11-0/2:51.47) = 1518pts
   Selly Beyene--Pent (21.43/18-9.75*/4-1.25*/11-6.75*/2:53.70) = 1436pts;  3000m 13:03.42
   Amanda Moll PV 8-8.25*(2); 100H 16.88*
   Hana Moll  PV 8-2.5*(5); 100H17.34*; HJ 4-5
13-14B  James Sondgroth PV 8-0.5*(1); HJ 5-1*(t6)
15-16B--Jack VanNuys 2kSC 7:08.01* (1)
17-18G--Heptathlon (100H/HJ/SP/200m//LJ/JT/800m)
    Mikayla Kee--Hept (20.41*/4-1.25*/22-2.25*/30.66*//12-1/50-6*/2:47.77* = 2363pts* 

11-12B--Mason Embrey 100m 15.20; 200m 32.95; LJ 12-0*(1)

6/28/2018--ALL-COMERS #5--Tumwater HS
club records---9-10G 5000m--Azalea Barksdale 29:59.8
                      M35 5000m -- Jesse Stevick 16:12.6
top 12:
9-10G Jav--Ashlen Gruginski  41-7
13-14G jav --Eden Vuong 67-10

6/22-24/2018--ASSOCIATION JUNIOR OLYMPICS --Mt Tahoma HS, W. Seattle Stadium
DAY 1--
Fine efforts by all, with Hana Moll tying her HJ best and earning a silver medal in the process. Amanda Moll also tied her PR as she qualified for Regionals in 5th. Both marks are fine top 12 BPS efforts. James Sondgroth qualified in the HJ in 5th as well just off his PR. 7yo Megan Sondgroth  cracked 40s in her inaugural 200m and AJ Anthony James ran a gutsy 200m, lopping a huge 2+ seconds off his previous best into a headwind. Steeplechase results from W.Seattle show Jack Van Nuys and Connor Griffith earning the gold medals in their respective divisions, both top 12 marks and Connor's a club record. 
DAY 2--Multiple PR 1500m efforts earned Regional slots for Gemma Stevick, Clara Mackison and Connor Griffith, the latter Connor's second gold medal of the meet. Clara added a qualifying throw in the javelin. Megan and Natalie Sondgroth both qualified with fine efforts in the LJ, as did the Moll sisters in the pole vault, with Amanda breaking the club record. AJ James and Selly Beyene both had 100m PRs, as did Wesley Stevick in the 1500 and Jace Nordloh in the 1500m and 400m.
DAY 3--Clara Mackison and Jace blazed to 800m PRs, both top 12 marks. Cole Borden, after  a difficult, but qualifying HJ effort ran a gutsy 800m despite respiratory issues. Natalie Sondgroth posted her 2nd and 3rd qualifying marks in the shot and jav with PR throws.  Amanda and Hana Moll executed their best hurdle races for 3rd and 5th and secured top 12 times. Selly Beyene qualified in the 3000m just off her best time. Jordan Lasher leapt to a nice 4th in the HJ to qualify with poise in his first season and Jonathan Holcombe took 6th in a big LJ crowd to qualify in his first year in the age group.
7-8G-- Megan Sondgroth 100m 18.74*; 200m 39.86*; LJ 8-5.25 (5); 
      Natalie Sondgroth LJ 8-6 (4), SP 11-3.5*(4)  , Jav 28-1*(6)
      Gemma Stevick  1500m 7:41.26*
9-10B--Jace Nordloh 1500m 6:08.32*; 400m 78.32*; 800m 2:55.60*
          Wesley Stevick 1500m 5:44.36*
11-12G--Clara Mackison 800m 2:39.97*(6); 1500m 5:27.83*(8); Jav 71-10 (4)
11-12B--Cole Borden 800m 2:59.21*; HJ 3-7.25 (8)
            Jordan Lasher HJ 4-3.25 (4)
13-14G-- Hana Moll  4-11*(2), PV 8-4.25*(2); 100H 16.94*(3)
               Amanda Moll 4-7*(5), PV 7-6.5*(5); 100H 17.90*(5)
              Selly Beyene 100m 14.82*, 1500m 5:41.15, 3000m 12:30.41 (8)
13-14B-- Anthony AJ James 200m 30.51*, 100m 14.52*
                James Sondgroth  HJ 4-9 (5); PV Pass
              Jonathan Holcombe LJ 15-11.75 (6)
15-16B--Jack Van Nuys 2000SC 7:25.5* (1)
17-18B--Connor Griffith 1500m 4:13.22*(1); 2000SC 6:21.5(1)

6/21/2018--ALL-COMERS #5
new top 12 marks:
1500m-- 7-8B Leon King 7:21.9; 11-12G Clara Mackison 5:36.5
400m--7-8B Tai Taylor 84.17
TJav--7-8B Cooper Marks 35-1; 9-10G Sawyer Schaff 43-8

Bests: #1--Clara 16-8; #2--Sam 23-9; #3--Cooper C 34-1; #4--Clara 30-0; #5--Eden 5.7; Total--Eden 187
Top 10: Eden 187; Sam 182; Clara 181; Cooper C 172; Isaac168; Wesley 151; Selly 147; Gabe 144; Peyton M 136; Addy P 113; Cohen C 113

6/16/2018--SOUTH SOUND CLASSIC--Mt Tahoma HS 
13-14G--Amanda Moll 100H 17.53*; PV
             Hana Moll  100H 18.66*; PV

6/14/2018--AC#3--Tumwater HS
Club Record--M35 3000m--Jesse Stevick  9:32.0
Top 12 marks:
1600m--7-8B  Leon King 7;36.5
            9-10B  Wesley Stevick  6:08.6
HJ -- 7-8B  Leon King 3-0
       11-12G  Clara Mackison  4-4

Despite their novice status, BPS athletes scored and placed well, six advancing to the Regional meet.
Partial results:
9-10G (SP/HJ/200) Abigail Kee 12-4.5/3-1.25/38.01* = 311pts*
9-10B (SP/HJ/400)  Wesley Stevick 16-5.25*/3-3.25*/76.07* = 311pts*(2) 
                          Ryan Dura 14-7.25*/3-2.25*/82.74* = 219pts*(3)
11-12 G (H/SP/HJ/LJ/800) Clara Mackison 15.67*/22-3.75*/4-1.25/11-6*/2:45.73 = 1911pts*(4)
11-12B (H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500) Jordan Lasher 17.02*/23-4.5/4-1.25/ND/5:44.00* = 1256pts (6)
13-14G (H/SP/HJ/LJ/800) Olivia Kee 21.00/18-8.75/4-1.25/11-7/2:44.22 = 1568pts* (2) 
                                        Selly Beyene 20.34*/15-7*/3-11.25*/11-2.25*/ 2:43.15* = 1499pts* (3)

Golds were earned by AShlen Gruginski in the 800m and Hana Moll in the HJ; and multiple PRs and top 12 marks were set.
7-8G Madelen Gruginski SP 8-11, 400 1:44.00
9-10G Ashlen Gruginski 400m 74.72*, 800m 2:53.05*
13-14G Amanda Moll 100H 17.54*; Hana Moll 100H 19.06, HJ 4-6
13-14B  Anthony Johnson 100m 14.80

Club Record--M35 3200m--Jesse Stevick  10:15.6
Top 12 Marks--
5-6B--200m  Evan Pitman 44.66
7-8G--LJ  Megan Sondgroth  9-3
         Jav  Natalie Sondgroth 24-0
7-8B--Jav   Leon King  35-8
9-10G--800m  Ashlen Gruginski  2:55.57
            Jav  Ashlen Gruginski  37-7
9-10B--1500m  Wesley Stevick   5:47.2
           Jav   Cohen Christin   48-4  
13-14G--1500m  Selly Beyene  5:40.5

Isaiah Tilman produced three fine BPS top 12 sprint times and Cole Borden had two PRs while competing in his new age group for the first time. 
9-10B--Isaiah Tilman  100m 14.94*, 200m 31.75*, 400m 72.31*
11-12B--Cole Borden  80H 18.56*, LJ 11-0*, HJ 3-11

AC#1 produced a myriad of personal bests, two club records, and several BPS top 12 marks:
Club Records: 17-18yo--5000m--Zack Sundt  16:30.41
                       M35----5000m--Jesse Stevick  16:49.8
Top 12 : 7-8G  Jav  Jenna Larson 28-1;  Annabelle Quach 24-6 
             7-8B--800m--Leon King  3:38.03; TJav--Leon King 33-9
                      400m--Tai Taylor  84.36   
           9-10B--1600m--Wesley Stevick  6:13.1
            9-10G--HJ-- Sawyer Schaff  3-10
           5-6B--100m Evan Pitman 19.89; 200m  45.26; LJ 7-0

Andrew Boyd and Jack Olsen had strong showings in their first decathlon experiences, finishing 13th and 19th respectively in a group of 32 seasoned high school multi-eventers. Jack was first in the 15-16 division and tossed the javelin the fourth longest distance ever by a freshman in the 48 year history of this classic event, a PR and only six inches off the club record. Andrew's hurdle time was a strong BPS top 12 mark despite having been run over college 42" hurdles. Marks (red = BPS top 12 mark)--order: 100m/LJ/SP16/HJ/400m//110H42/DT2k/PV/JT/1500m=Score
!5-16 Boys--Jack Olsen 12.27/17-8.5/30-1.5/5-7.75/58.80//21.03/76-9/6-2.5/159-6*/5:20.05 = 4260pts
17-18 Boys--Andrew Boyd  12.57/17-5/32-3/5-5.25/55.37//17.51/74-4/7-6.5/130-2/5:10.78 = 4590pts

5/19/2018--GREAT MARKS AT TEAM BLACKOUT--Chief Leschi HS
13-14B--Anthony James--100m 14.56
13-14G--Amanda Moll--100H 17.55*; HJ 4-4*;  Hana Moll--100H 18.97; HJ 4-10*

02/2-3/2018--ZACK AND GAVIN OPEN '18 BPS T&F SEASON--UW HS Indoor, Seattle
Zack Sundt (17-18)--Mile 4:41.42; 3000m 9:41.45
Gavin Avery- (17-18)-800m 2:36.84


11/18/2017--STRIDERS RUN WELL AT JO REGIONALS--Woodland Park, Seattle
A small troupe of residual Barron Park athletes showed well in repeat efforts at the challenging Woodland Park course. Zach Sundt led the way with a big course PR in the 17-18 group to qualify in the top 30 for Nationals. Sven Krattinger bested his Association time by 40s to also finish in the top 30. Alan Penrose ran his fastest WP ever in the 11-12 division in a tough crowd as did Selly Beyene for the girls. Wesley Stevick ran well in the 9-10 race just 1s over his best.
9-10B--57. Wesley Stevick 13:54
11-12G--50. Selly Beyene 13:29
11-12B--77. Alan Penrose 12:52
15-18B--23. Zach Sundt 18:36; 28. Sven Krattinger 19:17

Just another cold rainy day at the Woodland Park XC course yielded good results for the Striders. In significant competition seven BPS athletes finished in the top 35 to qualify for the regional meet to be run on the same course next week. In his first JO effort 7yo Oliver Nisbet ran a sturdy well-paced race with his best 2k time. Wesley Stevick, 9yo, ran his first 3k ever and looked great in a tough large field of bigger guys. Selly Beyene, 12, had the highest finish in competitive groups with a fine 16th and Clara Mackison, 11, was hampered in the same race by pinched feet, qualifying with a gutsy effort. Alan Penrose, 12, ran very well and had the fastest 3k BPS time of the day, an enormous zr time by a minute on this course. Gabe Rader-RIce, with tired legs from a recent half-marathon finished just out of qualifying despite a big PR time, as did Danny Pree in the 13-14 run despite a fine effort and nice stride. Zack Sundt and Sven Kettinger both qualified in the tough 5k race with its many hills and turns.
7-8B--30. Oliver Nisbet 10:54
9-10B--25. Wesley Stevick 13:53
11-12G--16. Selly Beyene 13:30; 24. Clara Mackison 14:12
11-12B--27. Alan Penrose 12:57; 45. Gabe Rader-Rice 14:00
13-14B--49. Danny Pree 16:58
15-18B--11. Zack Sundt 19:01; 16. Sven Kettinger 19:56

Howling winds and less-than-predicted rain set the stage for nice individual wins for Clara Mackison of Barron Park and Beau Fields of Evergreen Christian, both beating their winning times from 2016. Most improved compared to 2016 for Barron Park were Rebecca McMillin-Hastings (-0:59) for the girls and Wesley Stevick (-0:41) for the boys. Evergreen swept top three places for the boys' team title and Barron Park took the girls' title.
  GIRLS--1. Clara Mackison (B) 10:26; 2. Rebecca McMillin-Hastings (B) 11:03; 3. Samantha Engelken (E) 11:24; 4. Makena Graves (B) 12:04; 5. Kara Evans (E) 12:23; 6. Bella Williams (E) 12:27; 7. Alexis Engelken (E) 12:52; 8. Aubrey Finley (B) 13:48; 9. Natasha Thompson (N) 14:12; 10. Ali Owen (N) 14:13; 11. Seren Christensen (B) 14:13; 12. Gemma Stevick (B) 14:33; 13. Tovah Christensen (B) 14:36; 14. Vivian Adams (B) 14:47; 15. Margot Chartok (N) 16:02; 16. Eliza Mackison (B) 16:07; 17. Angel Thompson (N) 16:21; 18. Abigail Christensen (B) 17:47; 19. Annabelle Quach (B) 18:44
TEAMS: Barron Park 7, Evergreen Christian 14; NOVA 34
  BOYS--1. Beau Fields (E) 9:02; 2. Ethan Coleman (E) 9:15; 3. Adam Overbay (E) 9:52; 4. Aspen Cates-Doglio (N) 10:28; 5. Wesley Stevick (B) 10:47; 6. Preston Solis (N) 11:03; 7. Joshua Morgan (E) 11:14; 8. Taylor Neilson (B) 12:16; 9. John Burnham (B) 12:19; 10. Arlo McMillin-Hastings (B) 12:22; 11. Cormac Hunter (E) 12:24; 12. Jasper Blake (B) 12:27; 13. Evan Loose (B) 12:27; 14. Liam Christiansen (B) 12:38; 15. Andrew Seldomridge (B) 13:16; 16. Kylar Carlson (E) 13:19; 17. Bodie Miller (B) 13:24; 18. Riley Turner (B) 15:52; 19. Jack Kester (B) 15:56; 20. Andrew McKee (B) 17:13; 21: Anthony Quach (B) 17:17; 22. Troy Hann (B) 18:44
TEAMS: Evergreen Christian 6, Barron Park 22, NOVA inc 

Three guys ran hard in large fields, Danny Pree his first 4K, and Ollie Nisbet and Jack Kessler their first 2K.
7-8 Boys:  20. Ollie Nisbet 9:06; 27. Jack Kessler 9:50
13-14 Boys:  16. Danny Pree 16:47

9/21/2017--SUCCESS AT LBA 1-MILER--LBA Park
The 2017 version of the Barron Park XC squad captured both guys' and girls' team wins. Selly Beyene of BPS was the girls' winner with Clara Mackison and Sidney Kosa 2nd and 3rd respectively. For the boys, Ethan Coleman of Evergreen was a decisive winner with Danny Pree and Alan Penrose 2nd and 3rd. The weather was perfect.
E = Evergreen Christian; B = Barron Park; U = unattached
BOYS:  1. Ethan Coleman (E-8) 5:54; 2. Danny Pree (B) 6:38; 3. Alan Penrose (B) 6:45; 4. Wesley Stevick (B) 7:06; 5. Preston Solis (B) 7:21; 6. Deegan Lubliner (B) 7:24; 7. Blake Smith (E-8) 7:25; 8. Arlo McMillin-Hastings (B) 7:36; 9. Taylor Neilson (B) 7:38; 10. Liam Christensen (B) 7:52; 11. Bodie Miller (B) 7:53; 12. Evan Loose (B) 8:01; 13. Sam Eichler (B) 8:04; 14. John Burnham (B) 8:22; 15. Cormac Hunter (E-6) 8:26; 16. Joshua Morgan (E-5) 8:32; 17. Andrew Seldomridge (B) 8:34; 18. Oliver Nisbet (B) 8:34; 19. Kylar Carlson (E-6) 8:40; 20. Jesper Lubliner (B) 8:46; 21. Riley Turner (B) 10:01; 22. Jack Kesler (U) 10:21; 23. Anthony Quach (B) 10:47; 24.  Aidan Lawson (U) 11:30; 25. Paxton Price (B) 12:54; 26. Drew Prentice (U) 13:24; 27. Asher Michie (B) 14:17; 28. Andrew McKee (B) 14:21
TEAM SCORE:  Barron Park 9; Evergreen 23
GIRLS:  1. Selly Beyene (B) 6:52; 2. Clara Mackison (B) 5:55; 3. Sidney Kosa (U) 7:02; 4. Rebecca McMillin-Hastings (B) 7:19; 5. Samantha Engelken (E-5) 7:25; 6. Alexis Engelken (E-5) 7:34; 7. Kara Evans (E-6) 7:39; 8. Makena Graves (B) 7:40; 9. Karease Brocker (B) 8:08; 10. Bella Angove (E-5) 8:43; 11. Aubrey Finley (B) 9:17; 12. Seren Christensen (B) 9:24; 13. Tovah Christensen (B) 9:25; 14. Vivian Adams (B) 9:39; 15. Gemma Stevick (B) 9:48; 16. Kayla Gerard (B) 10:31; t17. Eliza Mackison (B) 11:12; t17. Ruby Eichler (B) 11:12; t17. Azalea Barksdale (B) 11:12; 20. Annabelle Quach (B) 12:09; 21. Abigail Christensen (B) 12:11; 22. Ava Gerard (B) 13:08; 23. Ginger Stevick (B) 14:03; 24. Norelle Price (B) 15:17 
TEAM SCORE:  Barron Park 6; Evergreen 15


Ten athletes completed all ten events, two more nine of ten, and seven others multiple events. Cassidy Stevick led the women and Casey Stevick topped the men. Wesley Stevick was the top youth scorer and Jay Ruschka had a great Masters effort. Scores (100m/LJ/SP/HJ/400m//100H/DT/PV/Jav/1500m):
Cassidy--14.2/4.04/10.17/1.35/88.5//19.0/21.32/2.13/34.78/8:13.8 = 3393
Kaleigh--21.8/2.23/5.73/1.10/92.9//29.2/15.44/X/9.73/7:02.3 = 983
Sunny--15.2/3.41/8.22/1.10/92.9//40.0/14.84/1.67/19.68/8:21.1 = 1833
Maddie--21.0/1.85/8.15/1.20/1:59.3//43.7/16.68/0.80/15.10/9:41.7 = 1138
Gemma--23.4/1.52/2.06/0.65/2:11.4//28.0/3.60/0.80/4.35/9:04.4 = 15
Ginger--27.5/0.82/0.80/X/X//39.6/X/X/X/X = N
Matt--13.0/4.56/7.10/1.50/71.6//18.9/20.00/3.25/34.89/6:21.0 = 3198
Joey--12.4/5.09/10.08/1.55/61.1//14.9/24.05/15-0/31.79/6:10.9 = 4730
Luis--13.0/3.93/5.90/1.30/62.3//20.9/12.67/1.57/18.38/5;04.5 = 2598
Jay--13.0/4.70/8.08/1.50/63.5//16.6/25.53/2.13/28.37/6:35.8 = 3408
Rick--13.3/3.51/8.74/1.25/X//X/X/X/X/X = 1140
Casey--12.1/5.61/12.17/1.70/58.8//14.6/30.46/3.05/41.91/5:35.9 = 5253
Jesse--13.0/4.41/8.42/1.50/57.8//16.0/24.78/2.90/40.84/4:36.3 = 4528
Taylor--12.7/4.78/6.73/1.45/66.1//39.7/15.52/X/30.02/6:54.8 = 2261
Drew--18.9/2.37/6.41/1.05/X//X/19.98/X/X/X = 657
Andy--98.9/2.99/6.66/0.65/X//23.2/17.84/X/24.17/5:10.5 = 1533
Wesley--17.3/2.92/4.82/0.95/86.2//31.3/12.34/0.80/12.50/6:21.2 = 685
Drew P--48.7/1.37/0.99/X/X//X/X/X/X/X = N
Theo--98.9/0.16/X/X/X//X/X/X/X/X =N

Fifteen intrepid athletes competed well. Cole Borden topped the boys with a fine 4040 points, while Clara Mackison scored 4039 points in leading the girls. Cole also added his name to the "top 50 all-time" lists in the HJ, LJ, and 400m, while Clara did the same in the HJ, 400m, and Shot Put. Ashlen Gruginski made the 400m list. 

7/24-30/17--GOOD EFFORTS AT NATIONALS--Lawrence, KS
Both Amanda and Hana Moll were both just a tick off their best hurdle times with fine runs, Amanda advancing to the semifinals, where she was just .02 sec off her PR. Carissa Stovall tossed the shot just short of medal distance with a 9th place finish. Earlier she was just short of her hammer PR. 
11-12G--Hana Moll--15.10; Amanda Moll--14.32/14.21
15-16G--Carissa Stovall--HT 110-10; SP 37-6; DT 86-4

Carissa Stovall tossed the shot for the gold, earned the bronze in the discus, and in so doing qualified for an impressive three events at Nationals. Amanda Moll had a huge hurdle PR propelling her to a gold medal and an opportunity to run in Kansas. In the same race sister Hana charged to the finish line for the 5th and final National berth, just over her PR. Elliot Clary duplicated brother Ethan's feat of the day before with a 5th in the discus, earning the right to go to Kansas. Ashlei Borden tossed the TurboJav a personal best and BPS top 12 distance, Selly Beyene ran well in the 3000m despite illness, and Clara Mackison finished the 800m in the heat a fine 8th. John Gerhard competed well and just missed a HJ club record as he improved on his Association height.
7-8G--Ashlei Borden--SP 11-5.25 (4); Jav 34-5*
9-10B--Cole Borden--~~~TJav 40-9; HJ 3-9.25
11-12G--Selly Beyene--1500m 5:45.85; 3000m 13:56.45
            Clara Mackison--1500m 5:52.72; AJav 63-0; 800m 2:50.02
             Amanda Moll--HJ 4-3; 80H 14.19*(1)
              Hana Moll--HJ 4-1; 80H 15.11 (5)
15-16G--Carissa Stovall--HT 114-0*(5); SP 39-2 (1); DT 116-0 (3)
15-16B--Elliott Clary--DT 125-10 (5)
17-18B--Ethan Clary--DT 127-9 (5)
             John Gerhard--HJ 6-1

The open events got off to a solid start with Carissa Stovall qualifying for Nationals with a PR 5th place effort in the hammer. The heat appeared to slow both Selly Beyene and Clara Mackison's 1500m efforts, and Clara was just a smidge  from qualifying in the jav. Ashlei Borden finished 4th in the 2k shot and brother Cole had a much better day in the HJ than his Multis the day before. Amanda Moll rebounded in the HJ while sister Hana was hampered by a sore knee.

7/6-7/2017--REGIONAL JO MULTIS--Spokane Valley
Two hot days of Multis produced some personal bests. The highest Barron Park finish was accomplished by Cole Borden in the Triathlon with a 4th which included a 400m PR. Hana Moll took 5th in her Pentathlon. PRs included SP and LJ by Emma Bradley, SP by Abigail Kee, hurdles by Amanda Moll, and SP and LJ by Clara Mackison.
9-10G--Abigail Kee---12-10/3-3.25/39.??
9-10B--Cole Borden--20-8/3-5.25/75.93* = 411
11-12G--Clara Mackison--17.22/21-4*/3-11.25/10-6*/2:48.51 = 1682*
           Hana Moll--15.70/19-2/4-5/12-10/3:10.93 = 1901
           Amanda Moll--14.67*/19-2/3-11.25/12-11/NT = 1620
13-14G--Emma Bradley--24.29/16-1.25*/NH/8-0.75*/NT 

6/29/2017--ALL-COMERS #5
Perfect weather,good marks--New top 12 marks and club records:
7-8B--TJav--Levi Bassett 33-6
7-8G--800m--Azalea Barksdale 3:48.78
9-10G--TJav--Megan Dolby 39-0
11-12G--1600m Selly Beyene 6:38.4; Olivia Ahrens 7:04.5
15-16B--DT--Elliott Clary 137-10.5
17-18B--1600m--Zack Sundt 4:49.1
M35--5000m--Jesse Stevick 16:38.0

Days 1 and 2 of the Western WA JOs produced fine efforts and some ten Striders thus far who have qualified for Regionals in Spokane. Highlights included high top 12 times in the sprints by Ryzen Nunez as he qualified for the finals in both, a #2 all-time BPS leap in the LJ by Jonathan Holcombe for the silver medal, fine qualifying and top 12 marks in the 1500m by Clara Mackison and Selly Beyene, a discus win and qualifying efforts in the Discus, HT, and jav by Carissa Stovall, more top notch HJing by Amanda and Hana Moll, the former a top 12 PR, Hana's good for a silver, qualifying HJs by Catherine Burnett and Cole Borden, a qualifying first Steeplechase ever by Zack Sundt, solid efforts in the sprints by Anthony James, his 400 effort just missing qualifying in 9th with a solid 4 second PR, an 11 second PR in the 1500 by Wesley Stevick, just missing qualifying, and qualifying efforts in the disc and HJ respectively despite sub-par marks by Jaiden Estergard and John Gerhard. Day 3 was hot but brought even more success. Clara Mackison earned the gold medal and club record in the inaugural "AeroJav" competition with a fine PR toss and qualified in the 800m as well in near-PR time. Ashlei Borden had a huge PR and #3 all-time BPS qualifying Turbojav effort and earned a shot put bronze as well. Cole Borden secured another qualification with a Turbojav throw just off his best while Selly Beyene claimed a second event with a bronze in the 3000m. Amanda Moll earned two more Regional berths with a huge LJ PR and a silver medal hurdle effort, her 2nd sub-15 race; Hana Moll took the hurdle bronze and qualified in 7th just off her LJ best. Carissa Stovall qualified in her fourth throw with a fine silver medal shot effort  and Elliott Clary also earned his ticket with a discus 4th. Ryzen Nunez placed 6th and 7th respectively in the 100m and 200m finals, a fine accomplishment in a fast crowd. Jaiden Estergard learned more about the tricky AeroJav with a toss just short of his PR and Rian Browne, in his first 110m hurdle race ever, showed great promise with a BPS top 12 time. Emma Bradley was terrific and focussed in her first "big venue" hurdle race as she lopped well over a second from her PR. A total of fifteen athletes qualified for Regionals in some 35 events.
* = PR; red = new top 12 mark; purple = club record
7-8 G--Ashlei Borden--SP 10-5 (3); TJav 32-8*(4)
7-8B--Ryzen Nunez--100m 16.02*q/16.02 (6); 200m 34.86*Q/36.41 (7); LJ 9-5.5 (3)
9-10B--Wesley Stevick--1500m 6:16.64*
           Cole Borden--HJ 3-7.25 (3); TJav 59-9 (5)
11-12 G--Selly Beyene--100m 16.43; 1500m 5:38.11*(7); 3000m 12:30.20*(3)`
              Clara Mackison--1500m 5:36.76*(4); 800m 2:42.45 (5); AJav 74-5*(1)
              Hana Moll--HJ 4-7 (2); 80H 14.86 (2); LJ 13-6.25*(5)
               Amanda Moll--HJ 4-5*(4); 80H 15.22 (3); LJ 12-9.25 (7)
               Catherine Burnett--HJ 3-9.25
11-12B--Anthony James--100m 14.48*; 200m 30.25*; 400m 68.97*
              Jaiden Estergard--DT 38-5 (8); 100m 15.89*; AJav 48-5
              Jonathan Holcombe--LJ 15-7*(2)
13-14G--Emma Bradley--100H 23.08*; SP 15-2.75; HJ 3-5.25
15-16G--Carissa Stovall--JT 92-11(4); DT 112-0 (1); HT 102-9*(2); SP 37-3 (2)
15-16B--Rian Browne--200m 25.95; 110H 20.06*
             Elliott Clary--DT 125-1 (3)
1718B--John Gerhard--HJ 5-11 (4)
             Zack Sundt--2000mSC 7:01.26*(5)

6/22/2017--ALL-COMERS #4--LACEY
* = PR; red = new top 12 mark; purple = club record
11-12B--Jonathan Holcombe LJ 14-9.5
17-18B--Ethan Clary DT 134-0
            Zach Sundt 3200m 11:04.80
M35--Jesse Stevick 3200m 10:02.30

All ten participating Striders showed courage and delivered PRs galore in a tough crowd of competitors. Leading the way were Hana Moll in the 11-12 Pentathlon and Cole Borden in the Triathlon, both riding nice top 12 PR efforts to bronze medal finishes and top 12 point totals, Hana in the hurdles and shot, Cole in the shot and HJ, the latter approaching national level. Hana's and sister Amanda's point totals were an impressive #3 and #4 all-time BPS. Amanda produced three fine PRs including a top 12 hurdle mark and a great gutsy 800m effort. Clara Mackison erased the disappointment of a no-mark LJ with a huge PR/top 12 800m and Olivia Kee popped a huge LJ PR despite sore knees. Wesley Stevick had an amazing 13 second 400m PR and Abigail Kee leapt to an impressive 5 inch HJ PR as both qualified for Regionals. Emma Bradley, Catherine Burnett, and Jaiden Estergard all gained experienced as they had the courage to tackle lots of unfamiliar events and established some fine PRs to work on. Emma posted a HJ best by almost four inches.
* = PR; red = new top 12 mark; purple = club record

9-10G--8.Abigail Kee 12-2.5*/3-5.25*/38.36*=374pts*
9-10B--3. Cole Borden 19-10.25*/3-11.25*/77.76==461*; 7, Wesley Stevick 14-1.75*/2-11.5*/85.84* == 191*
11-12G--3. Hana Moll 15.07*/20-11.25*/4-7/12-8/3:04.30*==2114*; 4. Amanda Moll 14.84*/20-6.25*/4-1.25/12-9/2:51.42*==2112*; 7. Clara Mackison 16.47*/19-10.75*/3-7.25/NM/2:42.43*==1570*; 9. Olivia Kee 18.11*/16-7.75*/3-9.25/11-0*.3:01.90==1354*;10.  Catherine Burnett 22.48*/16-5.75*/3-7.25/9-5/3:21.31==767
11-12B--8. Jaiden Estergard 18.83*/18-2.25/3-7.25/9-5/6:23.39*==837*

6/17/2017--SPS TRACK FESTIVAL--French Field, Kent
PR efforts: * = PR; red = new top 12 mark; purple = club record
7-8B--Ryzen Nunez 200m 36.28*(7); 100m 16.67 (6); LJ 9-8(1)
11-12B--Taylor Neilson  SP 17-11.25*; Jav 61-0*
15-16B--Elliott Clary DT 123-7*

6/15/2017--ALL-COMERS #3--LACEY
* = PR; red = new top 12 mark; purple = club record
11-12B--Jonathan Holcombe LJ 14-2.5
15-16B--Elliott Clary DT 117-3.5
17-18B--Ethan Clary DT 126-0; SP 42-7.5
            Zach Sundt  800m 2:18.44; 3000m 10:16.52
M35--Jesse Stevick 800m 2:08.7; 3000m 9:39.92

6/10/2017--GREAT MARKS AT XTREME--Kent
7-8G--Madelen Gruginski 100m 22.43; 800m 4:02.77
7-8B--Ryzen Nunez 100m 17.09*; 200m 36.11*; LJ 9-4.5
9-10G--Ashlen Gruginski  400m 79.49; 800m 2:59.74; HJ 2-11.25
11-12G--80H--Amanda Moll 15.48*; Hana Moll 16.66; HJ Hana Moll 4-3; LJ Hana Moll 12-11.75*
11-12B--Anthony James 100m 15.13; 200m 32.71; 400m 72.16

6/8/2017--ALL-COMERS #2--St. Martin Univ
* = PR; red = new top 12 mark; purple = club record
9-10B--TJav --Cole Borden 62-5
15-16B--DT--Elliott Clary 111-4
15-16G--DT--Carissa Stovall  122-2
17-18B--1500m--Zack Sundt 4:30.7

* = PR; red = new top 12 mark; purple = club record
7-8G--Ashlei Borden--100m 21.84; LJ 4-7; SP 12-5
15-16G--Carissa Stovall--SP 40-11*(club record); DT 116-3*(club record); Jav 96-0
9-10B--Cole Borden--100m 16.40; 400m 76.88; SP 19-9.25

6/1/2017--ALL-COMERS #1--St. Martin Univ
A large turnout on a dry evening. Full BPS results can be found on the athletic.net website. New top 12 marks were:
7-8 Girls--TurboJav--Ashlei Borden 28-0
9-10 Girls--800m--Ashlen Gruginski 2:53.5               
7-8 Boys--LJ--Ryzen Nunez 10-0; 200m--Ryzen Nunez 37.68
9-10 Boys--TJav--Cole Borden 62-0
11-12 Boys--LJ--Jonathan Holcombe 14-2
17-18 Boys--5000m-Zack Sundt  16:53.1--club record
                SP--Ryan Underland  48-7
M35-- club record in 5000m by Jesse Stevick--16:52.9

5/27/2017--MORE FINE MARKS FROM SK--Port Orchard
* = PR; red = new top 12 mark
11-12G--Amanda Moll--LJ 12-11.5*; 80H 15.23*
            Hana Moll--LJ 13-0.5*; 80H 17.17

* = PR; red = new top 12 mark
Rainier Beach 5/6--Hana Moll--HJ 4-7;
South Kitsap 5/20--Hana Moll 80H 18.54; HJ 4-2; SP 19-4.25*
                              Amanda Moll 80H 16.70; HJ 4-4*; LJ 12-8.25*


12/11/2016--WESLEY RUNS FIRST NATIONAL RACE--Veterans Park, Hoover, Alabama
Wesley Stevick ran well on his first trip to Alabama, finishing in 10:05 for 182nd place in a huge field of 8&U boys.

11/19/2016--REGIONALS YIELD NATIONAL QUALIFIERS--Polo Grounds, West Linn, OR
On a surprisingly sunny day 14 BPS athletes ran their hearts out with five qualifying for Nationals. Top finishers were Clara Mackison in 10th in the 9-10 girls' race and Sam Fleckenstein in 9th in the 15-18 boys' event. Clara was most improved, cutting 40 seconds off her previous best 3K time. Wesley Stevick, alan Penrose, and Gabe Rader-Rice all improved by about 10 seconds.
7-8 Boys--21. Wesley Stevick 9:20
9-10 Girls--10. Clara Mackison 13:02
9-10 Boys--57. Alan Penrose 13:46; 63. Gabe Rader-Rice 14:21
11-12 Boys--76. Jaden O'Hara 12:41
13-14 Boys--39. Jack Van Nuys 15:31; 50. John Bussey 15:51; 61. Parker Weaver 16:10; 69. Sam Grant 16:28; 82. Jordan Ziegler 17:03--TEAM 11th
15-18 Boys--9. Sam Fleckenstein 17:41; 13. Tillie Castro 17:53; 16. Dylan Miller 18:23; 33. Zach Sundt 19:45. 

11/12/2016--ASSOCIATION JO MEET IS WINDY SUCCESS--Woodland Park, Seattle
A cold windy morning saw all 15 BPS runners advance to the Regional meet. Top placer for the girls was Clara Mackison
 with 6th in the 9-10 girls' race and for the boys Jack Van Nuys with 5th in the 13-14 boys' race. Other top ten medalists were Wesley Stevick (7-8B), Tilly Castro. Sam Fleckenstein, and Dylan Miller (all 15-18B).  The 13-14 Boys' team qualified a fine 4th out of 9 teams. Improvements over last year's JO times on the same course wer achieved by Jordan Ziegler (-55s), Sam Grant (-40), Gabe Rader-Rice (-37), John Bussey (-34), Dylan Miller (-31), Wesley Stevick (-29), Jaden O'Hara (-26), Clara Mackison (-11), Tillie Castro (-2).
GIRLS--9-10--6. Clara Mackison 13:42
BOYS--7-8 2K--7. Wesley Stevick 9:30
  9-10 3K--22. Alan Penrose 13:57; 29. Gabe Rader-Rice 14:31
  11-12 3K--29. Jaden O'Hara 12:40
 13-14 4K--5. Jack Van Nuys 15:05; 19. John Bussey 15:39; 29. Sam Grant 15:52; 32. Parker Weaver 15:59; 39. Jordan Ziegler 16:24; 46. Hugh Randall 16:42; TEAM 4th
  15-18 5K--7. Tilly Castro 18:09; 8. Sam Fleckenstein 18:17; 9. Dylan Miller 18:17;  18. Zach Sundt 19:58

Pouring rain did little to dampen the brilliance of 45 finishers in this classic 1.5 mile race. Clara Mackison of Barron Park was the first girl finisher and Beau Fields of Evergreen Christian led the boys. Evergreen Christian handily captured both team titles. Most impressive was the gritty determination of every runner to give it their all in miserable wet and cold. Most improved over 2015 time for Barron Park athletes was Gabe Rader-Rice (-32sec). Also improved were Jaden Ohara (-14s), Joseph Zilla (-14s) and Clara Mackison (-9s).
GIRLS--1. Clara Mackison (B) 10:40; 2. Olivia Myers (E) 10:47; 3. Lauren Wilson (E) 10:53; 4. Selly Beyene (C) 11;02; 5. Sayler Sanne (E) 11:26; 6. Brianna Crites (E) 11:48; 7. Riley Simmons (E) 11:48; 8. Allie Bunn (E) 11:59; 9. Rebecca McMillin-Hastings (B) 12:02; 10. Makena Graves (B) 12:03; 11. Dahlia Bodeutsch (B) 12:07; 12. Leila Chavez (N) 12:07; 13. Diana Hoppe (N) 12:08; 14. Jillian Randolph (C) 12:10; 15. Phoebe Nickum (N) 12:14; 16. Taylor Ames (E) 12:39; 17. Addie Barker (N) 12:52; 18. Annette Lu (N) 13:01; 19. Kara Evans (E) 13:26; 20. Addison Harr (B) 13:30; 21. Lauren Ernsterger (E) 13:38; 22. MaryBeth Johnson (B) 17:14
TEAM-- Evergreen Christian 10; Barron Park 16; Cornerstone Christian 25; Nova 32
BOYS--1. Beau Fields (E) 9:05; 2. Ethan Coleman (E) 9:28; 3. Kylar Carlson (E) 9:32; 4. Parker Weaver (B) 9:32; 5. Zack Schmidt (E) 10:12; 6. Jaden Ohara (B) 10:14; 7. Hunter McKay (E) 10:14; 8. Joseph Zilla (B) 10:16; 9. George Merrifield (N) 10:19; 10. Aspen Gates-Dolio (N) 10:20; 11. Pierce Yates (E) 10:21. 12. Preston Solis (E) 10:57; 13. Gabe Rader-Rice (B) 11:04; 14. Tyler Hagen (B) 11:18; 15. Wesley Stevick (B) 11:28; 16. James Sondgroth (E) 11:31; 17. Spencer Hunter (N) 11:35; 18. Danny Pree (B) 11:41; 19. Elias Rudolph (C) 11:50; 20. Adam Overbay (E) 12:18; 21. Cormac Hunter (E) 13:28; 22. Caleb Harr (B) 13:39; 23. Neil Gray (B) 13:59
TEAM-- Evergreen Christian 6; Barron Park 18; Nova 31

10/12/16--CAPITAL HIGH YOUTH RACE--W. Olympia
Seventeen BPS athletes competed in and finished this 1.19 mile middle school race and looked great in the process despite some wrong turns by several runners. Parker Weaver finished first overall for the guys in a fine racing duel with Jordan Ziegler and 4th grader Clara Mackison was 3rd for the girls. Second-grader Wesley Stevick was 6th in the boys' race.
GIRLS--Clara Mackison 7:56; Makena Graves 8:44; Rebecca McMllin-Hastings 8:44; Dahlia Bodeutsch 9:01; Addison Harr 9:54; Ruby Eichler 10:23; Lily Davis-Voris 14:33
BOYS--Parker Weaver 6:50; Jordan Ziegler 6:55; Joseph Zilla 7:52; Gabe Rader-Rice 8:16; Wesley Stevick 8:20; Austin Arvidson 9:01; Tyler Hagen 10:09; Caleb Harr 10:17; Nathan Pham 10:22; Elliott Arvidson 10:24; Sam Eichler 10:57

Lydia Jack of Community Christian Academy (CCA) and Parker Weaver of Barron Park earned individual honors and CCA took both team titles in a strong showing.
B=Barron Park; CC=CCA: Co=Cornerstone; N=NOVA; U=unattached
GIRLS-- 1. Lydia JacK (CC-8) 6:37; 2. Leila Chavez (N-6) 6:46; 3. Selly Beyene (Co-6) 6:46; 4. Clara Mackison (B-4) 6:59; 5. Madison Ingram (I-?) 7:04; 6. Rebecca McMillin-Hastings (B-6) 7:08; 7. Aris Vetter (N-7) 7:09; 8. Josie Ryder (CC-6) 7:14; 9. Phoebe Nickum (Co-8) 7:24; 10. Janelle Anderson (CC-7) 7:29; 11. Elise Mason (CC-6) 7:31; 12. Rachel Carlson (CC-6) 7:33; 13. Jillian Randolph (Co-5) 7:37; 14. Dahlia Bodeutsch (B-4) 7:58; 15. Abby Herbig (CC-8) 7:59; 16. Makena Graves (B-?) 8:02; 17. Annette Lu (N-7) 8:05; 18. Amelia Gray (B-?) 8:51; 19. Ruby Eichler (B-?); 20. Dahlia Zinn (I-1) 9:45; 21. MaryBeth Johnson (B-?) 11:28----
           TEAM SCORES (top 3 runners score):1. CCA 17; 2. BPS 22; 3. Cornerstone 23; 4. Nova 24
BOYS-- 1. Parker Weaver (B-7) 5:53; 2. Anson Chase (CC-8) 6:12; 3. George Merrifield (N-7) 6:12; 4. Asher Ingram (CC-6) 6:23; 5. Zeek McEwen (CC-5) 6:31; 6. Joseph Zilla (B-6) 6:32; 7. Trent Jensen (CC-7) 6:42; 8. Aspen Cftes-Dolio (N-7) 6:42; 9. Charlie Garrett (B-8) 6:46; 10. Jaden Ohara (B-?) 6:51; 11. Seth Babcock (CC-7) 6:52; 12. Danny Pree (B-6) 7:04; 13. Wesley Stevick (B-2) 7:13; 14. Gabe Rader-Rice (B-4) 7:17; 15. Elias Rudolph (Co-6) 7:19; 16. Andrew Nebergall (CC-6) 7:41; 17. Austin Arvidson (B-?) 7:48; 18. Tyler Hagen (B-?) 7:50; 19. Elliott Arvidson (B-?) 7:57; 20. Theodore Funk (CC-6) 8:49; 21. Nathan Pham (B-?) 8:54; 22. Neil Gray (B-?) 9:08; 23. Sam Eichler (B-?) 9:12; 24. Collin Wood (CC-8) 9:23; 25. Jack Kesler (I-?) 11:37; 26. Orin Zinn (I-4yo) 11:53; 27. 27. Alex Penrose (B-4yo) 12:17; 28. Jacob Turner (I-?) 14:27
TEAM SCORES (top 3 runners score): 1. CCA 9; 2. BPS 13; Cornerstone, Nova Inc; 


Fellowship reigned on the SMU track this beautiful Sunday afternoon as 18 hopefuls did at least one event and 6 warriors completed all ten events.
Scott Copeland--13.8/13-11/26-4/4-2.5/71.0//22.2(36)/74-10/6-11/98-11/8:57.0//2241(4252 age-graded)
Franklin Chang--13.3/17-4/31-10/5-2.5/65.0//19.1(33)/69-6/7-5/102-4/6:17.3//3298
Jesse Stevick--13.2/16-2/26-2/5-2.5/56.5//16.9(36)/82-0/9-4/135-4/4:38.6//4467
Cassidy Stevick--15.4/12-9/28-10/4-4.5/90.9//20.2(30)/74-0/6-11/104-4/8:16.4//2925
Autumn Stevick--15.0/12-5/26-5/4-4.5/71.7//19.1(30)/68-5/6-5/85-10/6:21.9//3470
Joseph Stevick--13.2/15-0/29-10/5-4.5/62.7//17.1(30)/86-3/8-5/121-3/4:44.6//4172
Wesley Stevick--19.5/8-2/12-6/3-0.5/95.8//23.8/17-10/N/28-0/6:55.5//412
Colby Wilson--13.8/14-11/26-11/4-8.5/74.0//20.9(33)/94-6/7-11/102-3/N//2691
Vic Carpenter--14.0/13-7/26-8/4-2.5/63.9//N/60-8/NH/102-7/4:48.5//2608
Casey Stevick--12.5/18-7/40-8/N//N/N/N/N/N//2254
Gemma Stevick--28.0/N/5-4/N/2:20.1//33.0/N/N/5-2/N//0
Ryan Underland--13.0/15-0/45-7/N/N//N/N/N/N/N//1455
Carol Stevick--N/N/N/N/90.9
Meagan Stevick--31.7/N/N/N/N
Chris Haugen--N/N/16-9/N/N
Andy Prentice--N/N/N/N/N//N/53-8/
Drew Stevick--N/N/N/3-2.5/N//N/57-2/
Brian --N/N/N/N/N//N/N/N/171-8/

Sixteen fine athletes performed well in the heat, earning fellowship and a fine hot dog lunch. Jonathan Holcombe topped the boys with the all-time 23rd highest CBPIP point total and Emily Dennin led the girls. Jonathan also leapt to the longest 11yoB long jump in CBPIP history. Other new "top 50" marks set:
LJ--Jonathan Holcombe 13-2; Ethan Perkins 10-8; SP--Jonathan 28-5; HJ--Jonathan 3-10; Cooper Campbell 3-8; Eli Denning 3-6; 400m--Jonathan 80s; Points--Jonathan 4396; Pts/Age--Malachi Vuong 33.59; Wesley Stevick 33.54; Pts/H+W-- Jonathan 32.09
Audrey Midles 1-10/15.0/3-10/3-2/2:41/1343; Abby Midles 2-2/14.4/3-0/3-4/2:51/1456; Gemma Stevick 1-10/13.9/5-5/3-2/2:21/1572; Alina Li 2-6/11.1/8-6/4-3/2:12/2251; Katie Dennin 2-4/9.9/14-6/8-2/1:55/2862; Emily Dennin 3-0/9.8/9-6/8-3//1:54/2963; Esther Vuong 3-0/9.6/13-3/7-0/1:56/2960; Emma Hughes 2-4/9.2/14-4/6-10/1:36/2892; Malachi Vuong 2-8/9.2/15-8/8-2/1:39/3124; Wesley Stevick 2-10/9.4/11-0/8-0/1:41/3120; Nathan Pham 3-0/8.9/12-3/8-10/1:36/3360; Jason Hughes 3-2/8-6/18-7/9-2/1:33/3512; Eli Denning 3-6/9.0/18-2/8-1/1:44; Cooper Campbell 3-8/9.2/16-8/8-10/1:58/3452/zethan Perkins 3-0/8.7/22-2/10-8/1:29/3680; Jonathan Holcombe 3-10/8.0/28-5/13-2/1:20/4396

7/27,28/2016--CARISSA PRs AT NATIONALS--Sacramento State Univ.
IG Carissa Stovall put the shot a lifetime best, the #3 all-time BPS distance for a fine 18th of 47 throwers. BG Clara Mackison was off her best with illness.
9-10G--Clara Mackison Jav 47-1
15-16G--Carissa Stovall  SP 36-0*

M55 Scott Copeland--50m 7.21; 100m 13.21; 200m 27.74; JT 32.36m; LJ 14-7

A very competitive JO Regional meet produced some fine efforts on the part of BPS athletes as well as the usual heartbreaks which are part of sport. BG Clara Mackison had another fine turbojav session to garner the bronze medal and a trip to Sacramento. YB Colby Wilson earned the only other top 3 medal with a fine 3rd in the hurdles and also qualified in 4th with a BPS top 12 triple jump. IG Carissa Stovall had a fine shot put toss just off her best for a  5th place qualifier. Just missing were Clara Mackison with fine 1500m (6th) and 800m (7th) efforts, Caliely Adams in the 100m (7th), Taylor Neilson in the 400m (6th) and Carissa Stovall in the discus (6th).
7-8G--Abigail Kee Jav 19-7
7-8B--Wesley Stevick 1500m 6:44.38
9-10G--Caliely Adams 100m 15.25/15.10 (7), 200m 31.94; Clara Mackison 800m 2:51.12 (7), 1500m 5:51.88 (6), Jav 65-1 (3), Triathlon 727pts*(6)(17-4/3-7.25/33.25)
9-10B--Taylor Neilson 400m 71.98 (6)
11-12G--Olivia Kee Jav 52-5
11-12B--Jonathan Holcombe LJ 13-2.75
13-14B--Colby Wilson Pent (16.24/32-1.5/5-3/15-3.25/5:36.40) = 2328pts (5), TJ 35-1*(4), 100H 15.74 (3)
15-6G--Carissa Stovall SP 35-8.5 (5), DT 101-2 (6), Jav 89-9

6/29/2016--ALL-COMERS #5--Tumwater HS
see athletic.net for all of Barron Park marks and runoly.com for all raw results
New top 12 marks:
8UG--LJ Ashlen Gruginski 9-1.5; 8UB--Jav Malachi Vuong 38-9; 9-10B Jav Eli Denning 73-2, Brady Bearse 62-8, Jason Hughes 47-4; 11-12G 80H Amanda Moll 15.83; HJ Hana Moll 4-8, Amanda Moll 4-2; Jav Olivia Kee 64-5; 13-14G Jav Gretchen Stottlemyre 66-0

Twelve athletes qualified for JO Regionals with top 8 finishes, 13 top 12 marks were established, and lots of medals were earned despite this being a very well-attended meet. Earning golds were Hana Moll in the HJ and Carissa Stovall in the discus. Marks (red = top 12, * = PR, () = top 8 place
8UG--Abigail Kee Jav 24-8*(5)
8UB--Wesley Stevick 1500m 7:02.41
9-10G--Clara Mackison 800m 2:49.42 (4); 1500m 5:46.75*(3), Jav 67-3*(2)
           Caliely Adams 100m 14.70*/14.76 (5), 200m 31.81*/31.56*(6); 400m 74.70*(8)
9-10B--Taylor Neilson 200m 32.60*, 400m 71.00*(4), Jav 61-9
11-12G--Olivia Kee 800m 3:02.64, 80H 17.83, Jav 47-9*(5)
             Amanda Moll 80H 16.00*(8), LJ 11-10.5 (8), HJ 4-1*(5)
             Hana Moll 80H 16.46*, LJ 12-8.75 (6), HJ 4-3 (1)
11-12B--Jonathan Holcombe LJ 12-10 (4)
              James Sondgroth HJ 4-1 (t4)
13-14G--Naomi Adams 100m 13.58, 200m 28.39*, 400m 74.03
13-14B--Colby Wilson 100H 15.47*(2), TJ 34-10.5*(2), HJ 5-3 (2)
15-16G--Carissa Stovall SP 35-10*((2); DT 111-0 (1), Jav 100-3 (30

6/22/2016--ALL-COMERS #4
See athletic.net for BPS results and "Marks of Note" for new top 12 marks
Club Record 7-8B Jav--Sam Rigg  50-8

6UG--Gemma 2.5; 8UG--Kailyn 11.5, Lowan 15.5,Olivia 29, Katie 29.5, Abigail 56; 9-10G--Mary 22, Esther 55, Adeline 83, Jenna 144, Clara 153, Caliely 163; 11-12G--Eden 124; Claire 124, Katelyn 160, Lilly 166, Olivia 176; 13-14G--Naomi 244
6UB--Adam 2.5, Keenan 2.5; 8UB--Ari 8.5, Gavin 34, Wesley 38.5, Malachi 45, Sam 63.5; 9-10B--Jason 77, Nathan 84, Eli 88, Gabe 98, Cooper C 142; 11-12B--Stephen 129,Justin 158, Jonathan 224

6/18/2016--SOUTH PUGET SOUND T&F FESTIVAL--Sunset Stadium, Sumner
Eleven athletes produced a veritable load of PRs, top 12 marks, ribbons and medals as well as a new 15-16G Discus record by Carissa Stovall.
7-8G--Abigail Kee--100m 21.19; 400m 1:46.03*; LJ 4-7
9-10G--Caliely Adams 100m 15.35*(4); 200m 32.7h(3)
9-10B--Taylor Neilson  400m 74.22*(4), 200m 33.5h, TJav 62-6*(7)
11-12G--Hana Moll HJ 4-3; 80H 17.85(6), LJ 11-11.5(3); Amanda Moll 80H 17.69 (5), LJ 10-9.5(8), HJ 3-11(3); Olivia Kee     80H 17.35*(3), 100m 15.99, 400m 76.33
11-12B--Jonathan Holcombe 100m 14.59*, LJ 13-2(3)
13-14G--Naomi Adams 100m 13.94/13.72*(6); 200m 28.9h(t7); Alana Lewis 200m 36.4h
13-14B--Alec Lewis 400m 60.71*(5); 200m 27.3(6)
15-16G--Carissa Stovall SP 34-4.5(1); DT 115-0*(1); Jav 102-11(1)

6/15/2016--ALL-COMERS #3--Tumwater HS
Marks can be found at athletic.net. New  top 12 marks:
1600m: 7-8B--Wesley Stevick 7:28.9
HJ:  7-8B--Nate McBride 3-0
TJav: 7-8G--Ashlen Gruginski 24-6
         9-10B--Taylor Neilson 58-10
3000m: 13-14B--John Bussey 11:56.0

All six Barron Park athletes finished in the top 8 in their divisions to qualify for JO Regionals. Clara Jackson posted three top 12 marks in the process.
9-10 G Triathlon (SP/HJ/200m)--Clara Mackison 17-7/3-3.25/32.61 = 687pts(7)
11-12 G Pentathlon (80H/SP/HJ/LJ/800m)--Hana Moll 17.77/17-6/4-5/12-5/3:05.03 = 1657pts(4)
                    Amanda Moll 17.39/17-9/3-9/11-9/3:01.26 = 1498pts(5)
11-12 B Pentathlon (80H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)--James Sondgroth 17.39/20-10/4-3/11-10/6:26.82 =1210pts(4)
                   Joseph Zilla  16.74/15-5/3-9/11-5/5:56.87 = 1185pts(5)
13-14 B Pentathlon (100H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)--Colby Wilson 15.96/29-7/5-1.25/15-10/5:31.25 = 2342pts(2)
Results to follow

6/8/2016--BARRON PARK ALL-COMERS #2--Tumwater HS
Marks can be found at athletic.net. New top 12 marks are:
1500m: 7-8--Sam Rigg 7:20.7
Jav: 7-8B--Malachi Vuong 37-1; Hans Bergford 33-7
        9-10G--Lucy Bergford 37-8; Claire Johnson 35-11
New club records:
SP:  W45--Annie Zilla 26-10
Jay:  W45--Annie Zilla 73-1

6/1/2016--BARRON PARK AC#1--Tumwater HS
Marks can be found at athletic.net . New top 12 marks are:
100m: MiniB--Jeremiah Prince 21.36; 
200m: 7-8G--Ashlen Gruginski 39.11; MiniG--Madelen Gruginski 55.97
400m:  MiniG--Madelen Gruginski 2:07.66
800m:  7-8B--Sam Rigg 3:45.38
1600m:  9-10G--Clara Mackison 6:19.20; 11-12B--Joseph Zilla 5:59.80; 13-14B--John Bussey 5:34.20
TJav:  7-8B--Nate McBride 30-7, Malachi Vuong 29-2; 9-10B--Eli Denning 52-9; 9-10G--Lucy Bergford 37-3; MiniG--Madelen Gruginski 11-10
HJ: 11-12G--Hana Moll 4-6; 7-8G Ashlen Gruginski 2-10

DT:  17-18B--Ryan Underland 156-7

 3/4-5/2016--SCOTT EARNS NATIONAL MEDALS--Albuquerque, NM
Scott Copeland turned in some fine marks at the USATF National Indoor meet, earning medals in the LJ and TJ and setting a new club record in the 60m.
Marks: LJ 15-1.5 (5th); TJ 28-2.5; 60m 8.55; 200m 28.63


Seven Striders ran hard at elevation led by IBs Tilly Castro and Dylan Miller, both of whom finished in the top quarter of their race.
9-10B--200. Nate Klingelhoffer 14:01
11-12B--177, Cody Klingelhoffer 12:26
15-16B--46. Tilly Castro 18:29; 49. DylanMiller 18:39; 66. Eric Rucshner 18:48; 196. Nick Rossi 21:01; 201. Alex Donner 21:52 (TEAM 14th)

Led by YB Sam Fleckenstein with his fine 4th place finish, all 19 Barron Park runners looked good on this unique desert trail course. On a very cold clear day an impressive 18 improved on their Association times. Most improved was BB Gabe Rader-Rice (-1:40.) Qualifying with Fleckenstein (-0:56) for Nationals were BG Clara Mackison (-0:31) in 18th, BB Nate Klingelhoffer (-1:23!) in 20th, MB Cody Klingelhoffer (-0:23) in 21st, and the IB team of Tillie Castro (7th/-0:35), Eric Rucshner (23rd/-0:58), Dylan Miller (24th/-0:23), Nick Rossi (26th/-0:47), and Alex Donner (-0:28) earning a Team 4th. The YB team just missed with a 6th place finish.
7-8B--35. Wesley Stevick 10:20
9-10G--18. Clara Mackison 13:22
9-10B--20. Nate Klingelhoffer 12:20; 60. Gabe Rader-Rice 13:48; 61. Alan Penrose 13:50
11-12B--22. Cody Klingelhoffer 11:24; 86. Danny Pree 12:55
13-14G--66. Grace Playstead  17:29
13-14B--4. Sam Fleckenstein 13:39; 42. Cade Fischer 14:49; 66, John Bussey 15:54; 67. Hugh Randall 15:59; 68. Sam Grant 16:03; 73. Jordan Ziegler 16:39; -----TEAM 6th
15-16B--7. Tillie Castro 17:36; 23. Eric Rucshner 18:24; 24. Dylan Miller 18:25; 26. Nick Rossi 18:47; 34. Alex Donner 20:41; -----TEAM 4th

Nineteen Barron Park athletes qualified for Regionals and all ran fine races in wet and muddy conditions. Both YB and IB teams qualified. Top individual finishes were turned in by MB Cody Klingelhoffer and IB Tillie Castro with 6th place finishes in their age groups. BG Clara Mackison and YB Sam Fleckenstein both had fine 7th place finishes. Most improved athletes who ran the same distance last year were Cody Klingelhoffer (-26s), Jaden O'Hara (-24s), Cade Fischer (-14s), and Nate Klingelhoffer (-10s)
7-8B 2k--16. Wesley Stevick 9:59
9-10G 3k--7. Clara Mackison 13:53
9-10B 3k--17. Nate Klingelhoffer 13:43; 30. Gabe Rader-Rice 15:08; 31.Alan Penrose 15:08
11-12B 3k--6.Cody Klingelhoffer 11:47; 32.Danny Pree 12:42; 38. Jaden O'Hara 13:06
13-14G 4k--34. Grace Playstead 17:45
13-14B 4k--7.Sam Fleckenstein 14:33; 20. Cade Fischer 15:24; 33. John Bussey 16:13; 34. Hugh Randall 16:15; 36. Sam Grant 16:32; 39. Jordan Ziegler 17:19; TEAM 4th
15-16B 5k 6. Tillie Castro 18:11; 13. Dylan Miller 18:48; 19.Eric Ruchshner 19:22; 21. Nick Rossi 19:38; 28.Alex Donner 21:09; TEAM 3rd

10/31/2015--CLARA AND SAM RUN RAIN CITY--Woodland Park, Seattle
BG Clara Mackison ran a strong 4th in her 1st 3k race and YB Sam Grant ran a strong time in his first 4k as they both previewed the upcoming JO courses.
BG 3k--Clara 13:53(4)
YB 4k--Sam  17:29(12)

10/31 Monster Dash 5k--Marshall MS--3rd overall--Danny Pree; 4th overall--Jordan Ziegler; 1st Girl--Grace Playstead
11/1 Turn Back the Clock 5k--Lacey--1st 14U--Cade Fischer 19:10; 2nd 14U--John Bussey 21;18; 4th 14U Hugh Randall 21:45

Bruce would have loved this demonstration of heart by  36 runners, led by Grace Playstead in a repeat for the girls and John Bussey for the guys. Capital took the girls' team title and Barron Park the boys'. Most improved over 2014 for the girls was Gemma Stevick (-1:17) and for the boys was Wesley Stevick (-4:04!). Other improved runners were Alan Penrose (-52), John Bussey (-44), Melissa Even (-40), Danny Pree (-39), Sam Grant (-37), Jordan Ziegler (-36), Clara Mackison (33), and Quinn Murry (-9).
GIRLS--1. Grace Playstead(C) 10:19; 2. Melissa Even(C) 10:37; 3. Clara Mackison(B) 10:49; 4. Emma Gorell(C) 11:12; 5. Christina Spinharney(B) 12:16; 6. Johanna Zilla(B) 12:48; 7. Alyssa Gonzales(B) 12:55; 8. Annette Lu(N) 13:24; 9. Aalyna Gonzales(B) 15:00; 10. Kate Winans(N) 16:19; 11. Adi Purtteman(N) 16:40; 12. Gemma Stevick(B) 18:07; 13. Scarlett Graham(B) 18:27; 14. Lily Davis-Voris(B) 22:14; DNF Ruby Teabo(B)
TEAM--Capital 7, Barron Park 14, Nova 29
BOYS--1. John Bussey(N) 9:34; 2. Sam Grant(B) 9:39; 3. Jordan Ziegler(B) 9:59; 4. Aspen Cates-Doglio(N) 10:05; 5. Danny Pree(B) 10:12; 6. Jaden O'Hara(B) 10:28; 7. Joseph Zilla(B) 10:30; 8. Spencer Hunter(N) 10:32; 9. Eddie Winkley(U) 11:00;; 10. Quinn Murry(N) 11:03; 11. Alan Penrose(B) 11:07; 12. Wesley Stevick(B) 11:27; 13. Gabe Rader-Rice(B) 11:36; 14. Clyde Ulvenes(B) 11:37; 15. James Bussey(B) 11:37; 16. Grant Winkley(B) 12:17; 17. Evan Glasgow(N) 16:28; 18. Andrew Penrose(B) 18:11; DNF Ben Golliet(N), Peter Stull(B), Alex Penrose(B)
TEAM--Barron Park 10, Nova 13

10/10/2015--MATT RUNS FIRST 4K AT CASCADE--Wilburton Park, Bellevue
YB 4k--Matt Jasperson 19:59

10/3/2015--CLARA 5TH, SAM 11TH AT AUTUMN CLASSIC--5 mile Park, Federal Way
BG Clara Mackison finished a fine 5th in her first 3K race. YB Sam Grant ran his first 4k and came in a strong 11th.

9/30/2015--PIONEER PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL 2.4K--Tumwater
Sam Grant (-19)and John Bussey (-36)both ran faster than last year on the same course and the first-timers all ran well.
GIRLS--Christina Spinharney 11:58
BOYS--Sam Grant 9:50; Danny Pree 10:40; Matt Jasperson 10:41
Runners competing for schools--Cody Klingelhoffer 9:07; John Bussey 9:34; Caitlin Gappert 10:56

9/25/2015--OLY XC 1 MILER A ROUSING SUCCESS--LBA Park, Olympia
With only a week of practice behind them, all 20 BPS runners ran well. Clara Mackison led the BPS girls and Sam Grant the boys. Comparisons with last year's best times on the same course showed Wesley Stevick with a huge 1:14 improvement. Also running personal bests were John Bussey (-22), Jordan Ziegler (-18), Danny Pree (-18), Sam Grant (-10), and Matt Jasperson (-1). The boys' team took 2nd and the girls 3rd.
Community Christian Academy = C; Evergreen Christian = E; Shelton = S; Nova = N; Barron Park = B; Jefferson=J; Unattached =U
BOYS--1.Noah Phillips(E8) 5:27; 2. Garrett McSheffrey(C8) 5:29; 3. John Bussey(N8) 6:06; 4. Braden Macalevy(S8) 6:06; 
5.Kody Luther(S7) 6:09; 6.Angel Encarnacion(S8) 6:18; 7.Sam Grant(B7) 6:19; 8.Anthony Kogut(B8) 6:29; 9.Christian Dunk(C8) 6:29; 10.Danny Pree (B5) 6:31; 11.Cameron Macalevy(S8) 6:33; 12.Jordan Ziegler(B7) 6:33; 13.Noah Mayes(S5) 6:34; 14.Ollie Kramer(N6) 6:36; 15.Aspen Cates-Doglio(N?) 6:39; 16.Brock Knowles(S8) 6:41; 17.Matthew Jasperson(B7) 6:50; 18.Aaron Boothe(S8) 7:04; 19.Derek Parker(S7) 7:07; 20.Andrew Johnson(C8) 7:09; 21.Brody Knowles(S8) 7:11; 22.Daniel Dominguez(C7) 7:15; 23.Quinn Murry(N7) 7:15; 24.Asher Ingram(C5) 7:17; 25.Cameron VanHoose(S8) 7:19; 26.Ryan Wiles(S8) 7:19; 27.Drew O'Derick(U8) 7:22; 28.Alec Peterson(C5) 7:38; 29.Michael Gilman(S7) 7:39; 30.Nate Ostheller(S8) 7:41; 31.Davis Yates(C7) 7:41; 32.Preston Solis(B4) 7:41; 33.Wesley Stevick(B1) 7:45; 34.Matias Babcock(C8) 7:47; 35.Jaxon Wade(C5) 7:57; 36.Grant Winkley(B6) 7:59; 37.Gabriel Rader-Rice(B3) 8:01; 38.Clyde Ulvenes(B2) 8:02; 39.Timothy Renfrow(C8) 8:06; 40.Justin Wine(S7) 8:07; 41.Ben Golliet(N?) 8:15; 42.Justin Iocca(S7) 8:45; 43.David Johnson(C7) 8:48; 44.Peter Stull(B3) 8:57; 45.Hudson Hall(E5) 9:38; 46.Ryan Sunderland(S6) 9:55; 47.Andrew Nebergall(B3) 10:05; 48.Dillon Yonker(B4) 10:31; 49.Jack Kessler(U5) 12:04; 50.Michael Peak(S6) 12:26
TEAM SCORES(top 3)--1.S-12; 2.B-22; 3.C-28; 4.N-29; Inc-E,J
GIRLS--1.Nea Moffett(S8) 6:33; 2.Melissa Even(J8) 6:48; 3.Lydia Jack(C7) 6:52; 4.Lanina Fraser(C8) 7:08; 5.Emma Gorrell(J7) 7:14; 6.Clara Mackison(B3) 7:32; 7.Jacalynn Tague(C8) 7:39; 8.Emma Gordham(S8) 7:51; 9.Elise Mason(C5) 7:53; 10.Rachel Carlson(C5) 7:59; 11.Rebecca McMillin-Hastings(B5) 8:00; 12.Marie Marbet(S6) 8:07; 13.Alyssa Gonzales(B3) 8:26; 14.Kayla Fleshman(S7) 8:53; 15.Alli Sachs(S6) 8:53; 16.Brenna Puckett(S6) 8:59; 17.Remyalynn Saldana(C8) 9:16; 18.Mily Sachs(U6) 10:11; 19.Rowan Scholl(B2) 10:16; 20.Scarlett Graham(B2) 10:28; 21.Ridley McDonald(B2) 10:43; 22.Anya Deutscher(U5) 10:49; 23.Kyra Deutscher(U3) 12:04; 24.Grace Sandage(U4) 12:20; 25.Lily Davis-Voris(B2) 12:29
TEAM SCORES(top 3)--1.C-11; 2.S-17; 3.B-24; Inc-J

TRACK 2015

Another fine day of fellowship and athletic endeavors with surprisingly little rain comprised the 12th Annual One-Day Decathlon. Pizza was a well-earned reward following after lots of Toby Trail Mix and Volcano Energy Drink were consumed during the 7 hour competition. Ten athletes completed all ten events and six others competed in 6 to 9 events. Implements were age-appropriate; hurdle races were self-selected with survival a consideration.
(100m/LJ/SP/HJ/400m//Hur/DT/PV/JT/1500m==raw score)--distances metric
Matt Hankins--13.0/4.83/7.39/1.49/63.5//18.5(100-30)/17.54/1.30/35.05/6:29.0==3024
Joey Keeton--12.7/5.21/9.52/1.58/57.9//20.0(110-42)/22.94/3.80/32.23/5:32.0==4230
Michael Holland--12.2/5.48/8/83/1.64/55.3//18.3(110-42)/26.85/NH/33.98/5:09.5==4276
Matt Dunford--13.4/4/94/6.97/1.49/60.8//18.9(100-30)/18.30/3.50/26.25/5:20.9==3639
Jesse Stevick--13.3/4.71/8.11/1.54/57.1//21.1(110-42)/24.35/2.85/36.16/4:38.4==4015
Jay Ruuska--13.8/4.59/7.30/1.44/64.1/19.9(110-39)/16.29/2.35/24.49/6:57.7==2614
Chris Neilson--14.3/4.50/9.05/1.39/67.3//23.5(110-39)/17.16/2.04/25.61/6:03.4==2432
Sunny DeBoer--15.5/3.85/6.33/1.29/77.0//27.0(100-30)/12.23/NH/13.02/6:47.9==2059
Cassidy Stevick--15.0/4.08/10.03/1.33/2:38.7*//20.3(100-30)/20.00/2.20/32.73/9:01.3==3067
Autumn Stevick--37.1*/3.56/8.39/1.29/86.6//19.7(100-30)/18.15/2.04/24.97/6:40.2==2521
Everett Ruuska--12.9/4.00/7.19/1.44/70.0//22.9(100-30)/19.17/NH/22.0/X==2036
Wesley Stevick--28.0/1.87/3.36/0.79/97.3//25.1(100-mini)/4.59(0.6)/X/6.57/7:25.9==188
Drew Stevick--20.1/2.10/6.59/0.99/1:54.4//X/17.41/X/X/X==584
Taylor Neilson--X/X/X/X/X//X/X/X/16.38/X==113
Callie Walker--X/X/10.26/1.24/81.9//26.6(100-30)/26.44/X/41.00/X==2059
Gemma Stevick--37.1*/0.86/1.04/X/2:38.7*//44.1(100-Mini)/1.41(0.6)/X/1.79/X==0

YG Carissa Stovall put the exclamation point on a great season by claiming the 6th place discus medal with a fine series of throws. She also put the shot for 18th. BGs Hana and Amanda Moll had their first taste of National competition to cap off their fine seasons and competed well in the HJ, taking 17th and 20th respectively.
BG--Amanda Moll HJ 3-9.25; Hana Moll HJ 3-11.25
YG--Carissa Stovall SP 36-9.75; DT 105-7 (6)

7/18/2015--JASON GOES GOLDEN AT KITSAP--Silverdale
SB Jason Hughes won three events, including a PR 400m at the inaugural Kitsap Invite.
--100m 18.50, 400m 96.88, TJav 34-2
Scott Copeland posted great marks, including a new 50m club record, after a long rehab for a hamstring pull and, of major importance, left the track unaided.
50m 7.15, 100m 13.18, 200m 28.19, LJ 14-7.5, JT 100-7

BG Amanda Moll leapt to a Saturday BPS gold with a clutch HJ effort, equalling her PR on her way to Florida. With the top five placers earning National JO slots, BG Hana Moll took the bronze medal in the HJ after a narrow National miss in 6th in the LJ. YG Carissa Stovall continued her fine season with a huge PR SP bronze medal throw on Saturday, then returned on Sunday to claim the second BPS gold with a nice discus toss. After a somewhat disappointing Multis attempt despite reasonable marks, YB Colby Wilson came through in the open HJ with some clutch clearances, equalling his PR to earn the silver and Nationals. He PRd in the TJ on Sunday, narrowly missing a National berth in 6th. BG Clara Mackison earned National slots Saturday in both the 1500m and the Turbojav, a bronze in the former and a fine PR silver in the jav; she qualified in her third event, the 800m in Sunday in 5th, a significant accomplishment especially in her first year in the age group.  MB Cody Klingelhoffer ran a nice BPS top 12 1500m PR in a very tough field. YB Cade Fischer competed well in the PV, HJ and 200H, all just off his PRs. IB Eric Rucshner took 7th in a strong field of javelin throwers. BG Catherine Burnett notched a 200m PR in her first Regional effort in the Multis triathlon.
SB--Jason Hughes TJav 30-4
BG--Catherine Burnett Tri (11-8.25/3-3.25/39.16*)=304; Amanda Moll LJ 11-7.5(8), HJ 3-11.25 (1); Hana Moll LJ 12-0.25 (6), HJ 3-7.25 (3); Clara Mackison 800m 2:53.27 (5), 1500m 5:55.01 (3); TJav 66-4*(2)
MB--Cody Klingelhoffer 1500m 5:14.94*
YB--Colby Wilson Pent (16.43/27-6.75/5-1/15-5/x)=NS, 100H 16.73, TJ 32-6.5, HJ 5-5 (2); Cade Fischer 200H 30.91, TJ 29-8.75, HJ 4-5, PV 7-0
YG--Carissa Stovall SP 37-6.5*(3), DT 100-7 (1)
IB--Eric Rucshner JT 99-9 (7)

6/27/2015--JO DAY #1--BPS ATHLETES RISE TO OCCASION--Chief Sealth, W. Seattle
Lots of PRs, medals, Regional qualifications, and a great club record marked the first hot day of the annual classic. BG Hana Moll continued her fine season with gold medal jumps in the HJ and LJ, the latter breaking her own club record handily. YB Cade Fischer tuned his first PV competition into a gold medal top 12 leap and also qualified with a 200H PR and in the HJ. BG Clara Mackison ran a great evenly paced 1500m for the bronze medal and 5th all-time BPS. MB Cody Klingelhoffer also ran a fine PR 1500m for a bronze medal and a solid BPS top 12 time. IB Eric Rucshner threw the javelin for a PR and earned a clutch silver medal in the process. YB Colby Wilson also turned some exquisite HJ form into a silver in his first effort in the new age group.BG Amanda Moll qualified easily in both jumps just off her bests. YG Carissa Stovall earned a fine shot put silver. YB Naomi Adams and BG Caliely Adams both sprinted to PR BPS top 12 100m times in tough competition.
Despite the excitement of a lightning delay, BPS athletes stayed on subject. YG Carissa held true to form with a nice discus throw for the gold. BG Clara Mackison had a great day with two silvers in the jav and 800m, the latter an impressive BPS #5 all-time. SB Jason Hughes responded to his first big meet with a PR jav toss to qualify. YBs Colby Wilson and Cade Fischer both notched top 12 TJ marks for 2nd and 4th respectively; Colby also qualified in the short hurdles with a nice 3-step effort. IB Eric Rucshner leapt to a nice LJ PR.
SB--Jason Hughes JT 40-2*(4)
BG--Caliely Adams 100m 15.57*, 200m 34.72; Clara Mackison 800m 2:47.29*(2), 1500m 5:48.49*(3), JT 57-9 (2); Amanda Moll LJ 11-5.75 (6), HJ 3-9.25 (3); Hana Moll LJ 12-9.5*(1), HJ 4-1.25 (1)
MB--Cody Klingelhoffer 1500m 5:16.16*(3)
YG--Naomi Adams 100m 13.79*, 200m 29.55; Carissa Stovall SP 35-7.75 (2), DT 102-11 (1)
YB--Cade Fischer 200H 30.69*(7), HJ 4-3 (5), TJ 31-10*(4) PV 7-0.5*(1); Colby Wilson 100H 16.50 (5), TJ 32-5.5*(2), HJ 5-3 (2)
IB--Eric Rucshner 1500m 4:38.40, LJ 16-8.5*, JT 106-9*(2) 

6/25/2015--ALL-COMERS #4--Tumwater HS
BPS results at athletic.net . Top 12 marks and club records:
200m--YG Naomi Adams 29.07
800m--BG Clara Mackison 2:02.40
100H--YB Colby Wilson 15.99
LJ--M40 Chris Neilson 16-3
SP--IB Ryan Underland 32-5
DT--YG Carissa Stovall 109-1; IB Ryan Underland 125-0
JT--MiniB Kaedan Wendler 22-11; BG Athena Moore 54-0; BG Sienna Moore 36-8; BG Catherine Burnett 33-6; MG Jada LaGuerre 39-10; IB Ryan Underland 135-0

The fine marks by Barron Park athletes continued in Sumner. YG Carissa Stovall took the gold medals in the shot and discus, the latter a club record as she reached the century mark. BGs Hana and Amanda Moll continued to accumulate medals with great jumping while IB Eric Rucshner PRd in the 1500m, LJ, and jav, earning gold in the latter. MG Kendall McBride hurdled to a bronze medal and BG Ahsha Smiedala earned a 1500m silver in PR time. YB Carson Amendt took the bronze in a fast group of 100m runners in BPS top 12 time and MB Jason Norberg PR'd in the 200m.
BG--Amanda Moll LJ 11-6 (5), HJ 3-9 (2); Hana Moll 12-2 (2), HJ 4-1.25 (1); Ahsha Smiedala 800m 3:25.84 (6), 6:51.44*(2)
MG--Kendall McBride 80H 17.24 (3), 100m 16.30*, LJ 8-2.5
YG--Carissa Stovall SP 35-6.25 (1), DT 100-0*(1)
MB--Jason Norberg 100m 15.61, 200m 32.30*
YB--Carson Amendt 100m 12.78*/12.74*(3)
IB--Eric Rucshner 1500m 4:37.04*(4), LJ 16-6.5*(4), Jav 104-7*(1)

6/18/2015--ALL-COMERS #3--Tumwater HS
Full Barron Park results at athletic.net . New top 12 marks/club records:
100m--MG Naomi Adams 14.22
400m--Mini-BB Kaeden Wendler 1:56.03; Caleb Burnett 2:01.29
5K--M35 Jesse Stevick 16:23.8 
Jav--Mini-BB Kaeden Wendler 19-7; SBB Malaki Jenkins 24-2; SBG--Ashlen Gruginski 25-6; BG--Lilly Hamilton 35-10, Sienna Moore 35-0, Athena Moore 45-3, Hannah Berschauer 38-5; MG Kendall McBride 40-3, Taya DuWors 32-10; YB Carson Amendt 112-11

6/17/2015--STRIDERS IMPRESSIVE AT FUTURE STARS MEET-- Sparks Stadium, Puyallup
A gorgeous evening meet was the setting for many fine BPS performances as all six participating BPS athletes made it to the podium for top 6 awards. They were led by BGs Hana and Amanda Moll, who claimed the gold and silver medals respectively in the standing LJ and the 100m. Hana's 100m time put her on the all-time BPS top 12 list.BG Olivia Kee had two big PR runs including a fine 4th place effort in the 400m.  BB Stephen Simmons showed fine grit and speed in winning his 100m heat and finished a great 5th overall; he also turned in a huge 200m PR for 4th. SB Wesley Stevick had significant PRs in both the 400m and turbojav, earning the bronze in the latter. MB Jason Norberg earned his trip to the podium with a nice PR 6th in the 200m.
SB--Wesley Stevick 400m 1:40.44*, TJav 28-8*
BG--Amanda Moll 100m 15.93*(2), SLJ 5-9.5 (2); Hana Moll 100m 15.53* (1), SLJ 5-11.5 (1); Olivia Kee 200m 35.99*, 400m 80.43*(4)
BB--Stephen Simmons 100m 16.04 (5), 200m 36.13*(4)
MB--Jason Norberg 100m 15.35, 200m 32.61*(6)

In an undersubscribed event BG Catherine Burnett and YB Colby Wilson both qualified in the JO Combined Events competition. Colby earned an uncontested gold medal with some fine marks which included a #3 all-time BPS HJ. Catherine had SP and 200m PRs.
BG--Catherine Burnett--Triathlon(SP/HJ/200m) 14-1.25*/3-3.25/39.60* = 340pts*(6)
YB--Colby Wilson--Pentathlon (100H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m) 16.97/28-10.5*/5-5/14-8/6:12.18 = 2049pts*(1)

Multiple fine performances by BPS athletes resulted in a barrage of hardware. BG Hana Moll set a new LJ club record and tied the club HJ record to garner two golds. YG Carissa Stovall also earned two golds in the discus and shot put. IB Eric Rucshner took gold in the javelin, passing the century mark for the first time, and claimed silvers in both the LJ and a fine closely-contested 1500m in a top 12 BPS time. BG Amanda Moll also jumped well, earning a silver and bronze in the HJ and LJ respectively, the former a nice PR top 12 effort.
BG--Amanda Moll  LJ 11-6.25 (3), HJ 3-11.25*(2); Hana Moll LJ 12-5*(1), HJ 4-3.25*(1)
YG--Carissa Stovall SP 33-7 (1), DT 97-1.5 (1)
IB--Eric Rucshner  1500m 4:37.60*(2), LJ 15-10.5*(2), JT 100-5*(1)

6/11/2015--ALL-COMERS #2--TumwaterHS
Full Barron Park results can be found at athletic.net. New top 12 marks are:
1500m--SB Tyler Hagan 7:29.15; BG Clara Mackison 6:14.32; IB Eric Rucshner 4:41.14
3000m--YB John Bussey 12:53.54
HJ--SG Ashlen Gruginski 2-8
SP--MG Bethany Jacks 22-8.5
DT--IG Margaret Zilla 59-0; W45 Kristi Sogn 76-2
Jav--MiniB Keaden Wendler 18-3; SG Danielle Jacks 23-3; SB Jason Hughes 39-10; SP Nate McBride 32-10; SB Wesley Stevick 22-3l BB Taylor Neilson 46-11; BG Clara Mackison 61-6; BG Lilly Hamilton 34-10; BG Catherine Burnett 31-7; MG Jada LaGuerre 50-4; MG Kendall McBride 37-7; YG Carissa Stovall 69-1

YG Carissa Stovall had great efforts in the shot and discus to far outdistance her competition. Her discus toss was the #2 all-time BPS mark and her SP distance was just off her 2014 best.
Carissa--SP 36-6.75 (1); DT 97-4*(1)

6/5/2015--ALL-COMERS #1--Tumwater HS
H=hurdles;HJ=high jump;L=long jump;S=shot put;D=discus;J=javelin; Red = BPS top 12 mark; Purple = club record
SG--Ashlen Gruginski 19.37,44.09,95.28,L7-3,S9-1,J18-10; Mea McTyer L6-0,S10-8; Eliza Mackison 11.44,21.31; Samantha Rodda 10.31,19.41; Olivia Eussen 11.34,21.33,L3-10; Lola Havens 18.09; 
BG--Clara Mackison 16.34,79.26,3:06.21,L5-8.5,J44-9; Olivia Kee 17.10,87.33,3:11.05,H19.52,L8-7,S10-3,Catherine Burnett 41.74,L6-4; Emma Hughes 19.83,43.55,L5-9.J10-9; Lilly Hamilton 42.21,L7-1.5,HJ3-0; Caliely Adams 8.77,16.69,37.28,L7-0; Ahsha Smiedala 7.23,7:21.89; Hannah Berschauer L9-8.25,S12-5,J26-1; Jada Miller 16.69,L6-4,J25-10; Bella Gant 18.73
MG--Taya Duwors 16.24,HJ3-4; Zoe Kraussman 17.22; Emma Brown HJ3-8; Kendall McBride 16.47,84.56,H18.90,J34-10;
YG--Naomi Adams 14.24,29.97; Johanna Zilla 16.57,83.73,D71-8; Ellie Kraussman 16.56; Christina Spinharney 15.10,32.66
MW--Mary Burnett S24-7; Christina 1:43.09; Kristi Sogn D59-8;
SB--Malaki Jenkins L7-7; Nate McBride 10.27,19.58,1:57.64,L7-7,J30-10; Alex Penrose 16.44,33.60,3:03.79; Caleb Burnette 10.58,L1-10; Jason Hughes 9.31,18.12,L6-11,J29-1; Baabo  Ba 9.78; Isaac Sarhan H37.73,L5-11,J39-3; Andrew Penrose 34.14; Tyler Hagan 19.54,L7-6
BB--Conner Brewster L6-3.75,S10-10; Andrew Nebergall 18.02,L6-9.5,H3-0,J21-2; Jamin Hutson 10.42,20.58,L8-4,S9-2,J32-2; Justin Dunk 16.19,S13-7; Stephen Simmons 16.03,L8-2,HJ3-0; Cooper Thurman-WIlliams 9.97,18.34,L7-0,S11-1,J28-11; Preston Solis 17.67,L8-6.5; Gabe Rader-Rice 19.14,46.38,1:42.85,3:51.17,8:06.27,L8-0; Taylor Neilson 39.37,89.75,L8-3,S12-2,J31-1; Eddie Winkley 17.32,89.25,H21.91,J37-9; Alan Penrose 10.28,18.86,89.45,L8-6.5;
MB--Satchel Sogn 83.44,HJ3-10; Grant Winkley 17.42,88.53,H22.40,L9-3.25; Danny Pree 17.42,H19.95,HJ3-4; Judson Foor HJ3-4,S13-6,D24-5,J50-5
YB--Miles Wilderman 74.20,L12-10,D59-7; Cade Fischer 28.26,61.22; Colby Wilson 67.87,H16.88,S28-1,J87-4
IB--Eric Rucshner 4:55.20
OM--Casey Stevick J151-0
MM--Chris Neilson J78-11; Scott Copeland 7.57,14.11,29.63,J(800)101-4; Rick Neidhardt 8.01,15.17,31.38,J(800)90-2

5/23/2015--BREMERTON JAGUARS MEET--Bremerton
BG Athena Moore tossed the TJav a fine BPS top 12 distance for 2nd place and also long-jumped well in her first meet. BG Ahsha Smiedala continued to lower her 400m and 800m bests.
BG--Athena Moore--400m 95.2; LJ 9-11; TJav 43-5
       Ahsha Smiedala--400m 87.1; 800m 3:20.4

5/16/2015--SCAA FRED DEAN MEET--Kent-Meridian HS
BGs Amanda and Hana Moll jumped their way to golds again. Amanda edged closer to the LJ club record with the #2 all-time mark. BG Dakota Miller took 4th in the SP. MB Jason Norberg courageously ran the hurdles in his first meet. YB Anthony Kogut posted some good early-season marks in his first club meet.
BG--Hana Moll LJ 11-0 (2); HJ 3-9 (1)
     Amanda Moll LJ 11-11*(1); HJ 3-7 (3)
     Dakota Miller SP 11-1 (t4)
MB--Jason Norberg 100m 15.40; 80H 17.93
YB--Anthony Kogut 100m 14.48; 400m 69.98; SP 19-10; Jav 88-4 (3)

5/9/2015--WINGS OF EAGLES MEET--West Seattle Stadium
MG Caitlin Gappert ran onto the 1500m top 12 list with a fine effort.
BG--Hana Moll 100m 15.8 prelim, LJ 10-11.5
MG--Caitlin Gappert 1500m 6:23.9

BGs Hana and Amanda Moll both posted great PR/top 12 LJs in the first competition of the season.
Amanda--HJ 3-7; LJ 11-8*
Hana--HJ 3-9; LJ 11-10*


In superb welcoming South Carolina weather, Alan Penrose and Oliver Kramer rose to the occasion with clutch efforts at the National level. SB Alan finished a fine 101st out of 214 runners with a 16 sec 2k PR, followed by BB Oliver blitzing to 47th out of 299 finishers in an amazing 3k PR time by almost a minute.
SB 2k--Alan Penrose 9:03(101)
BB 3k--Oliver Kramer 11:27 (47)

On a day notable for expected rain holding off and slippery surfaces, lots of Striders rose to the occasion resulting in multiple course PRs and four qualifiers who finished in the top 30 to be invited to Nationals. SG Clara Mackison once again led her adopted FW team and medaled in 3rd place, SB Alan Penrose took 26th, BB Oliver Kramer ran a nice 16th, and MB Cody Klingelhoffer had a fine PR for 29th in a huge competitive field. In addition to PRs of Cody's by 23s PR and by Clara of 6s, other bests were turned in by BBs Carl Schreck (-33s), Danny Pree (-30s), Nate Klingelhoffer (-19s), and Jaden O'Hara (-1s), by MG Grace Playstead (-12s), and by MBs Sam Grant (-13s), Jordan Ziegler (-11s) and Colby Wilson (-1s). Both BB and MB teams ran well and both finished 7th in tough competition. YBs Dylan Miller and Eric Rucshner both finished up great XC seasons with their usual competitive efforts. 
7-8G-- 3. Clara Mackison 8:54 -- FW team 2nd
7-8B-- 26. Alan Penrose 9:31 -- FW team 2nd
9-10B-- 16. Ollie Kramer 12:23; 37. Danny Pree 13:18; 44. Jaden O'Hara 13:29; 47. Nate Klingelhoffer 13:34; 5. Carl Schreck 14:20    ----  Team 7th
11-12G-- 42. Grace Playstead 13:14
11-12B-- 29. Cody Klingelhoffer 11:50; 51. John Bussey 12:36; 55. Jordan Ziegler 12:45; 59. Colby Wilson 12:57; 60. Sam Grant 12:57   ---- Team 7th
13-14B-- 50. Dylan Miller 15:12; 58. Eric Rucshner 15:28

11/15/2014--SIXTEEN STRIDERS ADVANCE TO JO REGIONALS--Woodland Park, Seattle
There were lots of fine efforts on a cold gorgeous blue sky day, led by SG Clara Mackison, on loan to FWTC, who led her team to 1st with a strong 3rd place finish, by SB Alan Penrose, also on loan to FW, with a nice 11th place finish in huge PR time by 1:11, by BB Ollie Kramer with a 6th place huge PR (-35s) effort on this course, by MB Cody Klingelhoffer with a strong 13th place PR course time, and by YB Eric Rucshner with a nice 15th place finish in a huge field and a major PR time. Other notable PR efforts on this course were turned in by an ill MG Grace Playstead (-1:27!), by YB Dylan Miller (-54s!), by BB Jaden O'Hara (-30s), by BB Danny Pree (-2:04!), by MB Jordan Ziegler (-24s), and by MB John Bussey (-9). Both th BB and MB teams qualified for the next level with 4th place finishes.
Places and times (with comparison to previous course best)
7-8G--3. Clara Mackison 9:00 (-11s)--FWTC team 1st
7-8B--11. Alan Penrose 9:19 (-1:11)--FWTC team 2nd
9-10B--6. Ollie Kramer 12:16 (-35s); 25. Jaden O'Hara 13:30 (-39s); 29. Danny Pree 13:48 (-2:04); 32. Nate Klingelhoffer 13:53; 40. Carl Schreck 14:53--Team 4th 100pts
11-12G--31. Grace Playstead 13:26 (-1:27)
11-12B--13. Cody Klingelhoffer 12:13 (-6s); 19. john Bussey 12:30 (-9s); 25. Jordan Ziegler 12:56 (-24s); 28. Colby Wilson 13:05 (+7s); 31. Sam Grant 13:10 (-0); --Team 4th 90pts
13-14B--15. Eric Rucshner 14:29 (-1:48); 22. Dylan Miller 14:42 (-54s); 32. Jack MaCauley 15:17; 38. Ethan Anderson 15:30 (-1); 43. Cade Fischer 15:38 (+2); 56. Jasper Hunter 16:26--Team 6th 131 ptd

29 finishers honored the memory of a fine man on an exceptionally soggy 1.5 mile course, thankfully more rain holding off until all were on the way home. Grace Playstead took an exceptional 42sec off her last year's winning time and Eric Rucshner had a great winning time despite the slushy surface. Most improved for the boys were Alan Penrose (-28) and Danny Pree (-25) over their 2013 times.
GIRLS:   1. Grace Playstead (B) 9:57; 2. Melissa Even (U) 11:17; 3. Aiden Gregg (B) 11:19; 4. Clara Mackison (B) 11:22; 5. Anna Pree 11:26; 6. Caitlin Gappert (B) 11:27; 7. Ashlynn O'Hara (B) 16:11; 8. Gemma Stevick (B) 19:24; 9. Anya Deutscher (U) 22:26; 10: Kira Deutscher (U) 28:30*
BOYS: 1. Eric Rucshner (B) 8:49; 2. Cade Fischer (B) 8:56; 3. Caden Deutscher (U) 9:22; 4. Kobe Deutscher (U) 9:24; 5. Cody Klingelhoffer (B) 9:25; 6. Colby Wilson (B) 9:44; 7. Luke Alfonso (U) 9:45; 8. Ollie Kramer (B) 9:57; 9. Sam Grant (B)   10:16; 10. Jaden O'Hara (B) 10:17; 11. John Bussey (B) 10:18; 12. Jordan Ziegler (B) 10:35; 13. Danny Pree (B) 10:51; 14. Nate Klingelhoffer (B) 11:01; 15. Quinn Murry (N) 11:12; 16. Quinn Baker (U) 11:16; 17. Jacob Playstead (B) 11:19; 18. Alan Penrose (B) 11:59; 19. Wesley Stevick (B) 15:31

10/25/2014--STRONG WORK AT RAIN CITY STAMPEDE--Woodland Park, Seattle
Valuable experience was gained on the wet and sloppy JO course by 10 tough Barron Park runners. SG Clara Mackison led the girls with a 3rd place finish and MB John Bussey took a huge 1:08 off last year's run on this course to finish a fine 8th.
Results (with comparison to 2013 JO time:)
6&UG--700m--8. Ashlynn O'Hara 3:39
7-8G--2000m-- 3. Clara Mackison 9:11
9-10B--3000m--10. Oliver Kramer 12:51(-0:07); 17. Jaden O'Hara 14:01(-1:52)
11-12G--3000m--18. Caitlin Gappert 14:45
11-12B--3000m--8. John Bussey 12:39(-1:08); 14. Sam Grant 13:21(+0:11)
13-14B--4000m-- 12. Ethan Anderson 15:31; 13. Cade Fischer 15:36; 19. Eric Rucshner 16:17 (BPS Team 3rd)

10/15/2014--LBA 1.0 MILER #2--LBA PARK
Both BPS boys' and girls' teams won squeakers as Grace Playstead of Marshall MS and Eric Rucshner of Barron Park took individual honors, Eric's time being only 3sec off the course record despite a soft course. Even with the soft surface multiple athletes improved their time compared with 10/1: Girls: Ashlynn -48!, Hanna -26!, Grace -26!, Clara -4(set a new 2nd grade course record!); Boys: Jaden -23!, Jordan -14, Colby -12, Alan -9, Danny -4, John -1, Eric -1
GIRLS---1. Grace Playstead (JM7) 6:21; 2. Trinity Wilhite (B7) 6:41; 3. Melissa Even (JM7) 6:51; 4. Clara Mackison (B2) 7:09; 5. Aiden Gregg (B5) 7:20; 6. Emma Haws (N6) 7:27; 7. Caitlin Gappert (B5) 7:33; 8. Edith Abbenhaus (JM8) 7:38; 9. Sarah Gorrell (JM8) 7:41; 10. Hannah Berschauer (B4) 8:01; 11. Grace Layton (B4) 8:04; 12. Vernon Melping (S6) 8:08; 13. Margaret Zilla (B8) 8:11; 14. Ella Cereghino (N6) 8:13; 15. Johanna Zilla (B7) 8:15; 16. Annie ElGuero (S6) 8:46; 17. Helen Davis (N6) 8:57; 18. McKenzie Pierce (S6) 8:59; 19. Clara Hansen (N6) 9:01; 20. Olivia Sloma (N6) 9:04; 21. Chloe Gappert (B5) 9:18; 22. Alexandra Broome (UK) 9:27; 23. Samantha Davis (S6) 9:52; 24. Zoe McPherson (N6) 10:06; 25. Ava Carter (B3) 10:07; 26. Ellie Davis (B5) 10:08; 27. Annie Davis (B3) 10:09; 28. Ashlynn O'Hara (BK) 10:12;  29. Becca Barer (N8) 10:39; 30. Marisol Castillo (BK) 12:38; 31. Gemma Stevick (B3y) 13:31
--TEAM SCORES--B11,JM12, N37, S46
BOYS--1. Eric Rucshner (B8) 5:26; 2. John Gerchak (S8) 6:14; 3. Colby Wilson (B7) 6:14; 4. Luke Alfonso (S5) 6:15; 5. John Bussey (B7) 6:28; 6. Jacob Alfonso (S5) 6:30; 7. Oliver Kramer (B5) 6:30; 8. Sam Grant (B6) 6:33; 9. Braden MacAlevy (S6) 6:37; 10. Jordan Ziegler (B6) 6:37; 11. Ben Knokutsky (N7) 6:40; 12. Jaden O'Hara (B5) 6:44; 13. Danny Pree (B4) 6:49; 14. Elijah House (JM8) 6:56; 15.Kyle Gerchak (S5) 7:11; 16. Carl Schreck (B4) 7:12; 17. Cameron MacAlevy (S7) 7:16; 18. Jacob Playstead (B3) 7:16; 19. Joseph Zilla (B3) 7:17; 20. Joel Pierson (U6) 7:18; 21. Quinn Murry (N7) 7:22; 22. Thomas Duhman (S7) 7:28; 23. Max Montgomery (N8) 7:29; 24. Alan Penrose (B3) 7:35; 25. Miles Wilderman (B6) 7:48; 26. Aiden Thulim-Gizzi (U7) 8:13; 27. Digory Zilla (B4) 8:15; 28. Michael Gilman (S6) 8:47; 29. Wesley Stevick (BK) 9:00; 30. Gage Derosia (U?) 9:26; 31. Andrew Nebergall (B2) 9:31.
-- TEAM SCORES--B9, S12, N55

BB Oliver Kramer earned 5th in a competitive field and knocked a big 23 seconds off last year's time. YB Eric Rucshner ran well is his intro to the 4k distance.
9-10 Boys 3000m--5. Oliver Kramer 12:09
13-14 Boys 4000m--13. Eric Rucshner 15:04

YB Eric Rucshner blitzed the field in this 1.5 mile race against a huge field of runners, winning by over 100m despite taking a wrong turn. All six BPS runners ran well.
1. Eric Rucshner 8:26; Colby Wilson 10:02; Sam Grant 10:09; John Bussey 10:10; Jaden O'Hara 10:38; Quinn Murry NT?

10/4/2014--FINE WORK AT FEDERAL WAY MEET--5 Mile Park
Five Striders completed the "Autumn Classic" in fine fashion on this gorgeous Saturday. MB Sam Grant took a whopping 1:08 off last year's time and BB Oliver Kramer had the best BPS finish in 7th.
BG3k--15. Hannah Berschauer 16:29
BB3k--7. Oliver Kramer 12:49 (-0:17)
MG3k--20. Trinity Wilhite 14:12
MB3k--8. Sam Grant 12:59 (-1:08)
YB4k--10. Ethan Anderson 15:31

Both BPS boys' and girls' teams were victorious in the youth 1.0 mile race following the Oly HS races, with Trinity Wilhite and Eric Rucshner earning top honors in the girls' and boys' races respectively.
B=Barron Park; E=Evergreen Christian; N=Nova; U=unattached; #=grade
RESULTS--GIRLS--1. Trinity Wilhite (B7) 6:31; 2. Lauren Forester (N7) 7:02; 3. Clara Mackison (B2) 7:13; 4. Aiden Gregg (B5) 7:15; 5. Lexi Solis (E8) 7:19; 6. Olivia Myers (E6) 7:22; 7. Avi Vetter (N6) 7:23; 8. Caitlin Gappert (B5) 7:24; 9. Emma Haws (N6) 7:40; 10. Natalie Doelman (E7) 7:54; 11. Lydia Aust (E7) 8:02; 12. Olivia Sloma (B5) 8:05; 13. Rylie Simmons (E5) 8:11; 14. Abby Bunn (E5) 8:21; 15. Hanna Berschauer (B4) 8:27; 16. Grace Layton (B4) 8:30; 17. Allie Bunn (E5) 8:36; 18. Abby Carter (B2) 8:48; 19. Danika Werner (E5) 8:54; 20. Alexandra Broome (UK) 8:55; 21. Bryn Kunkel (E5) 9:02; 22. Ava Carter (B3) 9:21; 23. Annie Davis (B3) 9:22; 24. Jessica Adams (E5) 9:27; 25. Zoe McPherson (N6) 9:43; 26. Jaslina Kochar (N8) 9:47; 27. Caroline Shipley (E6) 9:52; 28. Ashlynn O'Hara (BK) 11:00; 29. Gemma Stevick (B3y) 12:48
TEAM SCORES: B 8--N 18--E 21
BOYS: 1. Eric Rucshner (B8) 5:27; 2. Noah Phillips (E7) 6:11; 3. Oliver Kramer (B5) 6:17; 4. Cody Klingelhoffer (B5) 6:18; 5. Colby Wilson (B7) 6:26; 6. John Bussey (B7) 6:29; 7. Sam Grant (B6) 6:29; 8. Ben Knokutsky (N7) 6:43; 9. Jordan Ziegler (B6) 6:51; 10. Matthew Jasperson (E6) 6:51; 11. Danny Pree (B4) 6:53; 12. Nate Klingelhoffer (B3) 6:53; 13. Jaden O'Hara (B5) 7:03; 14. Carl Schreck (B4) 7:03; 15. Jordan Wilson (E7) 7:05; 16. Ethan Coleman (E5) 7:05; 17. Quinn Murry (N7) 7:07; 18. Bowen Kennedy (B7) 7:08; 19. Gabe Ong (E5) 7:12; 20. Hatcher Slater (N6) 7:13; 21. Alan Penrose (B3) 7:44; 22. James Sondgroth (E5) 7:56; 23. Jacob Bush (U5) 8:39; 24. Rizley Slater (N7) 8:44; 25. Wesley Stevick (BK) 8:59; 26. Caleb Enkelken (E7) 9:47; 27. Andrew Nebergall (B3) 10:18; 28. Andrew Penrose (BK) 11:00
TEAM SCORES: B 8--E 27--N 45 

BB Jaden O'Hara represented the club well with a 7:21 for 19th place in a large group of 9-10s.


In what is thought to be the 19th version of the Central Barron Park Invitational Pentathlon, twenty-six stalwart athletes did some fine work. Highlights included 12B Colby Wilson with the overall highest point total and only the fifth athlete ever to crack the vaunted 5000 point barrier, 9G Hana Moll with three all-time 9G bests including point total, and 9G Amanda Moll with two all-time 9G bests. There were multiple top 50 marks, highlighted below.
Marks (HJ-50y-SP-LJ-400m-Total-tot/age(mos)-tot/h+w
5G--Mea McTyer--2-0/15.6/7-0/6-10/2:11/1836/25.86/18.36
7G--Lola Havens--2-4/9.0/9-9/6-1/95/2743/31.52/28.57; Lydia Bailey--2-7/8.7/10-11/5-7/1:44/2798/30.09/20.73
8G--Soquel Macdonald--NH/10.2/8-4/5-6/1:50/2030/21.14/19.52
9G--Lillian Hamilton--2-4/8.5/11-7/5-10/94/2821/25.18/23.70; Amanda Moll--3-11/7.6/13-11/11-2/86/3921/34.10/31.62;
      Hana Moll--4-1/7.6/18-8/10-0/81/4007/34.84/32.57
10G--Mathilde Macdonald--??/8.3/14-1/8-5/95/??/??/??; Anneli Macdonald--??/8.3/14-0/7-3/90/??/??/?? 
       Kendall McBride--3-3/8.0/13-11/9-6/91/3521/28.17/25.15; Natalie Bailey--3-2/8.0/14-1/8-4/97/3378/26.60/19.87
11G--Emma Brown--3-3/7.8/20-4/9-7/94/3686/26.71/24.74
12G--Annike Perle-Warner--2-11/8.3/17-0/9.1/94/3418/22.94/25.13; Johanna Zilla-2-7/8.1/27-0/9-0/84/3611/23.60/18.33
     Michaela Macdonald--2-11/8.3/22-3/9-6/93/3583/23.73/23.42
5B--Nate McBride--2-2/9.7/8-10/6-2/2:09/2472/35.83/26.02; Wesley Stevick--2-2/9.8/10-7/4-1/1:50/2405/34.35/25.86;
     Kai Macdonald--2-4/9.8/9-9/5-0/1:59/2476/34.87/24.03
8B--Gabe Rader-Rice--3-0/9.2/11-4/7-6/1:46/3036/30.67/26.87; Taylor Neilson--2-10/8.7/15-6/6-7/94/3107/32.03/28.77;
      Connor Brewster--3-0/9.3/16-3/6-2/1:40/3056/30.87/25.68
9B--Joseph Zilla--2-8/8.7/16-9/8-2/91/3232/29.38/28.60; Will Bailey--2-10/8.1/23-4/9-7/84/3645/32.84/23.82;
10B--Digory Zilla--3-3/8.7/18-8/9-4/98/3523/28.64/27.31
12B--Colby Wilson--4-8/7.0/39-3/13-10/73/5015/33.65/30.77

After beating her qualifying time in the 800m Wednesday, SG Clara Mackison returned to the track for some clutch throwing on Thursday. After dropping to 6th position after four throws, she unloaded a 5+foot PR/club record toss to earn the bronze medal in tough competition with the top 6 girls all over 50 feet. At the end of a long hot week on Sunday she ran her second-best 1500m time. MB Colby Wilson rebounded from his tough  Multis with a fine hurdles PR just out of the finals on Thursday, a #2 all-time BPS mark, then earned a HJ medal Friday with a tie for 8th in a very competitive group of jumpers.
SG--Clara 800m 3:07.83; 1500m 6:29.27, TJav 54-1*(3)
MB--Colby 80H 12.95*, HJ 4-9 (t8)

Multis--YM Ryan Chase withstood an intensely hot and humid JO National meet with an outstanding club record effort, aided by a hurdle PR and capped by a PR 1500m which allowed him to extend his hold on 2nd place in his first year in the age group. MB Colby Wilson finished 11th in a tough group of pentathletes, despite fighting a viral illness as well as a heat index of 111.

The magic trio of athletics, fellowship and injury were blended in fine fashion as 17 "athletes" completed at least one event, 10 of whom warriored through essentially all 10 events. Casey Stevick led the point totals despite "no-heighting" in the hurdles, Marc Fish was the Masters leader, and Colby Wilson won the Youth division, breaking the MB BPS PV, javelin and point total club records in the process. Multiple M30 BPS records were broken by Jesse and Joseph Stevick.
Fulls (100m/LJ/SP/HJ/400m//Hur/DT/PV/JT/1500m)
Joey Keaton--12.74/17-6/28-11/4-9/58.7//18.11(36)/80-2/14-1/95-9/4:54.9//4629
Matt Hankins--12.76/16-3/22-7/4-11/63.9//18.12(30)/61-4/10-2/113-6/5:39.6//3720
Marc Fish--16.22/11-9/29-8(12)/4-11/91-7//23.36(30)/86-0(1.6)/9-2/96-1(600)/6:47.3//3266
Wesley Stevick--21.34/4-11/8-8/2-0.75/1:45.3//30.33/10-8(1k)/NH/16-4(T)/9:25.3//59
Jesse Stevick--12.82/15-11/29-0/5-1/55.0//20.12/79-7/8-8/142-9/4:18.1//4593
Joseph Stevick--13.13/15-2/29-11/4-9/59.2//DNF/73-7/5-3/117-11/6:47.8//3857
Casey Stevick--12.09/19-9/37-11/6-1/57.0//DNF/108-10/10-2/144-4/5:32.8//4788
Colby Wilson--13.97/15-1/30-8/4-7/72.5//14.69/61-2/6-2/87-7/6:05.4//3004
Andy Prentice--12.92/13-7/23-3/4-5/60.1//22.21/57-11/6-2/89-3/4:53.3//3116
Matt D          --20.15/11-10/22-0/4-3/65.3/DNF/58-8/9-8/69-5/4:46.0//2312
Jared Shorten--X/X/X/X/65.9//X/36-3/X/X/X//341
Gemma Stevick--39.68/0-9/X/X/X/X/X/X/4-11/X//0
Meagan Stevick--38.48/X/11-2/X/X/X/X/X/X/X//110
Wendy Stevick--X/X/17-2/X/X/X/X/X/X/X//224
Drew Stevick--21.41/X/22-2/3-3/1:46.2//X/58-0/X/X/X//604
Austin           --20.15/13-0/X/5-1/1:42.2//18.64(30)/62-11/6-2/X/X//1171
Hanna          --X/X/X/4-3/1:42.2//18.13(30)/57-4/3-3/94-3/X/1558

MG Naomi Adams notched two BPS top 12 marks to earn a gold and bronze.
Naomi--100m 14.08*(1), 200m 30.13*(3)

7/3-6/2014--REGIONAL JO MEET--Central Valley HS, Spokane
DAY 1--RYAN LEADS DECATHLON--YM Ryan Chase put together a good 1st day including a club record/PR 100m and a shot PR to lead the competition.
MB Colby Wilson put PR efforts in the hurdles and LJ to good use  as he notched a PR Pentathlon total and qualified for Nationals in a tough field of athletes, six of whom qualified with automatic marks. YM Ryan Chase had three huge 2nd day PRs in the hurdles, discus, and PV to post a club record PR Decathlon score in a strong field of decathletes.
Ryan: Decathlon 11.27*/21-4/39-3.5*(12#)/5-10.75/53.34//3398//16.06*/119-5*/11-9.75*/153-6/5:10.58 = 6266 (2)
Colby: Pentathlon 13.38*/30-10.5/4-9/15-6*/5:48.01 = 2282*(2)
A hot sunny day at CVHS witnessed some more excellent athletic performances as BPS athletes rose to the occasion. SG Clara Mackison, seeded 7th in the 1500m, earned the silver medal with a nicely-paced effort which resulted in a mammoth 25sec PR and club record. YG Carissa Stovall heaved the shot a personal best by almost 4 feet, a solid BPS top 12 mark, and claimed a national-qualifying 4th place. YW Charene Stovall had a fine day with two qualifying 4th place finishes in the shot and discus, both just off her best top 12 BPS distances. MB Colby Wilson overcame post-pentathlon fatigue and a sore heel to leap to the bronze in the HJ with some near-miss great leaps. MB Jaylen Clay qualified for the finals in the 100m and showed great focus at the end of a long hot day with a storybook start and finals-qualifying effort in the 200m, edging closer to both club records. BGs Amanda and Hana Moll, at the front end of their age group, continued to improve with PRs in the LJ which cracked the BPS top 12 list and narrowly missed making the finals. MB Bowen Kennedy hurled the TJav just off his best mark and also narrowly missed the finals in 9th place. YB Cade Fischer was just off his best with some fine hurdling in the long event.
SG Clara Mackison continued her fine meet with a big gold medal toss in the TJav, breaking the old Regional record by over 2 feet, then came back in the heat to qualify for Nationals in her third event, the 800m. MB Jaylen Clay had a spectacular day as he sprinted to 5th and 4th places in the 100m and 200m, both club records and took over 1/2 second off his prior hurdle PR to claim the silver medal and #2 all-time BPS. MB Colby Wilson also had a huge nationally competitive PR for the hurdle bronze, just .03 sec behind Jaylen and only .05 sec off the gold. YG Carissa Stovall had another huge 8 foot PR in the discus to earn the 5th place national qualifying honor. SB Taylor Neilson threw well just off his best in the TJav for 7th. YB Cade Wilson also looked like a thrower with a significant PR effort in the javelin.
SG--Clara Mackison 1500m 6:17.55*(2), 800m 3:10.46 (4), TJav 45-3 (1)(Regional meet record)
SB-- Taylor Neilson TJav 39-11 (7)
BG--Amanda Moll LJ 11-0*, HJ 3-5.25; Hana Moll LJ 10-11.5*, HJ 3-7.25
MB--Bowen Kennedy TJav 72-1; Colby Wilson 80H 12.99*(3), LJ 14-1.5 (7), HJ 4-11 (3); Jaylen Clay 100m 13.43/13.13*(5), 200m 27.31*/27.02*(4), 80H 12.96*(2)
YG--Carissa Stovall SP 37-4.5*(4), DT 88-5*(5)
YB--Cade Fischer 200H 32.16, Jav 74-4*
YM--Charene Stovall SP 36-7.75 (4), DT 108-11(4)

6/21-22/2014--SCOTT NOTCHES RECORD, INJURY--Portland Masters Classic
Scott Copeland turned in some fine marks, including an M55 200m record before his hamstring went kaput.
M55--100m 13.85, 200m 28.15, LJ 15-1.5, TJ 28-2.5

6/26/2014--BARRON PARK ALL-COMERS #4--Tumwater HS
See all BPS marks on athletic.net
New top 12 PR marks--Mini-B: Kai Macdonald 400m 2:05.03, TJav 20-8; Wesley Stevick 2:04.81; Sam Rigg 400m 2:04.81; Nate McBride LJ 7-8
SB: Connor Brewster TJav 29-10; Gabe Rader-Rice 800m 3:58.28
MiniG: Alexandra Broome 1500m 8:22.67 (new club record)
SG: Jenna Rigg 400m 86.55
BG: Kendall McBride TJav 30-0

Barron Park athletes showed poise and skill on the first day of Association JO with 12 of them qualifying for the Regional JO meet by finishing in the top 8. BG Hana Moll notched a nice LJ PR to tie her sister Amanda, then captured the silver in the HJ with Amanda earning the bronze. YB Eric Rucshner ran a great BPS top 12 time in qualifying in the 1500m. YG Carissa Stovall PR'd with a top 12 SP for the silver. SG Clara Mackison gutted out a fine 33sec PR in the 1500m for the bronze after a too-fast start and shattered a club record in the process. BB Oliver Kramer also ran his best 1500m time, a top 12 mark for 4th place. BB Jaden O'Hara just missed qualifying in the same race in 9th despite a fine time and super finish and ran a fine 12 sec PR in the 400m as well. MB Colby Wilson launched a nice LJ PR, a top 12 BPS effort to secure the bronze. YB Cade Fischer earned a Regional trip with a nice 200H effort for 8th. BB James Sondegrath had two solid efforts to earn two silver medals in the SP and HJ. YW Charene Stovall took the bronze in the SP. IB Willie Broxton, despite coming directly from football camp, qualified for the finals in the 100m. MB Jaylen Clay had a terrific day, qualifying for finals in both the 100m and 200m with solid PR top 12 times. 
SG Clara Mackison picked up where she left off with two more club records good for gold and silver in the TJav and 800m respectively, her jav toss a 13 foot PR and her 800m a huge 12sec best. SB Taylor Neilson also hurled the TJav an impressive top 12 PR for the bronze. MB Colby Wilson earned the first BPS gold of the meet with a dominating HJ performance, then ran a solid PR in the hurdles for the bronze in a very tough field which included Jaylen Clay who had a fine race and huge PR for 5th to go with an impressive bronze in the 100m final and a 5th in the 200m final. The YB javelin yielded three YB Regional qualifiers as Eric Rucshner earned the bronze, Carson Amendt 4th, and Cade Fischer 6th, all with nice PR efforts. YB Dylan Miller also punched his ticket to Regionals with a 3000m best for 8th and also ran a PR 800m just out of qualifying. MB Jaden O'Hara also had a huge 800m PR effort, his third of the meet. BB James Sondgroth tacked on a third qualification for Regionals with an impressively consistent series of LJ leaps including a solid PR. YGs Carissa Stovall and Johanna Zilla both qualified in the discus in 4th and 5th. Bronze medal throws efforts were turned in by MB Bowen Kennedy and YW Charene Stovall, her second of the meet. IB Willie Broxton sprinted to a fine 5th in the 100m final. Five more athletes qualified for a total of 17 in 32 events.
SG--Clara Mackison 800m 3:06.10*(2), 1500m 6:43.98*(3), TJav 48-9*(1)
SB--Taylor Neilson TJav 41-8*(3)
BG--Amanda Moll LJ 10-7.25 (t4), HJ 3-7.25 (3); Hana Moll LJ 10-7.25*(t4), HJ 3-7.25 (2)
BB--James Sondgrath LJ 11-2.25*(6), HJ 3-5.25 (2), SP 16-10.5 (2); Oliver Kramer 1500m 5:42.71*(4); Jaden O'Hara 400m 83.57*, 800m 3:05.90*,1500m 6:10.31*
MB--Colby Wilson LJ 14-11.25*(3), HJ 4-11 (1), 80H 13.50*(3); Jaylen Clay 100m 13.75*/13.63*(3) , 200m 28.01*/28.01 (5), 80H 13.59*(5); Bowen Kennedy TJav 74-6 (3)
YG--Carissa Stovall SP 34-9.5*(2), DT 74-3 (4); Johanna Zilla 61-11 (5) 
YB-- Eric Rucshner 1500m 4:44.91*(7), 200H 33.52*, LJ 13-11.5, Jav 92-10*(3); Cade Fischer 200H 31.81*(8), HJ 4-1.25, Jav 70-8*(6); Carson Amendt 91-9*(4); Dylan Miller 800m 2:27.83*, 3000m 10:54.30*(8)
IB--Willie Broxton 100m 11.66Q/11.76 (5) , 200m 24.33
YW--Charene Stovall SP 33-2.5 (3), DT 108-6 (3)

6/19/2014--BARRON PARK ALL-COMERS #3--Tumwater HS
new top 12 marks: MiniBB: Baabo Ba 100m 19.72, 200m 49,85, 400m 1:52.58, TJav 24-0; Sam Rigg 100m 21.78, 200m 51.67, TJav 25-4; SB: Connor Brewster TJav 23-6; James Bussey TJav 22-2; Andrew Nebergall HJ 3-0; Jon Cooper TJav 32-5. MB Colby Wilson TJav 104-7, LJ 14-6; SG: Clara Mackison TJav 36-6; Jenna Rigg TJav 24-10; YG Johanna Zilla DT 64-11
new club records:  M30 Jesse Stevick 5000m 16:55.59, 800m 2:03.83, 110H(42") 19.90; MiniB: Baabo Ba 1600m 9:19.26; Sam Rigg TJav 25-4; SB: Gabriel Rader-Rice 5K 37:43.6; MB: John Bussey 5k 24:04.02

YB Eric Rucshner placed in three events, PRing in two and put his name on the BPS top 12 list with a fine 1500m time in his first out-of-town meet experience. SB Taylor Neilson came up with three big PRs including a bronze medal #4 all-time BPS TJav toss. MB Jaylen Clay earned two  silver medals with fine top 12 marks in tough competition. His 100m time is #2 all-time BPS. BB Ollie Kramer earned a nice 5th place finish in the 1500m. YB Carson Amendt ran a couple nice PRs in the sprints.
BB--Ollie Kramer 1500m 5:50.38 (5)
MB--Jaylen Clay 100m 13.74/13.30*(2), 200m 28.52*(2)
SB--Taylor Neilson--100m 19.47*, 400m 87.92*, TJav 39-7*
YB--Eric Rucshner 1500m 4:47.36*(6), LJ 14-11 (4), Jav 93-3*(3); Carson Amendt 100m 13.74, 200m 28.05

6/12/2014--BARRON PARK ALL-COMERS #2--Tumwater HS
new top 12 marks: MiniB Nathan McBride TJav 18-8; YB Eric Bucshner 1500m 4:53.22
new club record:  M30 Jesse Stevick 3000m 10:23.25

MB Colby WIlson rode a HJ PR and season-best hurdles to a #2 BPS all-time nationally competitive point total and the gold medal in a competitive group. Tanner Jensen, in his first pentathlon, was impressive as he notched PRs in all five events. BB James Sondgrath, in his first triathlon, had a terrific meet with all three PRs for the bronze medal. BGs Amanda and Hana Moll, not so fresh from a camping trip both qualified for Regionals though well off their bests other than a nice SP PR by Hana.
BG (SP/HJ/200m)--Amanda 11-7.75/3-3.25/37.01 = 368pts(6); Hana 13-0.25*/3-3.25/38.70 = 340pts(7)
BB (SP/HJ/400m)--James 18-1*/3-7.25*/86.69* = 351pts(3)
MB (80H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)--Tanner 17,64*/23-6*/4-0.25*/10-7.5*/5:38.75* = 1330pts(8); Colby 13.85/28-8.25/5-0*/14-4/5:37.61* = 2224pts*(1)

BB--Oliver Kramer 1500m 5:49(1)

YM Ryan Chase notched a strong first day for the lead of 48 decathletes including a club record LJ and four PRs, then held on the second day with more fine efforts to win the event as a junior, setting a club record for point total.
11.54*/22-2/36-0*(16#)/6-0.75*/52.76* /(3409pts)/17.28/102-0/10-9.75/150-7/4:58.57 = 6017*

6/6/2014--LOCAL HERSHEY MEETS--So. Sound Stadium/Shelton
Reported Results (*=Qualified for State Meet)
BG--Hana Moll 50m 8.7*(2), 100m 17.0*(2); Amanda Moll 50m 8.2*(1), 400m 92.0*(2) (Shelton)
BB--James Sondgrath 400m 88
MG--Naomi Adams 100m 14.5(2)*, 200m 31.4(3); Haven Barnes 100m 14.1(1)*, 200m 30.3(1)*
MB--Tanner Jensen 4x1 59.3(1)*, 800m 2:44 (1)*
YB--Cade Fischer 800m 2:30.2(2)*; 200m 28.9(2)*; Dylan Miller 800m 2:29.5h(1)*, 1600m 5:29.2 (1)*

6/5/2014--BARRON PARK ALL-COMERS #1--Tumwater HS
Full results for Barron Park athletes/parents available on athletic.net
new top 12 marks: 100m MiniG Alexandra Broome 22.24, Mea McTyre 22.24, Kayla Prince 22.03; SBG Clara Mackison 16.95; MiniB Sam Rigg 22.77; 200m MB Jaylen Clay 28.62; 400m SBG Clara 84.98, Jenna Rigg 92.26; MiniB Baabo Ba 2:03.18; 800m SBG Clara 3:18.57; Gabriel Rader-RIce 4:06.18; 1600m SBG Jenna Rigg 7:15.49; MG Caitlin Gappert 7:34.94; SBB Gabriel 7:35.01; MiniB Baabo Ba9:44.93*; BB Oliver Kramer 6:28.37, Jayden OHara 6:35.97; YB Eric Rucshner 5:19.09; SP MiniB Sam 8-8; MB Creed Leonard 31-4; Disc YG Johanna Zilla 60-2; TJav SBG Clara 34-9, Natalie Sunderman 23-3, Jenna Rigg 21-6; BG Katelyn Rigg 29-4; MG Alyssa Kessler 37-7, Sway Leonard 30-4; MiniB Sam 23-10, Wesley Stevick 17-4, Baabo 15-8; SBB Taylor Neilson 35-9, Jonathan Cooper 28-0, Gabriel 25-6; BB Joseph Zilla 54-0, Cross Leonard 45-4; MB Bowen Kennedy 78-10; HJ SBB Gabriel 3-2; 
Club Records: 1600m-- M30 Jesse Stevick 4:40.69; M50 Gary Cooper 5:23.59; SBG Jenna Rigg 7:15.49; MiniB Baabo Ba 9:44.93; 3200m M50 Gary Cooper 11:17.10; HJ M65 Dan Cole 4-10

MB Colby Wilson put together a stellar #2 all-time BPS Pentathlon point total including three nice PR top 12 marks in the SP, HJ, and LJ.
MB--Colby Wilson--Hur 14.05, SP 31-1.25*, HJ 4-11*, LJ 14-4*, 1500m 5:37.96* = 2218n pts

5/31/2014--NICE WORK AT CASCADE--Interlake HS, Bellevue
Amanda and Hana Moll continued to post some nice marks, including a fine top 12 HJ by Hana. BB Oliver Kramer lowered his top 12 1500m PR by a whopping 12sec.
BG--Amanda Moll--200m 35.54, LJ 9-5, HJ 3-5.25, SP 12-1.5; Hana Moll--200m 35.34, LJ 8-10.25, HJ 3-9.25*, SP 11-11.5
BB--Oliver Kramer--1500m 5:42.0*

5/17/2014--STRIDERS OPEN SEASON AT SCAA--Kent-Meridian HS, Kent
Great early marks were posted by five bold Striders, including two top 12 BG marks from Amanda Moll.
BG--Amanda Moll--200m 35.04, LJ 10-11.75 (1), HJ 3-9 (1); Hana Moll 200m 35.63, LJ 9-0.5, HJ 3-5 (2); Hannah Berschauer pending
BB--James Sondgroth 200m pending, 15000m 7:01.87, LJ 9-9.25
MG--Naomi Adams pending

MB Colby Wilson had a fine opener which including a #2 all-time BPS HJ
MB--Colby--80H 13.98, LJ 13-7, HJ 4-10*


12/14/2013--STRIDERS RISE TO THE OCCASION AT NATIONALS--National Shooting Complex, San Antonio, TX
On a mild day in Texas, the six competing Barron Park athletes showed they belonged with fine efforts, including huge PR times by BBs Max Sing, Ollie Kramer, Jaden O'Hara, and Danny Pree. The BB team was led by Cody Klingelhoffer who finished a fine 58th of the huge field of 329 runners, helping the team to an excellent 14th place finish of the 24 competing teams, 2nd of the Region 13 teams. MB Ethan Anderson had a fine run, finishing well into the top half of a massive group of 391 competitors.
BB--58. Cody Klingelhoffer 11:51; 105. Maximus Sing 12:11; 113. Ollie Kramer 12:14; 218. Jaden O'Hara 13:06; 231.         Danny Pree 13:13------Team 14th of 24
MB--169. Ethan Anderson 11:30

All 16 qualifying Striders ran well under beautiful blue skies and through icy cold winds. BG Alyssa Kessler led off with her fastest 3k ever, taking 42 sec off her Assoc time. The BB team of Cody Klingelhoffer, Oliver Kramer, Max Sing, Sage Scheuerell, Danny Pree, and Jaden O'Hara then punched their ticket to Nationals with fine efforts, all improved on their times from the previous week including massive betterments by Pree (-1:51) and O'Hara (-1:32). The team 5th place finish was only 2 points out of 4th and was led by brilliant individual qualifying efforts by Klingelhoffer (9th overall), Kramer (22nd), and Sing (26th.) The MB team of Ethan Anderson, Cade Fischer, Colby Wilson, Sam Grant, Hugh Randall, Jordan Ziegler, John Bussey, and Bowen Kennedy ran their hearts out with big-time improvements over Woodland Park headed by Bussey (-0:56), Ziegler (-0:45), Grant (-0.39), and Kennedy (-0:37.) Anderson finished in the top 30 to earn individual honors good for a trip to Texas. YB Dylan Miller ran another fine race in a tough crowd, passing 11 runners in the final 3/4 mile to run his fastest 4k ever by 34sec.
BG--48. Alyssa Keller 16:27
BB--9. Cody Klingelhoffer 11:48; 22. Ollie Kramer 12:34; 26. Max Sing 12:38; 42. Sage Scheuerell 13:28; 55. Danny Pree 14:01; 64. Jaden O'Hara 14:32
MB--29. Ethan Anderson 11:22; 36. Cade Fischer 11:32; 61. Colby Wilson 12:30; 62. Sam Grant 12:31; 66. Hugh Randall 12:34; 67. Jordan Ziegler 12:35; 74. John Bussey 12:53; 78. Bowen Kennedy 13:00
YB--55. Dylan Miller 15:02

BB Cody Klingelhoffer, in his first cross-country meet ever, ran away from the field with a huge victory to lead the BB team to a nice 2nd place finish. Oliver Kramer ran a fine 6th, Max Sing took 8th in course PR time, Sage Scheuerell ran his strongest race thus far for 14th, and gutsy Danny Pree and Jaden O'Hara, both sick this week, completed the team scoring with brave runs. The MB team including Cade Fischer, Colby Wilson, Hugh Randall, Sam Grant, Jordan Ziegler, Bowen Kennedy, and John Bussey, was led by Ethan Anderson in 14th and qualified for Regionals in 5th place, but only 7 points out of 3rd. Drew Smith and River Scheuerell ran well as solos in that race. SBB Alan Penrose had a great run to qualify in 14th, BG Alyssa Kessler qualified in 23rd, and YB Dylan Miller had a breakthrough run, taking a huge 36 sec off his previous best despite a soft muddy course to finish in the top half of a huge field and qualify in 31st. MG Grace Playstead unfortunately ended a fine season with abdominal cramps keeping her just out of qualifying in 39th.
SBB--14. Alan Penrose 10:30
BG--23. Alyssa Kessler 17:09
BB--1. Cody Klingelhoffer 12:19; 6. Oliver Kramer 12:58; 8. Max Sing 13:09; 14. Sage Scheuerell 13:29; 29. Danny Pree 15:52; 30, Jaden O'Hara 15:53---Team 2nd (RCF 34, BPS 48, CS 59, EvSt 80)
MG--39. Grace Playstead 14:53
MB--14. Ethan Anderson 11:45; 16. Cade Fischer 11:49; 31. Colby Wilson 12:58; 32. Hugh Randall 13:01; 34. Sam Grant 13:10; 36. Jordan Ziegler 13:20; 37. Bowen Kennedy 13:37; 38. John Bussey 13:47; 41. Drew Smith 13:57; 48. River Scheuerell 15:36---Team 5th (CS 27, SpU40, RCF 96, FW 97, BPS 103)
YB--31. Dylan Miller 15:36 

10/26/2013--BPS MB TEAM 3RD AT RAIN CITY STAMPEDE--Woodland Park, Seattle
MB Ethan Anderson led the MB team with an 8th place finish in a time almost a minut faster than his JO run on this course last year. MB Hugh Randall was most improved, 1:18 faster than last year, and MG Grace Playstead was a nice 54sec faster. SBG Hannah Berschauer was terrific in her first out-of-town race ever and BB Jaden O'Hara showed massive improvement in only his second big race.
Results, with (improvement from last year's JO run)
SBG 2000m--17. Hannah Berschauer 11:55
BB 3000m--5. Oliver Kramer 12:50; 17. Jaden O'Hara 14:09
MG 3000m--22. Grace Playstead 14:24 (-0:54)
MB 3000m--8. Ethan Anderson 11:40 (-0:53); 9. Cade Fischer 11:45 (-0:16); 15. Hugh Randall 12:03 (-1:18); 16. Colby Wilson 12:41 (-0:29); 17. Sam Grant 13:01 (-0:41); 19. Bowen Kennedy 13:16 (-0:24); --Team 3rd
YB 4000m--14. Dylan Miller 16:12

Fifty-one youth runners celebrated as Bruce would have loved--with a run. Grace Playstead led all girls and Dylan Miller earned the boys' gold with nice times. Lauren Forester and Kai Bentley earned silvers, and Lauren Wilson and Everett Warner garnered the bronzes. Barron Park took both girls' and guys' team titles in close races with Nova and Evergreen Christian.
B=Barron Park; N=Nova; E=Evergreen Christian; U=unattached
GIRLS-- 1. Grace Playstead (B) 10:39; 2. Lauren Forester (N) 11:15; 3. Lauren Wilson (E) 11:23; 4. Vanessa Chan (U) 11:56; 5. Brianna Crites (E) 11:57; 6. Anna Pree (U) 11:57; 7. Hannah Berschauer (B) 12:05; 8. Kali King (N) 12:14; 9. Alyssa Kessler (B) 12:24; 10. Lilly Gramling (N) 12:25; 11. Rebecca McMillin-Hastings (B) 12:28; 12. Echo Martens (N) 12:43; 13. Muriel Stein (E) 13:17; 14. Abby Lowrey (E) 13:48; 15. Caroline Shipley (E) 14:19; 16. Anna Davis (B) 14:19; 17. Faith Plaskiewicz (E) 14:21; 18. Ellie Davis (B) 14:22; 19. Katherine Munecke (N) 15:28; 20. Lindsay Gramling (B) 15:30; 21. Emily Starting (U) 16:26---Team Scoring: B (1.5.7)=13; N (2.6.8)=16; E (3,4,11)=18
BOYS-- 1. Dylan Miller (B) 8:48; 2. Kai Bentley (N) 8:55; 3. Everett Warner (N) 9:49; 4. Colby Wilson (B) 9:53; 5. Hugh Randall (B) 9:56; 6. Oliver Kramer (B) 10:08; 7. Sam Grant (B) 10:09; t8. Jaden O'Hara (B) 10:19; t8. John Bussey (NB) 10:19; 10. Bowen Kennedy (B) 10:29; 11. Jordan Ziegler (B) 10:32; 12. Drew Smith (B) 10:49; 13. Sage Scheuerell (B) 10:59; 14. Danny Pree (B) 11:16; 15. Quinn Murray (N) 11:29; 16. Sam Randall (B) 11:32; 17. Jacob Playstead (B) 11:35; 18. Luke Starting (U) 12:12; 19. River Scheuerell (B) 12:19; 20. Alan Penrose (B) 12:27; 21. Jayden Kessler (B) 12:36; 22. Austin Morales (E) 13:00; 23. Garrett Field (E) 13:12; 24. Caleb Engelken (E) 13:27; 25. Miles Morales (E) 13:40; 26. Rizley Cox (N) 13:46; 27: Wesley Stevick (B) 14:24; 28. Arlo McMillin-Hastings (B) 15:25; 29. Ben Starting (U) 16:55; 30. Jaden Parker (N) 17:09; 31. Nick Elias (N) 18:24---Team Scoring: B (1,4,5)=10; N (2,3,8)=13; E (22,23,24)=69

Eight Striders ran well at the 2.0 mile Huff n' Puff course at Shelton HS, with Cade Fischer leading the middle school guys and Oliver Kramer the grade school group.
Boys Race 2.0 miles--1. Cade Fischer 12:27; 6. Oliver Kramer 13:47; 7. Colby Wilson 13:53; 13. Bowen Kennedy 14:46; 14: Drew Smith 14:58; 15. Jaden O'Hara 15:10; 22. Danny Pree 16:58
Girls Race 2.0 miles--4. Trinity Wilhite 15:48

10/12/2013--STRIDERS IMPROVE IN BELLEVUE--Wilburton Park, Bellevue
Eleven Striders continued their journey with courageous efforts at the Cascade meet on a rain-free morning. Top BPS finish came from BB Oliver Kramer with a fine 4th. Wesley Stevick finished a strong 6th in the 6&U race. Improving on last year's times were MB Sam Grant (9sec) and MG Grace Playstead (46sec!!). The BB guys earned the 3rd place team ribbons and the MBs all ran well for a team 4th led by Ethan Anderson.
6&U 800m--6. Wesley Stevick 4:42
BB 3000m--4. Oliver Kramer 12:32; Sage Scheuerell 14:11; Jayden O'Hara 15:14 --Team 3rd
MG 3000m--18. Grace Playstead 13:44
MB 3000m--12. Ethan Anderson 11:51; 16. Hugh Randall 12:33; 18. Colby Wilson 12:53; 19. Sam Grant 12:56; 20. John Bussey 12:56; 25. Bowen Kennedy 13:49 -- Team 4th

Seven BPS athletes took to the club meet scene and represented themselves and the club well. YB Dylan Miller, in his first try at 4k, finished a fine 8th. BB Oliver Kramer ran an outstanding 4th in his group. MG Grace Playstead sliced an impressive 33 seconds off her time from last year. The MB team of Ethan Anderson, Cade Fischer, Sam Grant and Bowen Kennedy finished a fine 3rd with Ethan running over 1 1/2 minutes faster than last year to lead the team in 7th place, closely followed by Cade in 9th. Sam ran a nice 27 sec faster than last year.
BB 3000m--4. Oliver Kramer --13:06
MG 3000m--20, Grace Playstead --14:31
MB 3000m--7. Ethan Anderson 11:46; 9. Cade Fischer 11:50; 22.. Sam Grant 14:07; 23. Bowen Kennedy 14:30
YB 4000m--8. Dylan Miller 15:40

Grace Playstead and Dylan Miller both were overall winners and sparked team wins for both girls' and boys' teams in one of the wettest meets ever.  All 30 stalwart Barron Park runners, including the two who ran for NOVA, ran extremely well in miserable conditions without a complaint.
     B=Barron Park; N=NOVA; M=Mountain View; S=Southside
GIRLS: 1. Grace Playstead (B-7) 7:17; 2. Trinity Wilhite (B-6) 7:27; 3. Lauren Forester (N-6) 7:38; 4. Alyssa Kessler (B-5) 8:01; 5. Hannah Berschauer (B-3); 6. Johanna Zilla (B-6) 8:15; 7. Lilly Gramling (N-7) 8:19; 8. Kari King (N-6) 8:28; 9. Aliana Chandra (N-7) 8:28; 10. Echo Martin (N-7) 8:37; 11. Avi Vetter (B-5) 8:52; 12. Rebecca McMillin-Hastings (B-4) 9:03; 13. Aris Vetter (B-4) 9:15; 14. Lindsay Gramling (B-4) 9:45; 15. Catherine Munecke (N-6) 9:50; 16. Ellie Davis (B-5) 9:59; 17. Annie Davis (B-2) 10:06-----------Team scores:  Barron Park 7, NOVA 18
BOYS: 1. Dylan Miller (B-8) 5:50; 2. Cade Fischer (B-6) 6:13; 3. Colby Wilson (B-6) 6:46; 4. John Gerchak (S-7) 6:58; 5. Oliver Kramer (B-4) 6:59; 6. Hugh Randall (B-6) 7:04; 7. John Bussey (N-6) 7:06; 8. Kyle Gerchak (S-4) 7:08; 9. Jasper Hunter (N-6) 7:09; 10. Bowen Kennedy (B-6) 7:12; 11. Jordan Ziegler (B-5) 7:16; 12. Sam Grant (B-5) 7:21; 13. Drew Smith (B-6) 7:27; 14. Miles Wilderman (B-6) 7:30; 15. Sage Scheuerell (B-4) 7:36; 16. Kai Johnson (N-6) 7:36; 17. Danny Pree (B-3) 7:50; 18. Joseph Zilla (B-3) 7:54; 19. Quinn Murry (N-6) 8:00; 20. Sam Randall (B-3) 8:08; 21. River Scheuerell (B-7) 8:24; 22. Rizley Cox (N-6) 8:42; 23. Digory Zilla (B-4) 8:47; 24 Alan Penrose (B-2) 8:57; 25. Brandon Free (M-4) 12:11; 26. Nick Elias (N-7) 12:12; 27. Jayden Parker (N-6) 12:12----------Team scores: Barron Park 6, NOVA 30
TOP GRADE RUNS: 8th--Dylan Miller 5:50; 7th--Grace Playstead 7:17, John Gurchack 6:58; 6th--Trinity Wilhite 7:27, Cade Fischer 6:13; 5th--Alyssa Kessler 8:01, Jordan Ziegler 7:16; 4th--Rebecca McMillin-Hastings 9:03, Oliver Kramer 6:59; 3rd--Hannah Berschauer 8:11, Danny Pree 7:50; 2nd--Annie Davis 10:06, Alan Penrose 8:57

9/18/2013--DYLAN RUNS 1ST IN SHELTON MEET--Lake Isabella Park, Shelton
YB Dylan Miller opened the '13 XC season with the top finish in the Shelton Middle School race in a fine time 0f 11:55. 4th-grader Oliver Kramer finished a fine 7th in 14:12.


Great fellowship was atop the list of positives in the smallest PXCD yet. Eleven participated in at least one event:
Autumn Stevick--14.7/12-0/26-1/N/1:59.0//19.9/64-10.5/N/85-1/7:58.3 = 2318
Gemma Stevick--N/N/N/N/N//N/N/N/1-8/N = 0
Wendy Stevick--N/N/N/2-8.25/N//N/N/N/N/N = 25
Wesley Stevick--26.5/4-9.75/5-1.25/1-6/1:59.0//32.7/9-10/NH/15-8/11:10.5 = 2
Drew Stevick--18.5/8-0/23-4/3-4/1;59.0//n/67-7/3-5/52-2/N = 821
Ryan Staley--N/N/N/N/65.9//N/40-5/N/31-3/N = 391
Ian Dsndridge--N/N/N/N/N//N/60-9/N/N/N =245
Noah Murry--N/N/N/N/64.2//N/70-9/N/72-8/N = 769
Ben RIley--N/N/N/N/72.5//N/31-9/N/N/N = 175
Andy Prentice--14.7/13-1/22-1/3-8/63.8//19.9/66-11/3-5/79-2/5;13.2 = 2444
Jesse Stevick--13.0/14-2.75/27-5.5/4-6/58.1/16.9/75-6/6-8/133-7/4:33.5 = 4109

The 17th "Annual" Central Barron Park Invitational Pentathlon produced great efforts by 18 tough athletes ages 4-12. Colby Wilson was the overall point total winner. Fearlessness, family, food and fellowship (the four Fs!) were plentiful.
Red = all-time CBPIP top "50" mark--
(HJ/50yd/LJ/4#SP/400m//pts--pts per age in mos/pts per H+W)
7G--Soquel MacDonald 2-2/10.6/6-5/3-5/1:56//2139--25.46/23.00
9G--Anneli MacDonald 2-8/9.6/7-6/11-10/95//2954--26.85/25.03
      Mathilde MacDonald 3-0/8.9/7-5/12-0/99//3103--28.21/25.23
10G--Emma Brown 3-2/8.4/9-1/15-3/1:40//3415--27.10/25.30
      Haven Barnes 3-0/7.4/9-0/18-0/91//3562--27.19/25.44
11G--Michaela MacDonald 3-6/8.7/8-2/17-0/98//3460--24.89/27.38

4B--Wesley Stevick 1-10/10.9/2-9/5-6/2:11//1877--32.36/22.89
      Kai MacDonald 1-8/10.5/4-9/8-0/2:03//2127--36.05/22.87
6B--Adam Aldrich 1-10/10.8/5-4/11-0/2:05//2260--31.39/22.60
7B--Eyob Frederick 2-6/10.5/7-5/13-6/2:03//2733--31.41/22.97
      Jonathan Cooper 2-6/9.3/6-11/11-10/1:47//2835--31.50/28.93
8B--Calvin Aldrich 2-2/9.7/6-6/12-0/1:55//2632--27.13/25.80
9B--Ethan Aldrich 3-0/8.7/8-4/20-11/96//3428--28.81/25.58
10B--Desmond Nixon 2-10/9.2/5-4/13-4/2:00//2796--23.11/17.70
       Sage Barnes 3-2/7.7/9-9/23-7/98//3751--30.75/30.01
11B--Alec Lewis 3-8/7.3/8-0/26-4/73//3960--30.00/27.69
        Colby Wilson 4-2/7.1/12-8/34-1/72//4714--33.91/31.01
12B--Xavier Barnes 3-10/7.1/11-10/30-2/84//4400--30.14/25.43

Scott Copeland earned 6 golds in this annual classic and survived.
50m 7.32; 100m 13.31; 200m 27.72; 400m 64.96; LJ 15-0; TJ 29-6

IB Ryan Chase was clutch when it counted Mon-Tues in earning the decathlon silver with a big PR club record total, notching PR top 12 marks in the shot , pole vault, and javelin along the way. He was only 35 points off the gold. He came back Wednesday on tired legs to leap a creditable 10th in the TJ. SBG Kyleigh Koehler had a huge 5 foot PR club record Wednesday in the turbojav, ending one spot off the medals in 9th as the only 7yo in contention, then nailed a huge PR by over a foot in the shot Friday as well. YW Charene Stovall, also in the young end of her age group, had an off day in the shot on Wednesday. MB Cade Fischer focused well on the big stage and hurdled to a nice PR Thursday as the 15th fastest qualifier with the 4th all-time BPS time, then high jumped well on Friday. MG Carissa Stovall was undaunted Thursday in her first National experience in the shot, putting just off her season best in a tough crowd. She finished in the top half of the discus throwers on Saturday, where Chelsea Chaput just missed the medal round with a 9th place finish.
IB--Ryan Chase--Decathlon  11.89/20-0.75/39-0.5*/5-5/53.97//16.77/101-8/10-0*/150-9*/4:59.33//5625* (2)
                          TJ 42-6.25 (10), LJ 19-10.75
SBG--Kyleigh Koehler  TJav 44-3* (9), SP-2k 13-4.5*
MG--Carissa Stovall SP 28-4.5, DT 62-11
       Chelsea Chaput DT 74-8 (9)
MB--Cade Fischer 80H 13.49*, HJ 4-5
YW--Charene Stovall SP 34-4.75

7/13-14/2013--TRACK CITY CLASSIC GOLDEN FOR STRIDERS--Hayward Field, Eugene
SBG Kyleigh Koehler took home the gold in the turbojav with one of her best efforts as well as tossing the shot for a PR for the silver. MG Chelsea Chaput waited til her last throw in the discus to unleash her gold medal throw after earning the 6th place medal in the shot. MB Cade Fischer climbed higher on the hurdles top 12 chart with an outstanding 4th place finish in a tough crowd while multitasking with the HJ. He also took 6th in the discus. IB Ben Hodson notched two fine PRs in the LJ and 800m, both BPS top 12 marks. YM Michael Chavez took 7th in the jav to earn BPS top 12 honors.
SBG--Kyleigh Koehler SP 12-8.75*(2), TJav 38-8 (1)
MG--Chelsea Chaput  SP 24-5.25 (6), DT 78-1 (1)
MB--Cade Fischer 80H 13.55*(4), HJ 4-2 (7), DT 60-2*(6)
IB--Ben Hodson  800m 2:16.42*, LJ 17-11.25
YM--Michael Chavez JT 145-0 (7)

7/4-7/2013--REGIONAL JUNIOR OLYMPICS--Chief Sealth HS, W.Seattle
OPEN MEET--MG Chelsea Chaput and MB Cade Fischer earned golds in the first day of competition and four others earned a trip to Nationals with top 5 finishes. Chaput won the discus by a significant margin a bit off her club record and Fischer turned lemons into lemonade with a clutch clearance in the HJ which sent him from 5th to 1st and clinched his victory. SBG Kyleigh Koehler PRd in a silver medal SP effort which upped her club record, MG Carissa Stovall was a double National qualifier with a bronze in the shot and 4th in the discus, YW Charene Stovall pulled off a timely huge PR-equalling toss on her last SP try to earn bronze, and IB Ryan Chase followed up his decathlon silver with surprisingly springy legs and a bronze in the LJ. IB WIllie Broxton had a big day with PRs in the 100m and 200m, the former a fine club record which qualified him for finals and the latter a BPS all-time #3. BB Cody Klingelhoffer ran a nice PR top 12 1500m for 7th in a very strong field.
OPEN, DAY 2--MB Cade Fischer hurdled his way to his second gold of the meet. MB Jaylen Clay was looking very much a hurdler but hit a hurdle and fell in the same race but courageously finished the race. IB Ryan Chase earned yet another National slot with a silver in the TJ. IB Willie Broxton earned the 5th place National seed in a cold, headwindy 100m to become the seventh Barron Park National qualifier. IG Camiele Cleveland hurdled well after a terrible start and finished a bit off her PR. SBG Kyleigh Koehler qualified in her second event as she hurled the turbojav for the gold.
SBG--Kyleigh Koehler 2kSP 12-2.25*(2), TJav 33-7 (1)
BB--Cody Klingelhoffer 1500m 5:29.40*; Oliver Kramer 6:03.05
MG-- Chelsea Chaput SP 26-0.75, DT 76-10 (1); Carissa Stovall SP 28-4.25 (3), DT 59-10 (4)
MB--Cade Fischer HJ 4-5 (1), 80H 14.51(1); Jaylen Clay 80H fell/19.66
YB--Dylan Miller 3000m 11:12.29
IB--Ryan Chase LJ 20-6.5 (3), TJ 42-9 (2); Willie Broxton 100m 11.53/*/11.98 (5), 200m 23.94*
YW--Charene Stovall SP 37-1.5 (3), DT 106-0, JT 93-0; Camiele Cleveland 100H 17.69, TJ 32-10

MULTIS--IB Ryan Chase rode two fine PRs in the shot and 400m, the latter a huge club record, to a first day decathlon lead, then had a solid second day with three PRs to demolish his own club record point total and earn the silver with an automatic qualifying total.  YW Camiele Cleveland had solid marks and a HJ PR in her 5th place heptathlon. MB Cade Fischer had a PR effort in the 1500m, notching a fine PR point total for 4th in his Pentathlon, only 2 points off an automatic national qualifying total.
MB Pentathlon---Cade Fischer  (80H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500) 14.00/22-5.75/4-2.25/12-9.75/5:11.35* = 1993pts*
YW Heptathlon-Camiele Cleveland (100H/HJ/SP/200m//LJ/JT/800m) 7.67/4-7*/22-4.5/28.93//14-5.5/55-11/2:40.19 = 3129
IB Decathlon--Ryan Chase 11.99/19-4/38-5*/5-6.5/53.34//3008//16.91/104-9/8-11.75/144-0/4:49.96 = 5558* (2)

6/29/2013--CENTRALIA ALL-COMERS--Centralia HS
Good marks by 7 athletes, including at least one club record and two fine top 12 LJs. All marks on athletic.net.
SBG--Amanda Moll  LJ 9-9; Hana Moll  LJ 10-5
MM--3000m Gary Cooper 10:40.02

6/29/2013--XTREME TWILIGHT MEET--Kent-Meridian HS
IB Ben Hodson earned two golds and leapt to another top 12 LJ.
Ben--800m 2:21.10 (1), LJ 17-3.5* (1)

6/29/2013--STATE HERSHEY MEET-- Mt Tahoma HS, Tacoma
Early results show six top 8 awards. MB Cade Fischer was a triple ribbonist with a 3rd in the SLJ and 4ths in the 200m and 400m, the former a top 12 PR. YB Dylan Miller took 8th in the 1600m. YB Ibelema Stahmer, despite eschewing a crouch start, finished top 3 in both sprints.
BG--Emma Brown 100m
MB--Cade Fischer 200m 29.61*(4), 400m 66.??(4), SLJ (3)
YG--Ibelema Stahmer 100m (3), 200m (2)
YB Dylan Miller 1600m 5:27.92(8), 800m

6/27/2013--ALL-COMERS #4--Tumwater HS
Five club records and numerous top 12 marks were set:
Hurdles--Colby Wilson 13.83; Jaylen Clay 14.22
200m--Cade Fischer 29.74; Quincy Nixon 37.62
400m--Baabo Ba 2:07.40; Wesley Stevick 2:13.92
800m--Jenna Rigg 3:35.51
1500m--Jenna RIgg 7:49.57; Gary Cooper 5:04.98
3200m--Gary Cooper 11:28.52
SP--Quincy Nixon 19-0.25; Sam Rigg 6-10.5
DT--Charene Stovall 109-4; Carissa Stovall 68-9; Chelsea Chaput 80-2
JT--Oliver Dickson 65-6; Quincy Nixon 34-2; Taylor Neilson 33-9; Sam Rigg 25-4; Wesley Stevick 15-10;
Sky RIchardson 51-9; Katelyn Rigg 28-11; Hannah Pierce 63-0; Autumn Stevick 83-8

Brooke Feldmeier earned a 2nd place in the heptathlon, setting a BPS 800m record in the process. Karen Bulger tossed the 500g javelin far for the silver.
Brooke--14.85/5-1/35-3.25(3k)/25.56//16-4/122-9(500g)/2:18.78 = 4967
Karen--JT(500g) 166-3

Day 1--Lots of PR marks included 15 top 12 efforts and two club records. YW Karen Bulger demolished her own SP record with a huge gold medal heave and IB Ryan Chase erased a long-standing LJ record, in addition to posting a fine #2 BPS mark in the javelin, both good for the silver medal. Other gold medal efforts were accomplished by SBG Kyleigh Koehler with a shot PR, MG Chelsea Chaput in the discus to go with a huge one foot PR bronze top 12 SP toss, and by MB Cade Fischer with a top 12 big PR in the HJ, outdueling teammate silver medalist Colby Wilson by fewer misses. Colby also qualified in the LJ with a top 12 leap. Other silver medalists were BB Cody Klingelhoffer with a brilliant top 12 1500m run, MG Carissa Stovall in the discus and shot, and YW Charene Stovall in the shot. Other top 12 times were turned in by BB Oliver Kramer with a gutsy 1500m PR effort in which he recovered from a dramatic mid-race fall, by MG Qianna Townsend with nifty 100m and 200m PRs, the former qualifying for finals, by MB Jaylen Clay also with nice 100m and 200m sprints, and by IB Willie Broxton with great qualifying 100m and 200m efforts. YB Dylan Miller ran his first sub-5 minute 1500m and MB Tom Clewes PR'd in the LJ to go with a qualifying leap in the HJ. Top 8 finishers qualify to compete at the Regional JO meet.
Day 2--Huge efforts with all 16 Striders earning Regional qualification, five more gold medals, three club records and two PNA records broken. SBG Kyleigh Koehler and YW Karen Bulger both tossed their respective javelins for club records and PNA records in impressive performances. IB Ryan Chase also posted his second club record of the meet in the TJ as well as establishing the #2 all-time BPS hurdle time, both good for gold medals. MB Cade Fischer added to his medals with a gold in a well-run hurdle race, moving him up the top 12 list, and MB Jaylen Clay in the same race surprised in only his second hurdle race with a fine qualifying 5th, a 2 second PR. YW Camiele Cleveland was a double qualifier with two top 12 marks in the hurdles and TJ, the former a PR time. YB Dylan Miller earned his qualifying with a nice 3000m run, a top 12 time and a huge 40 sec PR. IB Willie Broxton took 4th in the 100m finals and 7th in the 200m, both faster than the prelims, both top 12 efforts, and the latter a big personal best. MG Qianna Townsend bested her seed in the 100m final with a fine PR and top 12 time for 6th place.
Marks--* = PR  red = top 12 PR  purple = club record
SBG--Kyleigh Koehler SP(2k) 11-9.75*(1), TJav 39-5*(1)
BB--Cody Klingelhoffer 1500m 5:30.38*(2); Oliver Kramer 1500m 5:54.86*(6)
MG--Chelsea Chaput SP 27-5.5*(3), DT 75-9 (1); Carissa Stovall SP 27-5.75 (2), DT 54-10 (2); Qianna Townsend 100m 14.29*/14.18*(6), 200m 29.77*
MB--Jaylen Clay 100m 14.00*, 200m 29.62*, 80H 15.46*(5); Tom Clewes LJ 11-3.5*, HJ 3-5.25*(6); Cade Fischer LJ 12-2.25, HJ 4-7*(1), 80H 14.04*(1); Colby Wilson LJ 13-11.5*(5), HJ 4-7 (2)
YB--Dylan Miller 1500m 4:59.54, 800m 2:33.73, 3000m 10:57.37*(7)
IB--Willie Broxton 100m 11.82/11.69 (4), 200m 24.16*/24.05*(7); Ryan Chase LJ 20-9*(2), JT 142-7*, TJ 42-8.25 (1)
YW--Karen Bulger SP 44-4.75*(1), JT 154-3 (1); Charene Stovall SP 35-8.5 (2), DT 97-2 (4), JT 93-10 (6); Camiele Cleveland 100H 17.23*(8), TJ 34-0 (6)

6/19-20--USATF JUNIOR NATIONALS HEPTATHLON--Drake Stadium, Des Moines, IA
Brooke Feldmeier had two marginal events but set four Barron Park YW records and two more top 12 PRs on her way to a 10th place finish in a tough crowd of junior heptathletes.
Brooke (100H/HJ/SP/200m//LJ/JT/800m)  14.43*/5-1.75/31-10/24.82*//15-4/108-7/2:20.39* = 4855pts*

6/20/2013--ALL-COMERS #3--Tumwater HS
Lots of PRs with these new top 12 marks, including three club records (*):
100m--James Bussey 22.12; 200m--Arlo McMillin Hastings 52.09(from AC#2); 400m--Wesley Stevick 2:15.99
1600m Jenna Rigg 8:15.03, Joseph Zilla 7:22.93
TJav--Sam Rigg 22-10*(MiniBB), Jonathan Cooper 20-8, James Bussey 17-9, Kyleigh Koehler 34-11*(SBG), Oliver Dickson 63-9
LJ--Sam Rigg 6-5; HJ Emma Brown 3-8; PV Katie Fish 7-6;
SP--Karen Bulger 41-8*(YW), Charene Stovall 37-1.5, Chelsea Chaput 26-6; DT--Charene Stovall 99-10, Carissa Stovall 63-10, Chlesea Chaput 78-3

6/16/2013--JO ASSOCIATION MULTIEVENTS--Kent-Meridian HS, Kent
Four brave Striders posted lots of personal bests (*) and top 12 marks, and Cade Fischer won the MB gold.
MB Pentathlon--(80H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)--Ian Ellis 17.56*/20-7.75/3-8.5/9-11.25*/7:32.93* = 861pts*
             Cade Fischer 14.92*/22-9.25/4-2.25/14-0*/5:12.05* = 1921pts*(1)
             Colby Wilson 14.57*/27-1*/4-0.5/13-0.5/5:35.09* = 1847pts*
YG Pentathlon--(100H/SP/HJ/LJ/800m)--Zoe Ellis  21.81*/23-2.5*/3-4.5/11-5.25/2:59.34* = 1242pts

6/15/2013--SPS CLASSIC--Sumner, WA
BB Oliver Kramer advanced up the BPS1500m top 12 list, IB Ben Hodson had two huge top 12 PRs, and MG Chelsea Chaput won two golds.
BB--Oliver Kramer 1500m 5:55.17
MG--Chelsea Chaput SP 23-8 (1), DT 75-7 (1)
IB--Ben Hodson  800m 2:16.78, LJ 17-2.5

6/13/2013--ALL-COMERS #2--Tumwater HS
New Top 12 marks:
Girls: 100m Reign 21.84; 200m Qianna 31.67; SP Carissa 29-0.5, Charene 36-6.75, Karen 41-1 (YW club record); DT Carissa 62-2, Charene 96-9.5, Karen 84-4; Jav Belle 52-7, Kyleigh 24-3, Ariana 32-1; Karen 146-2 (YW club record), Charene 102-11
Boys: 200m Perris 25.52; 3000m Dylan 11:45.9; Hur Cade 14.8, Ryan 17.21; Jav Samuel 22-3, Jonathan 19-0, James 17-3,  Colton 86-7, Bowen 75-6, Oliver D 46-2

6/8/2013--GREAT CASCADE MARKS FOR OLIVER, BEN--Sammamish HS, Bellevue
BB Oliver Kramer ran onto the 1500m top 12 list and Ben Hodson had some fine PR marks.
BB--Oliver Kramer  1500m 5:58.2
IB--Ben Hodson  800m 2:20.9, LJ 16-4, SP 26-4

6/7/2013--LOCAL HERSHEY MEET PRODUCES--Ingersoll Stadium, Olympia
19 Barron Park athletes worked hard and many qualified for the State meet with top 2 finishes. Double winners included YG Ibelema Stahmer, MB Cade Fischer, and YB Dylan Miller. Other event golden Striders were BG Emma Brown, MG Kendra Jones, MG Quianna Townsend, and MB Jaylen Clay. Also qualifying with nice efforts were BGs Lyv Heistand and Amy Conklin, BB Caden Moore, MB Keagan Heistand, and YB Kolby Valler.
BG--Alena Lewis 200m 39.3, 400m 85.7; Lyv Heistand 200m 38.8, Relay 81.7 (2); Amy Conklin 50m 10.0, 100m 21.4, Relay 81.7 (2); Emma Brown 50m 8.7/9.4, 100m 17.6/17.1 (1), Relay 81.7 (2)
BB--Caden Moore 50m 7.9/8.1 (2), 100m 15.8/15.5
MG--Kendra Jones 400m 71.6 (2), 800m 2:50.8 (1); Ashley Cramblit 100m 15.4/15.5; Quianna Townsend 100m 14.4/14.7 (2), 200m 31.5 (1); Anika Perle-Warner 100m 19.6, 200m 43.1;
MB--Colby Wilson 200m 31.0, 400m 69.4; Cade Fischer 200m 30.3 (1), 400m 66.4 (1), Relay 61.2 (1); Keagan Heistand 100m 17.3, 200m 36.9, Relay 61.2 (1); Quinn Murry 200m 35.7, 400m 87.1; Jaylen Clay 100m 14.3/14.3 (1), 200m 30.8 (2); Kaden Latchaw 100m 16.0/16.0, 200m 36.3; Alec Lewis 200m 31.7, 400m 72.1; Jordan Ziegler 400m 85.4, 800m 3:09.5; Miles Wilderman 100m 16.0, 400m 77.4
YG--Ibelema Stahmer 100m 13.2 (1), 200m 27.6 (1)
YB--Dylan Miller 800m 2:33.9 (1), 1600m 5:23.2 (1); Kolby Valler 800m 3:03.5 (2), 1600m 6:23.7

6/6/2013--ALL-COMERS #1--Tumwater HS
It was a busy meet with lots of great marks. At least 30 top 12 marks were set and one club record (SBB Shot 18-2.5 by Quincy Nixon) and can be found in the "Marks of Note" section. All Barron Park marks can be found at athletic.net. Additions and corrections welcome.

SBG Kyleigh Koehler put her shot onto the top 12 list in her first club meet. YB Dylan Miller ran a PR 1500m. MG Chelsea Chaput won the discus. MB Colby WIlson leapt onto the HJ top 12 list. BB Oliver Kramer took the bronze with a 1500m PR and BB Cody Klingelfoffer ran away with the 1500m gold in a time all-time BPS #4.
SBG--Kyleigh Koehler  SP 11-1.25 (3)
BB--Oliver Kramer  1500m 6:03(3); Cody Klingelhoffer 1500m 5:34.6 (1), 400m 76.0?
MG--Chelsea Chaput DT 58-7 (1)
MB--Colby Wilson  400m 67.6?, LJ 13-5.75, HJ 4-7; Tom Clewes DT 38-11
YB--Dylan Miller 1500m 5:12.1

6/1/2013--NW MASTERS MARKS GREAT--W.Seattle Stadium
Dan Cole-- HJ 4-9.5; PV 9-0 (both club records)
Scott Copeland--LJ 15-8.5; TJ 30-0?

MB Bowen Kennedy just missed the top 12 list with his first turbojav toss in the age group.
MB--Bowen--TJav 66-2

5/30-6/1/2013--STATE HS MULTIS--Lk Stevens HS
YW-Jenn Harper--Dec 3365 (14.46/13-10.75/28-10.25/3-8.75/76.75//20.29/95-10.25/8-2.25/63-1/7:00.30 = 3365
      Camiele Cleveland--Hept 3181 (17.54/23-2.25/4-5.5/28.43//15-0.5/56-11/2:42.34 = 3181
IB--Ryan Chase--Dec 4872 (11.81/20-1.25/32-2.25/5-4.5/56.28//18.25/86-0.25/8-10.25/114-0 = 4872 (IB club record)

Michael Chavez--incomplete

Striders survived relative mayhem to post some good early season marks. IB Noah Murry put his name on the top 12 list in two events. IB Perris Jones lowered his top 12 400m time. SBG Psalm Jones sprinted to a 400m top 12 time. MB Colby Wilson just missed the LJ list with a fine leap. MG Kendra Jones dropped a whopping 6 sec off her 400m PR. SBB Quincy Nixon and MB Colton Nixon both had great first meets with multiple top 12 marks.
SBG--Psalm Jones  100m 19.0; 400m 91.8
SBB-Quincy Nixon  SP 18-0; 100m 16.7; LJ 9-4.5
MG--Chelsea Chaput DT 64-4
       Kendra Jones  100m 15.3; 400m 72.8
MB--Quinn Murry  400m 90.6; 1500m 6:52.49
       Colton Nixon  100m 15.2; LJ 12-6; TJav 71-0
       Colby Wilson  400m 69.4; LJ 13-6; SP 25-4
IB--Perris Jones  100m pending; 400m 56.2
      Noah Murry  400m pending; 1500m 4:44.8; 3000m 10:06.3

5/4/2013--NICE PR EFFORTS AT RAINIER BEACH--Rainier Beach HS, Seattle
Four BPS athletes turned in great efforts, including top 12 marks by MG Chelsea Chaput in the discus, a #2 BPS mark, and IB Perris Jones in the 100 and 400. His 100m was a #3 all-time BPS time.
Marks; * = PR; red = top 12 mark
SBG--Psalm Jones--400m 94.5h*(1)
MG--Chelsea Chaput--DT 77-3.5*(1)
       Kendra Jones--200m 32.7h*(3); 800m 2:52.4h*(3)
IB--Perris Jones--100m 11.5h*(1); 400m 56.4h*(3)


SBB Oliver Kramer didn't let the sunshine or elevation get to him as he registered his best 2k time by a huge 11s on his way to a brilliant top 40 finish of 140 competing runners. SBB Sam Randall, on the young end in the age group, also finished his season in style with his second-best time. Bowen Kennedy saved his best effort for the season finale, leading the BB team to 8th place, the highest BPS XC youth finish ever. Bowen was followed closely by Colby Wilson and Hugh Randall. Completing the scoring were Jordan Ziegler and Sam Grant, with John Bussey displacing.
SBB(140)--Oliver Kramer 8:30(38); Sam Randall 10:14(132)
BB(204)--Bowen Kennedy 12:50(102); Colby Wilson 12:55(108); Hugh Randall 13:03(116); Jordan Ziegler 13:15(132); Sam Grant 13:36(152); John Bussey 13:41(155)

A cold but dry morning on the Mead athletic fields set the stage for 12 all-out efforts and lots of solid best-time-for-distance performances by  Striders, with eight qualifying for the National JO meet next month in Albuquerque. SBB Oliver Kramer led the way with a fine 4th place run in the 2k and SBB Sam Randall cranked things up several notches with a determined run to qualify in 20th place. BB Jordan Ziegler, qualifying as an individual in 19th, led the fine BB team effort for a qualifying bronze medal performance. Bowen Kennedy ran a fine 2nd position, Colby WIlson had his best time in 3rd, Sam Grant ran a solid 4th, Hugh Grant scored the 5th spot with a great effort after falling, and John Bussey ran the displacing role with a PR time. SBB Sage Scheuerell just missed qualifying in 22nd with a gutsy PR time despite disabling sideaches, BG Grace Playstead had an enormous PR with arguably her best 3K effort ever, and MBs Cade Fischer and Ethan Anderson, both first year in their age group, competed well with big PR times.
SBB 2000m--Oliver Kramer 8:41 (4); Sam Randall 9:42 (20); Sage Scheuerell 9:53 (22)
BG 3000m--Grace Playstead 13:53 (30)
BB 3000m--Jordan Ziegler 12:17 (19); Bowen Kennedy 12:37 (23); Colby Wilson 12:41 (24); Sam Grant 12:43 (25);
      Hugh Randall 12:48 (27); John Bussey 13:10 (36)  Team: 1.SpoMerc 29; 2.CentOr 38; 3. BPS 60; 4.BowAC 99
MB 3000m--Cade Fischer 11:39 (35); Ethan Anderson 12:15 (46)

On a special day in the annals of Barron Park, 17 fine athletes represented the club well under a beautiful cold blue sky. Led by an amazing effort by Jordan Ziegler with a course best by over a minute, his BB team of Colby Wilson, Hugh Randall, Bowen Kennedy, Sam Grant, and John Bussey strode to an historic team win. Jordan and Dylan earned medals with their top 10 individual finishes. The MB team of Cade Wilson, Dylan Miller, Ethan Anderson, Jasper Hunter, Tom Clewes, and Kolby Valler also ran well but finished a team 6th in a very tough crowd. Cade, Dylan, and Ethan qualified as individuals for Regionals by finishing in the top 35, while Jasper just missed in 36th. Ethan's time was a spectacular course best by 1:14, with Cade and Dylan besting last year's course times. BG Grace Playstead, despite having breathing trouble, qualified in her race. Continuing a great season, SBB Oliver Kramer earned medaled with a fine 2nd in the 2k race and Sage Scheuerell, with a terrific effort in his first big meet, finished a fine 4th in an excellent time for his medal. SBB Sam Randall gave a special effort as usual to qualify in 13th, as did SBG Rebecca McMillin-Hastings in the girls' race, bringing her great smile to her first out-of-town race.
SBG 2000m--Rebecca McMillin-Hastings 11:52 (13)
SBB 2000m--Oliver Kramer 8:47 (2); Sage Scheuerell 8:59 (4); Sam Randall 10:40 (13)
BG 3000m--Grace Playstead 15:18
BB 3000m--Jordan Ziegler 12:55 (9); Colby Wilson 13:10 (10); Hugh Randall 13:21 (13); Bowen Kennedy 13:40 (15); Sam Grant 13:42 (16); John Bussey 14:08 (19)--Team Scores: BPS 23, Rain City 33
MB 3000m--Cade Fischer 12:01 (19); Dylan Miller 12:22 (23); Ethan Anderson 12:33 (28); Jasper Hunter 12:54 (36); Tom Clewes 13:32 (40); Kolby Valler 13:42 (42)--Team 6th

10/31/2012--SWEEP AT SHELTON
2 Mile--1. Cade Fischer 13:26; 2. Colby Wilson NT; 3.
Connor Potkonjak NT

Six Striders ran well in miserable weather at this annual classic. SBB Oliver Kramer notched a second place and the fourth best time ever on the 2000m course. SB Sam Randall had a great first out-of-town effort.
SBB 2000m--2. Oliver Kramer 8:44; 10. Sam Randall 10:06
BB 3000m--9. Bowen Kennedy 13:45; 10. Jordan Ziegler 13:58
MB 3000m--15. Dylan Miller 12:50; 26. Ethan Anderson 13:47

Almost twice as many athletes finished this 1.5 mile yearly run with Nova joining Barron Park in celebrating the life of Bruce Newman on a day of misty rain. Dylan Miller earned the gold medal for the second year with a brilliant 42s improvement over 2011, with Cade Fischer and Ethan Anderson earning second and third. Their times, along with Kolby Valler in 4th all equaled or bested the 2011 winning time. Kendra Jones also repeated as the girls' winner with a huge 1:07 betterment of last year's time. Grace Playstead and Isabel Pettis took the second and third awards. All Barron Park athletes who ran last year bettered their previous times, with Johanna Zilla most improved for the girls and Joseph Zilla for the boys among many noteworthy improvements.
GIRLS-- 1. Kendra Jones (BPS) 11:02 (-1:07); 2. Grace Playstead (BPS) 11:31; 3. Isabel Pettis (BPS) 12:17; 4. Lily Granling (Nova) 13:00; 5. Margaret Zilla (BPS) 13:11 (-1:06); 6.
Veda Huntington-Bradley (Nova) 13:15; 7. Rebecca McMillin-Hastings (BPS) 13:38; 8. Johanna Zilla (BPS) 14:02 (-1:08); 9. Mari Johnson (Nova) 14:08; 10. Ellie Krausmann (BPS) 14:09; 11. Zoe Krausmann (BPS) 14:12
BOYS-- 1. Dylan Miller (BPS) 9:46 (-0:42); 2. Cade Fischer (BPS) 9:49 (-0:59); 3. Ethan Anderson (BPS) 10:21(-1:35); 4. Kolby Valler (BPS) 10:28; 5. Bowen Kennedy (BPS) 10:45 (-0.14); 6. Jasper Hunter (Nova) 10:48; 7. Hugh Randall (BPS) 10:49 (-1:29); 8. Ian Cates-Doglio (Nova) 10:54; 9. John Bussey (BPS) 10:58 (-1:11); 10. Sam Grant (BPS) 11:03; 11. Jordan Ziegler (BPS) 11:05; 12. Sage Scheuerell (BPS) 11:28; 13. Oliver Kramer (BPS) 11:30; 14. Tom Clewes (Nova) 11:43; 15. Reuben Zilla (BPS) 12:09 (-1.33); 15. Palmer Sandeno (BPS) 12:26; 16. Joseph Zilla (BPS) 12:38 (-1:46); 17. Sam Randall (BPS) 13:34 (-1:27); 18. Digory Zilla (BPS) 13:47 (-1:29); 19. Llewyn Merrill (Nova) 16:34

10/13/2012--CASCADE STRIDERS MEET--Wilburton Park, Bellevue
All six BPS finishers had distance PRs and BG Grace Playstead had a big course PR as well.
SBB 2000m-- Oliver Kramer 9:41 (3)
BG 3000m-- Grace Playstead 14:30 (14)
BB 3000m-- Colby Wilson 12:49 (8); Sam Grant 13:05 (10); Jordan Ziegler 13:06 (11); Bowen Kennedy DNF --BPS Team 3rd
MB 3000m--Dylan Miller 11:56 (13)

10/11/12--SHELTON MEET--Lake Isabella Park
BB 3000m-- Colby Wilson 13:28 (2)

Nine Striders were tough and terrific, many in their first Saturday meet, maintaining focus is some intense competition. BB Colby Wilson had the highest BPS finish with a fine 4th, leading the BB team including Bowen Kennedy, Jordan Ziegler, and Sam Grant to a team 2nd place. MB Dylan Miller had a noteworthy race, finishing 7th in a tough crowd almost a minute faster than he ran a year ago on this course. Fine solo runs were turned in by SBB Oliver Kramer, BG Grace Playstead, MG Kendra Jones, and MB Ethan Anderson, all running this course for the first time.
SBB 1600m--Oliver Kramer 7:38
BG 3000m--Grace Playstead 15:04
BB 3000m--4. Colby Wilson 13:33; 6. Bowen Kennedy 13:46; 8. Jordan Ziegler 14:21; 10. Sam Grant 14:34 --Team 2nd
MG 3000m--Kendra Jones 14:34
MB 3000m--7. Dylan Miller 11:59; Ethan Anderson 13:18

For the second meet, the weather was perfect as both the boys' and girls' teams earned the candy bag. Kendra Jones of Barron Park once again was the class of the girls' race and Kai Bentley of Nova of the guys'. Juyoun Park of Nova and Grace Playstead of Barron Park rounded out the top three for the girls and Dylan Miller and Cade Fischer, both Barron Park runners, earned second and third for the guys.
1. Kendra Jones (BPS-6) 7:05.0; 2. Juyoun Park (Nova-8) 7:35; 3.
Grace Playstead (BPS-5) 7:37; 4. Lena Vannice (BPS-8) 7:39; 5. Veda Huntington-Bradley (Nova-8) 7:59; 6. Lily Granling (Nova-6) 8:07;  7. Margaret Zilla (BPS-6) 8:29; 8. Allison Holder (un-4) 8:30; 9. McKenzie Murray (Nova-8) 8:33; 10. Lily Messinger (Nova-8) 8:36; 11. Rebecca McMillin-Hastings (BPS-3) 8:36; 12. Mari Johnson (Nova-6) 8:42; 13. Zoe Krausman (BPS-2) 8:50*; 14. Ellie Krausman (BPS-6) 9:11;  15. Johanna Zilla (BPS-5) 9:12; 16. Kaiah Tembarde (Un-3) 9:31; 17. Natalie Holder (un-1) 10:04; 18. Addie Moorade (Un-1) 10:33; 19. Fiona Murphy (Un-4) 10:33; 20. Olivia Huff (un-5) 10:40; 21. Ruby Stanton (un-5yo) 12:47
1. Kai Bentley (Nova-7) 5:53; 2. Dylan Miller (BPS-7) 5:57; 3.
Cade Fischer (BPS-5) 6:13; 4. Ben Whitt (Nova-8) 6:22; 5. William Johnson (un-6) 6:22; 6. Ethan Anderson (BPS-6) 6:35; 7. Colby Wilson (BPS-5) 6:35;  8. Jasper Hunter (Nova-7) 6:47; 9. Bowen Kennedy (BPS-4) 6:48; 10. Jackson Clewes (Nova-8) 6:48; 11. Ian Cates-Doglio (Nova-8) 6:49; 12. Mack Lang (BPS-8) 6:58 ; 13. Kolby Valler (BPS-6) 6:59; 14. Peter Lang (BPS-5) 7:00; 15. Jordan Ziegler (BPS-4) 7:01; 16. Tom Clewes (Nova-7) 7:02; 17. Sam Grant (BPS-4) 7:02; 18. John Bussey (BPS-5) 7:10; 19. Oliver Kramer (BPS-3) 7:10; 20. John Rosen (Nova-8) 7:22; ; 21. Tanner Jensen (BPS-4) 7:22; 22. Miles Wilderman (BPS-4) 7:32; 23. Ethan Coleman (EvChr-3) 7:34; 24. Trout Boback (un-5) 7:35; 25. Reagan Broome (EvChr-2) 7:59; 26. David Suppes (Un-5) 7:59; 27. Reuben Zilla (BPS-4) 8:01 28. Joseph ZIlla (BPS-2) 8:07; 29. Bryce Rubideau (Un-3) 8:11; 30. Francis Pettis (BPS-3) 8:14; 31. Sage Scheuerell (BPS-3) 8:17; 32. Michael Suppes (Un-5) 8:26; 33. Sam Randall (BPS-2) 8:32 ; 34. Aidan Canavan (un-8) 8:33; 35. Jake Playstead (BPS-2) 8:35; 36. Digory Zilla (BPS-3) 9:10; 37. Alan Penrose (BPS-1) 10:48; 38. Llewyn Merrill (Nova-6) 10:53 ; 39. Wesley Stevick (BPS-3yo) 11:46
Team Scoring: GIRLS: BPS 8, Nova 13;  BOYS BPS 11, Nova 13

SBB Oliver Kramer was an impressive winner of the boys' division of the 4th grade and younger mile run around Yauger Park, starting fast and finishing faster. SBG Rebecca McMillin-Hastings likewise was brilliant in earning the silver medal in the girls' race. In the 1.5 mile middle school race, MG Kendra Jones continued her great racing with a silver medal effort for the girls, while MB Dylan Miller ran one of his finest races from start to finish to garner the silver medal for the boys.
1.0 Mile Youth--Girls: 2. Rebecca McMillin-Hastings 8:43;  Boys: 1. Oliver Kramer 7:37
1.5 Mile Middle School--Girls: 2. Kendra Jones;  Boys: 2. Dylan Miller 9:32

On a beautiful day with a huge competitive turnout, Barron Park took the girls' and guys' team titles over tough Nova and Evergreen Christian squads. Kai Bentley of Nova led the guys and Kendra Jones of Barron Park claimed the girls' title. Intense apologies for the missing times in the guys' race.
1. Kendra Jones (BPS-6) 6:49.0; 2. Trinity Wilhite (Un-5) 6:49.5; 3. Juyoun Park (Nova-8); 4. Alina Chandra (Nova-6) 7:35; 5. Lena Vannice (BPS-8) 7:45; 6. Veda Huntington-Bradley (Nova-8) 7:46; 7. Grace Playstead (BPS-5) 7:49; 8. Isabella Tovani (EvChr-8) 7:52; 9. Stella Martin (EvChr-5) 8:05; 10. Rebecca McMillin-Hastings (BPS-3) 8:06; 11. Zoe Krausman (BPS-2) 8:09*; 12. Gia Brar (Un-3) 8:18; 13. Lily Granling (Nova-6) 8:34; 14. Margaret Zilla (BPS-6) 8:49; 15. McKenzie Murray (Nova-8) 9:02; 16. Bella Kronmeyer (Un-4) 9:03; 17. Lily Messinger (Nova-8) 9:07; 18. Kaiah Tembarg (Un-3) 10:07; 19. Fiona Murphy (Un-4) 10:28; 20. Addie Moorade (Un-1) 10:28*; 21. Ellie Krausman (BPS-6) 10:37; 22. Lily Winter (Nova-6) 11:07; 23. Maiya Alongi (BPS-1) 11:20.9; Jenna Alongi (BPS-4yo) 16:26
1. Kai Bentley (Nova-7) 6:07; 2. Dylan Miller (BPS-7) 6:12; 3. Ben Van Haitsma (Un-7) 6:17; 4. Corban Phillips (EvChr-8) 6:24; 5. Cade Fischer (BPS-5) 6:28; 6. Colby Wilson (BPS-5) 6:29; 7. Ethan Anderson (BPS-6) 6:34; 8. Ryan Fletcher (EvChr-5) 6:38; 9. Jasper Hunter (Nova-7) 6:39; 10. Bowen Kennedy (BPS-4) 6:39; 11. Ian Cates-Doglio (Nova-8) 6:41; 12. Jackson Clewes (Nova-8) 6:42; 13. Chris Cwieka (EvChr-5) 6:45; 14. Mack Lang (BPS-8) 6:48; 15. Kolby Valler (BPS-6) 6:51; 16. Tom Clewes (Nova-7) 6:52; 17. John Rosen (Nova-8) 6:53; 18. Hugh Randall (BPS-5) 6:57; 19. John Bussey (BPS-5) 7:01; 20. Kellan Moorade (Un-6) 7:04; 21. Peter Lang (Un-5) 7:10; 22. Will Anderson (Un-5) 7:12; 23. Jordan Ziegler (BPS-4) 7:14; 24. Sam Grant (BPS-4) 7:14; 25. Noah Phillips (EvChr-5) 7:15; 26. Tanner Jensen (BPS-4) 7:24; 27. David Suppes (Un-6) 7:26; 28. Sage Scheuerell (BPS-3) 7:36; 29. Quinn Murry (Un-5) 7:36; 30. Miles Wilderman (BPS-4) 7:37; 31. Johnny LeBranche (Un-6) 7:38; 32. Brock Rubadue (Un-5) 7:38; 33. Luke Wilson (EvChr-5) 7:43; 34. Reuben Zilla (BPS-4) 7:49; 35. Michael Suppes (Un-6) 7:56; 36. Palmer Sandeno (BPS-6) 7:56; 37. Bryce Rubadue (Un-3) 8:01; 38. Joseph ZIlla (BPS-2) NT; 39. Oliver Kramer (BPS-3) NT; 40. Sam Randall (BPS-2) NT; 41. Alan Penrose (BPS-1) NT; 42. Digory Zilla (BPS-3) NT; 43. Caleb Engelken (EvChr-5) NT; 44. Wesley Stevick (BPS-3yo) 11:20*; 45. Llewyn Merrill (Nova-6) NT; 46. Nicholas Elias (Nova-6) NT
Team Scoring: GIRLS: BPS 13(tiebeaker), Nova 13;  BOYS BPS 11, Nova 19, EvChr 22----------- ( * = age group record)


A overcast day and spurts of rain couldn't dampen the fellowship inherent in this fine one-day decathlon event. This was the 8th annual rendition of this classic with 15 "athletes" toeing the line for at least one event and seven completing the entirety. As always, there were some fine marks posted with Autumn Stevick earning the women's honors and Casey Stevick the men's with a record point total for the event, also a Barron Park record.
red = BPS record; orange = top 12 mark; hurdles *=100,30; **=110,39; age group implements unless noted
(100m/LJ/SP/HJ/400m//"Day 1 score"//Hur/DT/PV/JT/1500m//"Day 2 score//TOTAL POINTS
Autumn Stevick W30  15.5/10-11.75/26-6/4-2.75/75.9//1529//18.7*/67-7/6-4/80-1/7:26.2//1388//2917
Kaleigh Prentice OW  15.6/11-9.5/20-8/3-6.75/1:46.6//1072//24.9*/61-10/NH/52-0/8:05.3//533//1605
Ben Robinson M30  13.0/15-7.25/24-10.75/5-4.5/59.6//2025//19.91**/65-3.5/7-3.75/75-2/5:00.7//1351//3376
Jesse Stevick M30  12.6/16-1.75/27-6.5/5-4.5/55.5//2319//19.2**/81-5.75/9-3.75/135-5/4:28.3//2292//4611
Casey Stevick OM  11.8/20-9/42-2.25/5-8.5/54.7//3146//16.4(42)/115-1.75/11-8.75/153-8/5:25.0//2697//5843
Franklin Chang YM  13.0/16-4.75 /29-11.25 (16)/5-4.5/62.2//2077//20.6**/70-10(2k)/6-9.75/107-9/6:04.6//1328//3405
Andrew Prentice M30  13.4/15-1.75/22-1.25/3-6.75/60.5//1487//22.7*/66-11/8-3.5/117-9/4:49.7//1685//3172

Scott Copeland M50  14.4/14-2.75/26-10.25/4-2.75/69.7//1253/20.1(36)/x/x/111-1/x//677//1930
Drew Stevick M60  18.1/x/25-3/3-8.75/94.6//502//x/76-9.5/5-10/52-7/x//545//1047
Meagan Stevick OW  19.9/4-0/12-7.5/3-3/2:30.0//283//38-11.5/x/25-4/x//202//485
Jenny Stevick OW  x/x/17-8/3-4.75/x//405//x/x/x/55-7/5:57.6//720//1125
Wendy Stevick  W?  26.2/x/16-10.75(6)/x/x//217/x/x/x/x/x//0//217
Rick Neidhardt M55  14.6/x/x/x/x//204//x/x/x/x/x//0//204
Wesley Stevick MBB 30.2/2-1/2-3.75/2:31.2//0//35.5(mini)/7-6.5(600)/x/x/x//0//0
Art Turock M60 Pent LJ 3.82/JT 24.56/200M 31.14c/DT 30.59/1500M 7:20.23 /age-graded 2172

7/23-29/2012--USATF JUNIOR OLYMPIC NATIONALS--Morgan State U, Baltimore, MD
IG Brooke Feldmeier collected herself after a disappointing hurdle race to crank up two personal bests in the HJ and SP to sit only 123 pts behind the leader after day 1.
Brooke put together a strong 2nd day with a summer-best javelin toss to take the bronze medal in one of the strongest IG heptathlon fields ever assembled. This was her second best point total, but a BPS record, adding on a rough hundred to her Regional JO total.
IG Charene Stovall went big when it counted to take the 8th place medal in the shot put. The personal best throw is #2 all-time Barron Park. MB Cade Fischer had an off-day in the hurdles, as did IG Karen Bulger in the shot and IB Ryan Chase in the TJ with scratches on his two best jumps.
BB Bowen Kennedy represented himself and the clug well in a tough TurboJav crowd. IG Brooke Feldmeier couldn't reproduce her PR jump from the Heptathlon, but still finished a creditable tie for 10th in a superb field.

YM Michael Johnson didn't come near his best distance, but still finished tied for 13th of 44 throwers in his first National meet. IG Charene was also off her best in the discus competition.
IG Karen Bulger pulled out the stops on a muggy hot Baltimore morning and earned the gold medal in a tough crowd of competitors. Her toss was a personal best and club record for the pointy spear.
BB Bowen Kennedy TJav 67-1
MB Cade Fischer  80H 16.82
IG Brooke Feldmeier
Hept (100H/HJ/SP/200m// LJ/JT/800m)
               16.16/5-5*/28-9.75*/26.43/ 2702/ 15-6/92-10/2:29.08 = 4338 pts (3); HJ 5-1
     Karen Bulger SP 35-3; Jav 135-9*(1)
     Charene Stovall SP 36-11.5*(8); DT 83-5
IB  Ryan Chase TJ 37-8.5
YM Michael Johnson JT 164-9

Barron Park athletes took home three medals after the first day of the Track City Classic and are poised for more. YM Michael Johnson once again upped his jav club record as he earned the silver medal in good competition. YM Andy Miller threw for a silver and a bronze in the shot and hammer respectively, both BPS top 12 distances (SP #3). BB Colby Wilson, in his first major meet, rose to the occasion and qualified for the finals of the 200m with a fine #8 all-time BPS time. On Day 2 MG Chelsea Chaput upped her discus PR to earn the silver with the #3 BPS mark.  BB Colby Wilson leapt to a nationally competetive HJ height for the silver and #5 BPS, then earned the only Barron Park gold of the meet with a nice LJ effort before running a solid 6th in the 200m. YM Andy Miller returned for a discus bronze despite some timing issues.
BB--Colby Wilson  200m 32.00p*/32.91 (6) , LJ 11-7.5 (1) , HJ 4-2*(2)
MG--Chelsea Chaput  DT 66-9*(2)
YM--Andy Miller  SP 49-3.5 (2), DT 126-3 (3)  , HT 180-1 (3); Michael Johnson JT 176-0 (2)

7/14/2012--WASHINGTON GAMES GOLDEN--Shoreline, WA
SBG--Psalm Jones 100m 21.2*(1)
MG--Kendra Jones  800m 2:57.56* (1), 1500m 6:08 (1)
MB--Cade Fischer  80H 16.43 (1)

A brutally sunny day produced some great performances in a marginally managed meet on the beautiful Summit track. IG Karen Bulger had a superb day with jav and shot golds, the latter a mammoth heave breaking her PR and club record by over 2ft. BB Bowen Kennedy also pulled out the stops and fired off a 7ft PR in the turbojav to earn 5th place and a trip to Baltimore, with his throw good for #3 all-time BPS. IG Charene Stovall had a big PR in the shot for 2nd place, #2 on the all-time BPS list and a Nationals opportunity.  IG Brooke Feldmeier added a silver in the HJ with some great form on tired legs to extend her Baltimore meet beyond the heptathlon. YB Willie Broxton sprinted his way into both the 100m and 200m finals in 4th position with great PR times just off the club records. MG Chelsea Chaput just missed in the discus with a 6th place effort, then showed toughness with a PR top 12 shot toss. MG Carissa Stovall also had a nice BPS top 12 SP PR showing more good things to come, as she and Chelsea are both in their first year of the age group. MG Hannah Chamberlin earned some valuable big meet experience in the HJ. MB Dylan Miller ran a solid 1500m race in heat and altitude and faces two more race opportunities Sunday. Arguably one of the finest efforts of the day was turned in by diminutive MB Cade Fischer in the HJ, leaping to two PR heights against some big guys to barely fall short of Nationals with a 6th place finish out of 16 competitors.
IB Ryan Chase and MB Cade Fischer, despite being off their bests, both qualified for Nationals with 5th place efforts in the TJ and hurdles respectively. YM Michael Johnson upped his own javelin club record as he also qualified for Nationals in 5th place. IG Brooke Feldmeier added another National event with a silver medal hurdle run, the highest Barron Park finish of the day. IG Charene Stovall took the bronze medal in the discus for her second qualifying event. YB Willie Broxton qualified in both the 100m and 200m with fine 4th place finishes, a rare Barron Park accomplishment. MB Dylan Miller earned the team Ironman award with three distance events in the heat,elevation and sun. YB Cam'Ron Stovall gained some experience throwing in one of the best YB discus fields ever assembled at the Regional level.
BB--Bowen Kennedy  TJav 76-4*(5)
MG--Chelsea Chaput  SP 22-3.5*, DT 63-5 (6); Carissa Stovall SP 23-3.5*, DT 49-8; Hannah Chamberlin HJ 3-9.25
MB--Cade Fischer  80H 16.59 (5), HJ 4-3*(6); Dylan Miller 800m 2:48.94, 1500m 5:36.44, 3000m 12:10.95 (8)
YB--Cam'ron Stovall DT 69-2; WIllie Broxton 100m 11.93*/12.10 (4), 200m 24.55*/25.01 (4)
IG--Charene Stovall SP 36-8.75*(2),DT, 97-6 (3), JT 92-7 (7); Karen Bulger SP 39-3*(1), JT 130-2 (1);
           Brooke Feldmeier 100H 15.90 (2) (2), HJ 5-3 (2)
IB-- Ryan Chase  TJ 40-6 (5)
YM--Michael Johnson  JT 173-6 (5)

IG Brooke Feldmeier had an outstanding meet, earning the Heptathlon gold and a trip to Nationals with two nice PRs in the HJ and SP, the former a #3 all-time BPS height, and setting two more club records in the process in the 200m and total score. IB Ryan Chase, in his first Decathlon and battling a hip pull, posted PR marks in four events on his way to the #3 all-time BPS point total. His 18 foot PR javelin toss was particularly notable, as he earned the 5th place medal in a very strong field. MB Cade Fischer also wore the 5th place medal in a talented group, scoring a PR point total with sold all-around marks. IG Josie Kinkela, in her first ever organized meet, had personal bests in the 200m, 800m and LJ to complete her first Heptathlon.
MB Pentathlon--(80H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)
Cade Fischer--16.43/22-6.5*/3-11.25/12-5/5:57.38 = 1411pts* (5)
IG Heptathlon--(100H/HJ/SP/200m//LJ/JT/800m)
Brooke Feldmeier--15.99/5-4.5*/28-2.75*/26.40*/2701 1st day/15-7/83-0/2:31.07 = 4259pts (1)
Josie Kinkela--20.24/3-11.25/17-00.25*/33.23*/1096 1st day/ 12-6*/49-6/3:35.48* = 1669pts* (6)
IB Decathlon--(100m/LJ/SP/HJ/400m//110H/DT/PV/JT/1500m)
Ryan Chase--12.36/18-10*/33-3.75/5-5*/59.00/ 2560 1st day/19.21/78-10/9-0.25*/133-6*/5:19.77 = 4524pts* (5)

On an on-and-off drizzly day, Barron Park athletes earned eight top 8 awards and established some solid personal bests.
YB Willie Broxton led the way with two strong 2nds in the sprints, and teammate YB Perris Jones also earned two awards, including a PR effort in the 100m. Also placing top 8 with two strong sprint efforts was YG Ibelma Stahmer who also leapt to a 3rd place in the SLJ for a special 3-award day. YB Ben Hodson ran a great PR 800m for 6th and took a second award with an SLJ tie for 3rd. YB Cody Barnett bested his qualifying time in the 1600m by almost 20sec, posting a BPS top 12 time. MB Cade Fischer ran a huge 4sec PR in the 800m for 5th, and Dylan Miller earned 7th in the same race.
BG--Maleka McDuff 100m 16.85, SLJ 5-3.5; Relay (Brown, Casey, McDuff, Lewis) pending
MG--Kendra Jones 800m 3:02.76
MB--Cade Fischer 800m 2:42.87*(5); Dylan Miller 800m 2:47.62(7); Relay (Fischer, Anderson, Holder, Miller) pending
YG--Ibelma Stahmer 100m 13.59p/13.61f (2); 200m 28.32*(5); SLJ 7-0 (4)
YB--Perris Jones 100m 12.99p*/13.29f (7), 200m 27.24 (6); Willie Broxton 100m 12.34p/12.36f (2), 200m 25.29 (2)
        Ben Hodson 800m 2:31.37*(6), SLJ 8-2 (t3); Cody Barnett 1600m 5:51.11*

6/28/2012--ALL-COMERS #4--Tumwater HS
Full Barron Park results can be found on athletic.net under meet entitled Barron Park All-Comers #4
New Barron Park top 12 marks, club records are:

SBB--Francis Pettis LJ 10-2
MG--Chelsea Chaput Disc 65-5.5
MB--Cade Fischer TJav 76-0
YB-- Perris Jones 40m 60.35
IG-- Brooke Feldmeier 100m 13.31, Jav 90-7; Josie Kinkela 100H 19.88
IB-- Ryan Chase 110H 18.58, DT 85-8.5, Jav 115-5
Club Records--OW--Jenny Stevick 1500m 5:14.04; MW  Kristi Sogn DT 70-8.5; M30 Jesse Stevick 1500m 4:19.77, 3200m 10:02.39

All 11 BPS athletes qualified for the next level with some fine marks despite some majorly inclement weather off and on. Fine PR efforts were turned in by BG Maleka McDuff in the LJ, BBs Bowen Kennedy and Tanner Jensen in the 1500m with solid top 12 marks, MGs Chelsea Chaput and Carissa Stovall in the Discus, also top 12 marks, and YB Willie Broxton in the 100m with the #3 all-time BPS time. IB Ryan Chase added to his massive top 12 collection with a nice LJ qualifying effort.
A spectacular 2nd day of the JO meet in improved weather conditions saw three club records fall, six gold medal efforts, and lots of PRs and top 12 marks, as all 17 competitors qualified for the Regional meet. IB Ryan Chase produced a huge TJ club record, besting the old by over two feet to earn the silver medal, IG Karen Bulger bester her own SP record for the gold, and YM Michael Johnson threw the spear for a club record distance, also for gold. IG Charene Stovall had three fine silver medal efforts in the throws, including the new #2 BPS mark as she bested the old club record. IG Brooke Feldmeier hurdled and high jumped for gold, and MB Cade Fischer claimed the gold in the hurdles with a PR time. BB Tanner Jensen once again showed great heart in taking 5th in the 800m with a 13 second PR, and MB Dylan Miller ran arguably his best race ever with a 4th place 800m in PR time after a fine 3000m PR earlier in the morning. YM Michael Chavez put his name on the jav top 12 list with a PR bronze medal toss. YB Willie Broxton ran strong finals in the 100m and 200m, finishing 4th in both in strong competition with excellent times. IB Ian Franz posted his best BPS 800m time, a top 12 effort, for 4th.

Marks: Red = top 12 mark; purple = club record; * = personal best; (x) = placing at JO meet
BG--Maleka McDuff 100m 16.50*, LJ 9-10.5*(7)
BB--Bowen Kennedy 1500m 5:56.59*, TJav 67-8 (5); Tanner Jensen 800m 2:50.10*(5), 1500m 5:37.52*(4), HJ 3-1.25 (2)
MG-- Chelsea Chaput SP 20-1.75 (8), DT 61-1*(2); Carissa Stovall SP 22-9 (7), DT 56-2*(4); Hannah Chamberlin 100m 15.83, HJ 3-9.75 (3)
MB--Dylan Miller 800m 2:39.82*(4), 1500m 5:31.00 (6), 3000m 11:37.12*(6); Cade Fischer 80H 16.54*(1), LJ 11-7, HJ 3-11 (4)
YB--Cam'ron Stovall SP 24-9, DT 79-7 (5); Willie Broxton 100m 11.99*/12.01 (4) , 200m 25.01/24.?? (4)
iG--Karen Bulger SP 37-0.5*(1), Jav 123-1 (1), Charene Stovall SP 36-7 (2), DT 101-2 (2), Jav 95-2 (2); Brooke Feldmeier 100H 16.17 (1), HJ 5-1 (1)
IB--Ryan Chase LJ 18-5.75 (5), TJ 41-2.25*(2); Ian Franz 800m 2:10.23 (4)
YM--Michael Chavez Jav 141-10*(3); Michael Johnson Jav 171-7 (1)

6/21/2012--ALL-COMERS #3--Tumwater HS
Full Barron Park results can be found on athletic.net under meet entitled Barron Park All-Comers #3
New Barron Park top 12 marks, club records are:

MiniBG--Meron Jensen 400m 1:54.38
SBB--Francis Pettis 100m 16.94, 200m 37.11, TJav 27-6
BB--Tanner Jensen 1600m 6:50.55; Bowen Kennedy TJav 70-8; Henry Tran 40-6
MG--Hannah Chamberlin HJ 4-2; Katie Fish PV 6-6; Betsy Knutson-Keller PV 6-0, DT 44-4.5
YG--Kelsey Au PV 4-6
YB--Cam'ron Stovall DT 85-11.5; WIllie Broxton 100m 12.34, 200m 24.75; Ethan Au PV 6-6
IG--Charene Stovall DT 102-3, Jav 95-2
IB--Jasper Sogn PV 7-6
M30--Jesse Stevick 800m 2:07
MW--Kristi Sogn SP 22-4

6/17/2012--JO MULTIEVENTS--Kent-Meridian HS
Five Intrepid Barron Park athletes posted excellent efforts as novices in their respective age groups. BG Callie Barnett had superb efforts in her first triathlon, earning the bronze medal. BB Tanner Jensen doubled his triathlon score from last year as a SBB with three PRs, climbing onto the top 12 list. MB Cade Fischer had nice PR's in the SP, hurdles, and 1500 on his way to the bronze medal. YBs Cody Barnett and Ben Hodson had big HJ and SP bests. Cody earned the bronze and Ben's nice LJ PR was a BPS top 12 leap. All five advanced to Regionals.
BG Triathlon (SP/HJ/200m)--Callie Barnett 13-4/3-6.5/35.04 = 544pts (3)
BB Triathlon (SP/HJ/400m)--Tanner Jensen 16-9.75/3-8.5/77.85 - 366pts (4)
MB Pentathlon (80H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)--Cade Fischer 16.75/21-00/3-11;5/11-1.5/5:39.70 = 1397pts(3)
YB Pentathlon (100H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)--Cody Barnett 19.23/26-1/4-9.5/14-8/5:23.12 = 1857pts(3)
                                                               Ben Hodson 19.78/28-7/4-9.5/16-4.5/5:45.89 = 1840pts(4)

6/16/2012--SK-JAGUAR INVITE--Port Orchard
Five Striders collected a slew of medals and posted some good marks. YG Ibelma Stahmer earned two golds in the sprints and a bronze in a top 12 LJ effort. IB Ryan Chase had a top 12 PV effort in his first competition. MB Dylan MIller took gold in a tight 3000m race.
MG--Chelsea Chaput SP 19-4 (2), DT 45-2 (2);  Hannah Chamberlin 100m 16.20, HJ 3-10 (2),  SP 18-5 (3)
MB--Dylan Miller  800m 2:49.79 (2),  3000m 11:47.85 (1)
YG--Ibelma Stahmer  100m 14.02/14.09 (1), 200m 28.63 (2), LJ 14-1.5 (3)
IB--Ryan Chase  PV 9-0*

6/16/2012--BOWEN MEDALS AT PUYALLUP--Sparks Stadium
BB--Bowen Kennedy 1500m 6:24 (2); TJav 65-2 (1)

6/14/2012--ALL-COMERS #2--Tumwater HS
Full Barron Park results can be found on athletic.net under meet entitled Barron Park All-Comers #2
New Barron Park top 12 marks, club records are:
Mini-BB--Max Bunn 200m 52.52
BG--Sky Richardson TJav 33-4
MG--Kendra Jones 1500m 6:05.53; Betsy Knutson-Keller SP 21-7.5; Carissa Stovall 23-2.5
MB--Cade Fischer LJ 13-8, TJav 72-3
YB--Cam'ron Stovall DT 73-7; WIllie Broxton 100m 1.36, 200m 25.05
YM--Michael Johnson Jav 189-6
OW--Jenny Stevick 1500m 5:18.21 (club record)
M30--Jesse Stevick 3000m 10:37.47 (club record), 400H 63.01 (club record)

6/12--Practice Multis--40H/LJ/SP/200
SBG--Meron 11.6/5-0/6-0/N=24; Mary 9.9/6-0/6-9/55.9=225; Kennedy 9.5/5-2/8-0/54.9=311; Lani 10.9/6-0/5-7/N=84
SBB--Brendan 10.4/8-0/10-2/N=208; Preston 12.0/4-9/4-4/63.3=9; carter 9.2/8-0/12-1/43.3=400;
BG--Josie 8.3/7-11/8-4/39.7=579; Charis 9.8/9-0/9-0/44.4=355; Sky 9.0/8-0/11-2/43.8=498; Emma 10.0/7-3/9-1/45.3=253
      Maleka 9.1/8-0/7-9/39.5=439; Casey 9.6/7-3/9-4/46.1=314; Cate 9.3/8-0/13-2/49.7=473
BB--Tanner 9.0/6-8/13-2/N=440; Jordan 9.8/7-3/12-10/42.4=315; Drew 10.0/8-3/14-1/41.6=329; Hugh 9.2/8-10/14-11  /40.9=470; John 8.4/7-10/13-4/38.7=468; Bowen 9.2/8-0/13-4/40.0=421; Satchel 9.4/7-0/15-0/44.6=408; Henry 9.7/7-0/11-3/45.3=299
MG--Kalli 9.1/8-=10/8-7/41.8=453; Katie 8.4/9-3/16-2/38.3=813; Audrey 8.2/8-10/13-2/44.7=721; McKenna 9.0/8-11/12-2/40.8=552; Beth 8.6/9-4/12-10/45.9=649; Alyssa 9.0/8-6/12-1/N=525; Lexi 10.0/10-0/12-5/40.6=436
MB--Kolby 9.2/9-2/13-9/41.1=457; DylanS 8.6/10-0/21-5/36.1=739; Andrew 7.8/11-0/18-8/40.2=878; DylanM 8.2/10-6/13-2/34.6=722; Dominique 8.2/10-4/17-5/33.5=812; Brian 8.9/8-10/15-7/33.3=618; Tom 9.1/10-0/16-6/38.8=551; Will 13.1/9-6/9-7/50.1=130; Ethan 8.9/10-2/14-6/38.0=557
YG--Kelsey 8.7/10-7/16-1/37.7=829; Natalie 8.3/9-10/15-9/39.0=832
YB--Ethan 8.2/12-0/25-4/32.2=1082; Willie 7.4/12-2/25-10/25.6=1680; Dillon 8.6/10-2/20-1/36.6=714; Parker N/10-0/18-1/N=283
IG--Josie 8.1/10-6/19-8/38.7=995
IB--Jasper 7.8/12-10/27-5/29.5=1379

6/8/2012--HERSHEY QUALIFIER--South Sound Stadium
Cold conditions were the setting for 20 hardy Barron Park athletes who performed admirably. Fourteen qualified for the State meet by finishing in the top 2. YG Ibelma Stahmer and YB WIllie Broxton were both double winners in the 100m-200m. MB Dylan Miller won the 800m. BG Maleka McDuff was a noteworthy triple qualifier.
Marks--* = personal best; red = top 12 mark; (n) = place in meet
BG--Emma Brown 50m 9.3, 100m 18.9; Maleka McDuff 100m 16.7*(2), 400m 89.6*, SLJ 5-3 (2); Grace Playstead 400m 87.0*(3); Alena Lewis 200m 40.0*(3), 400m 93.1; 4x100 Relay (Alena Lewis, Maleka McDuff) 75.2 (1)
BB--Drew Smith 400m 92.0*; Jordan Ziegler 400m 88.3*(2)
MG-- Katie Fish 400m 78.6*; SLJ (?2); Kendra Jones 400m 78.6*, 800m 3:00.7 (2)
MB--Brian Melloy 100m 15.4*, 400m 74.2*; Cade Fischer 200m 32.2*(3), 800m 2:46.4*(2); Dylan Miller 800m 2:44.7*(1); Ethan Anderson 800m 2:57.6*; Will LaGrandeur 200m 44.6*; 4x100 Relay (Ethan Anderson, Cade Fischer, Dylan Miller, Dominique Holder) 62.8 (1)
YG--Ibelema Stahmer 100m 13.5*(1), 200m 27.8*(1)
YB--Willie Broxton 100m 12.4 (1), 200m 25.4 (1); Perris Jones 100m 13.0*(2), 200m 26.8*(2); Ben Hodson 800m 2:33.7*(2), SLJ 7-7 (2); Cody Barnett 1600m 6:05.3*(2); Anthony Rivera 200m 30.4

6/7/2012--ALL-COMERS #1--Tumwater HS
Full Barron Park results can be found on athletic.net under meet entitled Barron Park All-Comers #1
New Barron Park top 12 marks are:
Mini-BB--Max Bunn 200m 56.2, 400m 2:02
Mini-BG--Kennedy Reykdahl 100m 22.9; Reign Jones 400m 2:00.9
BB--Drew Smith 1600m 7:01; John Bussey 1600m 7:03; Hugh Randall 1600m 7:21; Bowen Kennedy 1600m 6:42
BG--Sky RIchardson Jav 25-2; Allie Bunn 1600m 9:57
MG--Katie Fish Jav 39-0; Kendra Jones 1600m 6:30; Betsy Knutson-Keller Disc 39-3; Carissa Stovall Disc 52-1
MB--Ethan Anderson Jav 67-5; Cade Fischer Jav 71-8
YG--Ibelema Stahmer 200m 29.4
IB--Ryan Chase SP 33-4.5
IG--Josie Kinkela 100m 13.6; Karen Bulger SP 36-6, Jav 143-5; Charene Stovall SP 34-5.5, Disc 90-10.5

Day 1 of this spectacle included all facets of sport emotions, unfortunately for YM Frank Chang, who ended his first decathlon abruptly with a hamstring pull in the first event, the 100m. He gamely attempted the LJ and SP, but the handwriting was on the wall. YM Austin Roth set a BPS club record in the 100m and leapt to a top 12 LJ mark as well. YW Jess Harper introduced herself to the Barron Park top 12 lists in a big way, as she established top 12 marks in all five events of her decathlon, notching the top marks in the jav and discus for her competition group. IG Camille Cleveland, in her first heptathlon, ran and jumped to top 12 marks in the hurdles, HJ, and 200m.
Day 2--Despite an aching back, YG Jenn Harper persisted in her decathlon with five more top 12 marks, including PRs in the HJ and SP and a gutsy 1500m run; she swept the throwing events  YM Austin Roth had a great day with a big hurdle improvement, a top 12 discus effort despite throwing the college disc, a PV PR, and a courageous final 1500m PR by 8 sec allowing him to break the 5000 point barrier and finish in the top 10 athletes after a disappointing javelin throw. IG Camile Cleveland also had a fine finish with top 12 marks in the LJ and 800m, the latter a very well run race, her first ever at the distance.
Red = top 12 mark;  Purple = club record;  * = PR
Decathlon-- (100m-LJ-SP-HJ-400m----Hur-DT-PV-JT-1500m)
YW Jenn Harper--13.99--12-5.25--4-3.25*--28-7*--71.36----20.49*--82-3--7-6.5--81-8*--6:27.52* = 3707pts*
YM Franklin Chang--13.05--16-6--30-2.75--N--N
YM Austin Roth--11.52--18-9.75--32-3--5-1.25--53.25//2857pts//--20.21*--84-1*--10-0*--132-6--4:47.18 = 5022pts*
IG Camille Cleveland----17.79--4-4.25*--20-9.25*--28.89//1803pts//--14-4.5--57-1*--2:37.81* = 3040pts*

6/2/2012--SOUTH KITSAP MEET #5--Port Orchard, WA
MG Chelsea Chaput established two PRs and top 12 marks in the discus and shot.
Chelsea--SP 21-4.5*; DT 59-1*

6/2/2012--CASCADE STRIDERS MEET--Interlake HS, Bellevue
Barron Park athletes survived organizational bedlam. IB Ian Franz managed to post the #3 all-time BPS 400m time. BB Jordan Ziegler, in his very first competition, tossed the turbojav a #6 all-time BPS distance.
BG Lucy Peters--LJ NM; HJ NH
BB  Jordan Ziegler  800m 3:07*; LJ 7-6*; TJav 47-11*(4)
MG  Hannah Chamberlin  HJ 3-9; 100m NT
IB  Ian Franz  400m 55.75

5/26/2012--WINGS OF EAGLES MEET--West Seattle Stadium
MB Dylan Miller led the way with two golds and top 12 marks in the 1500 and 3000. MG Hanna Chamberlin and MB Cade Fischer opened their seasons with good HJ efforts and Cade posted a huge LJ PR. YB Conrad Fischer opened his BPS career in the shot.
BB--Bowen Kennedy--TJav 69-11*
MG--Hanna Chamberlin--HJ 4-0*
MB--Cade Fischer-- 400m 74.0; LJ 13-6.75*; HJ 4-0
      Dylan Miller-- 1500m 5:28.3*(1); 3000m 11:43.7*(1)
YB--Conrad Fischer-- SP 14-7*

5/19/2012--SCAA MEET--Kent-Meridian HS, Ken, WA
Three athletes made their Barron Park marks in fine fashion. Highlights included a top 12 discus effort by MG Chelsea Chaput,  a strong first-ever hurdle race by YB Ben Hodson, and three good efforts by BG Alena Lewis.
Alena--100m 19.13; 200m 41.10; 400m 92.58
Chelsea--SP 20-11; DT 50-9
Ben--100H 18.99; LJ 13-6.75; 1500m pending

5/5/2012--RAINIER BEACH MEET--Seattle
YB Ben Hodson is off to a fine start in his first meet as a Strider. MG Kendra Jones opened with her first run in her new age group. YB Perris Jones' 400m time was lost in space.
Kendra--400m 81.6
Ben--100m 13.8; 00m 7.5; 400m 63.0


12/10/2011--ALL 5 STRIDERS RUN BEST 3K AT NATIONALS--Myrtle Beach, SC
Big PR efforts were turned in by all the runners. Strong placings came from Ariel Wilhite in 40th (of 231) in the MG 3k and by Cade Fischer in 90th (of 224) in the BB 3k.
BG 3k--Trinity Wilhite 13:36 (143); Grace Playstead 13:51 (153)
BB 3k--Cade Fischer 11:53 (90); Bowen Kennedy 12:31 (135)     Speed Unlimited team 7th
MG 3k--Ariel Wilhite 11:32 (40)                                                   Speed Unlimited team 5th

11/19/2011--SOUTH CAROLINA FOR FIVE (SORT OF) STRIDERS--Woodland Park, Seattle
Five BPS athletes earned berths at JO XC Nationals, led by a fine MG 7th place finish by Ariel Wilhite in her best time on this course. BGs Trinity Wilhite and Grace Playstead also had course PRs in their team qualification, as did BBs Cade Fischer and Bowen Kennedy. As the sole runner running for BPS, MB Dylan Miller capped a fine season in which he represented the club well.
BG 3k--Trinity Wilhite 14:33 (31); Grace Playstead 14:41 (32)   Whatcom team 3rd
BB 3k--Cade Fischer 13:02 (23); Bowen Kennedy 13:31 (27)     Speed Unlimited team 1st
MG 3k--Ariel Wilhite 12:01 (7)                                                    Speed Unlimited team 1st
MB 3k--Dylan Miller 12:45 (61)

11/12/2011--SIX ATHLETES QUALIFY FOR JO REGIONALS--Woodland Park, Seattle
All six competing  BPS athletes qualified for the regional JO meet, six running for other clubs. MG Ariel Wilhite led the way with a stellar 3rd place finish.
BG 3k--Grace Playstead 14:48 (17); Trinity Wilhite 15:12 (19)  Whatcom team 3rd
BB 3k--Cade Fischer 13:18 (12); Bowen Kennedy 13:47 (16)   Speed Unlimited team 2nd
MG 3k--Ariel Wilhite 12:11 (3)   Speed Unlimited team 1st
MB 3k--Dylan Miller 12:34 (32)

Sixteen amazing athletes showed up for this 1st annual 1.5 mile event in memoriam of Bruce Newman, much beloved coach of Evergreen Christian for seemingly forever. It was run on the same course Bruce used for many years. Bruce would have been proud of the Barron Park sixteen as they not only showed up in a miserable cold blowing rainstorm, but ran courageously without voicing a single complaint, many never having run this far before, truly high on the long list of all-time Barron Park highlights. Pacing the  girls was Kendra Smith with another fine effort, with Margaret Zilla earning the silver, and Cate Burtner finishing her first ever season of running with the bronze medal. Dylan Miller continued his strong season with a big win for the guys. Cade Fischer was terrific in taking the silver, and Bowen Kennedy ran a very strong 3rd. Everyone deserved a medal for effort and attitude. Most improved from this course last year were Margaret and Johanna Zilla for the girls, and Joseph Zilla and John Bussey for the guys, all taking more than a minute off; Joseph took a lofty near 4.5 minutes off.
GIRLS--1. Kendra Jones 12:09; 2. Margaret Zilla 14:17; 3. Cate Burtner 15:01; 4. Johanna Zilla 15:10
BOYS--1. Dylan Miller 10:28; 2. Cade Fischer 10:48; 3. Bowen Kennedy 10:59; 4. Tanner Jensen 11:39; 5. Ethan Anderson 11:56; 6. John Bussey 12:09; 7. Hugh Randall 12:18; 8. Miles Wilderman 13:19; 9. Reuben Zilla 13:42; 10. Joseph Zilla 14:24; 11. Sam Randall 15:01; 12: Digory Zilla 15:16

10/21/2011--LBA YMCA FRIDAY RACE #5
1.5mi: Dylan Miller 9:36*(2)

10/15/2011--CASCADE STRIDERS--Wilburton Park, Bellevue
BG 3000m--11. Trinity Wilhite 14:09; 13. Kendra Jones 14:37; 14. Grace Playstead 14:43; 15. Katherine Jones 15:01
Team 3rd
BB 3000m-- 9. Bowen Kennedy 13:18
MG 3000m--5. Ariel Wilhite 11:39

10/14/2011--LBA YMCA FRIDAY RACE #4--0.5mi: Cade Fischer 3:09(1); Bowen Kennedy 3:47(2); Miles Wilderman 3:51(4); William LaGrandeur 5:15/// 1.0mi: Dylan Miller 7:09; Bowen Kennedy 7:48; Ina LaGrandeur 8:34(1F); Miles Wilderman 8:51///1.5mi: Dylan Miller 10:19(1); Bowen Kennedy 11:41(2); Miles Wilderman 12:42 (4)

10/1/2011--FEDERAL WAY--Five Mile Park
BG 3000m-- 10. Trinity Wilhite 15:11; MB 3000m-- Dylan Miller 12:53; MG 3000m-- 4. Ariel Wilhite 12:24
 Open 4000m-- Russ Wilhite 16:47; Brenda Wilhite 22:48

9/30/2011--LBA YMCA FRIDAY RACES #2--0.5mi: Dylan Miller 3:07(1); Cade Fischer 3:08(2); Kendra Jones 3:33(3) ///
 1.0 mi: Dylan Miller 7:43(1); Kendra Jones 8:09(2) /// 1.5mi: Dylan Miller 10:30(1)
; Kendra Jones 11:28(2)

The largest Barron Park contingent ever to run a cross-country race; Dylan Miller led the guys and Ariel Wilhite paced the girls
BOYS-1. Quinn Johnson (Nova-8)  6:14.3; 2. Ben Whitt (Nova-7) 6:37.9; 3. Dylan Miller (BPS-6) 6:38.2; 4. Cade Fischer (BPS-4) 6:42.3; 5. Matt Rosen (Nova-8) 6:42.7; 6. William Johnson (Shelton-5) 6:46.7; 7. Ethan Anderson (BPS-5) 6:47.1; 8. Jackson Clewes (Nova-7) 6:47.8; 9. Ian Cates-Doglio (Nova-7) 6:50.4; 10. Bowen Kennedy (BPS-3) 6:56.0; 11. Tom Clewes (Nova-6) 6:59.1; 12. Patrick Williams (Peter G-5) 7:05.7; 13. Hugh Randall (BPS-4) 7:30.6; 14. John Bussey (BPS-4) 7:30.8; 15. John Rosen (Nova-7) 7:43.1; 16. Miles Wilderman (BPS-3) 8:19.3; 17. Reuben Zilla (BPS-3) 8:19.9; 18. Francis Pettis (BPS-2) 8:22.7; 19. Joseph Zilla (BPS-1) 8:24.6; 20. Ethan Dillon (BPS-4) 8:29.3; 21. Aidan Canavan (Wash MS-7) 9:03.6; 22. Digory Zilla (BPS-2) 9:12.3; 23. Adam Peters (Nova-7) 9:13.6; 24. Alan Penrose (BPS-K) 9:20.1; 25. William LaGrandeur (BPS-5) 9:36.6
TEAM: Nova 8; Barron Park 14

GIRLS--1. Kat Copeland (Marshall-7) 5:54.0; 2. Ariel Wilhite (BPS-7) 6:06.7; 3. Kendra Jones (BPS-5) 7:01.5; 4. Lena Vannice (BPS-7) 7:42.1; 5. Trinity Wilhite (BPS-4) 7:45.6; 6. Ina LaGrandeur (BPS-8) 7:47.4; 7. Grace Playstead (BPS-4) 7:52.2; 8. Kate Havens (Reeves-6) 7:52.8; 9. Veda Huntington-Bradley (Nova-7) 8:10.1; 9. Margaret Zilla (BPS-6) 9:09.8; 10. Johanna Zilla (BPS-4) 9:27.2; 11. Cate Burtner (BPS-3) 10:11.6; 12. Zoe Osier (unat-2) 10:35.8; 13. Lauren McBride (Pioneer-4) 11:40.1; 14. Lilly McGuigan (Pioneer-4) 11:40.1
TEAM: Barron Park 9

9/23/2011--LBA YMCA FRIDAY RACES #1--0.5mi: Dylan Miller 3:11(1); Cade Fischer 3:12(2); Kendra Jones 3:31(6); Grace Playstead 4:02; Alan Penrose 5:00 /// 1.0 mi: Dylan Miller 7:42(1); Grace Playstead 8:48(6); Alan Penrose 12:08 /// 1.5mi: Dylan Miller 10:48(1)

9/21/2011--Capital HS Youth Race--1.1mi.--Eleven BPS athletes toed the line under blue skies with great efforts:
Dylan Miller 6:59; Ethan Anderson 7:06; Bowen Kennedy 7:12; John Bussey 8:30; Grace Playstead 8:40; Reuben Zilla 9:09; Margaret Zilla 9:22; Joseph Zilla 9:46; Johanna Zilla 10:01; Digory Zilla 10:10; Ethan Dillon 10:39.


Fellowship was once again the hallmark of this annual grueling one-day decathlon event in which some great marks were posted in the sun and heat. Austin Roth took the overall guy honors and Tayler Fettig was the women's champ. Marc Fish had a fine Master's meet.
(100m/LJ/SP/HJ/400m/"Day 1 score"/Hur/DT/PV/JT/1500m/TOTAL
Jimmy Fish IB 13.4/11-3/27-2/4-4/68.4/1302/24.6/66-11/8-3/75-8/6:19.3/2300
Austin Roth YM 11.4/20-3/36-9/5-4/55.2/2983/20.7/79-5/8-9/148-0/5:38.3/4772
Marc Fish M45 13.9/13-9/27-1/4-10/69.0/1446(2094age-gr)/21.1/75-9/11-6/96-2/6:21.7/2982(4197 age-graded)
Zion Riley YB  11.8/17-6/30-7/5-4/61.3/2390/14.8/87-9/7-9/73-5/5:52.5/4342
Josiah Price OM  13.3/16-6/23-11/5-0/58.0/1985/21.4/63-6/7-5/93-7/4:23.8/3729
Tayler Fettig YW  13.2/14-0/29-6/5-8/75.3/2635/16.4/58-5/3-5/85-5/7:11.6/4092
Scott Copeland M50  13.0/15-7/26-2/x/x/1045/19.0/x/x/110-3/x/x/1807
Drew Stevick M60  17.2/x/26-0/3-10/x/540/x/x/81-9/6-6/77-6/x/1237
Jesse Stevick OM  12.9/14-2/26-9/x/x/x/x/x/x/x
Cassidy Stevick OW  x/13-9/31-0/4-4/x/x/x/x/x/x
Belle Price  OW  15.8/8-4/19-11/3-8/85.6/923/x/61-8/x/54-8/x/1406
Autumn Stevick W30  x/x/x/x/x/x/x/x/x/95-3/x/x
Wesley Stevick MBB x/x/x/x/2:53.3/x/x/x/x/x/x
Art Turock M60 Pent LJ 3.97/JT 19.21/200M 28.94/DT 26.76/1500M 7:25.1 /age -graded 2240

MG Heaven Kelley opened with her Pentathlon in this single-year age group event. With a heat index of 105 and spotty organization compromising her opening hurdle event and performance, she dug herself out of a deep hole with a small PR in the shot, a fine #3 all-time BPS PR in the HJ, and a reasonable LJ to move into 11th (of 52) before the 800m. She did what was required with a gutsy 800m finale after 10 hours of competition to move up to 8th place and a well-deserved medal. Open events followed with two near-PR's in intensely competetive fields in the 400m and hurdles, where she improved more than a second on her Multis hurdle time. In her final event, the HJ, she came back from a 2 hour storm delay to clear her second-best height ever and lay claim to the bronze medal, an extreme clutch performance.
Pentathlon (80H/HJ/SP/LJ/800m) 16.63/4-7*/20-1.75*/12-6.25/2:47.65 = 2057pts (8)
    400m 67.37; 80H 15.61; HJ 4-6 (3)

--Wichita, KS
SBG Elisa Saenz had a long week in the heat waiting for her 1500m race, but made the most of it despite a heat index over 100. She ran a fine PR, just missing the club record by 0.3 sec. YB Ryan Chase, running on fumes after working both ends and the middle of this long meet, came through in the HJ with a nice 2 inch PR , tied for #3 all-time BPS, jumping the same height as the 8th place medalist, but having more misses along the way. BG Sierra Saenz, running the 1500m in the heat and humidity, was off her best, but still was well under her 2010 National time and a runner to be reckoned with at any level as evidenced by her gutsy Association and Regional wins.
IG Karen Bulger, after relative disappointments in the shot and disc earlier in the week, put it all together in the javelin, zinging the spear for a huge 9 foot PR and club record good enough to earn 3rd place in a tough field of athletes. Particularly impressive was her poise in achieving her best toss under the intense pressure of having her first two throws go out of sector with the very real threat of not making the finals. Karen's medal was the sixth for Barron Park athletes this week.  The six medals are only one shy of the highest BPS National total ever. IG Brooke Feldmeier continued her fine meet by multitasking the HJ and hurdles. Her clearance in the HJ was barely off the medal stand in 9th, with 6th through 11th being decided by fewer misses, and her hurdle time was a great PR and club record, albeit wind-aided, her fourth of the meet. YB Ryan Chase also ran a tremendous windy hurdle race with a huge PR effort, lowering his own club record in the process, his second of the meet. In all, an impressive eight club records have been broken in Wichita. MG Ariel Wilhite ran a solid time in the 3000m, especially considering the heat, and did much more than just fulfill her dream of running at Nationals.
YB Zion Riley was just .05 over his fine club record in the 100m, finished in the top 16, but didn't get to advance to the semis because there were fewer than 50 runners in his age group. After two fine medals, the business and heat won out for YB Ryan Chase in the LJ. IG Karen Bulger also had an off day in the shot.

On a blistering hot day at the Wichita State track, BB Cade Fischer was even hotter as he added a gargantuan 4 inches to his PR and 8 inches to his Regional qualifying height to earn the 8th place medal in a strong field of jumpers. This was only the fifth ever HJ competition for Cade. YB Ryan Chase was also torrid as he added to his medal total with an enormous TJ PR of 18 inches to cap another successful day for Barron Park athletes. Ryan's leap earned him 6th place and broke his own club record. YB Zion Riley bested his 200H Regional time to come up just short of making the finals in an exceptionally fast field of hurdlers. He crushed his own club record in the process in only his fourth attempt at the event. IG Brooke Feldmeier couldn't overcome yesterday's fine heptathlon finale 800m and didn't qualify for the 400H finals, giving her a better chance in the HJ and short hurdles. IG Karen Bulger started off her National throws parade with her second-best toss ever in the discus, which featured one of the strongest fields ever assembled. In the 800m, BG Sierra Saenz and MG Ariel Wilhite both were a ways off their bests in the heat, but gained some valuable experience for their next races, Sierra in the 1500m and Ariel in the 3000m.
IG Brooke Feldmeier stayed on task and "left it all on the track" with a courageous 2nd day of the Heptathlon, showing improved balance and cracking her second and third club records in the process. Her point total was a big 135 higher than in June to up her own club record, her 800m also established a new club standard, an incredible accomplishment in the furnace-like conditions, and her improving javelin moved up to #9 all-time BPS. Her silver represented the highest National JO Multis finish for a Barron Park athlete in 13 years.
YB Ryan Chase turned a solid all-around performance and a gutsy final 1500m effort into his first National medal ever in the Pentathlon. He used his PR-tying HJ to stay in contention, sitting in 9th after the first 4 events. A courageous 1500m in the heat produced a 7th place finish and a well-earned trip to the podium. IB Andy Miller exceeded his Regional hammer toss by 17 feet to earn a fine 5th place medal in a very competetive field. IG Brooke Feldmeier had an outstanding first day of the heptathlon, running the 4th best hurdle time, the 2nd best 200m for a club record, and tying for 1st in the HJ to give her a nice second place standing after the first day, not far off the lead.
SBG--Elisa Saenz--1500m 6:54.59*
BG--Sierra Saenz--800m 2:56.73; 1500m 5:53.84
BB--Cade Fischer--HJ 4-1.25*(8)
MG--Ariel Wilhite--800m 2:46.79; 3000m 11:54.94
YB--Ryan Chase--Pentathlon (Hur/SP/HJ/LJ/1500) 15.97/31-0.5/5-1/17-0/5:13.48 = 2553pts (7)
                        TJ 39-4.75*(6)(club record); LJ 15-9.75;
100H 15.06w* (club record); HJ 5-3*
      Zion RIley--200H 26.59* (club record); 100m 11.79
IG--Brooke Feldmeier--Heptathlon (Hur/HJ/SP/200m//LJ/JT/800m) 15.66/5-1/25-3.5/26.59
(club record)/(2561)/
(club record)= 4174pts* (2) (club record)
                      400H 68.15; HJ 5-3; 100H 15.09w*(club record)
     Karen Bulger  DT 100-7; SP 33-1.75; JT 133-7*(3) (club record--PNA record)
IB--Andy Miller--HT 157-8 (5)

Barron Park affiliated Seniors were prolific medal-earners at this great annual classic on a perfect day.
W50 Midori Higgs J44-7 (3) club record; SP 20-11 (3) club record
M50 Scott Copeland 7.16 (1); 13.20 (1); 27.26 (1), L15-4.25 (1); T31-8.75 (1); J109-9 (2)
W55 Susan Giordano 5k 29:54.5 (2); L 5-4.25 (2) club record; D29-6 (2) club record; J41-3 (3) club record
M60 Dan Cole HJ4-9.75 (1); PV9-6 (2)

7/16/2011--PRs & MEDALS AT SUBWAY YOUTH GAMES--Shoreline Stadium
Four intrepid Striders earned medals and each posted a PR at this inaugural event. BB Cade Fischer tuned up for Nationals with a huge 4" PR in the HJ to earn gold and a share of the BPS top 12 list, then added a 400m gold. BG Kendra Jones also clambered onto the BPS top 12 400m list with a big 2 sec PR for the silver and earned a gold in the 1500m as well. IG Nikki Johnson earned a bronze in the LJ and sprinted to a PR in the 200m. YB Ryan Chase upped his TJ club record with one of his three gold medal jumps in preparation for his Nationals experience.
BG--Kendra Jones 400m 77.74*(2); 1500m 6:15.46 (1)
BB--Cade Fischer  400m 74.75 (1); HJ 3-9.25*(1)
YB--Ryan Chase  100H 16.74 (3); LJ 17-11 (1); TJ 37-8.25*(1) club record; HJ 4-11 (1)
IG--Nikki Johnson  100m 14.46; 200m 30.01*; LJ 12-2 (3)

A near-perfect weather day graced the Barron Park faithful and witnessed some fine efforts from the troops. BG Sierra Saenz showed exceptional heart in pulling out the gold from a neck-and-neck 1500m battle with yet another superb stretch run against a worthy foe. IG Brooke Feldmeier added another gold to her multis medal with another fine but grueling 400m hurdle run against a full field, the 800m from yesterday's heptathlon still evident despite a fairly decisive win. Newcomer YB Zion Riley had a fine day, blazing to a club record in the 200H by well over a second despite hurdle form which has room for improvement. Zion also ran the fastest 100m qualifying time of the day. YB Ryan Chase added to his hardware and National events with two nice bronze medals in the LJ and HJ, the latter a fine PR and top 12 mark.BB Cade Fischer, also a newbie to the JO scene, showed great poise in earning a tie for 4th and a National invitation in the HJ with a solid PR, then finishing in the top eight in a deep 400m field, winning his heat in fine fashion. SBG Elisa Saenz earned a silver in the 1500m and PRd in the LJ. BB Bowen Kennedy was just off his best in the TJav in a deep field, and BG Kendra Jones fought off illness in her 1500m to finish just off her best with her beautiful stride. MG Ariel WIlhite was just off her game in the 1500m the day after her pentathlon, but still managed a fine 7th.
Arguably one of the best-ever Regional showings by Barron Park athletes continued on this near-ideal Spokane day. YB Zion Riley completed  his conquest of the 100m by jetting to a 1st place finish in the final, setting his second club record of the meet in the process. YB Ryan Chase also continued his own amazing meet by qualifying with a silver in the TJ, then dropped a huge 0.3 sec off his own hurdle club record for another silver. IG Karen Bulger came on the scene with all three throws in one day and rose to the occasion, qualifying in all three, including gold medals and nationally competetive marks in the shot and javelin. MG Ariel Wilhite brought her national dreams to reality with two nice efforts in the 3000m and 800m, the latter a very nicely run race for the bronze, well above her seeding status. MB Conner Fredericks emerged from vacation to toss the discus and didn't disappoint with a PR top 12 effort. IG Brooke Feldmeier shook off the fatigue of her 4th straight day of competition to earn a fine silver in the HJ and ran a strong qualifying 4th in the hurdles. BG Sierra Saenz also followed up on yesterday's success with a superb effort in the 800m for the bronze, knocking a huge 4 seconds off her PR to claim the #4 all-time BPS slot. BG Kendra Jones rebounded from yesterday with a very fine 800m PR by a sizeable 3 seconds in a nicely run race to move up the BPS top 12 list as well. BG Trinity WIlhite bested her Association time in the 800m and SBG Elisa Saenz was just off her best 800m time with a strong finish. BB Cade Fischer, in only his second LJ competition, continued to show great focus with an  improvement of 14 inches over his Association effort
in a very competitive field , climbing onto the BPS top 12 list in the process. BB Bowen Kennedy was running PR pace in the 800m when an errant elbow ended his run, fortunately without any significant injury. IB Andy Miller improved on his Assoc mark with a solid silver medal effort in the hammer.
SBG--Elisa Saenz  800m 3:35.21; 1500m 7:19.91 (2); LJ 7-4.75*
BG-- Kendra Jones 80m 3:03.48*; 1500m 6:14.58
        Sierra Saenz 400m 77.58; 800m  2:48.12*(3); 1500m 5:45.11 (1)
        Trinity Wilhite  800m 3:20.23
BB--Cade Fischer  400m 74.04 (7); HJ 3-5.25*(t4); LJ 12-2.75*(8)
      Bowen Kennedy  800m DNF ; TJav 57-9
MG--Ariel Wilhite  800m  2:37.83 (3); 1500m 5:34.78 (7); 3000m 11:46.24 (5)
MB--Conner Fredericks  DT 69-8.5*(8)
YB-- Ryan Chase  100H 15.18*(2) club record; LJ 17-3.25 (3); TJ  36-7.75 (2) ; HJ 5-1*(3)
      Zion RIley  100m 11.95 Q/11.74*(1) club record; 200H 26.92*(1) club record
IG--Brooke Feldmeier 100H 15.55 (4) ; 400H 67.55 (1); HJ 5-1 (2)
     Karen Bulger  SP 36-2 (1) ; DT 97-2.5 (3) ; JT 122-4 (1)
IB--Andy Miller  HT 140-1 (2)

IG Brooke Feldmeier and YB Ryan Chase both posted nationally competetive point totals on their way to gold medals and trips to Nationals in Kansas. Brooke amassed a club record point total decorated with club record marks in the 200m and LJ. She also posted the #2 800m time and a fine #3 HJ. Ryan had a teriffic meet which included a great club record hurdle run, a PR #2BPS LJ, a fine SP effort, and a gutsy 1500m in the heat which brought him from a deficit to earn a tough gold in a hotly contended pentathlon. BB Cade Fischer rode a huge courageous 2+second PR in the 400m to earn 4th in the triathlon. His point total was a big 87 points over his Association effort. MG Ariel Wilhite had a nice PR in the HJ in her 4th place effort in the pentathlon. BG Trinity Wilhite had an outstanding meet with PRs in all three events and a whopping 60+ point total improvement.
BG Triathlon (SP/HJ/200m)  Trinity Wilhite 11-10.5*/3-1.25*/40.50* = 244pts*(6)
BB Triathlon (SP/HJ/400)  Cade Fischer  16-7.5/3-3.25/73.43* = 351*(4)
MG Pentathlon (80H/AP/HJ/LJ/800m) Ariel Wilhite 17.54/17-7.25/3-11*/10-10/2:46.15 = 1621pts (4) 
YB Pentathlon (100H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)  Ryan Chase 15.48*(club record)/34-7.5/4-5/17-11.5*/5:14.21* = 2545pts
IG Heptathlon(100H/HJ/SP/200m//LJ/JT/800m) Brooke Feldmeier 16.40/5-3/26-8.5*/26.97(club record)//16-4.25*(club record)/71-11/2:33.8 = 4039pts (club record) (1)

7/8/2011--WEST SOUND MASTERS CLASSIC--Silverdale, WA
Scott Copeland put in a multi-event day: 50m 7.0, 100m 13.3, 200m 28.1, 400m 63.1, Jav 110-8

All BPS marks available on athletic.net.  Below are PR efforts, top 12 marks, club records
MiniBB--Kai Kelley-Jones H2-4; Joseph Zilla 23.59, 53.96
Mini-BG--Mary Fish L 6-2.5
SBB--Digory Zilla 28.28, 1:53.33, J24-4; Reuben Zilla 21.29, 97.72, 7:10.37, H2-8
SBG--Elisa Saenz H2-8
BB-- Ethan Anderson L10-0.5; Ryan McIntosh 94.30, L8-4
BG--Grace Playstead 7:10.00, H2-8; Johanna Zilla 20.69, J22-8
MB--Simon Bauer D49-0.5; Dylan Miller J55-7
MG--Samantha Brubaker 32.88; Heaven Kelley 6:09.82, J52-5; Catherine McIntosh 15-2.25, L8-8.5; Margaret Zilla H21.15
YB--Noah Bauer J17-10; Ryan Chase S35-0, J71-6; Ian Fish P7-0; Jasper Sogn J72-0, L 12-9; Ryan Underland H20.78, P6-0
YG--Ina LaGrandeur 3:01.78, H4-0; Christine McIntosh 15.28, S24-8.5
IB--Jimmy Fish P10-6
IG--Karen Bulger J125-11**
OMM--Joe Saenz 2:46.40, 5:42.39, 13:36.77(M40); Jesse Stevick 4:14.27(OM), 10:11.33; Russ Wilhite 12:16.47(M35); Eric Fredericks D111-9.5
OMW--Annie Zilla J88-6, L14-8, T28-11(W40); Susan Giordano D32-3.5; Jana Gedde P8-6; Midori Higgs J39-0(W50); Jenny Stevick 5:39.35; Kristi Sogn D56-3.5(W45)

6/25-26/2011--CLUTCH PERFORMANCES AT ASSOCIATION JO --Chief Sealth HS, W.Seattle
Great efforts were legion at this competitive annual classic. On day 1, six gold medals were earned, two venerable club records were broken, and numerous top 12s were breached. SBB Tanner Jensen had a day to remember with gold medals in the 1500m and SP as well as a PR 400m to qualify in 4th. His 1500m finish was a thing of beauty which garnered him a fine club record. BG Sierra Saenz was also spectacular in earning gold in the 1500m with a gutsy late charge down the stretch just over her best mark. She also qualified 7th in the 400m. IG Brooke Feldmeier took on the 400 m hurdles for the first time and broke the club record by a huge 5 sec in a nicely-paced gold medal run. YB Zion Riley, in his first big meet, had a huge going-away gold medal run in the long hurdles and also qualified for the 100m finals with the 2nd best time of the day, just .03sec off the club record. BB Cade Fischer kept his focus to win a gold in the HJ, only the 2nd time trying the event. He also ran a fine PR 400m to qualify for Regionals in 6th. IB Andrew Miller was off his best in the hammer but still earned the gold and the #4 spot on the BPS list. BB Bowen Kennedy earned a silver in the TJav with a PR toss and also PRd in the 400m. MB Simon Bauer posted two PRs in the shot and jav, good to qualify him in both for Regionals. MB Conner Fredericks also earned a Regional berth in the shot. Ryan Chase earned the silver in an off day in the LJ with more events to come. MG Ariel Wilhite continued her fine season qualifying in the 1500m in a tough crowd. BG Kendra Jones ran a determined 1500m to also qualify, a big 7 sec PR and solid top 12 time. Also chalking up strong top 12 PRs was SBG Elisa Saenz with a silver medal run in the 1500m for #2 all-time BPS. MB Dylan Miller knocked 14 sec off his 1500m PR and BG Trinity Wilhite a huge 11 sec off her previous 1500m best. YB Perris Jones showed great form just a tick off his 100m and 400m bests.
MG Hannah Chamberlin missed her HJ but qualified in the SP just off her best.
DAY 2--Clutch performances continued. YB Ryan Chase returned to form with a TJ gold, upping his own club record in the process, then ran a fine silver medal short hurdle race. IG Karen Bulger powered past the fields to earn two golds in the shot and jav and qualified in the discus as well. YB Zion Riley didn't show the ill effects of GI distress and hip pain as he blazed to a silver medal in the 100m finals, setting a fine club record in the process. MB Conner Fredericks tossed the disc for a huge 11 foot PR to jump into the silver medal position and onto the BPS top 12 list. MG Ariel Wilhite ran a fine PR in the 3000m for the silver to move up the top 12 list and also qualified in the 800m. There were many fine Regional-qualifying 800m times. SBG Elisa Saenz notched the #6 all-time BPS time for 4th, BG Kendra Jones ran a stellar top 12 Pr by 5 sec for 6th, BG Sierra Saenz topped her previous best by 4 sec to earn the bronze medal and #5 BPS, and BG Trinity Wilhite qualified in 7th. For the boys, YB Perris Jones ran a spectacular PR by 12 seconds to earn a Regional berth, BB Bowen Kennedy ran a fine first 800m for 6th with a great finish, and MB Dylan Miller qualified despite not having his best day. IG Brooke Feldmeier looked smooth in running the #2 all-time BPS hurdles time for the silver and qualified in the HJ and Jav as well, earning a top 12 list in the former on a sore ankle.
TOTAL--10 golds, 9 silvers, 2 bronzes, all 18 athletes qualified for Regionals, 4 club records, 18 top 12 marks
SBG--Elisa Saenz 800m  ; 1500m 6:55.67*(2); LJ
SBB--Tanner Jensen  400m 82.16*(4);SP 14-5.75*(1); 1500m 5:53.29*(1) SBB club record
BG--Kendra Jones 100m 16.89; 800m 3:06.18*(6)  ; 1500m 6:03.50*(7)
   Sierra Saenz 400m 77.76 (7); 800m 2:52.30*(3) ; 1500m 5:44.96*(1)
   Trinity Wilhite  800m 3:23.49 (7) ; 1500m 6:55.98*(7); LJ 8-0.5
BB--Bowen Kennedy  400m 88.19*; 800m 3:07.12*(6) ; TJav 62-6*(2)
     Cade Fischer  400m 76.84*(6); LJ  11-1*(2) ; HJ 3-3.25*(1)
MG--Ariel Wilhite  800m  2:41.73 (4); 1500m 5:26.16 (5); 3000m 11:39.87*(2)
     Hannah Chamberlin  SP 17-9 (8)
MB--Conner Fredericks  SP 23-4.5 (7); DT 69-2*(2)
     Dylan Miller  800m  2:51.71 (8); 1500m 5:41.59*; LJ 10-4.5
    Simon Bauer  400m 83.26*; SP 21-4.75*(8); TJav 86-5*(7)
YB--Ryan Chase  100H 15.60 (2) ; LJ 16-8 (2); HJ 4-7 (3);
TJ 37-5.75*(1) YB Club Record
     Zion Riley   200H 28.43 (1); 100m 11.97*q/11.86*(2) YB Club Record
    Perris Jones  100m 13.86; 400m 66.33 ; 800m 2:32.70*(7)
IG--Brooke Feldmeier  100H 15.53 (2) ; HJ 4-5 (3) ; Jav 72-8 (4) ; 400H 65.93*(1) IG club record
    Karen Bulger  SP 35-11.5 (1) ; DT 89-3 (5) ; Jav 119-9 (1)
IB--Andrew Miller  HT 139-6 (1)

6/25-26/2001--NW MASTERS--Gresham, OR
Scott Copeland survived 5 events with strong efforts: 13.33(2), 27.72(2), 62.57(2), L15-0.5(1),T29-8.25(2)

6/23/2011--AC #3--Tumwater HS--CLUB RECORDS GALORE, FINE TOP 12 MARKS
All Barron Park marks can be found on athletic.net . Below are only PRs, season bests(sb), top 12, club records.
SBB--Tanner Jensen 3:05.31(3), H 3-0, S 13-7.75, J 46-0(#2); Kai Kelley-Jones  L5-1; Wesley Stevick 17.20; Digory Zilla 4:08.94, L 7-3; Joseph Zilla 4:08.62, J 30-2; Reuben Zilla 21.52, 7:50.02, L7-8, H 2-6;
SBG--Abby Bunn 41.94
BB-- Ethan Anderson 3:11.35, 6:32.73(#3), J 45-5; John Bussey 18.00, 7:06, L7-8; Satchel Sogn L8-2, H 3-0
BG-- Kendra Jones 16.79, 3:11.01; Grace Playstead 7:37, L5-7; Hannah Reynolds 92.40, Hur22.86, L9-7.25; Sierra Saenz 16.45, 2:56.24(#5); Margaret Zilla 17.90, 46.11, 3:39.71, L10-11.5
MB--Simon Bauer S18-5, D41-9.5, J80-3(sb); Conner Fredericks S24-4.75; Mack Lang P 6-0, D 58-0, J 81-8; Dylan Miller 5:56.18(#3)
MG--Ariel Wilhite Hur 17.34
YB--Jasper Sogn H 4-0, D 71-9, J 71-2; Ryan Underland D 66-1, J 88-8
IB--James Jasperson D 90-2; Jimmy Fish P 9-6
IG--Karen Bulger J 122-11(sb); Brooke Feldmeier J 74-5;
OMM--Keith Holder 14.09; Joe Saenz 2:54.49, 6:13.79, 21:49.12; Marc Fish P 11-6; Russ Wilhite 5:48.22, 20:15.33; Jesse Stevick 16:25.27
OMW--Brenda WIlhite 8:21.90, H 3-8; Kristi Sogn S 22-11.75; Yvonne Fish J 31-0; Susan Giordano D 22-9; Midori Higgs S 18-9.25, J 38-5; Annie Zilla L 14-0, J 84-7

Eight intrepid Barron Park athletes showed exceptional grit and courage, most facing events they had little experience with. Not surprisingly, noting the character and spunk of these athletes, they were wonderful, notching multiple PRs and top 12 marks. MG Heaven Kelley had a solid day which included a nice top 12 hurdle PR on her way to the gold medal and a fine #3 all-time BPS mark, notably in her first year in the age group. YB Ryan Chase also had a superb day with LJ and 1500m PRs in a tough field, amassing a huge nationally competetive #2 BPS point total. MG Ariel Wilhite showed great composure chalking up PRs in all five events, including a beautifully run #3 all-time BPS 800m, with her silver medal point total an impressive top 12 mark. MG Adrianna Hernandez, in her first real meet, had PRs in all of her pentathlon events and showed fine athleticism in the process. MB Mack Lang, also in his first multis, had fine PR marks in the SP, LJ, and 1500m to earn a well-deserved silver medal. In the BB triathlon, Cade Fischer PRd in all his events and showed great promise. His 400m was the fastest of the field. SBB Tanner Jensen joined the older guys and performed admirably with PR efforts in the HJ and 400m, both BPS top 12 marks. BG Trinity Wilhite also had three solid PRs in her triathlon with a gritty effort.
SBB Triathlon (SP/HJ/400m) Tanner Jensen 12-6.75/2-11*/82.27* = 159pts*
BG Triathlon (SP/HJ/200m)  Trinity Wilhite 11-7.5/2-11/41.90 = 183pts*(4)
BB Triathlon (SP/HJ/400)  Cade Fischer  16-10*/3-1*/79.02* = 264*(3)
MG Pentathlon (80H/AP/HJ/LJ/800m) Heaven Kelley 15.50*/19-0.75/4-2.75/12-6.25/2:47.15 = 2064pts*(1)
        Ariel Wilhite 17.91*/18-10.5*/3-10.75*/12-2.25*/2:37.19* = 1785pts*(2) 
        Adrianna Hernandez 17.93*/14-5.75*/3-6.75*/10-2.25*/3:00.21* = 1250pts*(4)
MB Pentathlon (80H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)  Mack Lang 17.06/20-10.5*/3-10.75/12-2*/6:13.94* = 1232pts*(2)
YB Pentathlon (100H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)  Ryan Chase 15.65/32.6.5/4-10.5/17-9.75*/5:06.52* = 2625pts*

BG--Kendra Jones 200m 35.83, 400m 79.33; Trinity Wilhite Relay (6th)
BB--Ethan Anderson SLJ 5-7
MG--Ariel Wilhite 800m 2:40.38 (2)
MB--Dylan Miller 800m 2:46.65* (7); Mack Lang SLJ 6-3
YG--Savannah Inglin 100m 14.67, SLJ 6-9 (8); Juliana Salanoa SLJ 7-2.75 (5)

ALL-COMERS #1--6/9/2011--Tumwater HS--CLUB RECORD M35 3000m by Russ Wilhite; Tanner Jensen, Ryan Chase #2s
All Barron Park marks are available on athletic.net
Barron Park season bests/PRs:
SBB--Carter Reykdal 9.58,L7-4, S11-3.5; Digory Zilla 9.83, 1:56.87, 4:33.73, H2-10; Joseph Zilla 10.30, 2:04.68, J26-9; Reuben Zilla 8:14, L7-4; Tanner Jensen 6:18.00, H2-8; Wesley Stevick 22.87
SBG--Abby Bunn 9.45, 19.97, 44.72, 95.3, L7-2; Allie Bunn 10.28, 1:53.0, L6-9.5; Allison Holder 9.41, 20.34, 47.60, 1:47; Kennedy Reykdal 12.42, L4-1, S4-10; Mary Fish L5-6; Elisa Saenz L7-4.5; Natalie Holder L3-4
BB--Hugh Randall 90.66, 3:17.69, 6:50.06; John Bussey 3:29, 6:54.52; Satchel Sogn H2-10, J35-5;
Jonny Salanoa L11-0, S19-6.5, D42-3;
BG--Sierra Saenz L7-9, J29-9; Margaret Zilla 18.83, 95.9, 3:42.20, L9-2; Johanna Zilla S12-3
MB--Mack Lang D53-3; Dylan Miller 2:47.7, J46-4; Conner Fredericks D 58-11.5
MG--Ariel Wilhite 75.90, H3-6; Katie Fish L10-0.5, J36-6
YB--Perris Jones 66.1; Ryan Underland H21.20, D65-8.5; Jasper Sogn L11-6, D68-7.5, J68-9; Ryan Chase L17-9
YG--Ina LaGrandeur H3-10; Nikki Johnson L13-2.25; Julianna Salanoa S34-5.5
IB--James Jasperson L16-10.5, H5-0, S30-2, D86-11, J85-5
IG--Karen Bulger H3-6, J110-11
OMM--Chris Sogn J98-5; Scott Copeland 13.72, 28.15, 63.27, J104-4; Jesse Stevick 2:02.66; Russ WIlhite
11:54.56, 5:29.80, ; Joe Saenz 5:52.13, 12:53.47; Phil Jasperson 4:50; Eric Fredericks D101-0(1.616k)
OMW--Karen Steen 5:19; Susan Giordano 8:25.31, J47-0; Annie Zilla S27-10, J81-1; Kristi Sogn D56-3.5; Yvonne Fish J25-6

6/11/2011--SOLID MARKS AT SOUTH KITSAP--Port Orchard, WA
BG Sierra Saenz and IG Nikki Johnson both collected two golds, Sierra with two top 12 marks in the 400m and 1500m, Nikki in the LJ and 100m, the latter a top 12 BPS time. SBG Elisa Saenz ran and jumped to awards, including a 100m PR.
SBG--Elisa Saenz 100m 20.56/20.41*(8); 400m 99.68 (5); LJ 6-1.5 (3)
BG--Sierra Saenz 100m 16.57/16.54*(2); 400m 76.71*(1); 1500m 5:41.35*(1)
IG--Nikki Johnson 100m 14.09*(1); LJ 12-6.5*(1)

MG Hannah Chamberlin, BB Bowen Kennedy, MB Mack Lang, and YB Ryan Chase all landed gold medals with fine efforts, Hannah with fine HJ form, Bowen with a 13 foot PR in the TJav, Mack with ever-improving hurdle form, and Ryan in the horizontal jumps including a fine LJ PR. Hannah also had a nice SP PR , Bowen a 400 PR, and Mack a HJ PR for the silver. BG Trinity Wilhite and MG Ariel Wilhite both had gutsy 1500m PRs, Ariel's good for the bronze, and nice 800m times jsut off their bests. Marks:
BG--Trinity Wilhite  800m 3:31.18; 1500m 7:06.44*; LJ 7-5.5 (6)
BB--Bowen Kennedy 400m 89.17*; TJav 61-10*(1)
MG--Hannah Chamberlin 100m 16.58; HJ 3-10*(1); SP 18-4*(4)
       Ariel Wilhite 800m 2:39.58 (5); 1500m 5:23.4*(3); LJ 11-0.5 (4)
MB--Mack Lang 80H 16.28*(1); LJ 12-0*; HJ 4-0*(2)
      Simon Bauer  TJav 67-5
YB--Ryan Chase  100H 16.70 (2); LJ 17-6.5*(1); TJ 37-0.5 (1); HJ 5-0 (2)

MG Heaven Kelley was laden with medals after a fine AAU qualifier in the sun. She hit new PRs in the SP, 400m, 800m, and LJ, and her calculated Pentathlon score was #7 all-time BPS in her first year in the age group.
400m 67.30*(1); SP 20-0.25*; 80H 16.71; HJ 4-2 (1); 800m 2:46.17 *(1); LJ 12-11*; Pent 1894pts*

SBG--Kennedy Reykdal 26.79*; Allison Holder 21.1*; Abby Bunn 8.7*,  20.0*, 45.73*, 1:49.0*, L6-0.75*; Allie Bunn  8.9*, 21.47*, 50.67*, L5-8*; Elisa Saenz 21.09*, 43.21*, 7:59.99*, J28-4*; Mary Fish L5-5, J11-7*; Ellie Imlig L6-9*, J18-0*;
SBB--Tanner Jensen 17.63*, 83.99*, 6:47.0*, S13-4*, J41-0*; Francis Pettis 8.9*, 20.88*, L6-7.25*, S10-8*; Carter Reykdal 8.4*, 19.67*; Reuben ZIlla 47.17*, 1:42.77*, L7-1*; Digory Zilla L6-8.5, J24-3*; Joseph Zilla L6-3.5, J24-1*;
BG--Sierra Saenz 17.12*, 35.63*, 2:59.99*; Trinity Wilhite 9.2*, 19.97*, 3:41.6, H2-10*; Johanna Zilla 20.87, 41.99*, L8-3.25, S12-0.5*; Isabella Pettis 8.4*, 18.87*, S12-4.5*; Hannah Reynolds 18.26*, 3:29*, 7:20.9*, L9-3.5*, S14-5*; Kendra Jones 35.93, 83.11, 6:40.5*;
BB--Satchel Sogn 19.3*, S11-1*, J27-5*; Ethan Anderson Hu19.4*, 6:41.9*, L9-11*, H3-2*, J31-9*; Samuel Imlig L7-4.5, H2-10; Ryan McIntosh L7-4*, S15-1*, J36-0*; Jonathan Holder H2-10*, J26-4*; John Bussey 18.23*, 41.20*, 92.24*, 7:24.1*; Hugh Randall 18.26*, 40.33*, 91.82*, 7:24.1*;
Jonny Salanoa L9-8.5*, S18-10*;
MG--Catherine McIntosh 17.12*, H3-8*; Katie Fish L9-2.5*; Adrianna Hernandez Hu18.2*, 16.14*, 79.9*, L7-1*; Hannah Chamberlin 16.62, H3-10*; Samantha Brubaker 70.32*; Heaven Kelley L12-1*, H4-4; Ariel Wilhite H3-8*
MB--Eachen Pettis 15.87*, L12-0.5*, J29-11; Simon Bauer 84.9*, 3:39.7*, J76-4; Dylan Miller 6:05.5*, L11-8.5*; Mack Lang L11-11.5*, H3-10*, J60-6*;
YG-- Christine McIntosh 15.8*, L11-5*, S23-5*; Julianna Salanoa D81-3*
YB--Perris Jones 29.82, 67.95, 2:49; Jasper Sogn 15.44*, H3-8*, S25-8*, J60-11*; Ryan Chase 13.09*, 2:33*, T34-5, S33-5.5*; Ryan Underland L12-5.75*, S23-0*, J85-6*; Marcus Imlig H3-8*, D53-2*, J67-2*
IG--Karen Bulger S36-3, D101-7*, J110-1
; Nikki Johnson 14.50, L12-1.5*;
OMW--Susan Giordano 9:07*, 14:03*, J41-7*; Brenda Wilhite 8:56*, J44-6*; Kristi Sogn S19-3; Annie Zilla S27-6.75, J77-3;
OMM--Joe Saenz 6:13, 14:04; Russ Wilhite 5:54.15, 12:58.72; Dan Cole H4-10, P9-0

YM Austin Roth, in his first decathlon, using college hurdles and implements, finished a fine 9th of 31 athletes. He placed 8 marks on the Barron Park top 12 lists, including a club record in the 400m.
11.75/18-7/33-2*/5-1.5*/51.63//21.40/63-3/9-4.25/156-0*/4:55.77* = 4849pts*
YB Ryan Chase uploaded lots of gold, broke a TJ club record, tied the club hurdle record, and leapt to a #2 LJ with three fine PR efforts. Heaven Kelley also earned hardware in the hurdles and HJ.
MG--Heaven Kelley 80H 16.5(1); 100m 14.6; HJ 4-2(1)
YB--Ryan Chase 100H 15.3*(1) ties club record; LJ 17-2*(2); TJ 37-3*(1) club record; HJ 4-10 (1)
BG--Kendra Jones 200m 36.5 (1); 400m 81.1 (1); SBT 48-10
       Grace Playstead  400m 88.1*(3); SLJ 4-0.5
BB--Cade Fischer 200m 34.1*(3); 400m 79.7*(3); SBT 70-8
      Ethan Anderson  400m 81.0*; SLJ 6-0.5 (2); SBT 77-8
      Jonny Salanoa SLJ 5-7.5 (3)
      Bowen Kennedy 400m 91.4
MG--Heaven Kelley 200m 29.9 (2); 400m 67.9 (1); SBT 73-4
       Samantha Brubaker 400m 72.6*(2)
      Adrianna Gonzalez  100m 14.9*; 200m 32.1*; SBT 73-6
       Hannah Chamberlin 100m 15.5*(3)
MB--Dylan Miller  800m 2:50.6 (1); SLJ 5-7
        Mack Lang  100m 15.1*; 200m 31.6*(3); SLJ 6-5.25 (1)
      Simon Bauer 400m  1:46.4; SLJ 5-6; SBT 93-9
      Jonny Salanoa  SLJ 5-7.5; SBT 70-8
YG--Savannah Inglin 100m 14.1 (1); SLJ 6-5 (2)
      Ina LaGrandeur  800m 3:03.9 (3); SLJ 5-2; SBT 62-2
      Juliana Salanoa  100m 14.6 (2); SLJ 7-5.75 (1); SBT 88-1
YB--Perris Jones  100m 13.0; 200m 28.6* (3)
MG Ariel Wilhite and MG Heaven Kelley both had great meets. Ariel ran fine middle distance races just over her bests. Heaven PR'd in the HJ by 3 inches (#5 all-time) and also hurdled to #10. MiniBB Kai Kelley-Jones was just a tiny tick off of the top 12 time in his 100m.
Mini-BB--Kai Kelley-Jones 100m 22.9*
MG--Heaven--80H 16.0*(3); 400m 70.5 (3); HJ 4-5*(1)
       Ariel--800m 2:42.4(3); 1500m 5:28.2 (2) 
5/21/2011--MORE STRONG WORK BY BARRON PARK AT SCAA--W. Seattle Stadium
Eight athletes "toed the line" at West Seattle and posted some nice marks. YB Zion RIley had a gold medal day with two great sprint victories in his first T&F sojourn out of town, notching top 12 marks of #4, #4, and #11. MG Heaven Kelley posted some solid marks including her first hurdle race and top 12 marks in the 100m and HJ in her new age group. BG Kendra Jones equalled her 400m PR and MB Simon Bauer climbed onto the Turbojav top 12 list with a nice toss. MG Ariel Wilhite continued a fine season with two gutsy runs, equalling her 800m best with a from-the-front effort 2nd, and demolishing her 1500m PR, one of only four Striders ever to run under 5:30. YB Ryan Chase polished his Multis potential with a huge hurdle PR, #6 all-time BPS, to go with some good field event marks. SBB Kai Kelley-Jones made the most of his first meet with good marks in the 100m and LJ. YB Perris Jones sprinted well, including a PR-tying 100m.
Marks: red = top 12 mark; * = personal best
MiniBB--Koi Kelley-Jones 100m 24.0*; LJ 5-0*
BG--Kendra Jones 200m 35.2; 400m 83.9; 1500m 6:25
MG--Heaven Kelley 80H 16.9*; 100m 14.4*; 400m 79.0; HJ 4-2
      Ariel Wilhite  800m 2:39.; 1500m 5:26.8*
MB--Simon Bauer  TJav 75-1*
YB--Ryan Chase  100H 15.8*; LJ 16-1; HJ 4-10; SP 31-11
    Perris Jones  100m 13.6; 200m 29.9; 400m 68.7
    Zion Riley  100m 11.9/12.0*(1); 200m 24.8*(2); 400m 59.7*(1)

Jesse Stevick won the Marathon, Ariel Wilhite was the top woman in the 5-miler, and Perris Jones won the 1.2 mile Kids' Race for a great weekend for Barron Park.  In the Kids' Race, all twelve Barron Park athletes finished in the top 4 in their age groups at Capital Lake on Saturday.  In addition to Perris winning the 12yo group, other age group winners were Ina LaGrandeur (13yo), Mack Lang (11yo), Kendra Jones(9yo), and Grace Playstead (8yo). Times and places were:
1.2 Mile Kids' Race--Perris Jones (12M-1) 7:24; Mack Lang (11M-1) 8:07; Ben Bigley (12M-2) 8:15; Ethan Anderson (10M-2) 8:27; Hugh Randall (9M-2) 8:45; Grace Playstead (8F-1) 8:47; Kendra Jones (9F-1) 8:48; Simon Bauer 9:08 (12M-4); Ina LaGrandeur (13F-1) 9:25; Trinity Wilhite (9F-2) 9:28; Abby Bunn (7F-2) 11:18; Allie Bunn (7F-3) 11:53
5-Miler--Ryan Chase 32:20 (U19-5) Ariel Wilhite 33:37 (overall-1); Dylan Miller 33:57; Hugh Randall 42:32; John Bussey 42:32; Julia Holder 52:41; Keith Holder 52:41
Half-Marathon--Susan Giordano 2:28:00
Marathon--Jesse Stevick 2:33:15

5/7/2011--MORE FINE EFFORTS AT WOE--West Seattle Stadium
MG Ariel Wilhite continued her fine early season with PRs in the 800m, 3k, and LJ. BG Trinity Wilhite also notched PRs in the 800m and 400m. YB Ryan Chase turned in a nice day of jumps including a TJ best. BG Kendra Jones ran bests in the 400 and 800 and brother Perris ran an 800m PR.
Marks: red = top 12 mark; * = personal best
BG--Kendra Jones 400m 79.0*; 800m 3:14.0*; 200m 35.4
     Trinity Wilhite 400m 87.0*; 800m 3:18.6*; LJ 8-0.5
MG--Ariel Wilhite 800m 2:39.2*; 3000m 11:41.72*; LJ 11-8*
YB--Ryan Chase LJ 16-1.75; TJ 34-11.25*; HJ 4-10; SP 33-4*
    Perris Jones 200m 29.9; 400m 75.0; 800m 2:44.1*

A decent day weather-wise was a fitting setting for some nice opening marks by Barron Park athletes. MG Ariel WIlhite led the way with fine PR efforts in the 800m and 1500m which put her at #7 and #4 all-time BPS respectively. BG Kendra Jones also had a strong 1500m which hit the charts at #7 all-time for the club. Her 400m was just a tick off last season's best
. YB Ryan Chase moved up the BPS all-time list in the hurdles and LJ with two fine PR efforts and added a big HJ PR as well. YB Perris Jones ran a fine PR 400m in his first meet in the age group and won the 800m  in a good time as well. BG Trinity Wilhite equalled her best in the 800m and set LJ and 1500m PRs for a full day. MB Connor Frederick put together PR efforts in the shot and disc good for two first place awards.
Marks: red = top 12 mark; * = personal best
BG--Trinity Wilhite 800m 3:26; 1500m 7:16*; LJ 8-7*
    Kendra Jones  400m 83.9(2); 1500m 6:10.9*(1)
MG--Ariel WIlhite 800m 2:41.3*; 1500m 5:35.9*; LJ 11-1*
MB--Connor Frederick  SP 23-9* (1); DT 55-6*(1)
YB--Perris Jones 400m 66.9*(2); 800m 2:45.6*(1)
      Ryan Chase  100H 16.5*; LJ 16-10*; HJ 5-0*

MG 3k--Ariel Wilhite 12:06 (47)           Whidbey team 2nd

11/6/10--PNA CHAMPIONSHIPS--Woodland Park Seattle
BB 3000m--Dylan Miller, in his first JO XC effort, came through with a big 11th place finish in  a fine 13:02 to qualify for Regionals
MG 3000m--Running for Whidbey, Kat Copeland ran a superb 11:22 for 1st and Ariel Wilhite ran a fine 12:26 for 11th as they both qualified individually and with a team win.
SBG--5th Trinity Wilhite 10:38; MG 6th Ariel Wilhite 12:16
13 sturdy Barron Park athletes did a fine job, mostly against the older middle school crowd. Kat Copeland won the girls' race for the second straight year in excellent time 21 seconds faster than last year. Ariel Wilhite, running for her school, took 2nd and became only the 5th girl in the history of the meet to break 10 minutes, 19 sec faster than last year. Dylan Miller was the top BPS boys' finisher, taking a fine 9th overall. Other athletes who improved on last years' time were Reuben Zilla (-20sec) and Digory Zilla (-2:41!).
Places and times:
Girls:  1) Kat Copeland 9:21; 2) Ariel Wilhite 9:57; 17) Trinity Wilhite 13:50; 19) Margaret Zilla 15:52; 20) Johanna Zilla 16:15; 22) Maiya Alongi 17:38
Boys:  9) Dylan Miller 10:31; 17) Kai Bentley 11:36; 19) Simon Bauer 11:53; 21) Reuben Zilla 13:01; 22 John Bussey 13:31; 25) Digory Zilla 15:08; 27) Joseph Zilla 18:46

10/17/10 Issaquah Meet--Lk Sammamish Pk-MG 3000m-- 2nd --Kat Copeland 11:19
10/9/10 Whidbey Island Meet--Oak Harbor--
MG 3000m --1st Kat Copeland 11:45; 6th Ariel Wilhite 12:38; Open 4k--Russ Wilhite 8th 20:01

10/6/10 LBA 1.0 Mile #2
GIRLS:  1. Kat Copeland 5:51 (course record); 3. Madeline Goodin 6:54; 4. Lena Vannice 7:21; 5. Madison Ryan 7:37; 6. Kendra Jones 8:08; 7. Jade Santana 8:17; 8. Margaret Zilla 8:18; 9. Johanna Zilla 9:16; 11. Maiya Alongi 9:54
BOYS:  6. Dylan Miller 6:49; 9. Ethan Anderson 7:21; 11. John Bussey 7:51; 12. Reuben Zilla 8:16; 16. Joseph Zilla 11:19
10/3/10 Federal Way Autumn Classic--Five Mile Park--MG 3K:  2nd Kat Copeland 11:55; 4th Ariel Wilhite 12:42
9/25/10 Cascade Striders Meet--MG 3K:  2nd Kat Copeland 11:40; 9th Ariel Wilhite 12:53
9/18/10 Ft Steilacoom Middle School Run--1.25 Mile:  1st Ariel Wilhite 8:18
9/15/10 LBA 1.0 Mile
GIRLS:  1. Kat Copeland 5:58; 2. Ariel Wilhite ; 5. Madeline Goodin; 7. Lena Vannice; 11. Jade Santana; 12. Margaret Zilla; 14. Johanna Zilla
BOYS:  3. Dylan Miller 6:36; 7. Hague Bush 7:10; 9. Ethan Anderson 7:24; 10 Parker Teters 7:24; 11. John Bussey 8:53; 12. Reuben Zilla 9:38; 13. Digory Zilla 10:05; 16. Joseph Zilla 12:52


8/28/2010--"GURU" DECATHLON IS FITTING END TO GREAT SEASON--Ingersol Stadium, Olympia
This annual track-fest was once again a highlight reel of great fellowship and reasonable sport. Seventeen athletes showed up for at least one event, explaining the disappearance of the Guru sponsor drink and the turbo-charged Toby Trail Mix. Autumn Stevick took the women's competition and Casey Stevick the guys' in this single day extravaganza which once again ended with lighted bracelets circling the track in a dark 1500m. The cumulative injury load at onset was impressive.
(100m/LJ/SP/HJ/400m//Day 1//100mH/DT/PV/JT/1500m//Total (age-graded); club records
Sarah Norman--0/0/0/0/0//0//0/0/9-0/58-4/0//717
Sarah Burley--0/0/0/0/0//0//0/52-3/7-4.5/63-10/0//773
Vanessa   --18.6/5-7.5(slj)/15-1.25/3-2.5/90.3//383//0/33-9/0/22-10/6:38.5//841
Autumn Stevick--15.1/6-9.75(slj)/27-0.5/4-2/72.3//1499//19.1(30)/70-2/6-9.5/94-9/6:38.5//3155
Cassidy Stevick--20.6*/6-9.25(slj)/31-0.5/4-6/2:20.1*//986//19.0(30)/63-1/6-9.5/96-1/0//2323
Jenny Stevick--0/0/0/0/0//0//25.4(30)/44-4/0/56-2/5:37.4//1006
Genevieve Schooler--21.6*/7-3.75(slj)/18-7.5/4-8/2:20.1*//802//21.7(30)/33-9/4-7/38-0/0//1271
Belle Price--0/0/0/0/0//0//0/55-4/0/44-7/6:08.4//826
Josiah Price--0/0/0/4-8/59.7//757//19.7(36)/56-5/6-9.5/83-3/4:39.0//2406
Rick Neidhardt--13.6/12-11.75/0/0/0//534//0/0/0/0/0//534
Drew Stevick--19.3/8-0/26-10.75/3-8.25/90.6//540//0/80-1/6-3.5/91-3/8:29.7//1290(2406ag)
Andrew Prentice--12.4/15-10.75/22-9.5/4-10/58.0//2042//18.8(30)/61-7/7-3.25/110-4/4:39.6//3937
Casey Stevick--13.2/17-4/41-0.75/5-8/57.7//2526//16.6(36)/111-11/10-0/157-11/5:55.1//4926
Jesse Stevick--12.5/15-5.75/29-1/4-10/54.9//2232//17.0(36)/78-8/10-0/126-7/4:27.6//4733
Scott Copeland--12.8/15-6.5/26-7/4-4/63.1//1747//20.0(36)/71-9/6-9.5/103-3/6:35.5//2996(4602ag)
Marc Fish--13.7/15-0.5/26-5/4-10/67.5//1562//18.9(30)/72-0/12-6/101-8/6:05.1//3413(4523ag)
Joel Anthony--0/0/0/0/0//0//0/0/0/141-2/0//486

Scott Copeland notched a club record in the M50 outdoor pentathlon with the following:
LJ 15-5, Jav 113-0, 200m 27.14, DT 71-11, 1500m 6:34.39 = 2332 age-graded pts (new 2010 scoring table)

Fourteen Barron Park athletes, the second largest JO Nationals contingent ever (15 in '98), put in a Herculean week in Sacramento, breaking four club records and bringing home seven medals, the best Nationals performance ever. YW Olivia Midles led the group with a huge PR hammer toss for the gold, barely missing the National record and breaking her own club record. YG Karen Bulger came up with a mammoth PR javelin throw to earn silver and YM Jordan Arakawa also earned a silver with his best hammer throw ever in tough competition. BG Heaven Kelley was the lone dual medalist in the triathlon and HJ with a 6th and 5th respectively, showing great balanced event strength. YG Brooke Feldmeier showed major grit with a gutty final 800m to earn her 7th place in the Pentathlon. MG Kat Copeland ran a great 3000m to earn an impressive 8th in an amazing field. YM Brendan Franz ran a huge club record 1500m as he finished a near-miss 9th in his first YM year and Feldmeier also cracked the 30 second barrier for the first time in the 200H in the prelims for a club record. Other fine PR efforts were turned in by Kelley with a blazing 400m just .09s off the BG club record and by YG Charene Stovall with a fine 11th place SP finish in one of the strongest fields ever. Just off their bests and gaining some great experience were MG Julianna Salanoa in the Disc and shot, BG Sierra Saenz in the 1500m, YB Ryan Chase in the TJ, MG Peyton Russell in the LJ, BG Hannah Chamberlin the HJ, and IB Lane Russell in the TJ. Marks :
BG--Hannah Chamberlin HJ 3-5.25; Heaven Kelley Tri 1001pts (6th) [SP 16-1/HJ 4-1.25/200m 30.61] , HJ 4-1.25 (5th);
       Sierra Saenz 1500m 5:59.08
MG-- Julianna Salanoa SP 28-11.25, DT 66-9; Kat Copeland 1500m 5:29.16, 3000m 11:03.50 (8th) ; Peyton Russell LJ 13-10.25
YG-- Brooke Feldmeier Pent 2743pts (7th)[100H 16.84/SP 29-7.25/HJ 4-9/LJ 14-6/800m 2:30.31], HJ 4-11, 200H 29.83* YG Club Record; Charene Stovall SP 38-5.5*; Karen Bulger SP 38-0.25, DT 76-10, Jav 124-1*(2nd) YG Club Record
YB-- Ryan Chase TJ 33-11.25
IB--Lane Russell TJ 37-8.5
YW-- Olivia Midles HT 173-9*(1st) YW Club Record
YM--Jordan Arakawa HT 213-7*(2nd); Brendan Franz 1500m 4:06.87*/4:04.18YM Club Record

Midori Higgs, Dan Cole, Scott Copeland, and Rick Neidhardt turned in some excellent marks on this gorgeous Saturday and reaped medals in a big way. Marks: Scott 50m 7.11 (1), 100m 13.03 (1), 200m 26.85 (2), LJ 15-8.5 (1), TJ 30-8.5 (2);
Rick 50m 7.52 (2), 13.93 (2), 200m 28.46 (2), TJ 29-9.75 (3); Dan HJ 4-10.5 (1), PV 9-0 (1); Midori Jav 45-8 (2)

7/17-18/2010--BARRON PARK DOES TRACK CITY IN BIG WAY--Hayward Field, Eugene, OR
Eight hardy Striders braved the Eugene heat and performed admirably. YW Olivia Midles set a club and meet record in the hammer with a mammoth toss, YG Karen Bulger and YG Brooke Feldmeier both earned dual golds, Brooke's 200H mark besting her old club record. YM Jordan Arakawa took the gold in the hammer with a near-PR toss and silver medals were earned by SBG Elisa Saenz in the LJ, MB Simon Bauer in the Turbojav, BG Sierra Saenz in the 1500m, and Feldmeier in the LJ. Nice PR and top 12 efforts were turned in by YB Ryan Chase in the LJ and TJ in a warm-up for Nationals and by Elisa in the 100m and 400m. Marks:
MiniBG--Elisa Saenz 100m 21.18*(7); 400m 99.47*(4); LJ 7-1 (2)
BG--Sierra Saenz  800m 3:01.19 (7); 1500m 6:03.24 (2); LJ 8-4.75 (6)
MB--Simon Bauer  TJav 75-6 (2)
YG--Karen Bulger  SP 41-2 (1); Jav 100-1 (1);    Brooke Feldmeier  LJ 14-10.25 (2); HJ 4-9 (1); 200H 30.08*(1) YG Club Record
YB--Ryan Chase  100H 18.33; LJ 16-7.5*(5); TJ 34-10.75*(4); HJ 4-9 (6)
YW--Olivia Midles  HT 169-5*(1) Meet and YW Club Record
YM--Jordan Arakawa HT 211-10 (1)

One of the more impressive days in Barron Park history saw several venerable club records fall and some very solid top 12 PR marks established. On a warm perfect weather day, YG Karen Bulger had a huge meet with club record gold medal efforts in the shot and jav, improving her shot PR by almost 3 feet and knocking off a very solid jav club standard. YG Brooke Feldmeier continued to shine with a club record gold in the 200H. MG Peyton Russell was amazing in leaping to a club record in the LJ, incentivized by the reward of a kitten, to take down one of the oldest and staunchest records on the books. YM Brendan Franz had a spectacular and well-run golden 1500m, eight seconds under the old club standard. Also earning golds were YW Olivia Midles in the Hammer, setting  new PNA and Region 13 records in the process and YM Jordan Arakawa in the Hammer. Also qualifying for Nationals were BG Hannah Chamberlin in the HJ with a fine 2+ inch PR good for bronze, BG Heaven Kelley, with a brilliant silver 400m PR (#2 BPS) and another silver 4ft+ HJ, BG Sierra Saenz with a gutsy 11 second 1500m PR for a photo finish bronze, MG Kat Copeland who cruised to a 1500m silver, MG Julianna Salanoa with a bronze and silver in the shot and disc respectively, the latter a nice top 12 PR, and YG Charene Stovall with a solid shot silver. New PR top 12 efforts included a massive SP PR by YB Adam Zimmerman and a fine 200H run by YG Kelsey WIlder.
YB Ryan Chase came up with a big TJ PR to win gold by a mere cm and IB Lane Russell earned the bronze in tight TJ competition to make it 14 qualified for Nationals. YM Brendan Franz used his speed to blow past foes into 2nd in a fine qualifying 800m effort, a #2 all-time BPS mark. YG Karen Bulger earned her third gold of the meet with a narrow discus win. YG Brooke Feldmeier tied her #2 BPS HJ to earn silver and another event at Nationals, and MG Kat Copeland ran to gold in the 3000m to claim her second National event. Fine top 12 PR's came from YG Kelsey Wilder in the hurdles and from SBG Trinity Wilhite, BG Heaven Kelley, and BB Dylan Miller in the 800m. Cam'ron Stovall had a nice discus PR as well.
FINAL TOTAL: 14 athletes qualified in 24 events with 10 golds, 9 silvers, 4 bronzes, 8 club records
 Marks: (red = top 12; purple = club record)
SBG-- Trinity Wilhite LJ 6-9.75;  800m 3:26.62*(6)
BG-- Hannah Chamberlin 200m 35.27, HJ 3-9.25*(3), SP 16-9.75 (7);
        Heaven Kelley  HJ 4-1 (2); 400m 69.12*(2), 800m 2:48.45*(5);  Sierra Saenz 1500m 5:56.82*(3)
BB--Dylan Miller 1500m 5:57.35, HJ 2-11.5, 800m 2:50.52*
MG--Peyton Russell  LJ 15-0.5*(1) MG Club Record; Julianna Salanoa SP 27-9.25 (3), DT 66-11*(2);
       Kat Copeland 1500m 5:16.27 (2), 3000m 11:17.02 (1); Ariel Wilhite 1500m 5:46.41, 3000m 12:16.41 (6)
MB--Cam'ron Stovall SP 20-0.25, DT 54-7*(8); Simon Bauer TJav 72-1
YG--Brooke Feldmeier 100H 17.30 (4), HJ 4-11 (2), 200H 30.19*(1) YG Club Record;
        Kelsey WIlder 100H 18.88*,  200H 33.76*(7), HJ 4-1; Charene Stovall SP 37-8.5 (2), Jav 66-11 (7), DT 77-0 (4);
          Karen Bulger DT 86-5 (1), SP 42-2.5*(1) YG Club Record; Jav 117-3*(1) YG Club Record,
         YG Relay (Forte, Chamberlin, McGuin, Feldmeier) dropped baton NT
YB--Ryan Chase 200H 30.73*, HJ 4-9 (6), TJ 34-9.25*(1); Adam Zimmerman SP 38-1.25*(5), DT 110-11 (6)
IB--James Jasperson 1500m 4:30.86 (5), 800m 2:10.44 (8); Lane Russell LJ 18-7, TJ 37-5.5 (3)
YW--Olivia Midles HT 167-1 PNA Record, Region 13 Record; Cassidy Stevick Jav 116-11 (5)
YM-- Jordan Arakawa HT 213-4; Brendan Franz 800m 1:58.05 (2), 1500m 4:07.91*(1) YM Club Record

BG Heaven Kelley celebrated her birthday by notching three top 12 PR's, including a club record 200m, on her way to smashing the club record Triathlon point total and earning a trip to Nationals. She almost cleared what would have been a club record in the HJ. BG Hannah Chamberlin had solid marks in all three events and posted a PR top 12 point total. Carissa Stovall also posted her highest Triathlon score ever, aided by a big SP PR. BB Dylan Miller had his best recent HJ and posted his second-best 400m in the searing heat. MB Cody Barnett tossed the shot and ran the 1500m for PRs and MB Alex Olden posted hurdle and HJ bests. Marks:
BG (SP/HJ/200m) Heaven Kelley 16-11.75*/4-2.25*/29.88* BG Club Record = 1100pts*(2) BG Club Record
              Hannah Chamberlin 16-4.25/3-6.5/34.56 = 625pts*(5)          Carissa Stovall 16-3*/3-0.5/39.66 = 329pts*
BB (SP/HJ/400m)  Dylan Miller 13-5.75/3-0.5/80.63 = 193pts
MB (80H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)  Cody Barnett 17.32/21-2.5*/3-10.5/11-7.5/5:59.52* = 1239pts (6)
               Alex Olden  19.32*/20-9.75/4-0.25*/10-4/6:17.28 = 976pts

Three great Youth Pentathlon efforts were turned in on this beautiful hot sunny day. Brooke Feldmeier posted nice top 12 hurdle and shot PRs on her way to a huge club record nationally competetive point total for 2nd place and a trip to Nationals. Kelsey Wilder had three fine PR efforts including a top 12 hurdle time on her way to a top 12 point total good for 6th place. Ryan Chase also placed 6th in a talented group with a top 12 point total, using big shot and hurdle PR efforts. Marks:
YG (100H/SP/HJ/LJ/800m) Brooke 16.58*/32-3.5*/4-10/14-8/2:31.42 = 2860pts*(2) YG Club Record
     Kelsey 19.04*/26-8/4-2*/13-3.75*/3:08.18 = 1799pts*(6)
YB (100H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)  Ryan Chase 17.22*/27-9.75*/4-8/15-11.25/5:37.3 = 2055pts*(6)

Scott Copeland survived the meet with boku medals: 50m 6.9, 100m 13.1, 200m 27.3, 400m 63.3, JT 112-3 (all 1sts!)

YG Karen Bulger maintained her poise in the National arena of the Youth Athletic Nationals, earning a bronze in the javelin and a 4th in the shot, both with solid marks. Her final event, the discus, produced a PR good for 6th in a tough crowd of throwers. Marks: Shot 38-9 (4); Javelin 101-11 (3); Discus 95-4*(6)

See full Barron Park results
See 'Marks of Note" for new top 12 marks and club records

6/26/10--NW REGIONAL MASTERS--Eugene, OR, Hayward Field
Scott Copeland had a fine day in the heat at the world's finest track and field facility
100m 12.91 (2); 200m 27.14 (2); LJ 15-3.25 (1); TJ 31-3.25 (3)

In arguably one of the finest BPS JO efforts ever, 30 Barron Park athletes qualified for the Regional Junior Olympic Track and Field meet to be held in Seattle July 8-11 by finishing in the top 8. Eleven athletes earned gold medals in 13 events. Karen Bulger was a triple winner in the throws in the 13-14 girls division. Five Club Records were broken-- by Bulger in the shot, YG Brooke Feldmeier in the 200H, MG Kat Copeland in the 3000m,  YW Cassidy Stevick in the javelin, and by the YG Relay team of Sadie Forte, Haley Chamberlin, Payton McGuin, and Bulger. Multiple personal bests were set, including two by YG Charene Stovall who earned three silvers in the throws with nationally competetive marks. Marks:

SBG--Trinity Wilhite 800m 3:32.91* (4); LJ 6-11 (6)
BG--Hannah Chamberlin 200m 34.30*(6); HJ 3-7.25*(3); SP 16-3 (4)
Heaven Kelley 400m 69.89*(3); 800m 2:51.94 (3); HJ 4-1*(1)
Sierra Saenz 400m 81.64; 800m 3:00.51*(5); 1500m 6:07.21*(1)
Carissa Stovall LJ 7-5.75 (6); HJ 2-9.5 (4); SP 15-4 (6)
BB--Dylan Miller 800m 2:54.98*(5); 1500m 5:55.39*(4); HJ 2-11.5 (3)
Jonny Salanoa  HJ 3-1.25 (2); SP 15-4 (4)
MG--Peyton Russell 100m 14.96; 400m 68.95*(7); LJ 14-2.25 (3)
Kat Copeland 1500m 5:13.42*(2); 3000m 11:02.17*(1) MG Club Record
Ariel Wilhite 800m 2:51.30; 1500m 5:39.72*(5); 3000m 12:11.79*(4)
Julianna Salanoa  SP 30-7*(2); DT 49-4 (2)
MB--Simon Bauer 100m 16.46; LJ 9-5; TJav 84-10*(1)
Cam'ron Stovall SP 22-2.25*(6); DT 44-11 (4)
YG--Karen Bulger DT 94-2*(1); JT 110-3*(1); SP 39-6.5*(1) YG Club Record
Haley Chamberlin 100m 13.96; 200m 28.67;
Brooke Feldmeier 100H 17.41*(2); 200H 30.50*(1) YG Club Record; 400m 63.76 (4); HJ 4-11*(2)
Sadie Forte 100m 14.14*
Payton McGuin 200m 29.79*
Charene Stovall  SP 38-1.25*(1); DT 81-0 (2); JT 83-10*(2)
Kelsey Wilder  100H 19.38*(6); 200H 34.13*(3); LJ 12-9.5; HJ 3-11.25 (6)
RELAY 4x100 (Forte/Chamberlin/McGuin/Bulger) 54.56 (3) YG Club Record
YB-- Ryan Chase 200H 31.92 (2); LJ 15-11.75 (5); TJ 34-2.75*(1); HJ 4-9 (3)
Ian Franz  PV 6-0 (2)
Adam Zimmerman  SP 35-7.75*(3); DT 114-6*(3)
IB--James Jasperson 800m 2:09.95*(5); 1500m 4:25.17*(3)
Lane Russell LJ 18-5.75 (4); TJ 38-1.25*(1)
YW--Olivia Midles  HT 158-5 (1)
Cassidy Stevick  JT 120-7 (1)  YW Club Record  PNA Record
YM-- Jordan Arakawa HT 189-8(1)
Brendan Franz 800m 2:02.45 (3); 1500m 4:16.50 (4)
Austin Headrick  800m 2:11.73 (4)

6/23/10---TUMWATER AC #3
See "Marks of Note" for new club records and new Top 12 marks
full Barron Park results from Tumwater All-Comers meet #3
Barron Park athlete season-bests to date

Eleven hardy BPS athletes braved the rain and stretched their comfort zone to take on the combined events, many with gutsy first-time performances, and looked great, all qualifying for the next round at Regionals. BG Heaven Kelley rode  PRs in the 200m and SP to a silver medal, posting a PR top 12 point total. BG Hannah popped a top 12 SP in her first Multi try and earned the bronze. BG Carissa Stovall posted two PRs and a huge PR point total. BB Dylan Miller, brave in his inaugural Multis, nailed two PR's and earned the silver medal. First-year MBs Cody Barnett and Alex Olden had three PRs apiece, including gutty 1500m times to earn 5th and 6th. MG Kat Copeland ventured out of distance running excellence and showed her all-around prowess with four PRs in 5 events, earning bronze with a top 12 point total in her first MG year. Her 800m PR was #2 all-time BPS. YG Brooke Feldmeier took the silver despite being a bit rusty with injuries, but still posted BPS top 12 marks in the LJ, HJ, and SP. YG Kelsey Wilder was solid in her first Pentathlon ever with hurdle and SP PRs, the latter and top 12 effort to go with her top 12 point total. YG Charene Stovall improved in every event over last year with a big point total PR. YB Ryan Chase,despite an off day in his jumps, had PR efforts in the SP and 1500m, the latter a huge 20 second PR, to notch a BPS top 12 point total and earn bronze. Marks:
BG (SP/HJ/200m) Heaven Kelley 14-0.25*/3-9.25/32.09*=775pts*(2); Hannah Chamberlin 16-10*/3-5.25/35.55 = 562pts*(3); Carissa Stovall 15-5*/2-11.5/39.20* = 3-4*(6)
BB (SP/HJ/400m) Dylan Miller 14-7*/3-3.25/80.59* = 242pts*(2)
MG (80H/SP/HJ/LJ/800m) Kat Copeland 17.83*/16-10.5*/3-9.25/11-8.75*/2:34.60* = 1719pts*(3)
MB (80H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)  Cody Barnett 16.74*/20-9.25*/3-9.25/12-8/6:04.29* = 1298pts*(5); Alex Olden 19.33*/20-0.25/3-9.25/11-8.5*/6:11.46* = 991pts*(6)
YG (100H/SP/HJ/LJ/800m) Brooke Feldmeier 19.54/28-5*/4-9*/14-3.5*/2:42.34 = 2288pts (2); Kelsey Wilder 19.75*/27-5.5*/3-11.25/12-8.75/3:04.49* = 1664pts*(5); Charene Stovall 21.18*/35-4/3-11.25/10-1.5/3:30.38* = 1360pts*(7)
YB  (100H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)  Ryan Chase 18.10/26-8.5*/4-7/15-3.5/5:28.7* = 1933pts*(3)
YB (100H/SP/HJ/LJ/1500m)

Barron Park athletes YG Karen Bulger and MG Julianna Salanoa both earned first place awards for their superb efforts. Karen tossed the softball and Julianna toed the SLJ line. MB Sam Ridenour was also awesome with a 2nd place finish with a big 800m PR. BG Heaven Kelley took two 3rds in the 200m and 400m, the latter a nice PR. MG Kat Copeland also took 3rd in the 800m.
BG--Heaven Kelley 200m 32.68 (3); 400m 71.60*(3); SLJ 6-3 (5); Sierra Saenz 400m 81.??; Hannah Chamberlin 200m NT
MG--Kat Copeland 800m 2:44.? (3); Julianna Salanoa SLJ 7-7 (1)
MB--Sam Ridenour 800m 2:35.??*(2)
YG-- Karen Bulger SBT 173-0 (1); Haley Chamberlin 100m NT, 200m NT
YB--Nathan Rowland 200m 29.6*; Jesse Sullivan 100m NT

MG Peyton Russell had a huge improvement in her club record TJ and posted a huge LJ top 12 PR as well. IB Lane Russell leapt to a #5 all-time BPS LJ and SBG Trinity WIlhite notched a top 12 800m PR. Marks:
SBG: Trinity WIlhite 400m 95.?; 800m 3:41.??*; LJ 7-5*
MG--Ariel WIlhite 1600m 6:11; 3000m 12:45; LJ 10-5;  Peyton Russell LJ 14-4*, TJ 31-5* MG Club Record
IB-- Lane Russell LJ 19-0; TJ 35-1

 See athletic.net for full Barron Park results (click on "Youth Club", then on "2010 Outdoor Meet List", then scroll down to June 16, click on "Tumwater AC#2"--click on any individual athlete to see season-best marks). See Marks of Note  on this website for new top 12 marks and new club records.

6/12/10--PORTLAND TRACK FESTIVAL--Lewis & Clark College, Portland
Three Striders looked good. MG Kat Copeland took the gold in the 300m, IB James Jasperson ran for the silver in a special Middle School Mile, and YM Nate Brennand set a club record in an elite field of High School milers. Marks:
Kat--3000m 11:14.97*(1); James--Mile 4:55.27 (2); Nate--Mile 4:21.98 new YM Club Record

Sixteen Striders made the trip to Bellevue a success on this gorgeous June Saturday. Leading the way for the girls was BG Heaven Kelley with a silver and two golds, becoming only the 5th BPS BG to ever go 4 ft in the HJ. Other fine efforts included a huge 15 second PR by MG Ariel Wilhite in the 3000m, a PR gold in the SP by MG Julianna Salanoa (#2 BPS), a fine top 12 effort by BB Dylan Miller in the 800m, a nice IB LJ by Lane Russell for gold, a huge SP PR by Hannah Chamberlin for gold, two nice sprint PR's by BG Kendra Jones, big PR's by SBG Trinity Wilhite in the 800m and by Simon Bauer in the TJav, and gold efforts by YG Haley Chamberlin in the 100m, BB Jonny Salanoa in the HJ, YB Ryan Chase in the HJ and 200H, YG Karen Bulger in the SP. Marks: * = personal best; red = top 12 mark
SBG--Trinity WIlhite 800m 3:54.10*, LJ 6-3.25*
BG--Hannah Chamberlin 100m 16.61 (4), HJ 3-6 (3), SP 16-2.5*(1); Heaven Kelley 400m 73.20 (1), 800m 2:57.00 (2), HJ 4-0*(1); Kendra Jones 100m 17.41*(6), 200m 37.67, 400m 82.22*
BB--Dylan Miller 800m 2:55.98*(4), 1500m 6:06.10 (6); Jonny Salanoa HJ 3-2 (1), SP 14-3 (5)
MG--Peyton Russell 100m 15.31, LJ 12-7.5 (2); Ariel Wilhite 800m 2:48.76 (2); 3000m 12:19.91*(4)
MB--Simon Bauer 100m 15.86*, LJ 9-0.25, TJav 67-9*(3); Perris Jones 100m 14.12 (3), 200m 30.47 (7), 400m 69.06 (4)
YG--Karen Bulger 100m 14.18*(4), SP 37-5.5 (1); Haley Chamberlin 100m 13.94 (1), 200m 29.45 (2), 400m 69.37 (3)
YB--Ryan Chase 100H 18.07 (2), 200H 32.38*(1), LJ 15-6 (4), HJ 4-8 (1)
IB--Lane Russell LJ 18-2.5 (1)

28 Barron Park athletes toed the line and 13 earned a trip to the State Hershey Meet by finishing in the top 2 in 18 events. Six more earned top 3 awards.YG Haley Chamberlin and MB Sam Ridenour led the way with two top finishes each. YG Karen Bulger broke the meet record in the softball throw. MG Kat Copeland posted two top 12 marks in the 400m and 800m. Marks: * = PR; red = top 12 mark
BG--Hannah Chamberlin 100m 16.2*(2),200m 34.1*(1); Katie Fish 100m 17.9*, 200m 37.9*, SLJ 5-11.5 (2); Sierra Saenz 100m 17.6, 400m 83.5 (1); Mary Fish SLJ 4-3
BB--Dylan Miller 200m 36.0*, 400m 81.7*, SLJ 5-9.5; Alex Ridenour 50m 8.3, 100m 16.6*, Jonny Salanoa 400m 95.9*; Parker Teters 200m NT:>(, 400m 91.6*;
MG--Kat Copeland 400m 71.5*(3), 800m 2:40.5*(1); Peyton Russell 400m 71.0*; Julianna Salanoa 100m 15.1*, SLJ 7-4.25 (1)Lena Vannice 100m 16.8*; Ariel Wilhite 400m 74.2*, 800m 2:57.4, SLJ 5-8.5;
MB--Cayden Mayes 100m 16.0*, 400m 81.3*; Sam RIdenour 200m 29.9*(1); 800m 2:42.2*(1)Jacob Rowland 100m 16.2*
YG--Karen Bulger 100m 14.3; SBT 166-8 (meet record); Haley Chamberlin 100m 13.7 (1), 200m 28.7 (1); Brooke Feldmeier 800m 2:39.5 (t2), SLJ 7-5.5 (1), SBT 114-10 (3); Sadie Forte 100m 13.9*(3); Carly Hamilton 100m 14.5, SLJ 6-10 (3); Nikki Johnson 100m 14.1, 200m 30.2 (3); Payton McGuin 100m 14.1*, 200m 29.9*(2);
YB--Ian Fish 200m 30.6*; Brent Knutzen 1600m 5:33.9 (1); Jason Rowland 1600m 6:34.7*, SLJ 6-1.75; Nathan Rowland 200m 28.6 (2); Jesse Sullivan 100m 13.4*(2), 200m 29.1*(3); 4x100 Relay (J.Rowland,I.Fish,N.Rowland,B.Knutzen) 59.6 (3) 

6/5/2010  SCOTT DOES SEATTLE PARKS MASTERS--West Seattle Stadium
Scott Copeland posted some nice M50 marks out of hibernation--100m 13.2(3); 200m 27.3(3) 400m 60.7(1); Jav 111-1

TUMWATER ALL-COMERS MEET -- 6/9/10   Purple = club record   Red = top 12 mark
BG--Trinity Wilhite 11.08/21.41/46.19/1:45.18; Isabella Pettis 10.35/19.79/1:43.36; Elisa Saenz 22.49/1:54.11/7-1L/19-0J (MiniBG Club Record); Mary Fish 14.31/27.06/2:14.90/4-5L;
SBB--Bowen Kennedy 20.31/99.86/41-7J (SBB Club Record); Reuben Zilla 11.05/23.48/50.92/6-0L; Joseph Zilla 15.14/26.95/59.36/6-8L; Digory Zilla 12.47/57.42/5-9.5L
BG--Johanna Zilla 11.72/21.24/51.30/8-5L; Heaven Kelley 15.61/3-10; Sierra Saenz 17.54/84.40/8-1L;33-11J; Hannah Chamberlin 16.98/36.16/3-4H/14-11.5S; Carissa Stovall 10.37/8-8L/NH/14-8S/26-9D; Margaret Zilla 10.72/19.28/45.35/9-3L; Katie Fish 18.98/9-0.25L/17-11TJ
BB--Alex Ridenour 9.18/16.82/37.40/80.40/7-6L;41-6J; Eachen Pettis 9.16/15-2S;32-3D;40-5J; Dylan Miller 2:59.99/10-8L;46-0J; Jonny Salanoa 3-6HJ;15-8.5S
MG--Taylor Grady 8.88/17.43/3-6HJ; Kat Copeland 8.25/16.21/34.39/75.30/18.95H/11-1.5L/3-8HJ; Peyton Russell 14.73/13-4L/29-9TJ (MG Club Record); Savvana Schneidmiller 17.93/8-5L/13-6S; Ariel Wilhite 3:01.00/6:22.63; Lena Vannice 8-10L/47-7J; Julainna Salanoa 26-5S/59-11D/39-8J
MB--Cam’ron Stovall  9-1L/20-0S/37-5D/41-1J; Sam Ridenour 8.16/15.22/72.62/6:11.97/81-8J; Simon Bauer 8.80/16.51/90.13/10-10L/62-11J; Jacob Rowland 9.27/17.24/88.99/17.16H/3-4HJ; Bryan Nemeth 16.60/40-6J; Alex Olden 8.85/3:08.79/10-10L/4-0HJ/63-8J; Cody Barnett 6:30.32/17.32H/12-9L/3-10HJ; Joel Mauritzen 8-11L/28-4J; Ryan Wallace 5-3L
YG--Haley Chamberlin 14.10/29.96/72.33; Haley Sund 17.62/91.53; Madeline Goodin 16.22/77.21; Karen Bulger 14.57/36-2S/75-1D/98-6J; Payton McGuin 14.73/4-0HJ; Charene Stovall 15.98/3-8HJ/37-6S/86-1D/68-0J; Colleen Nejedly 16.04; Nikki Johnson 14.80/30.44/12-1;
YB--Gus Pettis 23-0S/66-1D/72-8J; Ryan Chase 18.06H/16-3L/32-2T/4-6HJ; Nathan Rowland 14.80/29.90/21.13H/80-10J; Ian Fish 32.99/22.59H/48-0J; Evan Nemeth 34.53/12-4L/29-9T; Jake Blakeslee 2:44.99/4-4HJ/71-11J; Brent Knutzen 2:39.99/5:24.99; Jason Rowland 6:40.66/19.25H/3-8HJ/50-0D/43-8J;
IG--Savannah Inglin 15.46/10-8L
IB--James Jasperson 58.89/4:59.19 (IB Club Record); Lane Russell 12.61/36-8T; Jimmy Fish 13.65/29.29/79-0J; David Rowland 23.41H/4-8HJ/80-9D/100-5J
O/MW--Midori Higgs 41-0J; Annie Zilla 81-7J (W40 Club Record)
O/MM--Marc Fish 15-3.5L/4-10HJ/12-0 PV (M45 Club Record)/97-5J; Chris Stovall 30-6S/93-10D(M35 Club Record)/100-3J; Lou Nemeth 62-11J

A rare beautiful day set the stage for some great efforts by 23 Striders, including four new or broken club records and a plethora of top 12 marks and personal bests. Leading the way were MB Perris Jones with 2 golds and 2 PRs including a top 12 200m, MG Julianna Salanoa with a fine #4 BPS shot put good for gold, YG Karen Bulger with 3 golds, including a club record shot and #2 BPS javelin toss, MG Kat Copeland with a club record mile run, IB James Jasperson with a 2 nice PR's including a club record mile, and many others noted below.
Mark, (place); * = Personal best; bold = top 12 mark:
Mini-BG--Elisa Saenz  60m 13.30*; 400m 1:44.53*
SBG-- Trinity Wilhite LJ 5-4.4; 400m 98.43 (5)
SBB--Bowen Kennedy  100m 19.72*; LJ 7-2.75*(3); TJav 47-1*(4) new SBB Club Record
BG--Kendra Jones  100m 17.46*; 200m 38.49; 400m 88.47
  Sierra Saenz  400m 80.63*(6); 3:03.89*(6)
  Carissa Stovall  100m 18.40*; HJ 3-1 (3); SP 13-8*(5)
BB--Jonny Salanoa  HJ 3-4*(1); SP 15-10.25*(3)
MG--Kat Copeland  Mile 5:48.38*(1)  MG Club Record
   Julianna Salanoa  SP 27-6.25*(1)
    Ariel Wilhite  Mile 6:09.67*(2); 3000m 12:34.67*(1)
MB--Perris Jones  100m 14.18/14.28 (1); 200m 30.08*(1); 400m 68.31*(3)
  Jacob Rowland  80H 17.90*(4); 100m 16.72*
  Cam'ron Stovall  SP 20-6.75 (6); DT 49-10*(2); TJav 37-5*
YG--Karen Bulger Disc 82-8* (1); Jav 104-9*(1); SP 39-2*(1)  YG Club Record
  Nikki Johnson  100m 14.20*/14.36 (2); LJ 10-0.25
  Charene Stovall  100H 20.94*(4); SP 36-0.5; Disc 82-2 (2)
YB--Ryan Chase  LJ 15-5.75 (2); TJ 32-5.75 (1); HJ 4-8 (2)
  Ian Franz  100m 13.13*; PV 7-0*(1)
  Jason Rowland  Mile 7:07.78*; HJ 3-8*
  Nathan Rowland  100m 13.64*; Disc 73-5*(5); Jav 80-8*(5)
  Adam ZImmerman  SP 33-5.25 (3); DT 104-2 (2)
IB--James Jasperson  800m 2:11.61*(2); Miel 4:50.85*(1)  new Club Record
  David Rowland  HJ 4-10*(3); Disc 97-6*; Jav 87-3*(2)

Decathlon (100m/LJ/SP/HJ/400m//110H/DT/PV/JT/1500m)  College hurdles and implements
Anthony DeAguiar  12.12*/17-9.5/29-0/5-1.25/55.21//18.61*/87-9*/8-4.25*/151-7*/5:06.20* = 4712pts*
Heptathlon (100H/HJ/SP/200m//LJ/JT/800m)
Cassidy Stevick 18.65/4-7.75/31-6.75/29.78//14-10.5/100-7/DNF
Emily Walters  15.77/4-10.25/21-2.5*/28.09/17-3.5/55-11/DNF


STRIDER STATS #4       5/21/2010 
The journey to West Seattle Stadium was worth the while, with some impressive PR marks being churned out, including a fine club record toss in the YG SP by Karen Bulger, a #3 all-time 1500m time by MG Kat Copeland, a #5 all-time HJ by BG Heaven Kelley, a #4 1500m by MG Ariel Wilhite, a #5 1500m by IB James Jasperson,  a #4 TurboJav by MB Alex Olden, and a #10 LJ by YB Ryan Chase. BB Dylan Miller reached the top 12 with his first 1500m run. YB Adam Zimmerman tossed a major discus PR as well.
Mark, (place); * = Personal best; bold = top 12 mark:
SBG--Trinity WIlhite  LJ 5-11 (3); 400m 96.5*
BG--Hannah Chamberlin  100m 16.5*; 400m NT; HJ 3-7*
Heaven Kelley  400m 73.2; 800m 2:53.3 (1); LJ 11-10 (1); HJ 3-11.25*(1)
Kendra Jones  100m 17.7 (3); 200m 35.6 (3); 400m 82.4*
BB--Dylan Miller  1500m 6:02.9*(3)
Eachen Pettis  100m 16.9*; SP 13-6*; TJav 43-0*
MG--Kat Copeland  1500m 5:14.9* (2)
Ariel Wilhite  800m 2:46.9*(3); 1500m 5:42.0*
MB--Perris Jones  100m 14.0 (6); 200m 31.2; 400m 72.8
Alex Olden  400m 79.7*; HJ 3-9; SP-4k 16-6; TJav 72-11*
YG--Karen Bulger  100m 14.0*/14.1 (4); DT 77-4 (1); SP 38-9*(1)  YG Club Record (old S. Harvey 37-10.5)
Haley Chmaberlin  100m 13.9; 400m 68.0
YB--Ryan Chase  100H 18.3*(1); LJ 16-7*(1); HJ 4-9.25*(2)
Gus Pettis  SP20-11*(7); Disc 53-0*(4)
Adam Zimmerman  SP 34-2 (3); DT 109-11*(2)
IB--James Jasperson  800m 2:14.9(1); 1500m 4:33.9* (2)

STRIDER STATS #3       5/19/2010
                                                  HEAVEN AND IAN QUALIFY AT CHEHALIS FOR STATE HERSHEY
BG Heaven Kelly and YB Ian Franz took an early route to the Hershey meet by winning big at the Lewis Co. meet. Heaven won the 200m and 400m, while Ian earned the top prize in the 100m and 200m. Mark, (place); * = Personal best; bold = top 12 mark:
Heaven  200m 31.9h*(1); 400m 72.2h(1)
Ian       100m 12.7h(1); 200m 27.5h (1)

STRIDER STATS #2       5/9/2010
Twelve Striders made the trip to West Seattle and were rewarded with some great marks. BG Heaven Kelley came within 1/4 inch of the LJ club record and posted a #4 all-time BPS 800m as well. MG Ariel Wilhite also had a great day with two nice all-time BPS marks in her new age group in the 800m and 1500m. IB James Jasperson had a big PR for #6 all-time BPS in the 1500m and YB Adam Zimmerman notched a SP PR, #6 all-time BPS. Newby IB Lane Russell posted a fine TJ, #3 BPS and put his name on the LJ list as well. New MG Kat Copeland also lowered her 3000m best, a top BPS list mark, and YB Ryan Chase posted the #7 BPS mark in the TJ in his new age group. In their first Barron Park meet ever, BG Kendra Jones and MB Perris Jones posted some excellent marks in the sprints. Perris put up top 12 times in both the 100m and 200m, while Kendra was barely off the 200m list.
Mark, (place); * = Personal best; bold = top 12 mark:
BG--Hannah Chamberlin  100m 17.0 (3); 200m 37.4; 400m 83.?
       Kendra Jones  199m 17.7*(4); 200m 33.8*(5); 400m 86.9*
       Heaven Kelley  200m 32.7; 400m 73.0; 800m 2:48.5*; LJ 12-0*
MG--Kat Copeland  3000m 11:54.9*(1)
       Peyton Russell  100m NT; LJ 12-2
       Ariel Wilhite  800m 2:49.9*(2); 1500m 5:52.9*(1)
MB--Perris Jones  100m 13.6*(6); 200m 29.9*(3); 400m 68.9*(6)
YG--Haley Chamberlin  100m 14.8; 200m 30.9; 400m 69.?
YB--Ryan Chase  100H  18.?*(1); LJ 15-1 (1); TJ 33-3*(1)
       Adam Zimmerman  SP 35-6.25*(1)
IB--James Jasperson  800m 2:18.?; 1500m 4:34.9*
     Lane Russell  LJ 16-6; TJ 37-2*

STRIDER STATS #1       5/3/2010

Six Barron Park athletes showed up for the first meet of the season at RBHS with great results and lots of awards. Eight new top 12 marks resulted, at least one from each of the six.
Mark, (place); * = Personal best; bold = top 12 mark:
SBG--Trinity Wilhite  800m 3:56.41*(3); LJ 6-3*
BG--Heaven Kelley  100m 15.61(1); 400m 72.07*(2); 800m 3:02.74*(1)
MG--Kat Copeland  3000m 11:58.78*
       Ariel Wilhite  800m 3:00.89; 3000m 12:36.38* (4)
YB--Adam Zimmerman  SP 34-8.5*(1); Disc 102-9.25 (1)
IB--James Jasperson  800m 2:14.01*(1); 1500m 4:41.41 (1)


12/12--Nationals--Rancho San Rafael Regional Park, Reno, NV
Kat Copeland capped her brilliant season with a spectacular 7th place overall BG finish on a packed snow course. Ariel Wilhite had arguably the best race of her career with a fine 50th place finish (of 198), with both girls helping their Issaquah team to within 4 points of 3rd place. James Jasperson was the lead finisher for his Federal Way team with an excellent 58th place overall (of 242) with one of his best efforts ever. Despite the challenging conditions, his time was within 4 seconds of his Regionals time.
BG 3000m--Kat Copeland 12:29(7th); Ariel Wilhite 13:28(50th)
YB 4000m--James Jasperson 14:52 (58th)

11/21--JO Regional--Plantes Ferry Park, Spokane
All three competing Barron Park athletes had admirable runs at Regionals. Kat Copeland ran a superb 3000m PR to win the BG race by a huge 14 seconds. Ariel Wilhite ran a big PR for 13th to also qualify for Nationals individually as she and Kat led the Issaquah Gliders to the team title. James Jasperson also was an automatic qualifier for Nationals in Reno as he ran a strong 13th overall in the 4000m YB race to help the Federal Way team take 2nd.
BG 3000m--Kat Copeland 11:13 (1st); Ariel Wilhite 12:50 (13th)
YB 4000m--James Jasperson 14:48(13th)

11/14--JO Association--Lower Woodland Park, Seattle
Kat Copeland and Ariel Wilhite both advanced to Regionals in Spokane as they scored in 2nd and 10th places for the Issaquah Gliders, helping them to the BG team championship. Both posted course bests, as did YB James Jasperson, finishing a fine 6th overall despite his patented sideache and running 2nd for the winning Federal Way team.
BG 3000m--Kat Copeland 12:04 (2nd); Ariel Wilhite 14:00 (10th)
YB 4000m--James Jasperson 14:44 (6th)

10/31--Rain City Stampede--Lower Woodland Park, Seattle
Kat Copeland and Ariel Wilhite continued their fine BG season on the tough Woodland Park course, earning a team 1st with the Issaquah Gliders. Trinity Wilhite moved up to 2000m with a good effort.
SBG 2000m--Trinity Wilhite 11:36 (8th)
BG 3000m--Kat Copeland 12:22 (2nd); Ariel Wilhite 14:09 (6th)

10/30--23rd Annual "All-City" 1.5 mile Middle School Meet--LBA Park
This classic 1.5 mile race did not disappoint on a cloudy but temperate afternoon. James Jasperson ran to an impressive boys' victory, 36 seconds under his 2008 winning time, taking down a venerable meet record by a huge ten seconds in the process. Brent Knutzen and Sam Ridenour completed the guys' scoring in 3rd and 8th respectively with fine runs. One of the more impressive efforts in the guys' race came from 8yo Alex Ridenour, breaking 11 minutes in 14th place.  Despite being well short of middle school, Kat Copeland won the girls' race in under ten minutes, only the fourth girl in the meet's history to accomplish this feat. Ariel Wilhite, also a 5th grader, was a strong second, improving by an enormous 48 s under her 2008 time, and Margaret Zilla completed the BPS scoring in 16th.
Girls--Kat Copeland 9:42 (1); Ariel Wilhite 10:16 (2); Margaret Zilla 13:53 (16); Johanna Zilla 14:50 (19)
Boys--James Jasperson 8:15 (1); Brent Knutzen 9:31 (3); Sam Ridenour 10:22 (8); Brett Bentley 10:39 (12); Alex Ridenour 10:56 (14); Kai Bentley 11:31 (16); Blake Fullington 12:20 (21); Reuben Zilla 13:21 (22); Digory Zilla 17:49 (23)

10/25--Issaquah Gliders Meet--Lk Sammamish State Park, Issaquah
Perhaps the largest contingent of Barron Park athletes ever to show up at a single XC meet ran some great races, including the Zillas, Margaret, Johanna, Reuben, Digory, and Joseph all running their first out-of -town race. James Jasperson had his best 4k and Kat Copeland and Ariel Wilhite both ran their fastest legitimate 3k. Trinity WIlhite had her highest finish of the season.
Mini BB ?500m--Reuben Zilla 3:25 (6); Digory Zilla 3:53 (10); Joseph Zilla 4:30 (12)
SBG 1600m--Trinity Wilhite 9:01 (6); Johanna Wilhite 9:33 (10)
BG 3000m--Kat Copeland 11:55 (2)'; Ariel Wilhite 13:09 (7); Margaret Zilla 16:52 (25)
YB 4000m--James Jasperson 13:25 (6)

10/17--SCAA Fred Dean Harvest Run--Seward Park, Seattle
James Jasperson had a huge breakthrough run in the YB race to earn 2nd with almost a minute PR, Kat Copeland and Ariel Wilhite had big BG races on a slightly short 3K course, and Sierra Saenz had a huge SBG victory in her out-of-town debut, with Trinity Wilhite also posting a good time in the SBG race. Mini-BG Elisa Saenz ran a superb 800m in her first race ever.
MiniBG 800m--Elisa Saenz 5:10 (5)
SBG 1600m--Sierra Saenz 7:26 (2); Trinity Wilhite 8:42 (8)
BG "3000m"(actual ±2820m)--Kat Copeland 10:51 (2); Ariel Wilhite 11:40 (5)
YB 4000m--James Jasperson 14:01 (2)

Kat Copeland and Ariel Wilhite had huge 3K PR's and James Jasperson ran his fastest 4k. Trinity Wilhite had a great 1500m debut:
SB 1500m--Trinity 8:41 (7th);
BG 3000m--Kat 12:15 (2nd by a hair); Ariel 13:16 (6th);
YB 4000m--James 15:00(4th)

10/7--LBA--1.0 Mile--
Some great runs allowed the boys and girls to earn the team titles on a gorgeous fall afternoon. James Jasperson smashed the course record for the guys and Kat Copeland did the same for the girls. Finishing out the guys' scoring were Sam Ridenour in 2nd and Brett Bentley in 4th. For the girls, Ariel Wilhite took 2nd and Sierra Saenz 5th. All the Barron Park athletes improved on or equalled their time from two weeks prior, with Trinity Wilhite and Evan Nemeth posting the most improved times for the girls and boys respectively.
(with improvement over previous run):
Girls: 1. Kat Copeland (BPS) 6:13(-0:19); 2. Ariel Wilhite (BPS) 6:55(-0:23); 3. Savanna Laponse (Jef) 7:31; 4. Rachel Watsnord (Jef) 7:39; 5. Sierra Saenz (BPS) 7:50 (-0:00); 6. Callie Griffith (Jef) 8:40; 7. Trinity Wilhite (BPS) 9:05(-1:00); 8. Margaret Zilla (BPS) 9:05 (est-1:04); 9. Johanna Zilla (BPS) 9:44(est-0:24)
Team Scores: Barron Park 8, Jefferson 13
Boys: 1. James Jasperson (BPS) 5:23(-0:11); 2. Sam Ridenour (BPS) 6:14(-0:21); 3. Nigel El-Sukkang (BH) 6:15; 4. Brett Bentley (BPS) 6:45(-0:27); 5. Connor Rogowski (BH) 6:50; 6. Zach Smith (MMS) 6:52; 7. Isaiah Fujuii (BH)  6:53;  8. Gabe Duffy (Jef) 6:55; 9. Collin Tate (BH) 7:00; 10. Jon Maclean (BH) 7:04; 11. Alex Ridenour (BPS) 7:09(-0:12); 12. Dane Brizzolana (BH) 7:15; 13. Kai Bentley (BPS) 7:24(-0:31); 14. Sam Bochsler (BH) 7:26; 15. Blake Fullington (BPS) 7:28(-0:29); 16. Lucas Gassol (BH) 7:30; 17. Evan Nemeth (BPS) 7:50(-1:12); 18. Oliver Watkins (unat) 8:09; 19. Noah Murray (BH) 8:13; 19. Owen Watkins (unat) 8:34; 20. Quinn Murray (unat) 9:16; 21. Reuben Zilla (BPS) 9:32(est -1:13); 22. Ben Walker (BPS) 9:44(-0:21); 23. Digory Zilla (BPS) 10:54(est-0:20)
Team Scores: Barron Park 7, Black Hills Soccer 15

10/3--Federal Way Meet--5-Mile Park, Federal Way
8&U--800m--Trinity Wilhite 4:23 (2)
BG--3000m--Kat Copeland 13:00 (2); Ariel Wilhite 14:36 (6)
YB--4000m--James Jasperson 15:04 (3) (1:12 improvement c/w 2008 despite stitch)

9/23--LBA--1.0 Mile--
Barron Park earned the Boys' team title, with James Jasperson and Brent Knutsen going 1-2 and Sam Ridenour completing the scoring in 5th. The Girls lost a close team race with Evergreen 10 - 12, with Kat Copeland taking 1st overall, Lauren Wilson 4th, and Ariel Wilhite 7th for the scoring. The performances were uniformly great on this beautiful Fall afternoon following the Olympia HS meet. Times:
 Girls: 1.Kat Copeland (BPS) 6:32; 2. Amber Anderson (ECS) 6:43; 3. Avery Miller (ECS) 6:54; 4. Lauren Wilson (BPS) 7:06; 5. Chana Warnock (ECS) 7:15; 6. Molly Peters (ECS) 7:16; 7. Ariel Wilhite (BPS) 7:18; 8. Grace Bell (BPS) 7:23; 9. Clare McHugh (BPS) 7:23; 10. Olivia Witinberg (ECS) 7:41; 11. Sierra Saenz (BPS) 7:50; 12. Isabella Tevanie (ECS) 8:46; Trinity Wilhite (BPS) 10:05; Johanna Zilla (BPS) 10:08; 15. Margaret Zilla (BPS) 10:09       Team Scores: ECS 10, BPS 12
Boys:  1. James Jasperson (BPS) 5:34; 2. Brent Knutsen (BPS) 6:11; 3. Brennan Warnock (ECS) 6:19; 4. Nigel El-Sapari (JMS) 6:24;
5. Sam Ridenour (BPS) 6:35; 6. Adam Dougherty (ECS) 6:48; 7. Andrew Vandrush-Borg (WMS) 7:08; 8. Brett Bentley (BPS) 7:12; 9. Alex Ridenour (BPS) 7:21; 10. Zach Coleman (ECS) 7:44; 11. Kai Bentley (BPS) 7:55; 12. Blake Fullington (BPS) 7:57; 13. Noah Murray (ECS) 8:33; 14. Evan Nemeth (BPS) 9:02; 15. Ben Walker (BPS) 10:05; 16. Reuben Zilla (BPS) est 10:45; 17. Diggory Zilla (BPS) 11:14
Team Scores: BPS 8, ECS 19

8/29/2009                                Ingersoll Stadium                                          Olympia,WA
Another day of serious fellowship and fun resulted from the 5th Annual pre-XC Decathlon. The highlight was a relatively injury-free event (the exception being Casey's right foot) ending with an extremely dark 1500m. Jesse Stevick took the men's title and Autumn Stevick was the women's winner with a new club record total. Scott Copeland won the Master's title. Marks: # = club record
Rick Neidhardt--M50--13.6/13-0/24-0/4-2/65.9/(1326)/24.2/84-4/7-3/102-5/6:36.9 = 2420 (3934aggr)
Ted Demetrio--M50--13.8/12-11/29-6/4-4/74.8/(1245)/20.4/96-5/7-3/101-11/6:30.3 = 2645 (4139 aggr)
Scott Copeland--M50--12.9/15-8/27-10/4-4/62.4/(1775)/19.1/78-0/7-3/100-11/7:20.3 = 3045 (4660 aggr)
Joe Stevick--OM--12.5/16-11/30-3/5-2/55.3/2390)/18.2/89-4/9-8/128-11/4:55.6 = 4643
Casey Stevick--OM--11.9/19-2/39-3/5-4/55.5/(2838)/17.6/109-4/7-3/124-3/DNF = 4499
Jesse Stevick--OM--12.7/16-11/29-4/5-0/(2311)/18.6/87-6/10-2/133-10/4:33.7 = 4712
Drew Stevick--M60--17.5/9-4/26-3/3-8/86.3/(561)/23.4/79-5/6-8/93-10/DNF = 1461 (2976 aggr)
Carol Stevick--OW--16.4/10-8/17-9/3-10/82.9/(994)/27.2/43-3/4-9/60-10/5:56.3 = 1984
Cassidy Stevick--YW--14.7/14-1/27-2/4-6/78.6/(1886)/19.9/68-8/6-8/96-3/8:18.3 = 3193
Autumn Stevick--W30--14.4/13-2/27-0/4-6/67.6/(2138)/17.9#/72-8/6-8#/90-7/5:48.4# = 4133#
Sarah Norman--YW--14.5/15-5/20-5/4-4/76.6/(1808)/21.2/51-6/8-2/53-0/8:18.3 = 2829
Marc Fish--M45--13.6/14-7/27-11/4-10/65.7/(1590)
Gen Schooler--YW--14.8/12-4/16-8/4-4
Emily Walters--YW--14.1/15-9/19-0/4-8
Jenny Stevick--OW-- 1500m 5:38.4#

                                          DAN MEDALS AT NATIONAL SENIOR GAMES
8/9-12/2009                                     Angell Field                                                Stanford, CA
Dan Cole earned two National Senior Games medals in the HJ, taking 4th with a 4-10 leap, and in the PV with a 3rd place and a new M60 club record 9-11.      

7/22/2009                               Shoreline Stadium                                    Seattle,WA
Records fell and the medal take was enormous as three Striders were stellar in the Washington Games. Jesse Stevick won the open mile in club record time and also earned ironman status by setting an OM club record in the 400m hurdles shortly after with a bronze medal effort. The icing on the cake was the 3-person coed 1600m relay as Jesse ran both the 1st and 4th leg, pulling out the silver medal for Team Stevick. Casey Stevick won the open javelin and shot, breaking his club record in the latter, and also ran his first 400H ever, turning in a nice sub-60. Cassidy Stevick won the HS javelin and shot.
YW--Cassidy Stevick  200m 29.9; SP 27-10.75 (1); JT 114-0 (1)
OM--Casey Stevick  400H 59.6*; SP
44-7#(1); JT 173-6 (1)
Jesse Stevick  400H
59.3#(3); Mile 4:32.2#(1); JT 134-8 (2)    4x400 Relay 4:15.4 (2)



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