6/7/2014--ROOSEVELT 5K RUN--8yo Clara Mackison ran a terrific 27:20. Gemma Stevick ran the 1/5 mile kids' run and won a custom donut!

5/18/2014--CAPITAL CITY MARATHON RACES--Jesse Stevick was the overall winner in 2:35:47
5-Miler--14&U--1. Dylan Miller34:26; 4. Oliver Kramer 37:40; 6. Hugh Randall 39:41; 14. Quinn Murry 49:56
1.2 Mi Kids' Run--1. Dylan Miller 7:00; 3. Hugh Randall 7:57; 4. Madison Nichols 8:04; 5. Grace Playstead 8:05; 6. Oliver Kramer 8:08; 7. Reagan Broome 8:12; 8. Danny Pree 8:23; 12. Winston Wilhere 8:48; 14. Clara Mackison 9:01; 17. Annalise Pree 9:19; 18. Sam Randall 9:34; 29. Taylor Neilson 10:12; 48. Wesley Stevick 11:28; 57. Alexandra Broome 11:46; 72. Maiya Alongi 13:01; 120. Gemma Stevick 19:12

9/14/2013--Jesse Stevick took 2nd overall in the Citizens' Race of the 2.33mi Capital Invite at 12:17. Jenny Stevick finished 4th for the women in 17:01. Dylan Miller took 2nd in the shortened middle school race at 6:43 and Wesley Stevick finished the Kids' 1/2 mile in 4:23.

10/6/2012--3rd Annual Shuck 'n Run 5k--Jesse Stevick set a course record in 15:46 and Jenny Stevick took 2nd in a fine 18:59.

5/5/2012--YMCA Spring Run, Olympia--Dylan Miller ran a PR 8k in 34:56, finishing a fine 13th of 183 runners.

4/21/2012--Ruston Way 5k, Tacoma--Jesse Stevick finished 8th in the elite division in 15:29.

11/6/2011--Turn Back the Clock 10k--Dylan Miller ran his best 10k in 43:50.

10/22/2011--Black Cat 5k--Dylan Miller ran a fine 35:09

Ariel Wilhite was the top U13 finisher in the Ft Steilacoom Invite 5k (NT) and the Puget Sound 5k (21:08). Other finishers at Ft Steilacoom were Russ Wilhite (20:36),  Brenda Wilhite (30:18), and Jesse Stevick. Trinity Wilhite finished the Puget Sound race in a fine 27:56.

9/11/2011--Skagit Flats Marathon--Jesse Stevick was the overall winner in 2:34:27 and Jenny Stevick was the #1 20-29 and 3rd woman overall in 3:28:43.

9/10/2011--Capital Invite Citizens' Race--2.3 miles--Jordan Agtarap 13:55; Ariel Wilhite 15:49 (3rd woman overall, time would be 26th of all HS girls); Dylan Miller 16:58; Russ Wilhite 17:11; Kendra Jones 18:51; Trinity Wilhite 19:59; Brenda Wilhite 24:06-- In the HS race, James Jasperson finished  6th (of 90) in the soph race, the 23rd best guy time overall, 12:58.

7/17/2011--1st Funky Sock 5k--Barron Park finishers: 1. Jesse Stevick 17:26.8; 3. Phil Jasperson 18:23.7; 4. Jenny Stevick 20:10.0; 5. James Jasperson 20:55.7; 6. Ariel Wilhite 21:56.8; 13. Susan Giordano 30:58.7

7/16/2011--Lakefair 8k--Dylan Miller took 4th in the 10-14yo age group with a fine 35:21.67, his best 8k time ever.

NOD Marathon races--The Wilhite family went all in. In the 5k race, Trinity ran a PR 28:18 to win her age group. Brenda was 2nd in her age group with a 31:50. Ariel ran the 10k, winning the 12U division. Russ completed his first marathon in a decent hard-fought 4:16.
6/3/2011--Thurston 6th grade meet--Dylan Miller ran a PR winning 800m in 2:50.2 and took 3rd in the LJ with an 11.2. Ariel Wilhite set a new Lakes Elem school  and North Thurston District  6th grade records in winning the 800m in 2:47.
5/21/2011--YMCA Spring Run 8K--Dylan Miller (11) ran a fine 36:17.

11/6/10--Turn Back the Clock--5k Susan Giordano 31:26; 10k Dylan Miller 48:50, Russ Wilhite 46:12
10/23/10--Black Cat 5 mile--Pt Defiance Pk--Dylan Miller 36:09
8/7/10--Pasta Dash 5k--James Jasperson was the 1st finisher in the 14up division in a fine 17:48
7/31/10--Vineman Ironman Triathlon--Jesse Stevick and Joseph Stevick finished 21st (10:43:47) and 24th (10:50:13) respectively out of some 600 finishers in this Ironman classic in Guerneville/Windsor,CA. Jesse finished 5th in the marathon leg (3:17) and Joseph was 18th in the biking leg (5:20).
7/17/10--Lakefair Runs--3k: Phil Jasperson 10:07.4 #1 Masters; Jesse Stevick 9:14.3 #3 overall; James Jasperson 10:17.4 #1 14U
                                     8k: Jenny Stevick 30:12.2 #1 Woman; Nate Brennand 26:03.1 #1 15-19, # 3 overall; Bob Brennand 26:58.8 #1 Masters, #4 overall;
                                           Dylan Miller (10yo) 36:54.0 #1 14U
5/16/10--Capital City--James Jasperson (14) finished a fine 9th (of 534) in the 5-mile race, 2nd in the 19&U age group. Jesse Stevick took 2nd in the Marathon in 2:39:57. Jenny Stevick won the women's division in an outstanding PR 3:12:18

5/9/10--Joe Stevick finished 1st overall in the Glendora, CA Pride of the Foothills 5k in a sweet 16:18. Carol Stevick took 1st in her age group in 22:45.

5/5/10--Chinook MS--James Jasperson ran away with the 8th grade 800m (2:16.9) and 1600m (5:00.4), the latter a fine PR time.
5/3/10--EUGENE MARATHON--Phil Jasperson finished a fine 27th overall (of 2335 finishers) in an excellent 2:41.35, a new Barron Park M40 club record

11/1/09--Turn Back the Clock Run--Olympia
5000m--James Jasperson 18:48 (2nd 19U, 5th overall)
10K--Phil Jasperson  35:42 (1st 40-44, 3rd overall), Jesse Stevick 33:03 (2nd overall)

10/11/09--Long Beach Half-Marathon
Joseph Stevick  1:24:37 (12th M30-34, 68th overall [of 10554 finishers])

10/3/09--Portland Marathon--Phil Jasperson finished a fine 21st overall and 2nd Masters with a fine 2:41:35
10/3/09--Sunfair Open 3-Mile--Jesse Stevick took 2nd in this open race of the High School classic meet in Yakima in 16:16.

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