The Barron Park Striders Track & Field Club is a private club dedicated to the development of athletic skills and the use of these skills in competition.  The basic goal of the club is personal improvement; thus, no prior experience in the sport is necessary.  Though the club is primarily a Youth club, Masters and Open athletes are welcome.

Contact the club at:
*** text (360) 918-1254
***3225 Scotch Meadows Court SE, Olympia 98501

History & Background
The 2023 T&F season will be the 36th for the Barron Park Striders, originally founded in Palo Alto, California in 1988.  The Club moved to Olympia in 1991 and has been registered in the Pacific Northwest Association of USA Track & Field (USATF) since.  BPS is open to athletes of all ages, including those in the Youth, Open, and Masters divisions.  The Club exists to provide Track & Field and Cross-Country instruction, training, and competition for its members.  Coaching is certified through USATF.  During the 2022 season over 130 athletes represented Barron Park in track and/or cross-country, up to competing in a National meet.  Multiple new club records were set during the 2022 season and numerous new youth top 12 marks were established.
Philosophy & Purpose
The basic goals of the Club are personal improvement in athletic knowledge, athletic performance, and character development as well as encouragement of family unity and involvement .  Thus no prior experience in the sport is necessary.  There are also no requirements with regard to degree of native athletic ability.  Members are discouraged from comparing their performance with others, but rather are encouraged to fully develop their individual potentials.  All athletes whose goals are consistent with those of the Club are invited to join. 
Because Track & Field includes such a variety of events, it offers the opportunity to develop numerous coordination skills.  The common thread which runs through these events is the requirement to focus energy for an explosive release.  The Club strives to teach athletes this energy release within the context of technical excellence. The necessary biomechanical principles and the training tools necessary for improved power, quickness, and neuromuscular fitness will be stressed.
Provision of competition opportunities is a secondary purpose of the Club, though all athletes are encouraged to be involved in meets.  Even in competitive situations, improvement in personal marks is stressed rather than the defeat of opponents.  For athletes desiring competition, opportunities up to and including meets at the National level are available.
The Club is not involved in fund-raising.
Formal practices will usually be held twice weekly from May through June. The practices will emphasize fitness and stretching drills, injury prevention, and technical considerations and rules for specific events.  Special event-focused practices will be announced as needed, particularly for those athletes who are serious about becoming more competitive. Practice sites vary.   All running, hurdling, throwing and jumping events will be covered during the season.  Presence at practices is strongly encouraged.  As with any other endeavor, improvement and accomplishment are the results of practice and attitude.  There is a strong correlation between work ethic and improvement.  Parents, with or without a track & field background, are encouraged to work out at practices and to be as involved as they desire. For Cross-Country season in the fall
 we will continue special distance workouts twice weekly.
Meets and Meet Participation
The out-of-town youth meets in May and early June are developmental meets, designed to give athletes a comfortable introduction to the sport, as many participants have never competed in any type of track meet before.  The June All-Comers meets at the Olympia HS track will also provide a relaxed meet setting.  The Junior Olympics meets in late June and July require a further level of commitment.  Athletes who wish to continue their season past mid-June need to have these meets in mind and will need some personal drive to continue practicing with the intent of improving conditioning and perfecting technique in selected events.  In normal years the Junior Olympic National meet will be held the final week in July for those who qualify, including 7-8yos. There is also a full slate of Masters meets for those over 30. These meets are fun and do not require qualifying marks or exceptional athletic ability, only desire and "courage."  
2023 Age groups and events: 7-8yo (YOB 2015 - 2016) -- 100m,200m,400m,1500m,Long Jump,High Jump,Shot Put
9-10yo (YOB 2013-2014) -- 100m,200m,400m,800m,1500m,LJ,HJ,SP, Jav, 4x100,4x400,4x800 Relays,Triathlon
11-12yo (YOB 2011-12) -- above + 3000m, 80m Hurdles, Discus, Finn-Jav, Pentathlon
13-14yo (YOB 2009-10) -- above +100m Hurdles, 200m Hurdles, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, Javelin
15-16yo (YOB 2007-08)-- All Individual Events, Decathlon, Heptathlon
17-18yo (YOB 2005-06) -- All Individual Events, Decathlon, Heptathlon
Open (19yo-30yo) -- All Events
Sub-Masters,Masters (5 year age-groups after 30yo) -- All Events
Cost--#athletes/cost -- includes practice sessions/uniform/shirt/entry to 5 AC Meets

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